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Most watched videos of the month

David Attenborough and the goliath frog, the world's largest frog


Bornean orangutan - the largest tree-dwelling mammal in the world


Coelacanth - deep-sea ‘living fossil’, unchanged in appearance since the dinosaurs


Peregrine falcon – the fastest animal in the world


Monarch butterfly - renowned for its spectacular, long-distance annual migrations

Invertebrates - terrestrial and freshwater

Olive ridley turtle - caught in marine plastics


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New youth film competition!

Environmental charities  and  are looking for the UK’s best young environmental filmmakers.

For the first time, the  invites teens to create inspiring and informative conservation media to be shown at the world’s leading international festival celebrating natural history filmmaking – the Wildscreen Festival.


Limited edition Wildscreen tote bags & mugs!

Look whaley cool and support our work by buying one of our LIMITED EDITION Wildscreen tote bags and mugs!

All proceeds support our work to help everyone, everywhere, fall in love with the natural world.

Blue Planet II


Have you been watching Blue Planet II?  If so, you will have seen just a few of the weird and unique creatures that exhibit bioluminescence.

Well, we've got a whole topic page dedicated to this amazing biological phenomenon which has mystified scientists throughout history.

New Panda Award

Wildscreen launches new wildlife photography competition!

For the first time in its 36 year history, the 2018 , widely regarded as the most prestigious accolade in the wildlife film and TV genre, will recognise the craft of wildlife photography, with the introduction of the Wildscreen Photo Story Panda Award.


The world's favourite unloved species 2018!

We asked conservation organisations from around the world to nominate a species that is often overlooked by the more cute, handsome and (supposedly) interesting members of the natural world.

Find out which species was crowned as this year’s Most Unloved Species and the worthy runners-up.


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  • Since its inception in 1982 each Wildscreen Festival has utilised wildlife photographs or illustrations to provide each year with a unique and memorable visual identity. As the 2018 Festival draws closer, we are incredibly excited to introduce the illustrations will become the face of this year’s Festival! The 2018 Festival focusses on telling the…

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