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Industrial, cyber and urban arts.

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Flowing like a mountain stream waking from the winter, an abstraction, an illusion, a ghost. Replaced - bit by bit....
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I’ll Meet You in the Middle

Three nights I was waiting, did you see me there? Oh, how I wish you were here....

Apollo’s Transformation

Wrought from an earth floating on seas of green under fire cut skies we wake from restless dream. Long has time endured Apellon’s bequest, the daily violence waking us from rest. “O come this gift of day, melt the heavens with your gloriou...

Memory Fragments

standing on the shore, staring into the calm biting cold these waves and wind are. no shadows cast in a directionless void where sky meets water only gods can tell. Joining as one, past, present and future collide this moment, this time, this ...