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The details of the train's leading locomotive. Choose Locomotive... --------------------------------- Other (Enter Below) --------------------------------- ALCO LOCOMOTIVES: Alco HH660 Alco S1 Alco S2 Alco S3 Alco S4 Alco S5 Alco S6 Alco C415 Alco C420 Alco C424 Alco C425 Alco C430 Alco C628 Alco C630 Alco C636 Alco RS-1 Alco RS-2 Alco RS-3 Alco RS-11 Alco RS-32 Alco RSD-5 Alco RSD-12 Alco RSD-15 Alco MRS-1 EMD LOCOMOTIVES: EMD NW2 EMD SW1 EMD SW7 EMD SW8 EMD SW9 EMD SW1000 EMD SW1001 EMD SW1200 EMD SW1500 EMD MP15AC EMD MP15DC EMD RDSLUG/RDMATE EMD BL2 EMD DD35 EMD DD35A EMD DD40X EMD DE30AC EMD E7(A) EMD E7(B) EMD E8(A) EMD E8(B) EMD E9(A) EMD E9(B) EMD F3(A) EMD F3(B) EMD F7(A) EMD F7(B) EMD FP7 EMD F9(A) EMD F9(B) EMD FP9 EMD F40PH EMD F40C EMD F45 EMD FP45 EMD F59PH EMD F59PHI EMD GP7 EMD GP9 EMD GP9B EMD GP10 EMD GP15 EMD GP15-1 EMD GP15T EMD GP15AC EMD GP18 EMD GP20 EMD GP30 EMD GP30B EMD GP30M EMD GP35 EMD GP38 EMD GP38-2 EMD GP38-3 EMD GP38AC EMD GP39 EMD GP39M EMD GP39-2 EMD GP40 EMD GP40-2 EMD GP40-3 EMD GP40P-2 EMD GP40X EMD GP49 EMD GP50 EMD GP59 EMD GP60 EMD GP60M EMD GP60B EMD SD7 EMD SD9 EMD SD18 EMD SD24 EMD SD28 EMD SD35 EMD SDP35 EMD SD38 EMD SD38-2 EMD SD39 EMD SD40 EMD SDP40 EMD SDP40F EMD SD40-2 EMD SD40-2R EMD SD40-3 EMD SD40E EMD SD40R EMD SD40T-2 EMD SD40X EMD SD45 EMD SDP45 EMD SD45R EMD SD45-2 EMD SD45T-2 EMD SD50 EMD SD50S EMD SD60 EMD SD60I EMD SD60M EMD SD60MAC EMD SD60F EMD SD70 EMD SD70I EMD SD70M EMD SD70M-2 EMD SD70MAC EMD SD70ACe EMD SD70ACe-T4 EMD SD75I EMD SD75M EMD SD80MAC EMD SD90MAC EMD SD90MAC-H EMD SD90MAC-H II EMD SD9043MAC EMD EXPORT LOCOMOTIVES: EMD GM6 EMD G8 EMD G12 EMD GR12 EMD GT16 EMD G16 EMD G18 EMD GT18MC EMD G22 EMD G22C EMD GT22LC-2 EMD G26 EMD GT26C EMD G26C EMD GA8 EMD GA12 EMD GA12C EMD GL8 EMD GL18 EMD JL8 EMD JL18 EMD JT22C EMD JT26C GE LOCOMOTIVES: GE 44-ton GE 70-ton GE P32AC-DM GE P32BWH (Dash 8-32BWH) GE P40DC GE P42DC GE P30CH GE U18B GE U23B GE U25B GE U28B GE U30B GE U33B GE U36B GE U25C GE U28C GE U28CG GE U30C GE U30CG GE U33C GE U36C GE U50 GE U50C GE B23-7 GE B30-7 GE B30-7A GE B36-7 GE B32-8 (Dash 8-32B) GE B39-8 (Dash 8-39B) GE B39-8E (Dash 8-39BE) GE B40-8 (Dash 8-40B) GE B40-8W (Dash 8-40BW) GE C30-7 GE C36-7 GE C36-7E GE C32-8 (Dash 8-32C) GE C39-8 (Dash 8-39C) GE C39-8 (Dash 8-39CE) GE C40-8 (Dash 8-40C) GE C40-8M (Dash 8-40CM) GE C40-8W (Dash 8-40CW) GE C41-8W (Dash 8-41CW) GE C42-8 (Dash 8-42C) GE C44-8W (Dash 8-44CW) GE C40-9 (Dash 9-40C) GE C40-9W (Dash 9-40CW) GE C44-9W (Dash 9-44CW) GE C44-9WL (Dash 9-44CWL) GE ES40DC GE ES44DC GE ES44AC GE ES44C4 GE ET44AC GE ET44C4 GE AC4400CW GE AC4400CW-CTE GE AC6000CW FM LOCOMOTIVES: FM CPA16-4 FM H10-44 FM H12-44 FM H16-44 FM H20-44 FM H16-66 FM H24-66 BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVES: Baldwin AS-416 Baldwin AS-616 Baldwin DS4-4-660 Baldwin DS4-4-750 Baldwin DS4-4-1000 Baldwin DRS4-4-1000 Baldwin DRS6-6-1000 Baldwin DT6-6-2000 Baldwin RF-16 Baldwin RS4TC Baldwin RS-12 Baldwin S-8 Baldwin S-12 Baldwin VO-660 Baldwin VO-1000 MLW LOCOMOTIVES: MLW C424 MLW HR412 MLW HR616 MLW M420 MLW M420W MLW M420B MLW M630 MLW M636 MLW M640 MLW RS-10 MLW RSC-14 MLW RS-18 MLW RS-23 MLW RSD-17 MPI LOCOMOTIVES: MPI GP15D MPI GP20D MPI MP36PH-3C MPI MP36PH-3S MPI MP40PH-3C MPI MP2000C MPI MK5000C NRE LOCOMOTIVES: NRE 2GS14B NRE 3GS21B NRE 3GS21B-DE NRE 3GS21C RAILPOWER LOCOMOTIVES: RailPower RP20BD RailPower GG20B BROOKVILLE LOCOMOTIVES: Brookville BL20G Brookville BL20GH ELECTRIC LOCOMOTIVES: DD-1 P5A E-33 E-44 E-60 GG-1 ASEA AEM-7 Bombardier/Alstom HHP-8 Bombardier/Alstom Acela Express Trainset Siemens ACS-64 STEAM LOCOMOTIVES: Steam 0-4-0 Steam 0-6-0 Steam 0-8-0 Steam 2-6-0 Steam 2-6-2 Steam 2-8-0 Steam 2-8-2 Steam 2-8-4 Steam 4-4-0 Steam 4-4-2 Steam 4-6-0 Steam 4-6-2 Steam 4-6-4 Steam 4-8-0 Steam 4-8-2 Steam 4-8-4 Steam 2-10-2 Steam 2-10-4 Steam 2-6-6-4 Steam 2-6-6-6 Steam 2-8-8-2 Steam 4-6-6-4 Steam 4-8-8-4 Other Locomotive (if not listed): Railroad:
The railroad to which the lead locomotive belongs. Choose Railroad... ------------------------- Untitled ------------------------- Australian Railway Historical Society F.S.E. Ferrovie Sud Est Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram N.V. Societe du Chemin de Fer de la Gaspesie State Railway of Thailand State Railway of Thailand Waimanalo Sugar Company ČHЋ Čiernohronskб ћeleznica ČHЋ - Čiernohronskб ћeleznička Čierny Hron Railway (ISAP) Athens Piraeus Electric Railways 133 3801 Limited 707 Operations inc. A. E. Staley Manufacturing Company A.L. Gilbert A.T.C.M. Modena Sassuolo A1 Locomotive Trust AAATV - Amicale des Anciens et Amis de la Traction Vapeur AAFM AAPRCO Register Private Cars (PPCX) AB Transitio, Sweden ABC Coke Abellio Greater Anglia Abellio Rail Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Aberdeen and Briar Patch Railroad Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad Abitibi Consolidated Abkhazian railways ABPF - Associaзгo Brasileira de Preservaзгo Ferroviaria ABPF Sul de Minas Acadian Railway Acadiana Railway (AKDN) Acciona Rail Services ACF Industries, LLC Achenseebahn (Austria) ACT - Azienda Consorziale Trasporti Activa Rail ACTS ACWR Adelaide Metro ADIF Adif -Administrador de infraestructuras ferroviarias- Adirondack & St. Lawrence Railway Adirondack Scenic Railroad Adler-Minsk ADM Administraciуn de Ferrocarriles del Estado Administraciуn General de Puertos (AGP) Adria Transport Adrian & Blissfield Railroad Adtranz Advanced World Transport Advanced World Transport (AWT) Advenza Freight Advenza Freight - Cotswold Railways AEP Aeroexpress (Moscow) AEX AF Railway Industries (AFRX) African Minerals Limited AFS Enterprise Afton Trucking AG Geesthachter Eisenbahnen AG Processing, Inc. (AGPX) Agence Metropolitaine de Transport Agency Metropolitaine de Transport Agilis Agrail Agrex Incorporated Agri Industries Agrium AGRIVAP Aigle-Leysin Aiken Railway Airport and East Hills AirTrain JFK AirTrain Newark AJECTA AK Steel AKE-Eisenbahntouristik akiem Akita Shinkanse/Tazawako Line Akita Shinkansen/Tazawako Line AKN Eisenbahn AG Akron Barberton Belt Railroad Akron Barberton Cluster (ABC) Akron Canton and Youngstown Akron, Canton and Youngstown Alabama & Florida Railway Alabama & Gulf Coast Railway Alabama & Tennessee River Alabama Railroad Alabama Southern Alabama State Port Authority Alameda Belt Line Alamo Gulf Coast Railroad Alanson and Petoskey Alaska Railroad Albanian Railways Albany & Eastern Railroad Albany Port Railroad Albatros Klub Alberni Pacific Railway Alberta Prairie Railroad Alberta Prairie Steam Tours Alberta RailNet Alberta Railway Museum Alcan Smelters & Chemicals, Ltd. Alcoa Aluminum Company Alcoy and Gandia Railway and Harbour Co. Ltd. Alder Gulch Shortline Alderney Railway alex (Allgдu-Express) Alexander Railroad Company Alexandra Timber Tramway Alfred County Narrow Gauge Railway Algerian National Railways Algers, Winslow & Western Algoma Central Railway Aliquippa & Ohio River Alishan Forest Railway ALL ALL - Amйrica Latina Logнstica ALL AMERICA LATINA LOGISTICA Allco Leasing Allegany Central Scenic Railroad Allegheny and West Virginia (AWVR) Allegheny Central Allegheny Ludlum Allegheny Portage Railroad Allegheny Railroad Allegheny Valley Railroad Allentown & Auburn Railroad Allentown and Auburn Alliance Terminal Railroad Allied Allied Services Alma-Ata railroad Aln Valley Railway Alpha Portland Cement Co. Alpha Trains Alphano Humus Alstom Canada Inc. Transport (GCFX) Alstom Transport Altamont Commuter Express Alton & Southern Railway Altoona and Logan Valley Electric Railway Alumina Partners of Jamaica Amador Central Amador Foothills AMAX Henderson Ambarawa Railway Muserum Amberley Working Museum,West Sussex. AMEC SPIE Rail AMEL (Athens Metro Operation Company) AMEL Attiko Metro Operation Company Amercan Rolling Mill Company Amйrica Latina Logнstica American Aggregate Inc American Car & Foundary American Cast Iron Company American Cast Iron Pipe Company American Creosote Works Plant American Crystal Sugar Company American Electric Power American Freedom Train American Locomotive Company American Motive Power (AMP) American Orient Express American Refining (Amerimex Rail) American Refining (Amerimex Rail) American Refrigerator Transit American Rolling Mill Company American Steel Foundries American Sugar Refining American Surface Lines AMT Amtrak Amtrak California Amtrak Cascades Andersons Andrew Merrilees Limited Angel Trains Angelina & Neches River Railroad Angelner Dampfeisenbahn Angels Flight Anglia Anglia Rail Anglo American Anglo Coal Landau Colliery Anglo Platinum Mine Angola Railway Ann Arbor Railroad Ansco Ski Train Anshan steel Anten Grдfsnдs Railroad Anthracite Railroads Historical Society AOMC (Aigle - Ollon - Monthey - Champйry) Apache Railway Apalachicola Northern Apex Greenside Colliery Appalachian & Ohio Railroad Appalachian Power Co. Appalachian Railcar Services Appanoose County Community Railroad Appenzeller Bahnen (Switzerland) APS mobilitа Aqaba Railway Corporation Arakawa Line Arborway, T.T. & Northwestern ARC Arcade & Attica Railroad Arcelor ArcelorMittal Arch of Kentucky Archer Daniels Midland Arena Ways ARG/QRNational Argentine Central Argo Muria Argo Wilis Argos Argos ARHS ACT ARHS-Canberra Railway Museum Arizona & California Railroad Arizona Central Railroad Arizona Eastern Railway Arizona Railway Museum Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Arkansas & Oklahoma Railroad Arkansas Midland Railroad Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad Arkansas-Oklahoma Arlanda Express ARM-Railways of Armenia Armco Steel Corp Army Rail Arnaud (Chemin de fer Arnaud) Arnhem Open Air Museum Arriva - ALEX Arriva Cross Country Arriva Denmark Arriva Deutschland Arriva PCC Arriva Sweden Arriva The Netherlands Arriva Trains Northern Arriva Trains Wales Artrain USA ASARCO AMERICAN SMELTING AND REFINING COMPANY ASD (Aigle - Le Sepey - Les Diablerets) Ashland Railway Ashley Drew & Northern Ashtabula, Carson, & Jefferson ASM - Aare Seeland mobil Asociaciуn Amigos del Tranvнa Asociacion amigos del tranvia (AAT) Asociacion Argentina del Tranvнa Aspen Crossing Railway Associated British Ports Associated Railroad Contractors Association de la 141 R 420 Association of American Railroads (AARX) Astoria Riverfront Trolley Astra Trans Carpatic ATAC Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) Athabasca Northern Railway (ANY) Athens Tram Athens Tramway Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railroad Atlanta & West Point Atlanta Streetcar System Atlantic & East Carolina Railway Atlantic & Gulf Atlantic & Gulf Railroad Atlantic & Western Atlantic and Western Railway Atlantic and Yadkin Atlantic City Railroad Atlantic Coast Line Atlantic Electric Atlantic Rail Atlantic Shore Line Railway Atlantic Steel ATM Azienda Trasporti Messina ATM Milano ATN Access Attebury Grain Auckland Dockline Tram Auckland Transport Aukstaitijos siaurasis gelezinkelis (ASG) Aurizon Austin & Texas Central Railroad Austin and Northwestern Railroad Austin Area Terminal Railroad Austin Western Austin, Todd and Ladd (AT&L) Austrac Australia Southern Railroad (ASR) Australian National Railways Australian Rail Mining Services Australian Railroad Group Australian Railroad Group (ARG) Australian Railway Historic Society Canberra Austria Federal Railways (ЦBB) Austrian Federal Railway Autauga Northern Auto-Train Corporation Autorails de Bourgogne Franche-Comtй Autorita Portuale di Savona Autozug Sylt AV Terrace Bay AVG (Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft) Avon Valley Railway AWT AWT-Advanced World Transport Axiall Corporation Ayrshire Coast Line AZ-Railways of Azerbaijan Azcon Azerbaijan Railways Azienda Tramviaria Municipale Bologna B & O RR Museum B&H Rail Corporation (formerly Bath & Hammondsport Railroad) B&LS Connecting B-Logistics Babcock&wilcock Babinda Mill Badger State Ethanol Badische Staatsbahn Bahnbau Wels Gmbh Baiyin Mineral Railway Baja Railroad Bala Lake Railway Balatoni Iparvasъt Kft. Baldwin Locomotive Works Ballarat Tramway Museum Ballard Terminal Railway Ballenberg Dampfbahn (Switzerland) Ballyhooley Steam Railway Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad Baltimore Streetcar Museum Baltimore Transit Co Bamberger Railroad Bandung Region Operation Two Bangalore - Hubli broad gauge section Bangkok Chiang Mai Railroad Bangkok Expressway and Metro Bangkok Mass Transit System Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited Bangladesh Railways Bangor & Aroostook Banovici Colliery Banverket Bao-Cheng Railway Baoji-Chengdu Baoji-Chengdu railway Baolan Railroad Baotou Steel Mill Railroad BAP - Buenos Aires al Pacifico BAP - Buenos Aires al PacпїЅfico Barre and Chelsea Barrie Collingwood Railway Barrow Hill Roundhouse BARS (British American Railway Services Ltd) Bartlett Mills Baselland Transport Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe Batajnica-Ostruznica Line Bath & Hammondsport Batten Kill Railroad Battenkill Battle River Railway Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Bay Coast Railroad Bay Colony Bay Line Railroad Bay State Milling Company Bayangol Railway, Mongolia Bayerische Oberlandbahn Bayerische Regionalbahn Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bayerischen Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG (BZB) Bayerischer Localbahn Verein BayernBahn BBL Logistik GmbH BBW Bahnbau Wels BC Hydro BC Rail BCER BCL (Bamangwato Concessionaires Limited) BCL Mining and Smelting BDK Bahndienste GmbH BDL Company BDWM Transport BDZ - Bulgarian Railways BDZ Cargo Beamish Museum Beamish Tramway Beaufort & Morehead City Beaufort & Morehead Railroad Beaufort & Morehead Railway Beaunet Corportation Beech Mountain Railroad BEHR Beijing Subway Beijing Subway Beijing Subway Batong Line Beijing-Chengde line Beijing-Guangzhou railway line Beijing-Tongliao Line Beijng-Shanghai Highspeed Railway Beira Baixa Beitai Steel Group, China Beitai Steelworks Belarus railways (BcH) Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad Belgian National Railway Belgrano Cargas Belgrano Cargas y Logнstica Bell County Coal Bellarine Peninsular Railway Bellarine Railway Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society Belt Railway of Chicago Belvidere & Delaware River BEM-Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum Noerdlingen Bendigo Tramways Bennett Brook Railway Bentheimer Eisenbahn Bento Gonзalves RS Benxi Steelworks Beograd- Bar Beograd- Subotica Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mьrren Bergen County Line Bergslagsbanan Berkshire Scenic Railway Berlin Macht Dampf Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) Bernese Oberland Railway Bernmobil Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad BEST (Bergbahnen Engadin St. Moritz) Bethlehem Mines Bethlehem Steel Corporation Bevier and Southern Railroad BF Logistics BGCM BHP Billiton Iron Ore BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) BHP Middelburg Mine BHP Navajo Mine Railroad BHP Port Kembla Bi-State Development Agency (MetroLink) Bielorussian Railroad Biиre Apples Morges Bieszczadzka Kolej Lesna Big Eagle Railroad Big South Fork Scenic Railway Big Spring Rail Bighorn Divide @ Wyoming RR (BDW) Bingera Mill BinZhou railroad Birkenhead Heritage Tramway Birmingham -Derby mainline Birmingham Southern Railroad Birmingham Terminal Railway Bisso Towboat Co BKV (Budapest Transport Company) BKV Tram line 2 Black Beauty Coal Co. Black Country Museum Black Hills Central Railroad Black Mesa & Lake Powell Black River & Western Blacklands Railroad Blackpool & Fleetwood Tramway Blackpool Tramway Blackwell Northern Gateway Railroad Blaw-Knox Steel BLE Butzbach-Licher EisenbahnAG Blenheim Riverside Railway BLM Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen - Mьrren Blonay-Chamby Railroad Museum Bloomer Line BLS Cargo BLS Lotschbergbahn Blue Mountain & Reading Blue Mountains Blue Ridge Paper Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Blue Ridge Southern Bluebell Railway Bluegrass Railroad Bluegrass Railroad Museum BlueScope Steel BNSF Railway Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway BOB (Berner Oberland Bahnen, Switzerland) BOB Berner Oberland-Bahn Bobo Kft. BoBo Kft. Hungary Bocholter Eisenbahngesellschaft Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn Bodmin & Wenford Railway BoGeStra Boise Valley Railroad Bolton's Crown Quality Wheat Express Bombardier Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad Boothbay Railway Village Bord na Mona Border Pacific Border Steel Borkumer Kleinbahn Borzava Railroad Bosnia State Railways Bosques de Chihuahua Industrial railway Boston & Maine Boston & Providence Railroad Boston and Albany Railroad Boston Elevated Railway Botswana Copper Limited Botswana Railways Bountiful Grain and Craig Mountain Railroad Bowes Railway BOX EXPRESS Boxxpress.de Boyne City BR Brado Logнstica Bradshaw Mountain Railroad Braicar Brandt Roadrailer Brandywine Valley Branford Electric Railway Branford Steam Railroad Branson Scenic Railway Brasil Ferrovias Braunschweiger Eisenbahnfreunde Braunschweiger Verkehrs, AG Bravo Farms/Valley Farms Breckland Line Brecon Mountain Railway Bredgar & Wormshill Light Railway Bregenz Forest Railway Bregenzerwaldbahn Brienz Rothorn Bahn (BRB) Brienz Rothorn Railway Brightline Brignoles to Carnoules-les-Platanes Brisbane Tramway Museum Bristol Harbourside Railway British Columbia Electric Railway British Columbia Hydro British Columbia Railway British Columiba Electric Railway British Rail British Railways British Steel Corporation BRKS Bratislavskб Regionбlna Koľajovб Spoločnosť Brohltal-Eisenbahn Gesellschaft Brook-Scanlon Brooklyn and Queens Transit Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal Brooklyn Rapid Transit Brooks Scanlon Corporation Brookville Locomotive Brownsville & Rio Grande International Railroad Bruesa Rail Bryntin Rail CZ BSAG - Bremer StraЯenbahn AG BSB Breisgau S Bahn BSM Bahnservice Mannheim GmbH BTE (BahnTouristikExpress) BTEG Railway, Mongolia BTS Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad Buckingham Branch Buckingham Branch Railroad Buckinghamshire Railway Centre Buckley Railroad Buckower Kleinbahn Bucksgahuda & Western Bucksgahuda and Western Railroad Budapest Transport Limited (BKV.Zrt) Budapest-Hegyehalom Buenos Aires al Pacifico S.A. Buffalo & Pittsburgh Buffalo and Susquehanna Railroad Buffalo Creek Buffalo Creek & Gauley Buffalo Southern Railroad BUG Verkehrsbau AG Bulgarian State Railway Bulmarket - Bulgaria Buncher Rail Car Service Bundaberg Botanic Gardens Railway Bundaberg Sugar Bunge Inc Bure Valley Railway Bureau of Transportation Tokyo Metropolitan Government Burlington Burlington Junction Railway Burlington Northern Railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe Burlington River Junction Terminal Bush Mill Railway Bush Terminal Business Part Butte, Anaconda and Pacific Railway BVZ Zermatt-Bahn Byesville Scenic Railway BZK,Bulgaria C.P.E.F. - Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro c2c CAD Railway Services Caddo Antoine & Little Missouri Caddo Valley Railroad Cadillac & Lake City Cadiz Railroad Cairngorm Mountain Railway Cairns Kuranda Steam Cairo Terminal Railroad Calcutta Tramways Company 1978 (CTC) Caldwell County Railroad Calea Ferată Arad–Podgoria / CFAP Arad Caledonian Railway Caledonian Sleeper Calera & Shelby Railroad Calgary Transit Caliber Auto Transfer of Ohio California Northern Railroad California Pacific Railroad California Western Californias Steel Industries CalTrain Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. Camas Prairie Camas Prairie Railnet Cambodian Railways Camboios de Portugal Cambria & Indiana Camden & Southern Railroad Camden and Amboy Railroad Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique (CFM) Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses CAMINO-PLACERVILLE & LAKE TAHOE Camp Chase Industrial Railroad Camp Chase Railroad Campbell Limestone Camrail Canac Canada Starch Company (CASCO) Canada Wheat Board Canadian American Railroad Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited Canadian Fertilizer Limited Canadian Forest Products Canadian National Railway Canadian Northern Canadian Pacific Railway Canandaigua Wine Company (CWCX) Cando Contracting Caney Fork & Western Canon City and Royal Gorge Railway Canterbury Railway Society Inc. Canton Railroad Canton St Paul & Pacific Railway Cantus CAP Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia Railway Cape Cod & Hyannis Railroad Cape Cod Central Cape Cod Railroad Cape May Seashore Lines Capital Metro Captrain Captrain Italia (CTI) Cargill Cargill Grain (CAGX) Cargo Net Cargo Trans Vagon Cargolink CargoNet CargoServ Carillion Rail Carlisle and Settle Carlton Trail Railway Carolina & Northwestern Carolina & Piedmont Carolina Coastal Railway Carolina Piedmont Carolina Southern Carris Carrizo Gorge Railroad Carrizo Gorge Railway Carson & Tahoe Lumber & Fluming Company Carthage, Knightstown & Shirley Railroad Cartier Railway Cascade & Columbia River Casey Jones Museum Cass Scenic Railroad Castleman River Railroad CaterParrott Railnet Catskill Mountain Railroad CB Rail CBG - Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinйe CBHGroup CBM CBTU - Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos CD - Ceske Drahy CD Cargo Cedar Point & Lake Erie R.R. Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway CEFX Celeris CEMEX Cenex Harvest States Centennial Coal Southern Shorthaul Railroad Centennial Coal SSR Centennial Coal/SSR Centerviile and Southwestern Centovalli Central Arkansas Transit (CAT) Central California Traction Central Columbiana & Pennsylvania Railroad Central De Romana Central do Brasil Central East Africa Railway Central East African Railways (CEAR) Central Illinois Railroad Co. Central Indiana & Western Railroad Central Kansas Railway Central Maine and Quebec Railway Central Manitoba Railway Central Michigan Railway Central Midland Railway Central Montana Railway Central New England Railroad Central New York Railroad Central of Brazil Central of Georgia Central Ohio Central Ohio Farmers Co-op Central Ohio Railroad Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad Central Pacific Railroad Central Pacific RR Central Railroad Co. Central Railroad of Indiana Central Railroad of Indianapolis Central Railroad of New Jersey Central Soya Central States Railroad Central Texas & Colorado River Railway Central Trains Central Valley AG Central Vermont Railway Central Western Railway Central Wisconsin Railroad Co. Centralbahn Centralbahn AG Centralbahn AG Cepu Forestry Railway CER - Central European Railway ZRt. CER Slovakia Ceres Railway Company Cerrejon CERX (CityCorp Railmark) Ceska lokomotivka s.r.o. Ceske Drahy CEV CF Industries CFBS Somme Bay Railway CFC (Chemin de Fer de la Corse) CFC creusot CFCLA CFCLAustralia CFF Romania Forestry Railway CFI - Calea Fea CFI - Calea Ferata Ingusta CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana CFL CFL (Luanda Railway) CFL Cargo CFLS CFM (Moldovan Railway) CFMG CFN Companhia Ferroviaria do Nordeste CFR Calatori - Romanian Railways CFR Marfa CFR MARFA - Romanian Freight Railways CFR Romanian Railways CFTA CFTA Rhфne CFTLP - Chemin de Fer Touristique Limousin-Pйrigord CFV CFV3V - Chemin de Fer a Vapeur des 3 Vallees Cham-Pagne Switching Corp Champagne Railroad Changa Manga Forest Railway Changa Manga Forestry Railway Changi Airport Skytrain Channel Tunnel Chaparral Charles City & Western RY Charleston and Western Carolina Charlevoix Railway Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Charlotte Southern Chatham Area Transit Chattahoochee & Gulf Chattahoochee Bay Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad Chattahoochee Locomotive Company Chattahoochee Valley Chattanooga Traction Company Chattooga & Chickamauga Railway Chehalis Western Chehalis-Centralia Railroad Chelatchie Prairie Railroad Chemin de Fer Chemin de Fer а Vapeur des 3 Vallйes Chemin de fer Charlevoix Chemin de Fer Corse Chemin de Fer de la baie de Somme Chemin de Fer de la Gaspйsie Chemin de Fer de la Matapedia et du Golfe Chemin de fer de la Mure - France Chemin de Fer de la Vallйe de l’Eure – CFVE Chemin de fer de Provence Chemin de Fer des Cantons de l'Est Chemin De Fer Djibouti Ethiopian Chemin de fer du Vivarais Chemin de fer Gaspйsie Chemin de Fer Lanaudiere Chemin de fer Quйbec-Central Chemin de fer Sartigan Chemin de fer Sartigan (Sartigan Railway) Chemin de Fer Touristique du Haut Quercy Chemin du fer du Vivarais Chemins de Fer du Creusot Chemins de Fer du Creusot Chemins de fer du Jura Chemion ChemOil Chengde Steel Works Railway Chengdu-Chongqing Chengkun Line ChengYu Railway Chennai Metro Rail Limited Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad Chesapeake & Indiana Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Chesapeake Western Chessie System Chestnut Ridge Railway Chicago & Alton Raailroad Chicago & Eastern Illinois Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railway (C&EI) Chicago & Illinois Midland Chicago & North Western Railroad Chicago & West Towns Chicago and Alton Railway Chicago and Western Indiana Chicago Aurora & Elgin Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Chicago Central & Pacific Chicago Eastern & Indiana Chicago Ft. Wayne & Eastern Chicago Gravel Co. Chicago Great Western Chicago Madison and Northern Chicago Missouri & Western Railroad Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Chicago Rail Link Chicago Rapid Transit Chicago Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Chicago Sanitary District Chicago Short Line Chicago Short Lines Chicago South Shore and South Bend Chicago SouthShore & South Bend Railroad Chicago Surface Lines Chicago Terminal Railroad Chicago Transit Authority Chicago West Pullman & Southern Railroad Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern Chicago, Madison & Northern Railway Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific (Rock Island) Chicago-Chemung Railroad Company Chichibu Railway Chiemseebahn Chihuahua Pacific Children's Railway in Budapest Chillicothe–Brunswick Rail Maintenance Authority (CBRM) Chiltern Railways China high speed railway China JingGuang railway China Local Railroad China Ministry of Railway China Rail China Railway China Railways Chinese National Railway Chinese Railway ChlпїЅdek & TintпїЅra a.s. Chongqing Metro Christchurch Tramway Chrome Crankshaft CHS Northwest Grain Churnet Valley Railway Cimarron Valley Railroad Cincinnati East Terminal Railway Cincinnati Eastern Railroad Cincinnati Railway Cincinnati Street Car System Circum-Baikal Railway Circumvesuviana Cisalpino CIT Equipment Finance Corp. (CEFX) CIT Equipment Finance Corp. (CITX) CITEV Citi Corp (CBFX) Citicorp Railmark Incorporated (CREX) Citicorp Railmark Incorporated (CREX) Citicorp Railmark, Inc (CREX) CITX City and South London Railway City of Portland City of Prineville CityRail CIWL - Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits CJ (Chemins de fer du Jura) Claremont & Concord Railroad Claremont Concord Railroad Clarendon & Pittsford Classic Rail AG CLCX Cleancoal Terminal Cleveland and Southwestern Cleveland Commercial Railroad Cleveland Electric Cleveland Electric Illuninating Company Cleveland Harbor Belt Railroad Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Cleveland Works Railroad Cliffs Erie Railroad Cliffside Clinch River Railroad Clinchfield Coal Company Clinchfield Railroad Clinton Terminal Railroad Cloquet Terminal Railroad Clover Valley Lumber Co. Clover Valley Railroad CLR-Cargo Logistik Rail Service Club Railcar Quйbec CM Chamonix - Montenvers CMC Railroad Inc. CMEX CMP (Compaснa Minera del Pacifico) CMSP - Companhia do Metropolitano de Sгo Paulo CNK Railnet CNR Chinese Railways Coast Rail Inc. Coast Rail Services Coastal Carolina Railway Coaster Coe Rail Cogentrix Power Co. Colas Rail Colbrookedale Railroad Colebrookdale Railroad Colombo to Badulla Colorado & Eastern (COE) Colorado & Southern Colorado & Wyoming Railway Colorado and Northwestern Railway Colorado Central Narrow Gauge Railway CO Colorado Midland Colorado Railcar Columbia & Cowlitz Columbia & Reading Columbia & Silver Creek Railroad Columbia Basin Railroad Columbia Basin Railway Columbia Business Center Columbia Newberry & Laurens Columbia Star Dinner Train Columbia Terminal Railroad Columbus & Greenville Railway Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Power Co. Columbus and Chattahoochee Columbus Zoo Comalco Bauxite Mines Comilog Commonwealth Edison Commonwealth Railway, Inc. Commonwealth Railways Commuter Line Como-Harriet & Excelsior Railway Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana Compagnie du Mont Blanc Compagnie ferroviaire rйgionale (CFR) Companhia Mogiana de Estradas de Ferro Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro Compaснa de Tranvнas - La Coruсa Compass Railtours Comrie Railroad Comsa Comsumers Power Inc. Con Agra Con Edison ConAgra (CAGX) Conecuh Valley Railroad Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad Conemaugh and Blacklick Conestoga Traction Company Connecticut Company Connecticut Department of Transportation Connecticut Department of Transportation (CDOT) Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Connecticut Electric Railway Association Connecticut Southern Connecticut Valley Railroad Company Connersville & New Castle Railroad Connex Connexxion Conrad Yelvington Conrad Yelvington Distributors Incorporated Conrail Conrail Shared Assests Operation Consolidated Coal Company (CONSOL) Consolidated Grain and Barge Consolidated Oil and Transportation Company (AMRX) Consolidated Rail Leasing Consolidated Rail Leasing (CRL) Consolodated Rock Products (Conrock) Constantin Grup Consumers Company Continental Grain Continental Rail Continental Rail Services Continental Railway Solution Conway Scenic Railroad Conway Scenic Railroad Cooma Monaro Railway Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley Coopersville & Marne Coors Brewery Coos Bay Rail Link Coote Industrial Coote Rail Services Copper Basin Railway Copper Range Corinth and Counce Cornwall & Lebanon Cornwall Street Railway Cornwall Street Railway Light and Power Corporaciуn Ferroviaria del Uruguay Corus Steelworks COSIPA Cotswold Rail Council Bluffs Railway Countrylink CountryLink, New South Wales, Australia Cowan Railroad Museum Cowichan Valley Railway Cowitz Chehalis & Cascade CP Portugal CPTM Crab Orchard & Egyptian Craggy Mountain Line Crawfords Freightlines Crescent City & Smith River RR Crestbrook Forest Industries CREX Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Guage Railroad CRIX Croatian Railways CrossCountry Crossett Western Co. Crossrail Croydon Tramlink CRR Carbo Rail Crushing Stone co. Crushing Stone co. CRW Central Railways Slovakia Crystal Spring & Cahenga Valley CSD - Czechoslovak State Railways CSR Sugar Macknade Mill CSR Sugar Victoria Mill CSX Transportation (CSXT) Csцmцdйr Forestry Railway CT Rail CTB CTL Logistics CTL Rail Service CTP - Compania de Transport Public Arad Cuban National Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Cumberland Mine Railroad Cumberland Valley Railroad Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Cumbrian Coast Curry Rail Services Curtis, Milburn & Eastern Curtis, Milburne and Eastern Curtiss Lumber Cuyahoga Valley Line Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Cycle Systems CZ Loko Czech Railways CD D&G (Desquenne et Giral SA) D+D Eisenbahngesellschaft Gmbh Daerah Operasi VI Yogyakarta Dakota & Iowa Railroad Dakota Northern Railroad Dakota Rail Dakota Southern Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Dakota, Missouri Valley & Western Dalkia Iasi Dalkia Iasi Dallas and Terminal Railway Dallas Area Rapid Transit Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad Dampf Plus GmbH Dampfbahn Bern (DBB) Dampfbahn Frдnkische Schweiz Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke Dampfbahn-Verein Zьrcher Oberland Danbury Railway Museum Danish State Railways Danish State Railways Dardanelle & Russellville Darjeeling Hill Railway Davenport, Rock Island & Northwestern Daylesford Spa Country Railway Daylight Locomotive & Machine Works DB AG DB Bahnbau DB Cargo DB Fahrwegdienste DB Museum DB Museum & Joachim Schmidt Foundation DB Netz DB Schenker DB Schenker (Rail Denmark) DB Schenker Rail Hungaria (DBSRH) DB Schenker Rail Polska DB Szenker Rail Rybnik S.A DBG (Dцllnitzbahn) DBK Historische Bahn DBSR - DB Shenker Romania DC Streetcar DC Transit De Kalb Arga DE LIJN De Queen & Eastern Dean Forest Railway Dean Forest Railway Gloucestershire UK Death Valley Railroad Debrecen Transport Limited (DKV) DeBruce Grain (DBGX) Decatur & Eastern Illinois Railroad Decatur Central Decatur Junction Railway Deerlick Lumber Co. Defiance Coal Company DeKalb County Co-op Del Fungo Giera Delaware & Bound Brook Railroad Delaware & Hudson Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride Delaware Coastline Railroad Delaware Lackawanna Delaware Otsego System Delaware Valley Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Delaware, Lackawaxen and Stourbridge Delhi Metro Delmarva Central Railroad Delray Connecting Railroad Company Delta Southern Deltic Preservation Society Denton County Transit Authority Denver & Intermountain Railroad Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Denver and Salt Lake Denver Leadville & Gunnison Denver Rock Island Railroad Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad Denver, Texas, and Fort Worth Railroad Department of Defense (DODX) Department Of Street Railways Department of Transportation Depew, Lancaster & Western Depot und Schienenfahrzeuge Koblenz (DSF) DeQueen and Eastern DERM Preservation Association of Victoria Inc Derwent Valley Railway Deseret Power Railroad Deseret Power Railway Deseret Railway Deseret-Western DESX Leasing Detroit & Lima Northern Railway Detroit & Mackinac Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Detroit Connecting Railroad Detroit Edison (DEEX) Detroit People Mover Detroit, Delray, & Dearborn Railroad Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn AG Deutsche Bundesbahn Deutsche Privatbahn Deutsche Reichsbahn Devon and Cornwall Railway DGEG Eisenbahnmuseum Dhaka- Chittagong Didcot Railway Centre (UK) Die Bahn AG Die Lдnderbahn GmbH DLB Die Zentralbahn Diesel Electric Services (DESX) Diesel Locomotive Company (DLCX) Diesel Locomotive Supply Diesel Locomotive Supply (DLSX) Diesel Supply Company Diesel Traction Group DieselMotive Company Dinazzano Po Dinorwic Quarry Tramroad DIRECT RAIL SERVICES Direct Rail Services (DRS) Direktorat Jenderal Perkeretaapian Kementrian Perhubungan Indonesia Disney World Monorail Disneyland Monorail Disneyland Railroad Dispolok Dixon Gravel Co. DLC (Dillen & Le Jeune Cargo) DLM DLR Docklands Light Railway DLW Dampflokwerk Meiningen Dodge City, Ford, & Bucklin Dole Fruit Company Dole Pineapple Express Dolkom Dollywood Dollywood Railroad Dolnoslaskie Railways Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Dominion Atlantic Railway Domtar Don River Railway Don Valley Railway Dongsheng Coal Railway Dopravnн podnik hlavnнho města Prahy - Prague Public Transport Dopravnн podnik města Brna Dopravnн podnik města Brna - Brno Public Transport Dopravnн podnik města Olomouce - Olomouc Public Transport Dopravnн podnik Ostrava Dopravni Podniky Praha Dopravny podnik, Bratislava Dortmunder Eisenbahn Dover & Rockaway River Dovrebanen Norway Downeast Scenic Downeast Scenic Railroad Downer Rail - Locomotive Demand Power Downpatrick & County Down Railway DP Praha DPB Dopravny podnik Bratislava DPC Industries Drachenfelsbahn Dreiseenbahn Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe Dresser Leasing Dresser Trap Rock DRM Danbury Railway Museum DRMX DRS DRS Direct Rail Services Dry Valley Railroad DSB DSB Danish State Railways DSBFirst DSF Koblenz DSW21 DTE Transportation Services Dubai Metro Dublin Area Rapid Transit Dublin Luas Dubois County Railroad Duisportrail Duke Power Duluth & Northeastern Railroad Duluth & Northern Minnesota Duluth and Iron Range Duluth South Shore and Atlantic Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway Duluth, Missabe & Northern Railway Duluth, Winnipeg & Pacific Railway Dunedin Railways Dunn Roadbuilders Duong Sat Viet Nam Duquesne Incline Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Durbin & Greenbrier Valley Railroad Durbin and Greenbrier valley Durham & Southern Dutch Railways (NS) Dutch Wonderland DVZO Dynamic Rail Preservation Dцllnitzbahn E-Gйnie E. F. Perus - Pirapora E.W. Stout Generating Station Eagle Lake and West Branch Railroad Eagle Mountain Railroad East African Railways East Anglia Transport Museum East Branch and Lincolin East Branch and Lincoln East Broad Top East Coast East Cooper & Berkely East Erie Commercial East Erie Commerical East Gulf Mine East Japan Railway Chuo line East Japan Railway Company East Jordan and Southern East Kootenay Railway East Lancashire Railway East Midland Trains East Midlands Trains East Penn Railroad East Penn Railway East Rail Line, MTR East Siberian RailRoad East Somerset Railway (UK) East Tennessee & Western North Carolina East Tennessee Railway East Troy Electric Railroad East West Railways Eastern Alabama Railway Eastern and Orient Express Company Eastern Idaho Railroad Eastern Illinois Railroad Company Eastern Shore Railroad Eastern States Standard Oil Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Eastern Washington Gateway Railroad Eastleigh Lakeside Railway Eastman Kodak Company Eastside Freight EFRX Eastside Freight Rail EBM Cargo EBT Emmental Burgdorf Thun EBT SMB VHB EBW-Cargo EconoRail Ecotren S.A. ECR European Cargo Rail Edaville Narrow Guage Railroad Edgemoor & Manetta Railway Edinburgh Trams Edmonton Radial Railway Edmonton Transit System Edmonton Yukon & Pacific Eestie Raudtee EETC EF Dona Teresa Cristina EFA - Estrada de Fero Amapa EFA - Estrada de Ferro Amapa EFC - Estrada de Ferro Carajбs EFCB - Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil EFCJ - Estrada de Ferro Campos do jordгo EFE Effingham Railroad EFOM-Estrada de Ferro Oeste de Minas EFPP - Perus Pirapora EFSJ - Estrada de Ferro Santos - Jundiaн EFVM - Estrada de Ferro Vitуria a Minas EfW-Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH EFZ Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn EGM 2100 EGP Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam Egyptian Railways (ENR) EH Eisenbahn und Hafen GmbH Eichholz Eisenbahn & Technikmuseum Rьgen Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn e.V. Eisenbahnmuseum Dieringhausen Eizan Electric Railway El Dorado & Wesson El Paso City Lines El Paso Products Company El Valdiviano (Chile ) El Zorro El Zorro Elcka Kolej Waskotorowa Elcon Eldorado Celulose Eldroado Celulose Elecrail Electric City Trolley Museum Electric Traction Ltd. Electro Motive Division (EMD) Elektriraudtee Elektrocieplownia Elblag ELG Metals Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Elk River Coal and Lumber Company Elk River Railroad Elkhart and Western ELL (European Locomotive Leasing) Ellis & Eastern Ellwood National Forge Elmhurst Chicago Stone Company Elron Elsecar Steam Railway ELV - Eisenbahn Logistik Vienenburg Ely Thomas Lumber Company Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway (UK) Embsay & Bolton Abbey Steam Railway EMDX Emerald Tourist Railway EMLX (Electro Motive Leasing) Emmert International Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado Empresa Ferroviaria Andina S.A. (FCA) Empresa Ferroviaria Oriental, S.A. EMTU - VLT da Baixada Santista ENERGON ENFE Bolivia Englewood Railway English Electric English Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS) Enoshima electric railway Enterprise Coal Company Enterprise Lumber Co. EPEG Eisenbahn Tourismus GmbH Epping & Ongar Railway Erfurter Bahn Erie Lackawanna Erie Mining Company Erie Railroad Erie Western Railway Eritrean Railways Erlestoke Manor Fund ERS (European Rail Shuttle) Railways Erzbergbahn Escalante Western Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad Escanaba and Lake Superior Escanlante Western ИSD - Иeskoslovenskй statnн drбhy Espee Railroad Services Esquel Branch General Roca Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway Essar Steel Algoma Essex Terminal Railway Estonian Railways Estrada de Ferro Araraquara Estrada de Ferro em Bento Gonзalves - Turismo Estrada de Ferro Noroeste do Brasil Estrada de Ferro Perus Pirapora Estrada de Ferro Santos a Jundiaн Estrada de Ferro Sorocabana Estrada de Ferro Vitуria a Minas ET - Eisenbahn-Tradition ETF Etihad Rail ETMF Eureka and Palisade Eureka Southern Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Euro Cargo Rail Euro-Express Treincharter Euro-Express-Treincharter Eurobahn Eurocom Inc. Euronaft Trzebinia Europйenne de Travaux Ferroviaires (ETF) Europorte Eurostar Eurotunnel Eurovapor Eurovia Travaux Ferroviaires (ETF) Euskotran Euskotren Eustis Tavares and Gulf Evansville Western Railway EVB Everett Railroad Evesham Vale Light Railway EWS EWS Railway Ex-Dardenelle & Russellville Explorer Express Train Expreso del Recuerdo Express Group Express Rail Link (ERL) Express Rail Slovakia Exxon-Mobil Corp F.C.E. (Ferrovia Circum Etnea) Fair Haven & Westville Fairbourne Steam Railway Fairmont and Western Fairport, Painesville and Eastern FAIX Leasing (FAIX) Falconbridge Nickel Falls Road Railroad Farmers Coop Farmrail Farmrail & Grainbelt Railroads FAS Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana Fastline Freight Fayette Central Railroad FBV Ferrovia Bologna Vignola FC (Ferrovie della Calabria) FC de Cuba FCA (Empresa Ferroviaria Andina) FCA - Ferrovia Centro Atlantica FCAB (Ferrocarril de Antofagasta a Bolivia) FCALP FCC (Ferrocarril Cуrdoba Central) FCCA (Ferrocaril Central Andino) FCCA (Ferrocaril Central Andino) FCCA (Ferrocarril Central Argentino) FCE (Ferrovia Circum Etnea) - Italy FCU - Ferrovia Centrale Umbra Feather River & Western Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Federated Rail FEGUA (Guatemala) Feilding & Districts Steam Rail Society Fels AG Fennail Rail FEPASA Fepasa - Ferrovias Paulistas S.A FEPASA-Ferrovia Paulista S.A. FER Ferrovie Emilia Romagna FER-Ferrovie Emilia Romagna Fergrupo Ferrcarriles Nacionales de Columbia Ferro Carril Del Sud Ferro Expreso Pampeano (FEPSA) Ferro Sur Ferrobaires Ferrobaires Ferroban Ferrocarril Al Pacifico Ferrocarril Andino (FCA) Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino Ferrocarril Belgrano Cargas Ferrocarril Central Argentino Ferrocarril Central del Peru Ferrocarril Chiapas Mayab Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacнfico Ferrocarril de El Salvador Ferrocarril de Panama Ferrocarril de Soller Ferrocarril del Istmo de Tehuantepec Ferrocarril del Pacifico Ferrocarril Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Ferrocarril El Salvador Ferrocarril General Mitre Ferrocarril General Roca Ferrocarril General San Martin Ferrocarril General Urquiza Ferrocarril Huancayo Huancavelica Ferrocarril Mexicano Ferrocarril Nacionales de Mexico (FNM) Ferrocarril Nicaragua Ferrocarril NS Holanda Ferrocarril Oeste Ferrocarril San Martin Ferrocarril Sierra Baya Ferrocarril Tacna-Arica Ferrocarril Terminal Valle de Mexico (FTVM) Ferrocarril Urbano de Santiago Ferrocarriles Argentinos Ferrocarriles Argentinos Ferrocarriles Coahuila y Zacatecas Ferrocarriles de Cuba Ferrocarriles Ecuatorianos Ferrocarriles Internationales de Central America Ferrocarriles Suburbanos Ferrocarriles Unidos de Yucatan Ferrocentral Ferroclub Argentino Ferroclub Rosario FCCA Ferroequus Railway Ferromex Ferronor Ferronor Chile Ferronorte Ferrosur Ferrosur Roca Ferrosur Roca Ferrotract Ferrotramviaria (FT) Ferrous Processing and Trading Co. Ferrovia Cenro Atlвntica Ferrovia Centrale Umbra Ferrovia Centro-Atlвntica Ferrovia Circumetnea (FCE) Ferrovia del Renon/Ritternbahn Ferrovia del Sempione Ferrovia do Aзo Ferrovia Genova - Granarolo Ferrovia Genova Casella Ferrovia Sicilia Ferrovia Tereza Cristina Ferrovia Udine Cividale Ferrovial Ferroviaria Oriental Ferrovias (FV) Ferrovie Appulo Lucane Ferrovie del Basso Sebino Ferrovie del Gargano Ferrovie del Nord Barese Ferrovie della Calabria (FC) Ferrovie della Sardegna (FdS) Ferrovie dello Stato Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) Ferrovie Nord Milano Ferrovie Svizzere Ferrymead Railway Fertagus Portugal Fertis Fesub FEVE Ffestiniog Railway Ffestiniog Railway FGC FGC (Ferrocarrils Generalitat Catalunya) FGV (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana) FIBRIA Fichtelbergbahn Fillmore & Western Finger Lakes Railway Finnish Railways Firenze - Roma (direttissima) First Capital Connect First Coast Railroad First GBRf First Great Eastern First Great Western First Hull Trains First North Western First Scotrail First Trans Pennine Express First Union Rail (FURX) First-Kelois Transpennine Express Fisher Farmer's Grain & Coal Flagg Coal Company Flamsbana Flats Industrial Railroad Fletchers International Export Floibanen Florence and Cripple Creek Florida Central Florida East Coast Brightline Florida East Coast Railroad (FEC) Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum Florida Midland Railroad Florida Northern Florida Rail Adventures Florida Railroad Museum Florida Rock Industries Florida West Coast Florida's Steam Locomotive Association # 253 Floyd Inc. FLP (Ferrovie Luganesi SA) Flumitrens Fluor Daniel Fernald FM Rail FO Furka Oberalp Railway Foley Bros. Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville Forchbahn Fordyce & Princeton Fore River Railroad Fore River Transportation Fort Bragg Railroad Fort Collins Municipal Railway Fort Howard Paper Company (VLIX) Fort Smith & Western Fort Smith Railroad Fort Smith Trolley Museum Fort Steele Steam Railway Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society Fort Worth & Denver Railway Fort Worth & Western Fortescue Metals Group Foster Farms Foster Townsend Rail Logistics Foster Yeoman Fox Rail Fox River Valley Railroad Fox Valley Trolley Museum Fox Valley Trolley Museum Foxfield Railway Foxville and Northern FP Ferrovie Padane Fragonset France Stone Frankfort & Cincinatti Frankfort and Cincinnati Franklin County Railroad Franklin Industrial Minerals Fredonia Valley Railroad Freemont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Freeport McMoRan Sierrita Operations Freight Freight Australia Freight Corp Freight Link Freightliner Freightliner FPL FreightlinerPL FreightRail Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad French Lick, West Baden & Southern Railway Fret-SNCF Friends Of The Rail Frisco Frontier Cooperative Company (DDDX) Frontier Rail Corp. FrontRunner Utah Fruit Growers Express (FGEX) Frдnkische Museums-Eisenbahn FS Italian State Railways FSE (Ferrovie Sud-Est) FTL - Ferrovia Transnordestina Logнstica Fujikyu Railway Fukushima Rinkai Railway Fulton County Railroad Funicular de Artxanda Funicular de Artxanda Funicular de Artxanda FuoriMuro Furka Steam Railroad Furness Railway Fushun Mining Railway Fuxin Coal Fuxin Minin Administration Fuxin Mining Administration FWB (Frauenfeld - Wil-Bahn) Fyra Fцrderverein Schienenbus Menden G.F.R. - Grupul Feroviar Roman Gadsden Industrial Park Gainesville Midland Galveston Island Trolley Galveston Railroad Galveston Wharves Garden City Western Gardendale Railroad Gary Railway Gateway Rail Services Gateway Western Railway Gatwick Express GATX GATX Locomotive Group GATX Rail Locomotive Group (GMTX) Gautrain Gavilon Gavilon Fertilizer (GAVX) GBRailfreight GCFX Leasing GDJ Gдvle-Dala Jдrnvдg GE RailCar Gelmerbahn Gemenc Forest Railway General American Marks Company (PHNX) General Electric (GE) General Electric Leasing (GECX) General Electric Leasing (LMX) General Electric Rail Services Corporation General Electric Railcar Services Corp. (ITLX) General Electric Transportation Systems General Motors Locomotive Group (EMDX) General Motors Locomotive Group (GMTX) General Motos Locomotive Group(GMTX) Genesee & Wyoming Genesee & Wyoming Australia Genesee Valley Geneva Steel Georges Creek Railway Georgetown Looop RR Georgetown Loop Georgetown Railroad Georgia & Alabama Georgia Central Railroad Georgia Eastern RR Georgia Florida Georgia Great Southern Georgia Midlands Railroad Georgia Northeastern Georgia Northern Georgia Pacific ( GPBX ) Georgia Railroad Georgia Southern & Florida Georgia Southern Railway Georgia Southwestern Georgian Railway Georgian Railway Geoterra Empreendimentos e Transporte LTDA Gerdau Ameristeel German Railway German Railway DB AG Gettysburg & Northern Railroad Gettysburg Railroad Gettysburg Scenic Railway GEXR GFM - Gruyиre-Fribourg-Morat GFR GGB - Gornergratbahn Ghana Railways Giant's Causeway & Bushmills Railway Ginko GKB Graz-Koflach Bahn Glatttalbahn Gleisbaugruppe Knape Glenbrook Vintage Railway Glencore Gloster Southern Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway GM GMTX GNER GO Transit (Greater Toronto Transit Authority) Goderich & Exeter Railway Goderich-Exeter Railway Godfrey Lumber Company Gold Coast Railroad Museum (GCOX) Gold Pacific Railroad Golden City & San Juan Railroad Golden Triangle Railroad Goldens Isles Terminal Goldfields Railway Goldlinq GONX Gopher State Railway Museum GoRail Estonia Gornergrat Bahn Goteborgs Sparvager Goulburn Rail Heritage Centre Government of Canada GPP Osijek GR-Raiways of Georgia Grafton & Upton Railroad Graham County Railroad Grainbelt Graincorp Grakallbanen Gran Ferrocarril de Venezuela Grand Canyon Railway Grand Central Railway, UK Grand Continental Grand Elk Railroad Grand Luxe Express Grand Rapids Eastern Grand Traverse Dinner Train Grand Trunk Railway Grand Trunk Western Granite Rock Granite Rock Company Grapevine Scenic Railway Grapevine Vintage Railroad GRAS Graysonia Nashville & Ashdown Graz AG Great Canadian Railtour Company Great Central Railway Great Central Railway Nottingham Great Lakes Central Great Lakes Leasing Great Lakes Railcar (RPCX) Great Lakes Works Great Miami Railway Great North Eastern Railway (GNER) Great Northern Great Northern (Stopping) Great Northern Railway of Ireland Great Orme Tramway Great Sandhills Railway Great Smoky Mountains Railroad Great Southern Rail Great Southern Railway Great Southern Railways Great Southwestern Railroad Great Walton Railroad Great Western Dock and Terminal Co Great Western Malting Co. Great Western Railway Greater Anglia Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Greater Winnipeg Water District Green Bay & Western Green Cargo Green Mountain Railroad Greenbrier Management Services, LLC Greenville & Western Greenville and Northern Railway Grenada Railway GRIBSKOVBANEN (GDS) Grubbs Tank Line Gruyиre Bahn GSP Beograd GTS GTT Guangfozhao Railway Guangshen Railway Guangzhou Metro Guangzhou Tram Guayaquil & Quito Guiguang Highspeed Railway Guilford Rail System GuiYang To KunMing Railroad Gulf & Mississippi Railroad Gulf & Ohio Gulf Coast Rail Services (OPT) Gulf States Steel Gulf, Colorado, & San Saba Gulf, Mobile & Ohio GVB Amsterdam GW Train Regio GWR (Great Western Railroad) Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurth Railway (GYSEV.Zrt) GySEV - Gyoer Sopron Ebenfurth Vasut H-Floyd H.F. Wiebe GmbH H.K. Porter Company Hafen und Gьterverkehr Kцln AG Hafen und Gьterverkehr Kцln AG Hague Tram Company (Haagse Tramweg Maatschappij, HTM) Hainan Westen Link Line Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. (HKGX) Hakodate Streetcar Hakone Tozan Railway Hallett Dock Hamburg-Kцln Express HKX Hamburger Hochbahn Hamersley Iron Hampton & Branchville Hampton Roads Tranportation Tide Handy Dandy Railroad Hanies & Kibblehouse Hankai Tramway Hankyu Railway Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad Hanoi - Hochiminh City railroad Hanshin Electric Railway Hanson Material Service Corp Hanson Railfreight Hanson Traction Ltd Harbin Railway Harbin-Suifenhe Railroad Harbor Belt Line Harbor Rail Services Harderbahn Hardin Southern Harlis Oil & Gas Harmony Gold Mine Harry Needle Railroad Company Harsco Track Technologies Hartford & Slocomb Hartwell Railroad Harvest States Milling Harz Elbe Express (HEX) Harzer Schmalspurbahnen Hastens Aggregate Hautapu Industrial Branch Havag Hawaii Consolidate Railway Hawaii Consolidated Railway Hawaiian Railway Haysi Railroad HBP Hornonitrianske Bane Prievidza Heart of Georgia/SAM Shortline Heart of Texas Railroad Heatherslaw Light Railway Heathrow Connect Heathrow Express Heavy Haul Power Heber Valley Railroad Hector Rail Hedjaz Railway Jordan/Syria Hegang Coal Railway Heidelberger Strassen- und Bergbahn AG Hekurudhat e Kosovлs (Kosovo railways) Hekurudhe e Shqiperise Hellenic Power Company (ΔΕΗ) Hellenic railways Hellinic Railways Helm Financial Corp. (HATX) Helm Financial Corp. (HLCX) Helm Financial Corp. (HLGX) Helm Financial Corp. (HLLX) Helm Financial Corp. (HLMX) Henderson Mine Railroad Hengliu Railroad Hengyang Liuzhou railroad Heritage Express - NSWRTM - Australia Heritage Railroad Hershey Park Monorail Hershey Railroad Herzog Railway Services Herzog Railway Services Hespertalbahn Hessische Gьterbahn Hessische Landesbahn Hesston Steam Museum Hetch Hetchy Railroad HEX HGK HGK Hдfen und Gьterverkehr Kцln hHarbin--Suifenhe HHJ HID High Plains CO-OP High Point Thomasville & Denton High Speed Alliance Hillcrest Lumber Co. Hilton and Albany Railroad Hilton and Albany Railroad (HAL) Hiroshima Electric Railway Hiroshima tramways Historic St. Marys Railway Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Hiwassee River Railroad Hobo Railroad Hocking Valley Railway Hocking Valley Scenic Railway Hokuriku Railroad Hokuso-Railway Holcim Cement Holland Hollis & Eastern Homestake Mining Company Hondo Railway, LLC Hong Kong Tramways Hoosier Southern Railroad Hoosier Valley Railroad Horizon Rail HZRX Hornbaekbanen HHGB Horry County Railway Hotham Valley Tourist Railway Housatonic Housatonic Railroad Houston Belt & Terminal Howrah-Barddhaman Chord HP (Hjшrring Privatbaner) Hrvaska Zeleznice(HZ) HSH Albanian Railways HSL Logistik HTM HTRS Huanan Forest Railroad Huang wan Railway Huckleberry Railroad Hudson Bay Railway Hudson River Hull Trains Hull, Chelsea & Wakefield Hunan-Guangxi Railway Hungarian Private Railway (MMV) Hungarian State Railways (MБV) HuNing Hunter Huntsville & Madison County Railroad Huntsville - Madison County Airport Authority Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway Hupac Huron & Eastern Railroad Huron and Eastern Railway Huron Central Railway Hurstbridge Line Hutchinson & Northern Railway HVLE HVLE - Havellдndische Eisenbahn AG HVRT Branxton Hvs HzL Hцdlmayr HЋ - Hrvatske ћeljeznice I&M Rail Link Ian Riley Engineering Iarnrуd Йireann ICE - Illinois Chicago & Eastern Idaho Northern & Pacific Ideal Cement IDS cargo IDS Cargo a.s. IFE Leasing IG Traditionslok Glauchau e.V. IGE Bahntouristik IGE Internationale Gesellschaft fьr Eisenbahnverkehr IGE Werrabahn Eisenach e.V. IGE Werratalbahn Illawarra Light Railway Museum Illini Terminal Railway Illinois & Midland Railroad Illinois Central Illinois Central Gulf Illinois Central Railroad Illinois Department Of Transportation Illinois Department of Transportation (IDTX) Illinois Railnet Illinois Railway Illinois Railway Museum Illinois Terminal Illinois Terminal Railroad Illinois Western Illinois, Iowa & Minnesota Railway IMC Agrico Impala Platinum Mine Inca Rail Incheon Airport Incline Railway INCO Inco Mining Incoal Company (INLX) Incofer Independant Railways of Australia Independent Locomotive Service (ILSX) Indian Creek Railroad (ICRK) Indian Creek Railroad (ICRK) Indian Pacific Indian Railways Indiana & Ohio Railway Indiana Boxcar Company Indiana Eastern Railroad Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Indiana Hi Rail Indiana Northeastern Indiana Port Commission - Southwind Shortline RR Indiana Rail Road Indiana Railway Museum Indiana Southern Railroad Indiana Southern Railroad (ISRR) Indiana Transportation Museum Indonesian Railway Indonesian Railways Industrial Rail Services Inc. Inkerman Mill Inland Lakes Railway Inland Steel Inlands Banan AB Inlandsbanan Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn (IVB) InRail IntEgro Inter-Rail Transport Inter-Regional Interail Interchange Specialty Services Interlake Steel Corporation Intermountain Railcar International Intermodal Center Interstate Invicta Mill Iowa Chicago and Eastern Iowa Interstate Railroad Iowa Northern Iowa Pacific Holdings Iowa Railroad Iowa River Railroad Iowa Terminal Railroad Iowa Traction Iowa Traction Railroad Iowa, Chicago & Eastern Iran State Railways Iraqi Railways Irish Rail Irkutsk Tram Iron Horse Central Railroad Museum Iron Ore Company of Canada Ironhorse Central Railroad Ironton Railroad ISAP Athens Piraeus Electric Railway ISD Huta Czestochowa Isis Central Mill Island Line Trains Island Transit Isle of Man Railway Isle of Man Railways Isle of Man Steam Railway Isle of Mull Railway Isle of Wight Steam Railway Israel Railways Issaquah Valley Trolley Istanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tьnel Isumi Railway Italian Railways FS Italian-Thai Development Italian-Tthai Development ITL ITS Technologies & Logistics, LLC ITSX IVB Innsbruck Austria Iyo Railway Izhevskiy Gorodskoy Electrotransport J D Heiskell & Company J&L Consulting J&L Consulting, LTD J. & R. Dumas Inc. J. E. Henry Railway J. G. Shedd Aquarium J. Neils Lumber Co. Jackson & Southern Jakarta - Bogor Jakarta - Surabaya Jakarta-Bandung Jakarta-surabaya Jalainur Opencast Railway James Richardson International Janesville & Southeastern Railway Japan Freight Railway Company Japan Railways (JR) Japanese National Railways Japanese National Zoo Train Jбsz Vasъt Kft Jбsz-Railway Engineering and Planning Company Jeddo Coal Company Jefferson Warrior Railroad Jersey Central Jersey Shore Steel Jersey Southern Jerusalem Light Rail JHMD Jiayang Coal Railway Jim Walter Resources (JWRX) Jing yuan Railroad JingBao Railroad JingGuang railway Jingha Railroad JingHu Railway Jingjiu Railway Jingyuan railroad Jinshan Brench jitong Jitong Railway JITONG RAILWAY Jixi Coal Mine Bureau JK Line Jogjakarta Johannesburg Trams John Holland Johnson Railway Service Johnstown Corporation Mill Railroad Johnstown Traction Co Jokioinen Museum Rairoads Joliet Junction Railroad Joliet, Rockford and Northern Railroad Joseph Transportation (JTPX) Joy Manufacturing JR Central JR East (Japan) JR Freight JR Hokkaido JR Kyushu JR Nikko Line JR Shikoku (Japan) JR West Junction City Mining Junee Rail Works Junee Roundhouse Jungfraubahn Juniata Terminal (JTCX) Juniata Terminal (JTFS) Juniata Valley Railroad JZ Jugoslavian Railways K.A Rapih Dhoho Surabaya-Blitar KA Argo Bromo Anggrek KA Lokal Cibatu-Purwakarta Kaiser Steel Eagle Mountain Kalaimia Mill Kalamazoo Lake Shore and Chicago Kamloops Heritage Railway Kanawha River Railroad Kanawha River Terminal Kandertalbahn Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern Railroad Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad Kansas City Kaw Valley Kansas City Southern de Mexico Kansas City Southern Railway Kansas City Streetcar Authority Kansas City Terminal Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Karelia Railways Karelian Trains Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund Kбrpбt Railway Kбrpбt Vasъti KFT Kasgro Rail Lines Kashima Rinkai Tetsudo Kaskaskia Regional Port District Kauai Plantation Railway Kaw River Railroad Kazakhstan Railways KD - Dolnyslask Railways KDS Kladno Keighley & Worth Valley Railway Keighley and Worth Valley Light Railway Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Keihan Railway Keihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd. Keikyu Corporation (Japan) Keio Corporation Keio Inokashira Line Keisei Railways Kelana Jaya Line (PUTRA) Kelowna Pacific Railway Kemence Forestry Museum Railway Kennecott Copper Corp. Kenosha Electric Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kentucky & Tennessee Railroad Kentucky and Indiana Terminal Kentucky and West Tennessee Kentucky Railway Museum Kentucky Utilities Companies Kenya Railway Kenyan Railways Keokuk Junction Railway Kereta Api Indonesia Kereta Api Kaligung Mas Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad Kerr's Miniature Railway Kershaw MoW Equipment Kettle Falls International Railway Kettle Morine Sceinic Railroad Kettle Valley Railway Kettle Valley Steam Railway Keweenaw Central Key System Kharkiv Underground KHKD Kiamichi Railroad Kievskiy Metropoliten Kinder Morgan Kingman Terminal Kingston Flyer Kinston & Snow Hill Kintetsu Railway Kirбlyrйt Forest Railroad Kirklees Light Railway Kirov Works Kiski Junction Railroad Kiwi Rail KiwiRail Kiwirail New Zealand KL Railway Klabin/Rumo Klamath and Hoppow Valley Railroad Klamath Northern Kloke Locomotive Works KLT-L Kristianstads Lдnstrafik KML (Kreisbahn Mansfelder Land) Knightstown, Carthage and Shirley Knox & Kane Railroad Knoxville & Holston River Knoxville Locomotive Works Kobe Electric Railway Koch Farms LLC Kochi Metro Rail Limited Kokomo Grain Kol-Tar Kolej Mazowiecka Koleje Dolnoslaskie Koleje Malopolskie Koleje Mazowieckie Koleje Slaskie Koleje Wielkopolskie Kombiverkehr Kominato Railways Konkan Railway Kopalnia Piasku Kotlarnia Koppel Bulk Terminal Korail Korean National Railroad Kosice trams DPMK Kowloon Canton Railway Kowloon-Canton Railway KPKV Brno Kreisbahn Mansfelder Land Krembung, Sidoarjo Sugar Mill Krupp KTMB - Malaysian Railways Kuala Lumpur Light Rail Transit Kumamoto Electric Railway KVB Cologne KWT Railway Kyiv Metropolitan Kyivpastrans Kyle Railroad Kyrgyzstan Railways l'Autorail Limousin L. G. Everist Inc. (LGEX) La Salle and Bureau County Railroad La Trochita - Viejo Expreso Patagonico Lachlan Valley Alco Locomotive Group Lachlan Valley Rail Freight Lachlan Valley Railway Lackawanna Lackawanna Coal Mine Tour Lackawaxen & Stourbridge Laclede-Christy Railroad Lafarge Corporation (LAFX) Lahaina Kaanapali and Pacific Railroad Lahaina, Kaanapali & Pacific Lake Champlain & Moriah Railroad Lake County Railroad Lake Erie & Northern Railway Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad Lake Linden & Torch Lake Lake Line Railroad Lake Michigan & Indiana Railroad Lake Shore Electric Railway Lake State Railway Lake States Railway Corp Lake Superior & Ishpeming Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad Lake Superior Terminal & Transfer Lake Terminal Lake Whatcom Railway Lake Winnipesaukee Scenic RR Lake-shore subdivision Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway Lamoille Valley Railroad Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Lancaster & Chester Lancaster, Oxford & Southern Lancaster, Oxford, & Southern Landeseisenbahn Lippe Landeseisenbahn Lippe Landisville RR (AMHR) Lanxin Railroad Lao Railway Authority Laona & Northern Lapeer Industrial Railroad Larrys Truck & Electric (LTEX) Las Vegas Monorail Las Vegas Railway Express Lasa Marble Railway Line LaSalle and Bureau County Railroad Last Mountain Railway Lauchlan Valley Rail Preservation Society Laurinburg & Southern Railroad Lausitzer Dampflokclub Cottbus Lavacot Locomotive Works Lawndale Rail Road LDS Gmbh LDZ Latvian Railway Le Massif de Charlevoix Leadhills and Wanlockhead Railway Leadville, Colorado & Southern Leasing Locomotive Partners LEB Lausanne-Echallens-Bercher Lebanon, Mason and Monroe Railroad Leelanau Scenic Railroad LEG Leipziger Eisenbahn Gesellschaft Legok Railways Lehigh & Hudson River Lehigh & New England Lehigh Cement Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway Lehigh Railway Lehigh Railway LLC Lehigh Valley Lehigh Valley Coal Co. Lehigh Valley Coal Company Lehigh Valley Rail Management Lehigh Valley Transit Leigh Valley Coal Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway Lempuyangan Lenawee County LEO Express Leonhard Weiss Leopoldina Railway Lewis & Clark Railway Lewisburg & Buffalo Creek Lexington & Ohio LFCD - Ferrocarril Coahuila - Durango Lhoist North America Liberty Historic Railway Liberty Railway Services Inc. Lifeline Express Light Rail RTD Lignes D'azur Lillafьred State Forest-Railway (LБEV) Lilly Grain Lima Stone Co. Line Eight San Paulo Line of Leixхes Linea Belgrano Sur Linea Belgrano Sur (LBS Linea Ferrocarril Coahuila Durango Lнnea General Roca Linea San Martin Linea San Martin Linea San Martin (L.S.M.) Linea San Martin Talleres Retiro Linea Smart Business Way Lines Malaga Fuengirola Linha 7 - Rubi Linha 8 DIAMANTE Linha de Sena Linha de Sena (Sena Line) Linha do Centro Linha do Norte Linha Turquesa (Turquoise Line) Linz ESG Linz Poestlingbergbahn Lithuanian Railways Little Kanawha Railroad Little River Railroad Little Rock & Western Railway Little Rock Port Authority RR Little Schuylkill Railroad Liuzhou Railway Bureau Liverpool and Manchester Railway Liverpool Overhead Railway Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Livonia, Avon, & Lakeville LKAB LKAB Malmtrafik AB Llanberis Lake Railway Llanberis Light Railway Llangollen Railway LMX LNJ (Lyngby - Nжrum Jernbane) Load Haul Loco Docs Inc. Locomotive Leasing Partners (LLPX) Locomotive Management Services Locomotive Services TOC Ltd Locomotive Specialists (LOSX) Locon Locust Heights and Western Railroad Logawa Logistic Center Logistic Center Danubius Logistic Services Danubius Logitren Lokalbanen Lokomotion Lokorail a.s. LokoTrain Lokotrans Slovakia Lomy Morina London and North Eastern Railway London and North Western Railway London and South Eastern Railway London and South Western Railway London Midland London Midland & Scottish Railway London Midland City London Overground London Transport London Underground London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Long Island Railroad Longhai Railroad Longhorn Railroad Longmoor Military Railway Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Lorain & West Virginia Lorain & West Virginia Loram Los Angeles Junction Los Angeles Metro Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA) Los Angeles Railway LOTOS Kolej Louis Dreyfus Co. Louisiana & Delta Railroad Louisiana & NorthWest Louisville & Indiana Railroad Louisville & Nashville Louisville and Cincinnati Louisville Cement Company Louisville Gas & Electric Louisville, New Albany & Corydon Low Cost Rail Lowell National Historical Park Lowville & Beaver River Railroad LRCX (Livingston Rebuild Center) LSRC LTE Logistik und Transport GmbH LTE Logistik- und Transport-GmbH LTV Steel Mining Company Ludlow Cooperative Elevator Co. Lukens Steel Company Luria Brothers (LLX) Luxapalila Valley Railroad Luzerne Susquehanna LVB - Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH Lvivelektotrans Lvivska Zaliznitsya LVRX - PENNSY RAILCAR RESTORATIONS LLC Lycoming Valley Railroad Lykens Valley Lyria M.Z.A. Macatawa Bay Dock & Terminal Company Mackay Sugar Co-operative Mackenzie Northern Railway Mackinac Transportation Co. Macknade Mill Madison Railroad Magadi Soda Magma Arizona Magma Copper Magyar Kirбlyi Бllamvasutak Magyar Maganvasut (MMV), Hungary Magyar Vasъti Бruszбllнtу Kft. Mailine Steam Inc. Maine Central Maine Coast Maine Eastern Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum Maine Northern Mainline Steam Heritage Trust Mainline Steam Heritage Trust New Zealand Mainline Steam Inc. Mainline Steam, New Zealand Malabar Malabar Railroad Malabar Railway Malcolm Logistics Services UK Mammoet Mammoth Cave Railroad Manchester & Derry Street Railway Manchester and Nashua Street Railway Manchester Metrolink Manchester Ship Canal Mandalay Bay Mangapps Railway Museum Manhattan Railway Manildra Group Manistique & Lake Superior Manistique Papers Inc. Manitoba Hydro Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway Mansbach Metal Company Manufacturer's Junction Manufacturers Railway Company Manx Electric Railway Marathon Southern Corporation MARC (Maryland Area Rail Commuter) Mare Island rail service Mariazellerbahn Marinette Tomahawk & Western Marion Industrial Center Marion Intermodal Marquette and Huron Mountain Marquette Rail MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) Martech rail servce Martigny-Chвtelard Railway Martin Marietta Martin Marietta Aggregates Mary Valley Heritage Railway Maryland & Delaware Railroad Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Midland Maryland Midland Railway Maryland Transit Administration Mason County Logging Co. Mason County Logging Company Mass Coastal Railroad Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) Mass Transit Railway Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Massachusetts Central Massachusetts Central Massena Terminal Railroad MASTROU Matagami Matarmaja Materfer Material Services Corporation MATISA Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn (MGB) Maumee & Western MAV MБV 120 MAV 142 MБV Cargo MБV Nosztalgia kft. MБV-HЙV Zrt. MБV-Start MAXX Auckland Regional Transport Maywood CO-OP Association MBC (Morges Biиre Cossonay) MBS Montafonerbahn Bludenz Schruns MBTA McCloud Railway McCloud River Railroad McDonald Steel McHugh Locomotive & Crane McKinney Avenue Transit Authority MCM Management Corporation MDLX (lease/private owner) Meadow River Lumber Company Meccoli S.A. Mecklenburgische Bдderbahn Molli Medway Meeker Southern Railroad MEG MEG - Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn Gesellschaft Meiringen Innertkirchen Bahn (MIB) Meitetsu Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) Mendip Rail Merchant Navy Locomotive Preservation Society Merchants Despatch Transportation Mercury and Chase Meridian Meridian & Bigbee Meridian Southern MerResor Merseyrail Mertz Kies- und Sandwerke GmbH & Co. KG MERVAL Metlink Metra Metrans Metro (Sistema de Transporte Colectivo) Metrф - Cia Metropolitano de Sгo Paulo (Sao Paulo Subway Co.) Metro Bilbao Metro Campania NordEst Metro de Barcelona Metro de Barcelona Metro de Medellin METRO DE MEDELLНN Metro de Mirandela Metro de Montreal Metro de Palma Metro de Santiago Metro do Porto Metro Ligero Madrid Metro Light Rail Metro Medellin Metro Paris Metro Ports Metro Rail Metrф Rio Metro Trains Melbourne Metro Transit Metro Transit Northstar Metro Transport Metro Valparaнso (MERVAL) Metro Warszawskie Metro-North Metro-North Railroad Metrolink Metronapoli Metronom Metropolitan Coach Lines Company Metropolitan Stevedore Metropolitan Transit System Metropolitan Transportation authority Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Metropolitano Metropolitano de Lisboa Metropolitano de Tenerife Metrorail MetroRail Houston METROREX Metroul Bucuresti MetroTenerife Metrotranvнa Mendoza Metrotren Chile Metrovнas Mexicana de Cobre S.A. MFPN Matйriel Ferroviaire Patrimoine National MG Rail (MGR) MGB (Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn) MGW Service Miami Metrorail (MDTA) Michigan Airline Railway Michigan Central Railroad Michigan Limestone & Chemical Co. Michigan Northern Railway Michigan Shore Railroad Michigan Southern Railroad Michigan Transit Muesum Michigan Transit Museum Mid America Rail Car Leasing - MRLX Mid Hants Railway (Watercress Line) Mid Michigan Railroad Mid Norfolk Railway Mid Suffolk Light Railway Mid West Leasing Mid-America Car Mid-American Locomotive and Car Repair (MALX) Mid-Continent Railway Mid-Hants Railway Mid-Michigan Railroad Middleton Railway Middletown & Hummelstown Middletown & New Jersey Middletown & New Jersey Railroad Midland Line (New Zealand) Midland Mainline Midland Railroad Midland Railway Midland Railway Centre - Butterley MidSouth Midwest Central Railroad Midwest Coal Hauling Midwest Electric Railway Midwest Locomotive Leasing and Sales, Inc. Midwest Rail Midwest Rail, LLC Midwest Railcar Corporation Midwest Railway Preservation Society Midwest Steel and Alloy Mikado 1244 Milford-Bennington Railroad Millenium Railroad Millennium Rail Milwaukee Road Minaz Minera Alumbrera Mineral Range, Inc. (MRAX) Mineral Resources Limitied Minerva Scenic Railroad Ministry Railway of China Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Minnesota Central Minnesota Commercial Minnesota Northern Minnesota Power & Light Minnesota Prairie Line (MPLI) Minnesota Southern Minnesota Streetcar Museum Minnesota Transfer Railway Minnesota Transportation Museum Minnesota Valley Minnesota Zephyr Minnesota, Dakota & Western Mirant Energy Mission Mountain Mission Terminals Mississippi Central Railroad Mississippi Delta Railroad Mississippi Eastern Mississippi Export Railroad Mississippi Railroad Mississippi Tennessee Railroad Mississippian Railway Missouri & Northern Arkansas Missouri Central Missouri Farmers Association (MFAX) Missouri North Central Missouri Pacific Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad (Katy) Missouri, Oklahoma & Gulf MITRAIN Mitsui Rail Capital (MBKX) Mitsui Rail Capital Europe Mittal Steel Mittbanan Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn MKB MKT Lodz MMB (Muottas Muragl Bahn) MMV Magyar Magбnvasъt Zrt MOB (Montreux-Oberland Bernois) MOB Montreux - Oberland - Bernois Mobil Grain Modelleisenbahnclub Horgen Modesto & Empire Traction Modesto Empire and Traction Modoc Northern Modoc Railroad Academy Mohall Railroad (MRI) Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad Mojave Northern Railroad Moldok Mongolian Railway Monon Monongahela Connecting Railroad Monongahela Railway Monson Railroad Montana Limestone Co. Montana Rail Link Montana Western Monte Generoso Railway Monticello Railway Museum Montour Montpelier & Barre Montpellier TAM Montreal & Southern Counties Montreal Street Railway Montreal Tramways Company Montreal Transit Commission Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Moore-Keepel & CO. Morehead & North Fork Moreton Mill Mornington Railway Preservation Society Morris County Central Morrison-Knudsen (MKM) Morristown & Erie Railway Mosaic Corporation Moscow Camden & San Augustine Railroad Moscow Metropolitan Mosgortrans Moshassuck Valley Railroad Company Mosoblelectrotrans Mossman Mill Motive Power Industries Motive Rail Inc. MRIX Mount Emily Lumber Co. Mount Hood Railroad Mount Newman Mining Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad Mount Washington Cog Railway Mountain Cement Mountain Diesel Transportation Mout Rainier Scenic RR Movitren Mozyr tram system MPK Czestochowa MPK Krakow MPK Lodz MPK Poznan MPK Wroclaw MR (Mongolian Railway) MRCE - Mitsui Rail Capital Europe BV MRCE / chartered AWT MRS MRS Logistica MRS Logнstica S/A MTA New York City Transit MTAB MTC MTEG - Muldental Eisenbahnverkehrsgesellschaft mbH MThB - Mittelthurgau-Bahn MThB - Mittelthurgaubahn MTMG Logisztikai Zrt. (Hungary) MTR Mulgrave Mill Mulgrave Sugar Mill Muncie & Western MUNI Municipality of East Troy Murtizapur Yavatmal Musйe des Transports de Pithiviers Museo Ferroviario Pablo Neruda De Temuco Museo Ferroviario Piemontese Museo Pablo Neruda. museo raul scalabrini ortiz Museum Buurt Spoorweg (MBS) Museumseisenbahn Hamm Music City Star Mutiara Timur MVG MVK (Miskolc City Transport Company) MVK (Miskolc Public Transport Ltd.) MVK (Miskolc Transport Company) MVPX MWB Mittelweserbahn MWLX Myanmar Railways Mynamar Railways MZK Bydgoszcz MZK Grudziadz N.D.C Naberezhnye Chelny Gorodskoy Electrotransport Nacionales de Mйxico Nagasaki Electric Tramway Nagoya City Namtu Mines Railway (Myanmar) Nanjing Metro Nankai Electric Railway (Japan) Nankun Railway Nanning-Guangzhou railway nanning_kunming Nanpiao Mineral Railway Nanpio Mining Railroad Napa Valley Railroad Napierville Junction Railway Napoleon, Defiance and Western NASA Nash County Railroad Nashville & Eastern Nashville & Eastern Railroad Nashville & Western Railroad Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Natchez Railway, Inc. National Capital Trolley Museum National Coal Board National de Mexico National Express East Anglia National Express East Anglia (NXEA) National Express East Coast National Express Rail Gmbh National Lime & Stone Company National Power (UK) National Rail National Railway Equipment (NREX) National Railway Leasing National Railway Museum National Railway Museum - Port Adelaide National Railways of Colombia National Railways of Zimbabawe National Railways of Zimbabwe National Salvage and Service Corporation National Steel Car National Steel Corporation Naugatuck Railroad Naviland Cargo NBE Rail NBEC NCA NCDOT NdeM Nacionales de Mexico Nebkota Railway Nebraska Central Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railnet Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway Nebraska Norhwestern Nebraska Northeastern Nederlands Spoorweg Museum (NSM) Nederlandse Spoorwegen NEG Niebьll Negev Phosphate Ltd Nekoosa Paper Nelson Electric Tramway Nene Valley Railway Neosho Construction Neptune Bulk Terminal Network Rail Neusser Eisenbahn Nevada Copper Belt Nevada Industrial Switch Nevada Northern Railway Nevada Southern Railway New Boston Rail Service New Brunswick East Coast Railway New Brunswick Southern Railway New Castle Industrial Railroad New England Central New England Southern New Georgia Railroad New Hampshire Central New Hampshire Northcoast New Hampshire Vermont New Haven New Haven Trap Rock Co. New Holstein And Western New Hope & Ivyland New Hope Valley New Horizon Ag Services New Jersey Department of Transportation New Mexico Lumber Co. New Mexico Railrunner Express New Orleans & Gulf Coast Railway New Orleans Public Belt New Orleans Regional Transit Authority New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal New Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad New South Wales Goverment Railway (NSWGR) New South Wales Government Railways New South Wales Rail Transport Museum New South Wales Transportation Museum New Yark City Trainsit New York & Atlantic Railway New York & Greenwood Lake Railway New York & Lake Erie New York & Ogdensburg Railway New York and Long Branch New York Central New York City Transit New York Container Terminal New York Cross Harbor Railroad New York Dock Railway New York New Jersey Rail New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railway New York, Chicago, and St. Louis New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad New York, Ontario & Western New York, Susquehanna & Western (NYS&W) New Zealand New Zealand Government Railways Newark & Jersey City Railroading Newburg & South Shore Newcastle & Central Coast Newington Armory Newport Dinner Train Newport Steel NF Cargo NFTA Metro NI Railways NIAG Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway Nickel Plate Road Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn Niesenbahn Niles Canyon Railway Nimishillen & Tuscarawas Railway Nippon Sharyo Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad NITX NJ Nordjyske Jernbane NJ Transit NKC Railnet NMBS Nobles Rock NoHAB-GM Foundation Noordned Wadloper Nora Bergslags Veteranjдrnvдg Nord-Ostsee-Bahn Nordbahn Nordbayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft Nordcargo Nordco Nordfriesische Verkehrsbetriebe AG Nordwestbahn Nord_Ostsee-Bahn Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Norfolk & Western Norfolk Franklin & Danville Rwy Norfolk Southern Norrtеg North Auckland Line North Carolina & Virginia North Carolina Department of Transportation North Carolina Ports Authority North Carolina Transportation Museum North Central Rail Road North Central Texas Railroad North Conway Scenic Railroad North County Sprinter North Eastern Railway North Island Main Trunk Line North Kaucasus Railway North Little Rock North Louisiana & Gulf North Louisiana and Arkansas North Norfolk Railway North Pacific Coast Railroad North Rail North Shore Mining North Shore Railroad North Shore Scenic Railroad North Star Rail North Star Steel North Tongpu line North West Trains North Western Railway North Yorkshire Moors Railway Northampton Developement Corp Northeast Illinois Railroad Corporation Northern Alberta Railway Northern Alberta Railways Northern Alberta Railways Northern Central Railway Northern Illinios & Wisconsin Railway Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) Northern Indiana Public Service Company Northern Ireland Railways Northern Lines Railway Northern Ohio and Western Northern Pacific Northern Pacific Railway Northern Plains Railroad Northern Rail Northern Rivers Railroad Northern Vermont Northern White Sands Northern Woodchip Handling Systems Northrail Northshore Mining Northstar Northstar Commuter Rail Northwest Railroad Museum Northwest Railway Museum Northwestern Pacific Railroad Northwestern Steel & Wire Norwegian State Railways (NSB) Nosztalgia Kft. Notre Dame & Western Nottingham Express Transit Nourthern Line Novi Sad-Sombor Novi Sad-Sombor Novosibirsk Metropoliten NS NS Cargo / Railion NS Hispeed NSB NSW Rail Transport Museam NSW Rail Transport Museum NSW TrainLink NSW Trains NTM (National Technical Museum) NTV Nuovo Ttrasporto Viaggiatori NUCOR steel Nucor Steel Nuevo Central Argentino (NCA) Nuevo Central Argentino-NCA Nuevo Ferrocarriles Argentinos NXG National Express Rail Nyon-St-Cergue-Morez (NStCM) Nьrnberger StraЯenbahn NYS&W NZTK O'Hare Airport Service Train Oahu Railway & Land Co. Oak Grove Railroad Oakand Terminal Railway Oakley switcher Oakway Leasing (OWY) OBB Austria Rail Oberelbische Verkehrs GmbH Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway OC Transpo OC Transpo O-Train Ocean City Western Oceanogate (OCG) Octoraro Railway Odakyū Electric Railway ODEG ODOS - Ostravska dopravni spolecnost, a.s. OeBB Oensingen-Balsthal-Bahn OEG - Oberrheinische Eisenbahn Gesellschaft Oegeg Ofotbanen OFOX (Leasing Company) Ogeechee Railway Oglebay Norton Ohi-Rail Ohio Central Ohio Central Systems Ohio Railway Supply Ohio River Ohio South Central Railroad Ohio Steel Sheet & Plate Inc OHJ-HTJ Oigawa Railway Oigawa Railway Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad Okanagan Valley Railway OKD Doprava Oklahoma Railway Museum OKRX Oklahoma Railway Museum Class III Old Augusta Railroad Old Colony & Newport Old Kiln Light Railway Old Patagonia Express Old Pueblo Trolley Old Sydney Collieries Oliver Hill Railway Oliver Iron Mining Company Olympia & Belmore (OLYO) Olympiabahn Omaha Lincoln and Beatrice (OL&B) Omaha Rail OmniTRAX OMNX - Omnisource Group ONCF ONCF Morocco Onderhoudsbedrijf Haarlem One Oneida & Western Onsingbahn Ontario Central Ontario Midland Ontario Northland Ontario Southland Railway Operadora Ferroviaria Sociedad del Estado (SOFSE) Oradea Transport Local O.T.L. Orange Belt Route Orange Empire Railroad Museum Orangeville Brampton Railway Orava logging railroad Oregon and Northwestern Oregon Coast Historical Railway Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad Oregon Historical Society Oregon Pacific Railroad Oregon Rail Heritage Oregon Short Line Oregon, California & Eastern Oregon, Pacific, and Eastern Oregon-Washington Railway & Navigation Company Orford Express Orion Kolej Orlando & Northwestern Railway Orlando and Mount Dora Orlen KolTrans Orrville Railroad Heritage Society Osceola & St Croix Valley OSE HELLENIC OSE Hellenic Railways OSE Hellenic Railways Organization Oslo Sporveier Oslo-Eidsvoll OSR FRANCE On Site Rail Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn (ODEG) Osthanoverische Eisenbahn AG OTL RA (Local Transport Oradea) Ottawa Central Railway Ottawa Central Railway Ottawa Valley Railway Otter Tail Valley Railroad Outer Harbor Terminal Railway Owego & Harford Railway OWS Railway Construction & Maintiance Ozark Mountain Railcar Ozark Valley Railroad P and O Trans Australia Pacific Coast Railroad Company Pacific Electric Pacific Elevators Pacific Fruit Express Pacific Great Eastern Railway Pacific Harbor Line Pacific Imperial Railroad Pacific Lumber Company Pacific National Pacific National Queensland Pacific National Tasmania Pacific Sun Railroad Pacific Vapeur Club Padalarang Paducah & Louisville Railroad Paignton And Dartmouth Railway Pakistan Railway Pakistan Railways Pбlhбza Forest Railway (PБEV) Palm Jumeirah Monorail Palmetto Brick Company Palmetto Railways Palouse River & Coulee City Palouse River & Coulee City Palouse River Railroad Pan Am Pan Am Railways Pan Am Southern Panama Canal Railway Company Panama Railroad Panama Railroad Pandrol Jackson, Inc. Panhandle Northern Railroad Panzhihua Steel Factory Line Parrish & Heimbecker Limited Parsennbahn Pasundan PATCO Paton Country Railway - South Africa Patrick Henry Creative Promotions Patrick PortLink Patrimoine Ferroviaire & Tourisme Patriot Rail Patriot Renewable Fuels LLC Patriot Woods Railroad Patukan Station PBR - Pataspsco & Back Rivers PCC Rail PCC Rail Coaltran PCC Rail Szczakowa PCT Altmann Peabody Coal Mine Peak Rail Peak Tramway Pearson LINK Peavey Pecos Valley Southern Pee Dee River Railway Pemberton Tramway Company Pemkot Surakarta Pend Oreille Valley Railroad Peninsula Terminal Railroad Peninsular Railway Penn Central Penn Central B Series Trust Penn Eastern Rail Lines Penn Southern Pennsy Supply Pennsylvania and Southern Railway Pennsylvania Northeastern Pennsylvania Power & Light Pennsylvania Railroad Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines Pennsylvania Southwestern (PSWR) Pennsylvania Transformer Pennsylvania Trolley Museum Penrhyn Slate Quaries Peoria & Western Peoria & Western Railway Peoria and Pekin Union Railway Pere Marquette Perrygrove Railway Peru Rail Perum Perhutani PERUMKA Perus PiraPora PESA Petaluma & Santa Rosa Petit Train de la Haute Somme Petrolsped Petrolsped Slovakia PFT - Patrimoine Ferroviaire et Tourisme - Belgium Phelps Dodge Sierrita Operations Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Company Philadelphia & West Chester Traction Co. Philadelphia & Western Philadelphia and Reading Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England Philippine National Railways Phoenix Valley Metro Phosphate de Gafsa Pichenot-Bouillet Pichi Richi Railway Pickens Railroad Pickering Lumber Piedmont & Northern Piedmont and Northern Railway Piedmont Northern Railway Pierre Marquette Pikes Peak Cog Railway Pilatus Bahnen (PB) Pilbara Iron Pilbara Rail Pillsbury PIMK PIMK Rail Pinconning & Blind River Pine Belt Southern Railroad Pine Creek Railroad Pine Creek Railroad Pingdingshan Coal Railway Pingzhuan Coal Pingzhuang Mining Railroad Pioneer Diesel Group Pioneer Industrial Railway Pioneer Railroad Equipment (PREX) Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train Pioneer Valley Railroad Pittsburg & Shawmut Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Pittsburgh & Ohio Central Pittsburgh Allegheny & McKees Rocks Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad Pittsburgh Light Rail Pittsburgh Railways Pittsburgh Street Car System Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny PJSC PKP - Polish State Railways PKP CARGO PKP Intercity PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa PKP PR (regional Transport Authority) Plains Museum Railway Plains Railway Plainsman Switching Company Plane Creek Mill PLK Polish Railway Lines PLM Leasing Plzenske Mestske Dopravni Podniky PNR - Philippine National Railways Pocono Northeast Point Comfort & Northern Point Defiance, Quinault & Klickitat Railroad Pol-Miedz-Trans Polish State Railway Polson Logging Co Polson Logging Co. Ponferrada Villablino Ponferrada Villablino Railway Port Alberni Railway Port Authority of Allegheny County Port Authority of Cape Girardeau Port Authority Trans-Hudson Port Colborne Harbour Railway Port Harbor Railroad Corp Port Huron & Detroit Railway Port Jersey Railroad Port of Albany Port of Houston Terminal Railway Port of Montana Port of Montreal Port of Muskogee Port of Palm Beach Port of Panama City Port of Shreveport Port of Tacoma Port of Tillamook Bay Port of Tucson Port of Vancouver Port Royal Railroad Port Stanley Terminal Rail Port Terminal Railroad Association Port Utilities Comm. of Charleston SC Portage Limestone Porterbrook Leasing Portland & Western Railroad Portland Streetcar Portland Terminal Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad Portofer Posazavsky pacifik Postlingbergbahn Potash Corp Of Saskatchewan Potomac Eagle Scenic Railway Poway Midland Railroad Power Source Supply, Inc (PWSX) Powerhouse Museum Powerrail Locomotive Services Poznan-Wolsztyn PPM-T Gdansk Prague Metro Prairie Central Railway Prairie Dog Central Prairie Dog Central // Vintage Locomotive Society Prairie Land Cooperative Prairie Village, Herman & Milwaukee Railroad PRASA Prava Slovenska Zeleznicna Precision Locomotive Services Precision National Corporation Premier Co-Operative Prescott and Northwestern Railroad Pressnitztalbahn Pressnitztalbahn(PRESS) Pridneprovskaya railway Prignitzer Eisenbahn Arriva AG (PEG) Prignitzer Kleinbahnmuseum Lindenberg Principe - Granarolo Cog railway Private PRKiI Wroclaw PRLX Probowangi, Probolinggo - Banyuwangi Procor Professional Locomotive Services Progress Rail Leasing (PRLX) Progress Rail Services Progressive Rail Proserpine Sugar Mill Protrans BC Providence and Worcester Railroad Provincia de Entre Rнos Prvб Slovenskб ћelezničnб (PSЋ) Przewozy Regionalne PT GE Lokomotif Indonesia PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek PT KCJ PT Kereta Apa (Persero) PT Kereta Api PT Kereta Api PT Kereta Api (Persero) PT Kereta Api Indonesia PT KERETA API INDONESIA PT KERETA API INDONESIA PT. KA PT. Kereta Api Indonesia PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) PT.Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) PTC Alliance PTKiGK Rybnik PTKiGK Zabrze Public Service Public Service Electric & Gas Public Service of New Jersey Public Transport Authority Puffing Billy Railway Puget Sound & Pacific Puget Sound & Snoqualmie RR Pukemiro Bush Tramway Pullman Purdy Metals Purwodadie Sugar Factory Purwokerto Purwokerto - Cirebon Line Pushma narrow gauge railway Pyramid Mining, Inc. Pцrbцly Forest-railroad QBuzz Utrecht Tram QR - Infrastructure Services Group QR Citytrain QR National QR National Rail QR Passenger QR PSG - Traveltrain QR Queensland Railway QRNational QRNational Coal QRNational/ARG Quality Terminal Services Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railroad QUBE Logistics Quebe Gatineau Railway Quebec Cartier Mining Quebec Central Railway Quebec Gatineau Quebec North Shore & Labrador Quebec-Gatineau Railway Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway Queensland Rail Quincy and Torch Lake Quincy Railroad R.J. Corman Railroads R4C (Rail for Chem) RAG - Ruhrkohle AG RAG Bahn+Hafen Rahway Valley Railroad Rahway Valley Railroad RAI RAI - Islamic Republic of Iran Railways Rail Car Washington Inc. Rail Cargo Austria Rail Cargo Hungaria (RCHUN) Rail Cargo Hungary (RCH) Rail Feeding Rail Heritage WA Rail Italia Rail Link, Inc. Rail Logic Alamo Junction, LLC Rail Motor Society Rail Net Denmark (Banedanmark) Rail Operations Group Rail Polska Rail Power Rail Switching Service (RSSX) Rail Tex Rail To Water Rail Traction Company Rail Transport Rail Transport Museum Rail Transport Service (RTS) Rail Transport Service (Swietelsky) Rail Trusts Equipment Incoporated Rail4Chem Rail4U RailAdventure GmbH RailAmerica Railbox RailCar Limited Motive Power (RMPX) railCare RailCorp RailCruise America Raildox Railexperts Railflex RaiLink Inc. Railion Railion-Logistics (DB) Railpool Railpool Railpower Railpower Technologies - RPRX Railpromo Railroad Construction Company Railroad north of Iran Railroad Power Leasing (RRPX) Rails for Ohio RailServ Inc. Railserve, Inc. Railservice Alexander Neubauer (RAN) Railsystems RP Gmbh Railtrans International RailTransport (CZ) Railtraxx Railway & Industrial Services Railway Express Agency Railway Preservation Society of Ireland Railway Service Contractors Inc. Railway Supply Company Railways of Federatia Bosna and Hercegovina Railways of Montenegro Rainey River Forest Products Raleigh & Gaston Railroad Ramal Moreno-Mercedes Randfontein Estates Gold Mine Rapid City, Pierre, & Eastern RapidKL Rapih Dhoho Raritan Central Railway Raritan River Railroad Rarus Railway Rasenden Roland RATB Regia Autonoma de Transport Bucuresti RATP (Rйgie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) RATP Dev Transdev Asia RATP Dev Transdev Asia RATP Dev Transdev Asia RATUC ( Regia Autonoma de Trasnport Cluj ) Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway Ravenshoe Railway Ray-Carroll Co-op Rayonier Lumber Inc. RB Recycling RBB Rьgensche BдderBahn RBH Logistics RBRX leasing RBS Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn RCAX RCLG - Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair Reader Railroad Reading Reading & Northern Reading Company Reading Lines Red Arrow Lines Red River Valley & Western Red Springs and Northern Red Water Creek Steam Railway Redmont Railway Reefsteamers Association REFER Regentalbahn Regio Trans RegioJet RegioJet - Student Agency Regional Cluj-Napoca Regional Transit Authority RegionAlps Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn Regionalverkehr Ruhr-Lippe Gmbh(RLG) RegioRail Regiotrans Regiotrans Reichenbachfall bahn Relco Locomotive (RLCX) Relco Locomotives (RE) Reliance Rail Renfe Renfe Operadora Renfe-Feve Rennsteigbahn Repauno Chemical Company Republic Locomotive Republic Locomotive Works Republic Steel Corporation RESCAR Rйseau Express Rйgional Reseau Ferre De France Rйseau Ferrй de France (RFF) Rйseaux Charlevoix Reserve Mining Resolute Forest Products Respondek Railroad Corp. Respondek Railroad Corp. Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) Reykjavнk Harbour Railway RFFSA RFFSA - Rede Ferroviбria Federal SA RhB RhB - Berninabahn RhB - Rhдtische Bahn RHB Rorschach-Heiden-Bergbahn RHB- Rhдtische Bahn Rhein Main Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg-Eisenbahn Rhein-Sieg-Eisenbahn GmbH Rheinbahn Rheinbraun Rheinbдhnle RheinCargo Rhenus Veniro Rhodesian Railways Rhдtion Railways Rhдtische Bahn Richmond Pacific Richmond Terminal Richmond Vale Railway Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Riffelalptram Rift Valley Railways Rigibahnen Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey (RBBX) Rio de Janeiro Tramways, Brazil Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Rio Grande Southern Rio Grande Valley Switching Company Rio Tinto Iron Ore River Street Trolley River Terminal Railway Riverside & Great Northern Railway Riviera Trains RJ Corman RLDX RLPX Locomotive Leasing RM Regionalwerkehr Mittelland RNV Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH Road & Rail Services Roaring Camp & Big Trees Roaring Camp Railroads Robe River Iron Associates Robe River Railroad Robert Dollar Lumber Company Roberval & Saguenay Railroad Roberval & Saguenay Railway Rochers-De-Naye Railway Rochester and Genesee Valley Museum Rochester and Southern Rock & Rail Rock Island Rock Island Railroad Rockdale, Sandow & Southern Rockhill Trolley Museum Rockton, Rion, & Western Rocky Mountaineer Railtours Rodalies de Catalunya Roebling Steel Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad ROHR Industries Rolling Stock Romaine River Railway Romanian Railroad Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway ROMPETROL Logistics Roscoe, Snyder and Pacifc Rosewood Railway Museum Rotterdam Rail Feeding Rotterdamsche Tramweg Maatschappij Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET) Rovos Rail Roy Hill Australia Royal Deeside Railway Royal Gorge Railroad Royal Railway of Cambodia Royal Railways of Cambodia Royal Saxon State Railroad RPCX RRL Grindrod South Africa RRX - Rheine-Ruhr Express RSA - Rail Services Authority RTA (Chicago) RTA (New Orleans) RTA of Cleveland RTB CARGO GmbH RTD of Denver RTEX (Rail Trusts Equipment Incorporated) RTM RTS Rail Traction Services (Switzerland) AG RTS Rail Transport Service Rudnik Kreka Rudyard Lake Steam railway Rumo Logнstica Rumo Logнstica/ALL Rumo Logнstica/ALL Rumo/ALL Rumo/Klabin Rurtalbahn Rushden Transport Museum Russian railroad Russian Railways Rutland Railroad RVM Regionalverkehr Mьnsterland RVT-Historique RWE Power Rьgenscher Bдderbahn RьKB RZD (Rossiyskye Zheleznye Dorogi) RZhD Yujno-Ural'skaya S & I LOCOMOTIVE SERVICES S & S Shortline Leasing S&S Shortline Leasing, LLC S-Bahn S.J. Groves & Sons S.N.F.T. SAAF Sabah State Railway (former; North Borneo Railway) Sabine River and Northern Sacramento Northern Sacramento Regional Transit Authority Sacramento Southern Sacramento Southern Railroad Sacramento Valley RR SAD Saginaw & Manistee Lumber Company Saginaw Bay Southern Saginaw Bay Southern Railway Saginaw Timber Company Saginaw Valley Railroad Saint Lawrence & Atlantic Saint Lawrence and Hudson Saint Louis Metrolink Saint-Bernard Express Saint-Quentin Railway Salem & Hillsborough Railroad Sales & Leasing Salt Lake Atanasovsko -Burgas Salt Lake City Southern Salt Lake Garfield & Western Saltville Railroad Salzburger Eisenbahn Transportlogistic (SETG) Salzburger Lokalbahn Salzkammergut Bahn SAN San Diego & Arizona Railway San Diego & Imperial Valley San Diego Coaster San Diego Electric Railway San Diego Northern Railway San Diego Trolley San Francisco Bay Railroad San Francisco Belt Railroad San Francisco Municipal Railway San Joaquin Valley Railroad San Jose Railroad San Luis & Rio Grande San Luis Central San Luis Logнstica San Luis Rio Grande San Manuel Arizona Railroad San Martin San Pedro & Southwestern Sancaka Sand Springs Railway Sandaoling Coal Mine Railroad Sandaoling Coal Mine Railway Sandersville Railroad Sandstone Estates Sangritana Sanitary District of Chicago Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Santa Clarita Railroad (SCRX) Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway Santa Cruz Big Trees & Pacific Railway Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co. Santa Cruz Rail Tours Santa Cruz Railroad Santa Fe Southern Railway Santa Lucia Freyre Santa Maria Valley Railroad Santo Domingo Metro Santos-Mairinque - Sгo Paulo, Brazil Sanyō Main Line Sanyo Line Sanyo Shinkansen Saratoga & North Creek Railroad Saratoga and North Creek Railway Sasaksaat Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation Saudi Arabia Railway Saudi Railways Organization Sauerlaender Kleinbahn Sauschwдnzlebahn Savage Alberta Railway Savage Bingham & Garfield Savage Industries Savannah & Atlanta Savannah Central Savannah Port Terminal Railroad Savannah River Site Savannah State Docks Railroad Savatrans SB Skagensbane SBB SBB CARGO SBB Deutschland SBB Historic SBS-Stuttgarter Bahnservice Scarborough Line Scenic World/Scenic Railway Schafbergbahn Schafenbergbahn Schnitzer Steel Schweerbau Schynige Platte Bahn Scotrail (SPT) Scottish West Highland Line Scoular Grain (SCOX) SCT SCTP SD – Kolejovб doprava a.s. SDG SDT Seaboard Air Line Seaboard Coast Line Seaboard System Seagraves Whiteface & Lubbock Seashore Trolley Museum Seaton Tramway Seattle & North Coast Seattle Monorail Services Seattle Streetcar Seaview Railroad Seaworld Nara Resort Seco Rail SEFT Societа Esercizio Ferroviario Turistico Seibu Line Seino Railway Selfkantbahn Semboro Sugar Mill Seminole Gulf SEMITAN SEMTA Sendai Airport Transit Senja Singosari Sentosa Express Seoul Metro SEPTA Sequatchie Valley Railroad Serpong Serra Verde Express Sersa Total Track (SETX) Service Ferroviaire Gaspesie (SFG) Servicios Ferroviarios del Chaco Servicios Ferroviarios Patagуnicos Servtrans Setesdalsbanen SETRAG Sociйtй d’Exploitation du Transgabonais SETram Settle to Carlisle Settle-Carlisle Railway Severn Valley Railway Seymour Rail Heritage Centre Seymour Railway Heritage Centre SF Sumberharjo SFGX SFP Pointe-Noire Shaker Heights Rapid Transit Shamokin Valley Railroad Shanghai Maglev Transportation (SMT) Shanghai-Kunming Railway Shanghai-Nanjing intercity High-speed railway Shankou - Yamansu Mineral Railway Shantytown NZ Sharon Steel Company SHAY Railroad Sheffield Steel Sheffield Supertram Shelburne Falls & Corain Street Railway Shelly Materials Shelly Materials Inc. Sheltham Locomotive & Rail Services Shen-Da RailRoad Shen-Huang Railroad Shenandoah Valley Railroad ShenYang Tram Shenzhen Metro Shibanxi narrow gauge Shinano Railway Shipley Glen Cable Tramway Shonan Monorail Shore Fast Line Shore Line East Shosholoza Meyl Siam Cement Group Siberian Express Sidney & Lowe Railroad Siemens Siemens Dispolok Sierra Leone Government Railways Sierra Northern Sierra Railroad Sierra Railway Sierra Railway Company of California Sigma Siljansbanan Silver Creek & Stephenson Railroad Silver Stream Railway Silverlink Silverton Rail Silverton Tramway Silverton, Gladstone and Northerly Simpson Railroad Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Sisonke Stimela Sisonke Stimela Railway Sisseton Milbank Railroad Incorporated Sistemi Territoriali Sistemi Territoriali S.p.a. Sittingbourne and Kemsley Railway Sivas Six Flags Over Georgia Railroad Six Flags Railroad SJ SJ - Statens Jдrnvдgar SJ - Swedish Railways SJ - Swedish State Railways SJ Swedish State Railway Skagit River Railway Skanetrafiken SKG - Srbija Kargo SKG - Srbija Kargo A.D. Skitube Alpine Railway SKM Trojmiasto SKM Warszawa SKOL - Southern Kansas and Oklahoma Line - a WATCO railroad SKOL - Southern Kansas and Oklahome Line - a WATCO railroad Skеnebanan SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik) SLB Salzburger Lokalbahn Slezske Zemske Drahy Slovak Railways ZSSK Slovakian Freight Railways (ZSCS) Slovenian Railways Slovenske Zeleznice(SZ) Slovnaft a.s. SMART SMART - Sonoma-Marin Rail Transit SMB Solothurn Mьnster Bahn Smokey Hill Railway Smoky Hill Railway & Historical Society Smoky Mountain Railroad SMS Railroad Snaefell Mountain Railway SNCB/NMBS SNCC (Sociйtй Nationale des Chemins de Fer du Congo) SNCF SNCV - Sociйtй nationale des Chemins de Fer vicinaux Snowdon Mountain Railway Sociedad Operadora Ferroviaria SA - SOFSE Sociedad Operadora Ferroviaria Sociedad del Estado (S.O.F.S.E.) Sociйtй de transport de Montrйal Sociйtй du chemin de fer de la Gaspйsie Societe du Port Ferroviaire de Baie-Comeau Haute-Rive (SOPOR) Societe National Industrielle et Miniere Societй Nationale de Chemins de Fer Tunisiens (SNCFT) sociйtй nationale des chemins de fer algйriens SNTF Sociйtй Nationale Industrielle et Miniиre (SNIM) Society for the Preservation of Carter Railroad Resources Sodor Island Railway Sofia - Kulata Solйa Somafel Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) Sonora-Baja California Soo Line Sopron-Wiener Neustadt Soquimich Sorlandsbanen Sound Transit Sounder South African Railways South Australian Railways South Branch Valley Railroad South Brooklyn Railway South Buffalo Railroad South Carolina Central Railroad South Carolina Public Railways South Carolina Public Service Authority South Carolina Railroad Museum South Central Florida Express South Central Railway South Central Railway -Indian Rail (Vijayawada) South Central Tennessee South Chicago & Indiana Harbor Railway Company South Coast South Devon Railway South Eastern & Chatham Railway South Eastern Railway South Eastern Trains South Florida Regional Transportation Authority South Gippsland Tourist Railway South Jersey Railway South Johnstone Mill South Kansas & Oklahoma South Lake Union Streetcar South Maitland Railways South Orient Railroad South Plains Lamesa South Plains Railroad South Shore Railroad South Simcoe Railway South Simcoe Railway South Spur Rail Services South Sumatera South Tynedale Railway South Ural Railroad South West Trains South Western Railway South-Eastern Railroad (RZD) Southeast Kansas Railroad Southeast Nebraska Cooperative Co. Southeastern Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Southeastern Railroad Southeastern Trains Southend Pier Railway Southern & Silverton Southern Alabama Railroad Southern and Six Gun Railroad Southern Appalachia Railway Museum Southern Downs Steam Railway Southern Highlands Southern Indiana Railroad (SIND) Southern Indiana Railway Southern Iowa Southern Manitoba Railway Southern Michigan Railroad Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society Southern Ontario Railway Southern Pacific Railroad Southern Peru Copper Corporation Southern Pine Lumber Co. Southern Prairie Railway Southern Railroad of New Jersey Southern Railway Southern Railway (Ukrzaliznitsya) Southern Railway of British Columbia Southern Railway of Vancouver Island Southern San Luis Valley Southern Shorthaul Railroad Southern Swedish Mainline Southern Switching Company Southern Traction Company Southern Trains Southern Utah Railroad Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad (SWP) Southwest Portland Cement Southwest Trains Southwest Virginia Scenic Railway Southwestern Portland Cement Co. Southwestern Railroad Soviet Railways Spa Valley Railway Spang, Chalfont and Company Specialised Container Transport Specjalistyczny Transport Kolejowy Spedkoks Spekoks Spencerville and Elgin Speno Company Speno International Sperry Rail Service Spirit of Washington Dinner Train Spitzke Logistik GmbH. Splint Jellico Coal Company Spokane, Portland & Seattle Spolok Vyhrevne Vrutky Spoornet Springfield Terminal Sprinter Sprouse Creek Sprouse Creek Coal SQM (Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile) Squaw Creek Coal Squaw Creek Southern Railroad Sri Lanka Railways SRI Rail Invest GmbH Sri Tanjung Sribilah Utama SRJ Stockholm - Roslagens Jдrnvдgar SRS Schцneicher-Rьdersdorfer StraЯenbahn GmbH SRT SRT Thailand SSIF FART SSN St Croix Valley Railroad St Elizabeth Hospital St Maries River Railroad St. Croix Valley St. Johnsbury & Lamoille County Railroad St. Kitts Scenic Railway St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad St. Lawrence & Hudson St. Lawrence And Hudson St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad (Frisco) St. Louis Dinner Train St. Louis Museum of Transportation St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) St. Louis Southwestern Railway (Cotton Belt) St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern St. Maries River Railroad St. Marys Railroad St. Paul & Pacific Railroad St. Paul Southern Electric Railroad St. Paul Union Depot STA Stadler 4/4 Stadtwerke Augsburg Stagecoach Isle of Wight Stainzerbahn Standard Elevator Corp. Standard Steel Stansted Express (One) STAS Societe de Transport de l'Agglomeration Stephanoise State Rail Authority State Railway of Thailand State Railway Of Thailand Electrical Train State Railway of Thailand Electrified Train Staten Island Railway Statens Jarnvagar States Railway Of Thailand Statfold Barn Railway STBX STCP Porto STCUM (Montreal) Steam Dreams Steam Incorporated Steam into History Steam Railroading Institute Steamrail Steamrail Victoria Steamranger Steamtown National Historic Site Steel Dynamics Inc. Steelton and Highspire Railroad Steiermarkbahn Transport & Logistics GmbH Stelco Inc Stephenson railway museum North tyneside UK Sterling Bomba, LLC Stern und Hafferl Stewart Southern Railway Stewartstown Railroad Steyrtalbahn STIB/MIVB Stichting Historisch Streekvervoer Achterhoek Stichting Historisch Streekvervoer Achterhoek (HSA) Stichting Klassieke Locomotieven Stichting Mat'54 Hondekop-vier Stichting Museum Materieel Railion Stichting Stadskanaal Rail STAR StLB, Steiermдrkische Landesbahnen (Austria) Stockton Terminal & Eastern Stone Consolidated Stone Mountain Railroad Stoom Centrum Maldegem Stoom Stichting Nederland Stoomcentrum Maldegem (SCM, Belgium) Stoomtram Netherlands Stoomtrein Dendermonde-Puurs (Belgium) Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele Storstockholms Lokaltrafik Storybook Land J&J Railroad Stourbridge Line Strabag Strasburg Rail Road Strasburg Railroad STRATA Corporation Strathclyde Passenger Transport (SPT) Strathspey Railway StraЯenbahn Gotha und Thьringerwaldbahn Stringtown Materials Company Strukton Stuttgarter Strassenbahn Sugar Pine Lumber Company Sugar Pine Railway Sugarmill Industrial Train Suihua-Kiamusze Railway Suijia Railroad Suining-Chongqing Railway Sulmona-Castel di Sangro (Abruzzo - Italy) Sumpter Valley Railway SUMZ railroad Sun Link SunCoke Energy Partners Sunflour Railroad Sunnyside Coal Company Sunnyside Mining Sunnyside Mining Company Sunrail Sunrise Northern Scenic Railway Supervia Sursee-Triengen Bahn Susquehanna SVG SVGX SVZ Stдdtische Verkehrsbetriebe Zwickau Swanage Railway SWEG Swift Refrigerator Line Swiss Rail Traffic Swiss Vapeur Parc Sьd Ost Bayern Bahn (SOB) Sydney Coal Railway Sydney Electric Train Society Sydney Light Rail Sydney Monorail Sydney Steel Corporation Sydney Trains Sьdostbahn (SOB) Switzerland Sьdostbahn (SOB), Switzerland Sьdwestdeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft (SWEG) Syntus SZ Szeged Transport Limited (SzKT Kft.) Szilvбsvбrad State Forest-Railway SZU Switzerland Sдchsisch-Oberlausitzer Eisenbahngesellschaft SЋDC SЋDS Sшrlandsbanen Tacoma Eastern Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Tacoma Rail Tacot des Lacs Taff Vale Railway Taggert Transcontinental Taipei Rapid Transit Tairei Gorge Railway Taiwan High Speed Rail Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation Taiwan Railway Administration Tajik Railroad Takargo Takargo Takargo Rail Taksim Tram Talleyrand Terminal Tallinna Linnatranspordi Aktsiaselts Tallinna Transport Tallulah Falls Railway Talyllyn Railway TAM (Montpellier) Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Tamper Track Renewal Systems Tanana Valley Railroad Tanfield Railway Tank Car Corporation of America Tanzanian Railways Tasrail Tate and Lyle Tavares, Eustis & Gulf TAZARA Railway Tazawako Railway Tazewell & Peoria TBA (Trenes de Buenos Aires) TBD Cargo TCDD TCDD TCL TEA - Trenes Especiales Argentinos TEA - Trenes Especiales Argentinos Tecdra TECO Trolley TECSA Temco Corperation Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Temple & Central Texas Railroad Tennessee Alabama & Georgia Railway Tennessee Alabama & Georgia Railway Tennessee Central Railway Tennessee Central Railway Museum Tennessee Railroad Tennessee Southern Tennessee Valley Authority Tennessee Valley Railroad Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum TennKen Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Terminal Railway Alabama State Docks Terminal Switching Services Terrace Bay Pulp Inc. Terrasur & Metrotren Texas & Oklahoma Railroad Texas & Pacific Texas Central Texas Crushed Stone Texas Industries Texas Limited Texas Mexican Railway Texas New Mexico Railroad Texas North Western Railway Texas Northeastern Railroad Texas Oklahoma & Eastern Texas Pacific-Missouri Pacific Terminal Railroad of New Orleans Texas Pacifico Texas Rock Crusher Texas South Orient Texas South-Eastern Texas Southern Texas State Railroad Texas Transportation Company Texas Utilities Texas, Gonzales, & Northern TexRail TFC (Transferoviar Calatori) TFG - Transferoviar Grup TFG - TransFeroviarGrup , Romania TFM TGOJ Thai Railways Thalys Thalys (Belgium) Thameslink / Great Northern The Battlefield Line The Bay Line The Blacklands Railroad The Chicago, Ottawa and Peoria Electric Line The Columbia Star Dinner Train The Elk River Railroad The Grand Traverse The Great Northeastern Pacific South and Western Railroad The Illuminating Co. The Lorain Steel Co. (LRSX) The Minnel Milling Co. The New Jersey Rail Road and Transportation Company The Tide (Norfolk Light Rail) The Tramway Historical Society Inc. The Weka Pass Railway THELLO Thermal Belt Railway Third Avenue Railway System Thirlmere Rail Museum Thomas The Tank Three Notch Railroad Threlkeld Mining Museum Railway Thunder Lake Lumber Company Thunder Mountain Line Thunder Rail Thurbo Thurso & Nation Valley Railway Tianjin Binhai Mass Transit Tidewater Southern Tiefa (Diaobingshan) Coal Railway Tifton Terminal Railway Tilcon Delaware Tilcon Tomasso TILO Treni Regionali Ticino Lombardia Timber Rock Railroad Timbertown Timken TINSA Ltd. Tiny Town Railway Tioga Central Railroad Tippecanoe Railroad Titan America (TITX) Tjustbanan TKAB (Tеgkompaniet AB) TKSE-Thyssen Krupp Steel Europe TL - Transports publics de la rйgion lausannoise TLSA - Transnordestina Logнstica S.A. TLT - Tallinna Transport TMB - Tramway du Mont-Blanc TMS - Transp. Metropolitanos San Martin Tobu Line Toei Subway Tohokuhonsen Tokyo Metro Tokyo Monorail Tokyu Corporation Tokyu Line Toledo & Detroit Toledo Coke Toledo Junction Railroad Toledo Lake Erie and Western Toledo Ore Company Toledo Terminal Toledo, Peoria & Western Toll Rail Toll Royal Railway (Cambodia) Tolt River Railroad Tomahawk Railway Tonawanda Island Railroad Tonopah & Tidewater Tooele Valley Railroad Toppenish, Simcoe & Western Railroad Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway Toronto Railway Historical Association Toronto Terminal Railway Toronto Transit Commission Toronto Transportation Commission Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Torpol Towanda-Monroeton Shippers Life Line Town & Country Co-Op Toyama Chitetu Railroad Toyotetsu TPC (Transports Publiques du Chablais) Tper - Trasporto passeggeri Emilia-Romagna TPG (Les Transports publics genevois) TPI Polene TPI Polene Public Company Limited TPL - Trasporti Pubblici Luganesi SA TPT Traccion Rail Tradepoint Atlantic Railroad Tradewater Railway Trafikverket Trailer Train Corporation Train 1900 Train et Traction Train Hungary Train Kos Train Thur Doller Alsace Train touristique de Charlevoix Train Touristique de la Vallйe du Loir Train Touristique Guitres - Marcenais TRAM - Tranvia de Barcelona Tram et bus de la CUB (TBC) Tramwaje Elblaskie Tramwaje Podmiejskie Tramwaje Slaskie Tramwaje Warszawskie Tramway d'Orlйans Tramway Touristique de l'Aisne (TTA) Trancisco Trans Adelaide Metrolink Trans Car Service Trans Link Trans Namib Trans Pennine Trans Pennine Express Trans Regio Trans-Global Solutions, Inc. Trans-Siberian Railway TransAdelaide Transap Transap S.A Transdev Auckland Transdynamic Leasing TDIX Transferoviar Grup Transfesa Transfesa Rail Transfield Sugar Mackay Transfield Sugar Mackay Transitank Car Leasing Corp. TransiTech Incorporated Transitia Transkentucky Transportation Railroad TransLink Translink Skytrain TransNamib Transnet Freight Rail Transnet Freight Rail Transnet Frieght Rail Transnordestina Transoda Transpacнfico Transperth Transpetrol/Retrack Transport for NSW Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana Transportation Safety Institution Transportation Services, Inc Transporte Publico Linea Sarmiento Transports de l'Agglomйration Grenobloise TAG Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona Transports Montreux-Vevey-Riviera Transports Publics Fribourgois (TPF) Transpraia Transvap Transwa Transwaggon Gmbh Tranvia Tenerife Tranz Metro Tranz Rail Travys Trem Turistico de Atibaia Tren a las Nubes Tren del Bosque Tren Ecuador Tren Patagonico Tren Turнstico de Puebla Tren Urbano Trenes Argentinos Trenes Argentinos Cargas Trenes Argentinos Cargas y Logisticas Trenes de Buenos Aires Trenes Metropolitanos S.A. Trenhote Atlantico Trenitalia Trenitalia Cargo Trenord Trensurb Trentino Trasporti Tri-City & Olympia Railroad Tri-Met WES Tri-Rail Trieste Trasporti Trillium Railway Trillium Railway (Port Colborne Harbour Railway) Trillium Railway (St. Thomas & Eastern) TriMet MAX Trinity Industries Leasing (TILX) Trinity Industries Leasing Company Trinity Railway Express TRL Tanzania Trona Railroad Tropicana Products Tshiuetin Rail Transport TSO- Travaux du Sud Ouest TSS - Tratova strojni spolecnost, a.s. TSS Cargo Tsurumi Line TTDA TTR (Toronto Terminals Railway) TTVS Train Touristique de la Vallйe de la Scarpe TTX Leasing TU.FE.S.A. (Tucuman Ferrocarriles S.A) Tube City Iron & Metal Tucson Cornelia and Gila Bend Tully Mill Tulsa & Sapulpa Union Railway Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Turistren Turkish Railway 1. District Turkish State Railroad Turlock & Western Turtle Creek & Lebanon RY. Turtle Creek Industrial Turtle Creek RailRoad Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Tuskegee Railroad TVM TVT: Trains а Vapeur de Touraine Tweetsie Railroad Twin Cities & Western Railroad Twin Cities Lines Twin Seam Mining Company Twin Seams Mining Company TXLogistic Tyne & Wear Metro Tyne and Wear Metro Tьrkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryollarэ Tyseley Railway Centre (UK) Tyson TЕGAB Tеgakariet i Bergslagen AB) Tеgkraft AB U-Bahn U. S. Ordinance U.G.O.F.E. U.G.O.F.E. Lнnea San Martнn U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Crab Orchard Railroad U.S. Rail Corporation U.S. Silica UBT (Ulaanbaatar Railway) UBTZ UCEX UECX UEFER - Unidad Ejecutora Ferroviaria de Entre Rнos UGOMS Linea Mitre UGOMS Linea Sarmiento UK Ukrzaliznytsya (Ukrainian Railways) Ulmer Eisenbahnfreunde e.V. (UEF) Umgeni Steam Railway UNICOM Group Unifer Trans Union City Terminal Railroad Union Pacific Union Pearson Express Union Railroad Union Railroad of Oregon Union Tank Car Company Union Transportation Company Unipetrol Doprava United Farmer's Cooperative (Nebraska) United Railroad Historical Society United States Air Force United States Army United States Army Transportation Corps United States Department Of Transportation United States Gypsum Corportation (USG) United States Marine Corp United States Marine Corps United States Navy United States of America United States Steel (USX) United States Sugar Corp. Railroad Upcountry Rail Road Upper Hudson River Upper Merion & Plymouth Uppsala-Lenna Jernvдg UPY Urskog-Hшlandsbanen US Gypsum US Pipe US Plywood US Rail Corporation Usedomer Bдderbahn Utah Central Railway Utah Power and Light Utah Railway Company Utah Southern Utah Transit Authority Uwe Adam Transporte Uzbekistan Railways Uzinele Sodice Govora V.I.P.X. V/Line V/LINE Passenger VAG - Freiburger Verkehrsbetriebe AG VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nьrnberg Valdiviano Valdosta Railway Valdosta Southern Vale EFC VALE LOGISTICA INTEGRADA Vale Mining Vale Mining, Brazil Vale Moзambique SA Vale Mozambique Vale of Glamorgan Railway Vale of Rheidol Railway Valero Energy Valley & Siletz Railroad Valley Metro Rail Valley Railroad Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Valmorea Railway Valtellina Dam Railway Valtion Rautatiet Vancouver Trans Link Vandalia Railroad Vanoli AG Vapeur Val de Travers Varein Pacific Variante Boa Vista-Guaianг Vasttrafik VBBr Verkehrsbetriebe Brandenburg VBG Glattalbahn (Zьrich Airport Tram) VBZ Verkehrsbetrieb Zurich VEB Vulkan-Eifel-Bahn Vecchietti Vectus VECX - Verasun Energy Ventura County Railway Veolia Cargo Veolia Sverige Veolia Transport Veolia Transport Ireland Verde Canyon Railroad Verein 5519 asbl Verein Historische Eisenbahn Emmental VHE Verein Historische Mittel-Thurgau-Bahn VHMThB Verein Pacific Verein Pendelzug Mirage VPM Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nьrnberg (VAG) Verkehrsbetrieb Niederhausen Verkehrsbetrieb Nordhausen Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam ViP Vermilion Valley RR Vermont Rail System Vermont Railway VESCO - Vintage Electric Streetcar Co Vest Trans Rail (VTR) VFLI VFV Voies Ferrйes du Velay Via Quatro VIA Rail Via Terra Spedition - Regional Viaзгo Ferrea Campinas Jaguariuna Viamont Viamont DSP VIAS Vicksburg Southern Railroad Victa Westlink Rail Victoria Mill Victorian Goldfields Railway Victorian Railways Victrack Vienna Street Railways (Wienerlinien) Vietnam Railways Vietnam Railways (DSVN) Vinschgauer Bahn Vinschger Bahn Vintage Electric Streetcar Company Vintage Locomotives Inc. (VLIX) Vintage Trains Virgin Trains Virgin Trains East Coast Virgin West Coast Virginia & Truckee Virginia And Maryland Virginia Blue Ridge Virginia Central Railroad Virginia Rail Express (VRE) Virginia Southern Railroad Virginian Railway Visalia Electric Viscose Company Vitkovice Doprava Vitznau-Rigi Bahn VL! - Vale Logнstica Integrada VL! - Valor da Logнstica Integrada VL! Logistica Integrada VLEXX VLI - Valor da Logнstica Integrada Vline VLT CARIOCA VLTJ VMV Leasing Vogtlandbahn Volker Rail Volks Electric Railway Vossloh VPS VR-Yhtyma Oy Vreeland Rail Inc Vreoci- Obenovac Vreoci-Tamnava-Obrenovac VSM VSOP Orient Express VTR - Vest Trans Rail Vulcan Iron Works Vulcan Materials (VULX) Vytopna Zlichov Vдstra Stambanan W. T. Carter & Bro. Lumber Company W.F. Hall Printing Co. W.H. Mason Lumber Co. Wabash Wabash, Frisco, and Pacific Railroad Wabtec Rail Wabush Lake Railway Waccamaw Coast Line Waco, Beaumont, Trinity and Sabine Railroad Wakayama Electric Railway Waldbahn Waldeisenbahn Muskau Waldenburgerbahn Waldens Ridge Railroad Waldviertelbahn Walhalla Goldfields Railway Walkersville & Southern Railroad Walking Horse and Eastern Wallowa Union Railroad Walt Disney World Monorail System Walt Disney World Railroad Walt Disney World Railroad WAMX Leasing Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Wankie Colliery Co Zimbabwe Wankie Colliery Company Zimbabwe Ware Shoals RR Warren & Ouachita Valley Railway Warrenton RR Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa Wasatch Mountain Railway Washington & Idaho Washington & Lincolnton Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Washington Car Inc. Washington Central Railroad Washington County Railroad Washington Department of Transportation Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Washington Park and Zoo Railway Washington Terminal Waste Management (USWX) Waste Managment Watco Waterloo Central Railway Waterloo-St Jacobs Railway Wawa and Concordville Weardale Railway Webb Asset Management Webb Rail - WEBX Webco Wedler Franz Logistik (www.wfl-lok.de) Weiacher Kies AG Weihe Logging Railroad Weirton Steel Weiser Railroad Weisseritztalbahn Weka Pass Railway Wellington Cable Car Wells & Walsingham Light Railway Wellsboro & Corning Wellsville Addison & Galeton Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad Welsh Highland Railway Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Wen-Kang Line Wendelsteinbahn Wengernalpbahn (WAB) Wensleydale Railway Weserbahn Wesseritztalbahn Wessex Trains West Anglia Main Line West Chester West Chester Railroad West Coast Express West Coast Main Line West Coast Mainline West Coast Railway West Coast Railway Association West Coast Railway Company West Coast Railways West Coast Wilderness Railway West Highland Line West Highland Railway West Isle Line West Japan Railway Company (JR West Japan) West Jersey Short Line West Lancashire Railway West Michigan RR West Midlands Railway West Park & Liberty Railroad West Side Lumber Company West Somerset Railway West Tennessee Railroad West Texas & Lubbock Railroad West Virginia Central Railroad West Virginia Northern West Virginia Southern Westbahn (Austria) Western & Atlantic Western Aggregates Western Australian Government Railways Western Coal & Coke Western Indiana Aggregate Co. Western Maryland Railway Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Western New York & Pennsylvania Western New York and Pennsylvania (WNYP) Western Pacific Western Rail Western Railway Museum Western Railway of Alabama Western Sugar Western Washington Railroad Westfalenbahn Westfдlische Landeseisenbahn Westinghouse Electric Westrail Weyerhaeuser Corporation Weyerhauser Corporation Wheeling & Lake Erie Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel (WPSX) Wheeling Traction Company Whippany Railway Museum Whistler Mountianeer White Mountain Central Railroad White Mountain Scenic Railroad White Pass & Yukon Route White River Scenic Railway White Sulphur Springs & Yellowstone Park Railway Whitehaven Coal Whitewater Valley Railroad Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Wichita, Tillman & Jackson Railway Wiebe Wiener Linien Wiener Lokalbahn Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo (WLC) Wiener Stadtbahn Wienerlinien Wigan Coal & Iron Co Will County Coal Handling Willamette & Pacific Willamette Shore Trolley Willamette Valley Wilmington & Western Wilmington Terminal Railway Wimpey Minerals USA, Inc. (WIMX) Winamac Southern Railroad Winchester & Western Windsor & Hantsport Railway Windsor and Hantsport Winnipeg Hydro Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad Winston-Salem Southbound Railway Wiregrass Central Railroad Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington Wisconsin & Calumet Railroad Wisconsin & Southern Wisconsin and Michigan Wisconsin Central Wisconsin Electric Wisconsin Great Northern Wisconsin Northern Wisconsin Power and Light Wismut WLE - Westfдlische Landes-Eisenbahn GmbH WMATA Metrorail Wohlen - Meisterschwanden Wolfeboro Railroad Worthington Steel Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway Company Wright Cooperative Association WRIX Western Rail Inc WRS (Widmer Rail Services AG) WTB Wutachtalbahn WTJR Wuhan Metro Wujiu Coal Railway Wuppertal Suspension Railway WSW Wyandot Dolomite Wylam Colliery Wynental- und Suhrentalbahn Wyoming & Missouri Railroad Wyoming and Colorado Xianggui Railroad Xianggui Railway XiangYu Railroad Xiaoyotou Iron Ore Company Xingyang Brickworks Railway Xstrada Copper Xstrata Rail XTaget Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales (YPF) Yadkin Valley Railroad Yakima Valley Transportation Co. Yancey Railroad Yankeetown Dock Railroad Yanzhou Coal Mine Company Yarra Trams Yarra Valley Railway Yass Railway Museum YAZDK (Yamal Rail Company) Yellowstone Valley Railroad (YSVR) Yeongdong Line York Durham Heritage Railway York Railway York Railways Co. Yorkrail Yosemite Lumber Co Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad Youngstown & Northern Youngstown & Southeastern Youngstown & Southern Youngstown Sheet & Tube Yreka Western Railroad Эstanbul Elektrik Tramvay ve Tьnel Ьstra Yuanbaoshan Coal Mine Railroad Yuma Valley Railroad Zaklad Inzynierii Kolejowej Zambia Railways Zanesville and Western Senic Railway Zarzad Transportu Miejskiego zb Historic ZCG - Zeleznica Crne Gore A.D. Podgorica ZCG-Railways of Montenegro Zeleznicki cvor Pancevo Zentralbahn Zespol Elektrocieplowni w Lodzi ZET - Zagrebački električni tramvaj ZFBH-Railways of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zig Zag Tourist Railway Zillertalbahn (Austria) Zimbabwe Railway Zittauer Schmalspurbahn ZKM Gdansk ZLSM ZR Zambia Railways ZRS-Railways of Republic od Srpska ZS - Zeleznice Srbije ZSCS- Zeleznicnб Spolocnost Cargo Slovakia, a.s. ZSSK ZSSK Cargo Zsuzsi Forests Railroad (ZSEV) ZTM Warszawa Zugspitzbahn Zulawska Kolej Dojazdowa ЦBB Austrian State Railways ЦBB-Цstereichische Bundesbahn Цchsle Museumsschmalspurbahn ЦGEG (Austria) Цresundstеg ЋPCG - Ћeljeznički prevoz Crne Gore ЋSR - Slovenskй ћeleznice Due to continuous bad data entry, we have closed the Railroad field to user input. If you can't find the railroad you need in the list above, please to add it to the list! Road Number:
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