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At 01:35, Jan 17, 2019


! Archived and ready to go. :)

At 09:07, Jan 29, 2019

Hi Are. You sure you have explained how to calculate simple interest correctly? Cheers Cedric

At 02:01, Jan 30, 2019


At 18:33, Feb 13, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . Will change that for you now!

At 01:56, Feb 17, 2019

Seen you answering things about check fraud, I checked the routing number of the check I recieved on the federal reserve bank service website and the bank names matched but the address did not, is that sign of a fake check? The address on the check was in San Diego, but the address on the federal reserve bank was somewhere in Utah.

At 19:09, Feb 20, 2019


At 03:01, Apr 07, 2019

At 12:00, Apr 15, 2019


Congrats on becoming a Top Answerer!

At 01:15, May 11, 2019


Hey Donagan, I apologize for the late reply.

I think you're right. I think the reason why I answered like that was becauseIwas slightly thrown off by the ambiguity back when I was learning points and lines. No need to get my permission, feel free to change the answer!

At 16:27, May 12, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . Hah, Boise... yes, I'll change that for ya!

At 18:28, May 12, 2019


Yeah, we ended up getting a lot of sunshine over the actual weekend, in the end! The flooding changed our plans a little, and it rained on me on Thursday, but we lucked out with clear skies on Friday and Saturday! Had a grand ol' time - but we missed you, of course :)

At 19:10, May 12, 2019


Hah, well then, I've beat that record patrolling from a plane! But I guess, it's probably a record while technically attached to the ground.

Might fly by for the dads and crawl by for the moms, eh? ;)

At 11:16, May 23, 2019


I Ken Mark R. Pendon not successfully complied all the requirements needed for the enrollment of this School (NCAE result), but the papers now is being process and I hereby promise to submit it immediately upon recieving the documents.. Sir can you please correct it?? Please Sir..

At 02:26, May 31, 2019


Very awesome copyedit on ! Hope you are well these days! No speak in awhile :)

At 16:16, May 31, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . A timely one, for a lot of people, in this climate!

Do you think I should tweak the title to specify "US" here?

At 23:20, May 31, 2019


Ah, that's a fair point - covering the different levels is tricky. No problem at all - we can leave it as is. The intro clarification is a good way to go where a title change doesn't make total sense! Cheers Don - glad I didn't just change it without checking :)

At 23:32, May 31, 2019


Ok, works for me! Done!

At 22:28, Jun 01, 2019


Yes, I was able to go! I had a blast there. I hope you can make it to next year's meetup.  :)

At 20:41, Jul 17, 2019


At 22:18, Jul 19, 2019

At 20:45, Jul 24, 2019


Oh hey - you got your first message about a Q&A! Alissa and Scott just implemented that last week, to let the people who receive answers to their questions via email follow up and thank you. Hopefully you don't get tooooooo many for your taste, hah - but it's kind of nice to know people actually use and appreciate them, right?

At 07:10, Jul 28, 2019


Thanks for improving Top a Tree. I noticed and appreciated your contribution.

At 22:34, Jul 29, 2019


Thanks for your edits on .

At 16:50, Aug 02, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . Love the way the intro flows now, in particular!

At 20:41, Aug 08, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . This one feels a little too on the nose with baby checks and delivery coming up, hah. Thank goodness we are pretty lucky with our insurance!

At 18:45, Aug 15, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Mail a Letter. Our resident USPS expert would know! Cheers for giving it that editing love, Don :)

At 23:03, Aug 24, 2019


Hey Donagan - thanks for the awesome edits you made to Select a Mutual Fund. Really helpful combination of valuable info and wikiHow-specific cleanup! You seem to be really confident/competent in this area - do you have a background in financial planning or similar?

At 16:10, Aug 31, 2019


At 17:57, Aug 31, 2019


Ah, well you're seeing those on stubs - they're very old additions of images, from when standards weren't as high as they are now. They aren't redone at this stage because the topics are stubs, but if they get expanded, they'd certainly be redone with newer best practices that'd seek to actually illustrate what's specifically in the advice, rather than the generic torso shot! You're just hitting on the ancient stuff, since you spend a lot of time poking around the stubs ;)

At 18:50, Aug 31, 2019


Hah, well I don't know about that!

I can certainly understand wading through the stubs and scratching your head about all those generic people shots you come across. Feel free to remove them if you'd like - but even if you don't, rest assured that upon the next image redo on any given topic, things would be different! We don't work in that kind of style anymore at all, so you shouldn't see anything new going up like that. Older and wiser visual beasts these days :)

At 16:31, Sep 14, 2019


At 17:50, Oct 02, 2019

Hi, I called about a rental from another rental agent whom I am renting his house but sadly have to move out as it has been sold even though we were supposed to have first rights to make an offer. I called the rental agent whom he suggested and I used to know many years ago....ten or more. In fact I used to cut her hair. I told her who I was and she said I am sorry I can not work with getting you a rental your work history is not good and there has been a lot of drama. How would she know this without talking to me? GOSSIP? I was shocked and told her she was being very cruel as I have always worked and took care of my 88 year old mom for three years with no pay. My mom passed away and I and my husband have been paying 850.00 a month in rent. Yes I have had some drama. Ovarian cancer in 2004 and now I was diagnosed with Lupus and RA. I am on disability and I am very upset with what I should do as I think it was very unethical. Do you have any suggestions?

At 01:14, Oct 14, 2019


It seemed to me that you erased a lot of info.

At 12:56, Oct 24, 2019

At 18:46, Oct 24, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Use "Etc." Correctly: "How would "etc." be used in the end of a sentence? Is "etc.?" correct? "

Thank you Wikihow! I don't even remember when I asked the question but you replied! :)

At 18:46, Oct 24, 2019

At 19:29, Nov 08, 2019

At 20:07, Nov 15, 2019



I'm getting ready to send out our holiday/anniversary cards pretty soon. We usually send them out near the new year, to mark wikiHow's birthday on January 15 and to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with our mission this year. If you'd like to receive one, I'd love to send you one!

If you're interested, can you fill out this form?

Thanks so much - and hope all is well with you :)

At 20:49, Dec 07, 2019


Hey there! long time no see! How are you wikiDoing? I missed seeing you at the St Louis Meet Up, will you go to next years?

At 13:07, Dec 08, 2019


Yeh, sadly some of those content writers/marketers can be relentless and often insulting :( Oh well. I found the journey to Portland exhausting and St Louis was too even though the two flights to get to St Louis were two hours shorter I still had to go straight to bed when I arrived and also when I got home. Both my passport and US Visa have expired so I don't know what to do at the moment. Great to see you around the wiki! Sarah

At 00:58, Dec 09, 2019


Hi Donagan! Huge fan! Thanks for all you do!

At 03:45, Dec 09, 2019


Hey Donagan. It's been a while since I've brushed up on Q&A stuff, but I think you can just put a normal wikiLink (with double square brackets) into answers for links to other articles. As for external links, I haven't had much success with that, but it's been a while since I've tried. Let me know if you find out anything.

At 05:45, Dec 09, 2019


Hmm. I know they've worked in the past because I think I've used them. I think using the edit button does make a difference. It appears to be less stable than using the actual question answering interface. Have you tried refreshing the page after making the edit? Which answer is it on which article?

At 21:18, Dec 09, 2019


Oh! I see now. That's an external site, and I'm not sure there is a way to link to external sites from an answer. That sort of syntax will take you to other wikiHow articles, though.

At 03:10, Dec 17, 2019


Hey Donagan. I just removed the image from the article and passed the feedback on to . The only thing we can do now is wait!

At 00:37, Dec 23, 2019

At 22:01, Dec 24, 2019

At 07:27, Dec 25, 2019


Hi Donagan. I have removed the offending image from the article and passed on the feedback. Thanks for the message!

At 00:02, Jan 04, 2019

At 15:39, Jan 04, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Calculate Volume of a Box: "How do I work out the volume of a box in liters?"

Thank you for your help . I was trying to calculate the volume of a suitcase and it was in Imperial sizes and cubic inches , needed it in Litres for Europe . Thanks .

At 23:18, Jan 04, 2019


Thanks for your message to the Help Team!

I've removed those images and have to Wikivisual. :)

At 19:11, Jan 08, 2019

At 20:56, Jan 10, 2019


HiDeHi Donagan! I saw your note on the Help Team page about the image. should be able to deal with that. I only say that because Tuck may not see your note on the Help Team page. How are things in your neck of the woods? I hope you have not had all the terrible weather I've seen on BBC? Will you be going to the next wH Meet Up?

At 22:32, Jan 10, 2019


You and me Donagan! I'm not sure about getting to this years Meet Up. I got a reminder from the US Gov department about renewing my visa, my UK passport also ran out which costs £75 and I may not use it again. To be honest I don't think my health will get me through the really long trip from home to the USA. Last year was exhausting for me even though I loved seeing everyone as a 15 hour single trip and over 30 hour round trip over a 5 day period is far too much for me now. Age and condition is catching up with me. The old boy keeps trying to encourage me but I'm not sure :)

At 23:02, Jan 10, 2019


That would be nice a 20 minute train ride into London from Milton Keynes! I am all for that. Yes, the expression is the same. Just being nice towards himself!

I totally agree, a 30 minute train ride from Milton Keynes to London Euston is something I could do! The old boy is an affectionate use of the expressionold trout, said with much affection!

At 20:57, Jan 11, 2019


Hey! I'm baaaaack! I'll send you an email eventually (unless you beat me to it), to catch up more... but I wanted to say hey for now :)

At 17:18, Jan 17, 2019


Thanks for your edits on .

Seems reasonable - unless step one involves a time machine, of course.

I know, I know - I crack myself up, too.

At 18:34, Jan 17, 2019


At 18:41, Jan 17, 2019


Never could, even if I tried.

At 14:00, Jan 22, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about : "A video game is 30% off. The sale results in a .00 discount. What was the original cost of the video game before the sale?"

At 01:10, Jan 30, 2019

At 15:26, Feb 05, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about : "Do college students look for proofreaders for their papers?"

Where can I advertise proofreading services for student papers, short documents, informl online contributions, and blog writers?

At 10:54, Feb 09, 2019

At 19:15, Feb 12, 2019

At 20:50, Feb 13, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Find a Direct Object.

Tricksy sentence, forcing me to remember all those old grammar rules. Funnily enough, I don't think I ever learned the grammar terminology in my actual English class... but I got exposure to some of it in Spanish!

Anywho, I trust the master regardless, so a Thumb Up is what you got.

At 04:31, Feb 23, 2019


Hi Don! Are you going to the meetup? :)

At 04:31, Feb 23, 2019


I will be there!!!

At 18:07, Feb 23, 2019

At 07:51, Feb 24, 2019


Yes, my mom and I both love the meetups, so of course it's a habit. I sent you an email about what name to call me, by the way! This will be my fifth meetup :)

At 23:09, Feb 26, 2019


Hey Don! I tagged you in ...thanks for being such a wonderful part of my first five years at wikiHow! I can't wait to celebrate with you in Minneapolis :^)

At 05:07, Feb 27, 2019


Just wondering, what made you ? I saw that the distance between Portland and Minneapolis is 26 hours! ;)

At 07:46, Feb 27, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Sprint Faster: "Can I run a 100-meter race with bare feet?"

Thank you for answering my question about How to Sprint Faster: "Can I run a 100-meter race with bare feet?"

At 18:30, Feb 27, 2019


Me too! That's another state on MY list this year as well :)

At 18:31, Feb 27, 2019


(of states I've visited, I'll add a new one)

At 23:48, Feb 27, 2019


At 01:29, Mar 01, 2019


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At 15:42, Mar 01, 2019

At 19:18, Mar 03, 2019


Are you good at math? I see you editing lots of articles on the subject! I love math, even though it can drive me walnuts sometimes. X and Y.... :)

At 03:26, Mar 04, 2019


At 06:32, Mar 04, 2019


I'm still learning high school math! We'll chat more about it in May, ha ha. Don't want to be a patroller burden with the chatting, as you always warn me :) LOL!

At 15:50, Mar 09, 2019

At 18:43, Mar 12, 2019


At 22:45, Mar 12, 2019


Ok, will change!

I've always been very bad about travel insurance... but last time my sister visited, she had to go to the ER (nothing too serious in the end, but it did necessitate a visit)... Being a Brit in the US, the bill would have been epic without travel insurance that covered her. I'm a convert!

At 23:56, Mar 14, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Use Who and Whom: "Is this correct? "Leaving behind a group of exasperated boys, whom were left with uneven teams and a missing captain.""

Thank you. This has been a big help.

At 15:50, Mar 19, 2019

At 18:55, Mar 19, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Manage Family Finances.

Ahh, someone edited in that less-than-stellar intro... and it got approved, a couple of months ago. Bummer! I will dig into who approved it... thanks for writing in an alternative. I've restored the previous one again now. Does that look okay?

At 19:04, Mar 19, 2019


Cool, thanks!

At 18:45, Mar 20, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Annualize a Percentage: "I have the value of an investment at the end of each year in a series of years. What is the formula for finding the annualized rate of return in each year of the series?"

Thanks for your help, I developed an Excel formula for it and it works fine.

At 13:40, Mar 22, 2019

At 23:47, Mar 26, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about : "A house sold for ,050, which was 9% more than its original cost. What was the original cost?"

At 13:43, Mar 28, 2019

At 00:49, Mar 29, 2019

At 06:30, Mar 31, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Trade Forex: "If I have already deposited money, is it possible to change from one broker to another?"

Helpful and clear

At 03:20, Apr 01, 2019


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At 08:11, Apr 04, 2019

At 00:58, Apr 11, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Use These and Those: "If I have a picture card that I play with my son and the picture is about plural items such as pencils, should I ask him, "What is this?" or, "What are these?""

At 03:08, Apr 14, 2019

At 16:34, Apr 18, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Diagram Sentences: "To diagram the sentence "What annoys me are the leering glances," the subject is "glances," right?"

Thanks, Donagan. That was my answer, too.

At 19:46, Apr 19, 2019

I see you answered questions on marking baseball scorecards. How do I indicate a mound visit on a scorecard?

At 00:55, May 01, 2019


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At 17:59, May 05, 2019


That was a very interesting update and article young man! Are you going to the Meet Up later in the month?

At 18:39, May 05, 2019


Great to hear that you were talked into going, you missed last year. Will you be travelling by air or driving yourself? Sadly I am not allowed to travel at the moment, I had a DVT a couple of weeks ago (this is the second one in a couple of years) and now shingles so woe is me :( itchy and scratchy and needing a large G&T to take the pain away!

At 19:21, May 06, 2019

At 19:28, May 06, 2019


I guess we have a common interest! Rat poison! Stay safe my friend. S.

At 07:07, May 07, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Prune a Fruit Tree: "Should I remove shoots growing from the trunk of a small Clementine tree?"

Thanks for your help,much appreciated.Regards,Harry.

At 05:06, May 09, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Divide Words Into Syllables: "Where do the stresses fall in these words? Poetry, excitement, calmly, dancing and apple."

Thank you for your time in answering my question on 'where do stresses fall on these words.' Most appreciated.

At 12:37, May 13, 2019


Thank you for answering my question about : "Is this correct? "This job will allow be to advise on issues that only arise at the national and international level.""

At 15:14, May 13, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Punctuate Dialogue: "How do I denote an emphatic question such as, "What did you say!?" With the statement in italics ending with a question mark, or in another way?"

Thank you, Donagan. This (allegedly) simple question has been a head-scratcher. I even investigated "interrobangs". It is important to adhere to the standards of English writing for me, as a writer.

At 09:39, May 14, 2019

At 14:07, May 14, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Play Baseball: "When someone on the outfield positions catches it, does the player run to first base, or throw it to the catcher and the catcher has to put his foot on the home base?"

At 17:43, May 14, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Find the Area of a Quadrilateral: "The lengths of the sides of a quadrilateral determine its shape, so why isn't there a formula for just this?"

The lengths of the sides would determine the angles though. If you had all the side lengths, could you have a quadrilateral with more than one set of angles?

At 23:38, May 23, 2019


Hi Don,

Just thought I'd say hi!

Nice to see you editing! I am too--writing about how to go to Seattle! Have you been there? I wouldloveto go one day. :) Hope you had a safe trip home. Adelaide

At 01:17, May 24, 2019


At 18:11, May 24, 2019


At 19:33, May 24, 2019


PS I'd love a meetup there one day, too. :)

At 00:29, May 25, 2019


Valid point... except I thought the world revolved around me? No? Oh, ok!

At 02:24, May 25, 2019


Hah, that's right! Pot, kettle, you know the saying.

At 03:09, Jun 01, 2019


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At 23:08, Jun 01, 2019


At 16:31, Jun 06, 2019


Sadly no drafts on the Greenhouses! You could always find your articles there and open them outside the tool, though, if you're feeling drafty? Yes, drafty.

At 18:54, Jun 06, 2019


Ah, no need to search - you can click on the big green title within the tool and it'll open from there (it's a link). If you want to open it in a new window, you can hit Ctrl as you click (or Cmd if on a Mac). Up to you whether you start your edit in the tool and publish the partial changes, or just open the whole thing in an edit window and edit/save drafts from there as you go. Course, if you're the leaderboard kind of man (which, you know, I suspect you aren't), editing in a regular window won't keep track of your Greenhouse count ;)

It'd be cool to have drafts in there but the Drafts feature an ancient and finicky beast that breaks when you poke at it... chances of my strong-arming anyone into doing any more engineering with them are slim at best. I do put up a strong fight when anyone suggests getting rid of them altogether, hah. Pick your battles?? :D

At 21:49, Jun 06, 2019


Ah, glad to hear it's come to planting! What's going in? If you're busy digging, you can tell me next time we email :)

At 01:00, Jun 07, 2019

At 19:58, Jun 10, 2019


At 07:08, Jun 11, 2019


Mmmm! Lovely! I wish I could plant like you. Adelaide

At 09:30, Jun 11, 2019

At 06:20, Jun 18, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Develop Fluency in English: "I can speak English fluently when I think about it and express it while speaking. But during conversation it seems like I am not able speak very fluently. May I know the reason and how to solve this problem?"

Thanks :) It will really helpful to me and really appreciate your valuable feedback

At 14:50, Jun 18, 2019

At 00:46, Jul 01, 2019


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At 16:56, Jul 03, 2019


Hey! I'm here to pick your brain... we recently got Checkmate through the NAB queue. I put a stub on for now but am no Chess pro and don't know if it either has enough info to be helpful, or is missing enough that it still needs that stub. I'm guessing it's a little hard to cover every checkmate scenario in a reasonable way, so I was also noodling on whether a title change for specificity might be beneficial... Thoughts?

At 13:48, Jul 12, 2019

At 04:42, Jul 13, 2019

At 21:12, Jul 16, 2019


At 23:20, Jul 16, 2019


Ok yep, that makes sense when I'm reading youuuuur explanation, rather than trying to go through the steps myself, hah. I'm in Catchup Mode, which is always double speed and yet on the fuzzy brain - oh joy! I'll claim fuzzies 'til the end of the day and then be sharper tomorrow, promise.

Anywho, I removed the worst pic and will pass the rest onto Connor. Many thanks! Hope you and yours have a great week :)

At 03:42, Jul 22, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Calculate Gallons: "I have an air tank, 12" x 12" x 18", that says it is 10 gallons. Is that correct?"

Thanks for the information.It saved me a lot of time.I guess I will be keeping the air tank.

At 18:53, Jul 23, 2019


At 20:34, Jul 23, 2019


I don't know if your rhyme scheme was intentional but it has made my Monday :)

At 21:23, Jul 23, 2019


Hah, at your best when you don't even realize it!

At 03:54, Jul 25, 2019


Thanks for the edit you made on . Looks good!

At 18:26, Jul 30, 2019


Thanks for your edits on .

Title changed - cheers, Don!

At 23:57, Jul 31, 2019


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At 23:01, Aug 06, 2019


Q&A editing link should be back now!

At 06:58, Aug 07, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Use Who and Whom: ""These are the bullies who/whom are known to them." I can't figure out the object. Seems to be the bullies, yet I would say, "They are known to them", thus who instead of whom. Can you help?"

At 11:47, Aug 07, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Use a Comma in a Compound Sentence: "Are the commas correct in this sentence? "The church shall be incorporated under the laws of the State of FL and all property, real or chattel, shall be taken, held, sold, transferred, or conveyed.""

Thank you! I was concerned about the comma after transferred, yet, you caught the comma needed after FL.

At 17:06, Aug 13, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Diagram Sentences: "How would I diagram a sentence that began with a dependent clause?"

Thanks! This makes sense. I would imagine that an adverbial clause would then go under the verb and an adjectival cause would go under the noun it was modifying. A noun clause functioning as the subject of the sentence would simply go to the left of the verb with a vertical line between them.

At 05:49, Aug 14, 2019

At 16:34, Aug 16, 2019


I'm giving a presentation today at the wikiHaus including mention of the various ways we gather and try to act on reader and community feedback... You'll be absolutely horrified to know I'm going to mention you by name for passing on lots of helpful feedback that you find in Q&A ;)

At 20:32, Aug 16, 2019


Hahha, yes, I referred to you as Donagan and made most of the presentation about what a cool guy you are. So don't worry, you can visit us here now - groundwork laid.

Have yourself a great Friday and weekend :)

At 23:13, Aug 19, 2019


Hi Don!

I'm sorry to say but I don't plan to be on wikiHow much at all anymore. I've been very inactive and am not doing any more editing for now. My priorities and life are all changing, and I may not be at the meetups anymore--we'll see about that as time goes, though, so not final. :) It was wonderful working with and meeting you!



At 00:46, Aug 20, 2019


It wasn’t just my work that made that article so good. You also have a local who gave it the more outstanding points I couldn’t give it.

At 06:17, Aug 20, 2019


At 15:47, Aug 22, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Study Greek Mythology: "I once heard a radio program about the psychological meanings behind many of the myths, and have heard of Erdinger's book. Is it any good, as it is not stocked in a library?"

Does Erdinger tackle the myths as human psychological phenomenon and experience directly? I assume not all myths will have the same weight as the more famous ones. i wish I could look at a few passages of the book to see if it does what I need it to?

At 20:39, Aug 27, 2019


Hey Don, If you have the spunk for helping out with being another fan of Disney Parks, would you mind chipping in with all the other articles about WDW? The two about DL AND DCA doesn’t have quite the same amount of data, but they are there too.

At 23:15, Aug 27, 2019


Don, Sorry for keeping my last message so short and not including some great links. I was on my phone (charging it up) after a full day of use, and had been planning of going out for supper. I just got back and now am on my PC. I'll explain the situation.

Another editor helped add all the dining and shopping areas in all the Walt Disney World articles. Although we have Visit Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Visit Disney's Hollywood Studios, with my favorite park being Epcot, I've taken very good care of this article. However, it has come to my conclusion that it needs that extra bit of formatting that just makes it look funky after this editor left it. I tried helping it, but it still left me confused what the best course of action for it is.

If you know so much about Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure, and can be aware that these two articles don't have information on dining and shopping in them (I've asked for help from this same editor who say's they'd try researching and helping), I've yet to see this in there. While everything is okay in my book to improve these articles (given soon), can you help with doing the research and adding most of the dining and shopping areas for this park) so thy are more inline with those in WDW? We have Visit Disneyland and Visit Disney's California Adventure, as well as Visit the Disneyland Resort (which encompasses the whole Disneyland area in it's entirety (like a brief overview of the whole Disneyland area including Downtown Disney).

I'm an Uber driver which I mentioned the last time and editing and updating these isn't very easy for me, and am already starting another article about the Disney complex in Walt Disney World (still templated {{inuse}}) but as soon as I'm done, would like to know how much you know about this area called Disney Springs? This other editor has told me that - being a local - they could help. However, all hands are on-deck to collaborate to be the best one out there at some point soon.

At 19:35, Aug 28, 2019

At 03:20, Aug 29, 2019


There've been a handful of fairly significant edits on Play Chess recently that seem iffy. An anon tried to fix them up , and then just to be safe, I went even further back in the edit history, to the version of early July, to try to make sure we didn't miss anything (my edit ). I was rather hoping, though, that you might sneak a peek, at your leisure, to see what kind of shape it's in now? I want to be sure I didn't go to the wrong revision!

At 04:51, Aug 29, 2019


Thanks Don! No rush, but I figured someone who knows their way around a chessboard well should take a look. Thanks for letting me strongarm you  :)

At 16:48, Aug 29, 2019


Good question... ultimately, I think just going through the article as it stands, as an accuracy check, would be great. But if you want the quicker version then looking at the diff to make sure I didn't cut out anything helpful would work, too. I may well have, since there were edits by several people on top of one another... I was pretty sure one guy was either trolling or very mistaken, but the others may have been genuine!

At 22:08, Aug 30, 2019


No problem at all - looking at the final deal as it stands now seems good to me! As long as it's in good shape, I'm not all that worried about happened in between. Just wanted to offer either option, if you didn't have time to go through the whole thing. Thanks so much, Don :)

At 04:31, Sep 01, 2019


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At 18:24, Sep 04, 2019


Thanks for your edits on Play Chess.

Thanks so much for the thorough review and edit! Feeling much more confident in our advice here now :)

At 12:41, Sep 05, 2019

At 18:12, Sep 05, 2019


While the majority of the pics are C.C.-licensed, there were a few that I actually uploaded, but those are now outdated.

At 18:21, Sep 05, 2019


As long as they are C.C.-licensed, images can be found at Flickr as well as Wikimedia Commons (parent company of Wikipedia).

At 01:44, Sep 06, 2019


Back when the tool used to find pictures was able to take pictures from Flickr, I used to snag those utilizing filenames as a secondary check of park location and ride-name and if possible date item was taken. Right now, I know these parks are undergoing maintenance so they are far from "perfect", but I'm glad you like them.

At 03:57, Sep 06, 2019


Don, There is always Visit Disneyland but I’ll keep you in mind if I ever need help in other places. I have a wealth of articles that need screenshots that I’ll be working on in the coming days, weeks, and months, but keep in mind that I’m an Uber driver and my ‘work’ time is precious.

At 04:20, Sep 06, 2019


That someone likes to have a wee chat with themselves? Hah. No, if I’m guessing the context right (the scrolling Recent Changes box?), it means that person edited their own talk page - so it tends to happen when someone clears or archives their talk page.

At 04:42, Sep 06, 2019


Hahah sorry to disappoint! So boring in the end.

I have seen the occasional person send themselves a Quick Note message (from the message box on a diff of an edit), either by mistake or just to see if you can... spoilers: you can!

At 15:48, Sep 06, 2019


Thank you.

At 17:21, Sep 09, 2019

At 17:34, Sep 10, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Write a Free Verse Poem: "Is it OK in free verse to speak in first person and third person within the same poem?"

Thank you for answering my question about How to Write a Free Verse Poem. I needed to be sure before I go off & make a fool out of myself. 👃

At 10:57, Sep 14, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Write a Poem: "I find myself writing over and over, but sometimes reconstructing my writing to poems seems challenging. How best can I improve on that?"

At 23:07, Sep 14, 2019

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At 17:19, Oct 01, 2019


Thanks for your edits on .

TY, title fixed! Would be a good topic for us to have one day, since people often ask... would be nice to link them to something! It isn't *actually* a wH feature, just a browser feature, but I think the specificity of the title works in this case, given how often people come here asking!

At 18:40, Oct 03, 2019


Thanks Don for another excellent fix. However, we agreed on getting shopping and restaurant choices added for each area of the park in question. Can you please add this information so it stays more in line with all the other Disney park articles we have here?

I've taken a look, and found other issues that came up, but was able to fix fairly quickly. Although Anna began by fixing some spacing, I found some problems in spacing between the content and the ref source HTML tag that caused the lines to break - but that was an easy fix. Anna found more issues, but that even was okay - always a work in-progress here! (Nothing a careful eye could miss.)

At 19:03, Oct 03, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . You have the local knowledge. However, the Disney Parks ones seem most credible to me...not the easiest to organize into something usable for an edit like that, but that's where "being there" really comes into play!

At 23:43, Oct 03, 2019


Thanks for your edits on . I thought you said you were an LA-resident in one of the past conversations I've had with you? I must have heard wrong. No problem then. Would rather have had local-expertise, but I'll take what I get. Thanks for helping.

At 17:23, Oct 06, 2019


Sorry Don for thinking that way. I thought I heard that you were.

It came to my that there might be some streamlining that needs to be done to fix Visit Epcot. Can you help? Anna told me that you might have some thoughts into the situation.

At 19:42, Oct 09, 2019

Thank you for answering my question about How to Format Dialogue in a Story: "How do I format dialogue between paragraphs? Would there be a comma at the end of the first paragraph? "

Thanks! That was really helpful, I know how to do it now, our teacher never fully explained it to us and now I understand.

At 19:22, Oct 11, 2019


Hey! Hope all is well. I'm going to pretend that this post is just about saying hey! And then sneak in something in the middle. So, hey :)

Don't hate me for tagging you in a post *recognizing* your amazingness. I know you don't want the limelight but I couldn't not include you .

How's the fam? Well I hope. Okay, job done byeeeeee.

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