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The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo

They Say:

“A creamy, lightweight shampoo that exfoliates the scalp and conditions to help strengthen thinning hair.”

We Say:

It won’t turn a balding pate into a pompadour, but leading haircare brand Aveda’s new shampoo will help make the most of what you have.

Its wintergreen-derived salicylic acid soaks up excess sebum, helping to keep pores from clogging while densiplex™ – a blend of Ayurvedic herbs including turmeric (grown organically in partnership with Indian firm Nisarga) and ginseng – work to make your hair feel, and look, thicker.

Plus its recyclable bioplastic packaging will keep your conscience at ease.

Team it with its partner – the (£38.25 for 150ml) – for the full two-step treatment.

Available at , priced £18.70.

Label.Men Scalp Tonic

They Say:

“A contemporary solution that’s all about the powerful dual-maintenance of skin and hair health. With specific performance benefits, [Label.Men Scalp Tonic has] been developed as a soothing, vitamin and mineral-fuelled pre-styling treatment to soothe and stimulate the scalp.”

We Say:

Developed in collaboration with the Toni & Guy International Artistic Team, Label.Men (the dedicated men’s range from Label.m) has clinched multiple awards since its launch in March 2015.

The brand’s latest release is the ultimate pre-styling scalp treatment. Drawing on the myriad benefits of Panthenol, a form of vitamin B5, a few spritzes will moisturise, protect and boost the volume of your hair by up to 10 per cent. Which isn’t bad for a newb.

Available at , priced £10.95.

American Crew Fiber – King Of Men’s Grooming Edition

They Say:

“[This] fiber-like, resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with matte finish. Works well in shorter hair one-to-three inches in length.”

We Say:

Already a best-seller, American Crew’s fiber has had a King-inspired make over – because who doesn’t want to look like Elvis Presley?

Packed full of lanolin and beeswax, this product guarantees decent hold, and unlike some of its drying competitors, keeps it looking healthy and moisturised.

Special edition available in select salons and barbershops that stock American Crew.

Fish Platinum FishShape Texturising Cream

They Say:

“The ultimate firm hold texturiser. More subtle than a wax, it’s ideal for defining short to mid-length hair.”

We Say:

Heard of the ‘merm’? Nope, us neither. But, if you’re aGames of Thronesfan, then you’ll probably recognise what’s now being dubbed the ‘man perm’ – think Kit Harington’s bouncy, fresh-from-the-battlefield tresses and you’re on the right track.

This cream, created to mark the 20-year anniversary of London salon Fish’s first grooming range, enhances texture and curls, helping you create a style that works with your hair’s natural shape – ‘merm’ or no.

Available at , priced £5.99.

Malin+Goetz Firm Hold Gel

They Say:

“A hydrating multi-use styling aid, [this product] provides styling options for all hair types.”

We Say:

Like strong-hold products, but not the way they leave your hair? Then try this gel, which won’t turn your head into the peaks of Everest just a few hours after you use it.

The third styling product from New York grooming experts Malin+Goetz, it’s completely alcohol-free, suitable for sensitive skin and formulated to provide steely hold without overly drying – so no dandruff-like flakes.

Bonus points include sodium hyaluronate (a highly effective moisturising ingredient) and vitamin E to help bolster your hair’s defences.

Available at , priced £18.

Bumble And Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry

They Say:

“Part mousse (but way lighter), part salt spray (but less gritty) – for big, beachy texture with heat-styled polish.”

We Say:

Bumble and Bumble might not be a household name, but take a peek into any professional hairstylist’s kit bag and you’ll likely find at least one product from the salon-developed brand.

This one, a kind of mousse-salt spray hybrid, makes getting that just-been surfing look a cinch. It sprays on white for visible distribution but quickly disappears into hair, lacing it with a texturising salt-mineral formula for a natural bed-head look.

As a bonus, it’s infused with coconut water and UVA and UVB filters to help protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun. Useful if you’re using this to style your hair for more than just surfing online sales.

Available at , priced £22.

Kiehl’s Smooth Oil-Infused Leave-in Treatment

They Say:

“Our versatile oil concentrate provides smoothing for all hair types. [It] instantly transforms hair to a marvellously manageable, smooth, shiny finish.”

We Say:

Hair like Dr Emmett Brown? Then load up on this moisturising frizz-easing treatment from Kiehl’s, the grooming experts with almost 200 years of experience.

Packed full of Argan oil and Babassu oil (extracted from Brazilian palm trees), this concentrate can be used in two ways: on damp hair as a styling aid, or on dry hair as a softening finishing treatment. Its warm and woody yet sweet scent is a winner, too.

Available at , priced £19.

Murdock Horn Military Hair Brush

They Say:

“A good brush is the ideal tool for grooming hair, keeping natural oils stimulated and distributing them to keep your hair clean, shiny and naturally conditioned.”

We Say:

You don’t need to have Fabio-length hair to benefit from brushing yours – a proven way to keep your scalp and hair in good nick, regular brushing can help alleviate dryness and remove dead skin and loose hair.

Just make sure you do it with a brush like this one from London barbers Murdock. Not only does it look good – crafted from sustainably sourced African ox horn and FSC certified beechwood – it also features wild boar bristles, which are a natural alternative to synthetic materials that can be damaging to your locks.

If nothing else, it’ll make your bathroom cabinet look alotmore interesting.

Available at , priced £60.


The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019
The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 images

2019 year
2019 year - The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 pictures

The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 recommendations
The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 forecasting photo

The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 photo
The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 images

The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 new pics
The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 new images

photo The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019
foto The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019

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Watch The Best New Men’s Hair Products For 2019 video

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