We are happy to welcome you to the official website for Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center. Our referral-only small animal clinic specializes in orthopedic procedures that help pets just like yours enjoy renewed comfort, mobility, and health. Our orthopedic team in Omaha, NE regards your pets as natural athletes who make extensive use of their bodies in their everyday lives, from engaging in athletic competitions to simply leaping off of the couch at home. Whether your animal is a professional athlete with an injury or a faithful old companion fighting age-related aches and pains, we can help.

Woman playing with her dog outside.

You may have noticed that our logo is a modified depiction of the constellation Canis Major. But even though our name and logo feature Sirius, the "Dog Star," rest assured that we care for cats and other four-legged athletes as well. We treat each and every patient with the same mix of advanced skill and compassionate care that we would want for our own pets.

Meet Our Orthopedic Veterinarian in Omaha

When your pet is in need of specialized orthopedic surgery, then they need our orthopedic veterinarian in Omaha. As Owner and Chief of Staff of Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center, Dr. Horstman developed a passion for veterinary surgery during his vet school days, turning his focus to orthopedic rehabilitation and surgical techniques. The staff at Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center meets Dr. Horstman’s enthusiasm and provides professional and friendly service to every guest.

Services Offered at Our Orthopedic Vet Clinic

Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center can provide consultation, bracing, orthotics, and a wide range of surgical options to repair, remodel, or even replace damaged joints. Our orthopedic team can help your pet with conditions such as:

  • Fractures
  • Injuries or degeneration in the patella (kneecap), cranial cruciate ligament, meniscus and other knee components
  • Hip dysplasia or luxation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint infections
  • Elbow deformities, fractures, or soft tissue injuries
  • Carpal fractures and other injuries
  • Shoulder injury, developmental disorders, and instability
  • Bone cancer, degenerative conditions, or injuries

Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center is located in the same building as Five Elements Veterinary Alternatives, a trusted provider of healing, rehabilitation, and wellness therapies. Once we have performed the necessary orthopedic surgery here at our vet clinic, we may refer your pet to a physical therapy/rehabilitation facility for post-operative care. This arrangement allows us to offer your pet a complete recovery solution for their orthopedic condition. 

Looking for an Orthopedic Veterinarian near Omaha?

If your current veterinary clinic hasn't yet referred you to a skilled orthopedic veterinarian near Omaha or the surrounding area, ask for a referral to Sirius Veterinary Orthopedic Center. In the meantime, explore our website in detail to learn more about our many services, and feel to contact us at 402-934-1332 with any questions you may have for our orthopedic vet in Omaha. We look forward to helping your pet overcome their orthopedic challenges!