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Now Recover all your photos using Android Photo Recovery program:

Google being the largest internet website provider has launched the new form of cell phone OS named as Android. After the launch of Android based Smart Phones by different companies like Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Micromax etc, it has replaced all other phones and has become the hottest selling cake worldwide. Android Operating System is based on Linux OS. The most recently updated edition of Android platform is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which was launched in the market by the end of the year 2012. Android is an open-source software stack for mobile devices which is led by Google.

These days even digital cameras are being crafted based on Android OS. Best example can be Samsung Galaxy digital camera and Nikon Coolpix S800c digi-cam. Despite of having plenty of advantageous features, loss or deletion of photos from Android seems to be more common. The reasons behind deletion or loss of images can vary from silly human errors to technical errors. People who are new to the platform, often suffers from deletion or loss of pictures from Android phones, tablets, digital cameras etc. In case you have unintentionally deletes some of the pictures from your LG Nexus Smartphone, then you think of ? Likewise many Android users around the globe are searching solution for the same question i.e. "How can i recover photos from Android phone". Android photo recovery is the ultimate software that can undelete photos on Android phone easily and effectively. One can rely on this simple yet powerful recovery software that knows how to recover deleted photos on Android, can photos be recovered after Android Jelly Bean from Micromax phone format.

We shall now look into a scenario elaborately where a user who is new to his LG Nexus Smartphone clicks some of the photos of recent trip to Paris. Later while previewing them, he decides to delete some of the non-appealing photos but accidentally he ends up by clicking the "Delete All" option. One can easily understand how disheartening it can be when we delete all our treasured and precious memories.  Have you ever deleted some of your most cherished clicks from your Android phones? Are you craving for a solution to recover deleted pictures on android phone? Here is the solution at your hand reach to recover photos from Android. Click on the download button and recover deleted photos on android phone back using this Android photo recovery utility. Check http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/apk-file.html for more about APK recovery

Common reasons for deletion or loss of pictures from Android:

Here we will briefly look into some of the scenarios which may lead to loss or deletion of priceless clicks from Android devices.

Accidentally Pressing Delete Option- Above we have mentioned the amazing features of Android platform, among them there are features like multitasking and multi-touch. These days everything is based on touch, so there is a maximum chance of pictures getting deleted inadvertently when our finger slides to some other disastrous option like "Format" or "Delete All" option. User might accidentally click on the "Delete" option instead of "Preview" option or accidentally select an important photo and delete it. One click and all are gone in seconds! But, one can use Android photo recovery tool to recover photos from Android that too within few mouse clicks.

Deleting Pictures while Transferring- Images speak more than words. Hence as soon as possible most of the people try to move the captured pictures to computer hard drive or backup drive. While transferring photos, there are chances of losing photos due to syncing error. It becomes really frustrating to restore all of them back as there are not many of the efficient and reliable Android photo recovery software in the market or internet. In order to take off all your worries too to perform photo recovery on Android phone is designed. You can make use of this Recovery tool that helps you to retrieve pictures from Android at your fingertips.

Formatting of Memory Card- These days flash memory devices such as SD cards are used to expand the storage capacity of the Android phones, digital camera, tablets etc. Memory card are the storage devices that are used inside the Smart Phones and digi-cam. Sometimes we may accidentally or unintentionally click on the deadly option "Format". Within seconds all our digitally captured images will be gone along with some edited pictures which we might have saved in our Smartphone to upload to social networking sites. If you are thinking about how to recover deleted pictures on android, then this software proves to be the finest choice.

Corruption of Android Memory Card- Improper ejection of the storage medium from digital and electronic devices while some work is running behind or virus attack on the memory card due to excessive exposure to unsecure devices can make the memory card corrupt. This results in huge loss of picture files along with other important media files like audio or video. Well, it is very easy to retrieve pictures from Android Smartphone including other media files by using this photo recovery app for Android.

Why to use android photo recovery tool?

  • Android Picture Recovery is robust, reliable and powerful recovery tool to retrieve pictures from Android phone’s SD card, internal memory by scanning them rigorously. for more details regarding lost photo recovery on Android
  • This utility does not modify the content of image file while recovering from Android devices
  • It also clones the SD card as an image file with the help of which you can perform recovery process at the later stage.
  • You can recover files from Android Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and so forth with the use of Android Photo Recovery software. Navigate to to know more about Samsung Galaxy S3 recovery.
  • Wth this software, you can retrieve pictures from Android with all latest version of Android OS based devices like ICS, Jelly Bean, etc.
  • In adddition to photos, it can also , deleted songs and video files from your smart phones

Recent Updates:

Recover Files from Quick Formatted Hard Drive: Have you lost your important files and folders after quick formatting the hard drive? Don't worry, it is possible to get back all lost data from hard disk after quick format by using this Android Photo Recovery software. For more details, visit this link: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/files-from-quick-formatted-hard-drive.html .

Recover Pictures from Deleted Partition: Now it is possible to recover pictures from deleted partitions of hard disk using Android Photo recovery application. It’s an advanced and user friendly recovery utility, which can effectively and easily restore the pictures. For more queries, follow this link: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/pictures-from-deleted-partition.html

Lost DIR Recovery: Now, lost DIR files from Android devices can be easily recovered using Android Photo Recovery application. It’s a highly effective recovery utility and is capable of recovering DIR files including songs, pictures, videos, etc. from Android devices. To know more, just log on to:

Restore Data from RAW USB Flash Drive: Have you lost your data from RAW USB flash drive? Do not worry, you can recover data from RAW USB flash drive using Android Photo Recovery software on your computer. Visit this page for more details, www.android-photo-recovery.net/data-from-raw-usb-flash-drive.html.

Restore Pictures from iPod Classic: Have you deleted or lost photos from your iPod Classic? Well, don't worry! you can make use of this efficient Android photo recovery software that helps you to get back all your deleted or lost photos from iPod Classic within minutes. For more details, .

Recover Files from Damaged Micro SD card: If you have lost all the files from Micro SD card and worried about recovering of files from damaged Micro SD card, then it is right time for you to relax as Android Photo Recovery tool helps you in retrieving back the lost files. For further information, you can visit the following link:

Recover Photos from Lost Partition: Have you lost your partition and in this incident your valuable pictures have been lost? If so, then do not worry try out Android Photo Recovery application it can easily help you to recover pictures from lost partition. To know more about this app visit here: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/photos-from-lost-partition.html

Recover Photos from Corrupted iPhoto Library : Have you have lost your important pictures from iPhoto library because of its corruption? No need to worry, Android photo recovery tool can help you to recover photos from corrupted iPhoto library in few easy steps. For more information, tap .

Recover Data from External Hard Drive with Bad Sectors: If you want to recover lost data from your external hard drive in an effective manner then try out our Android Photo Recovery application it will assist you on how to get back lost data from bad sectors of external hard drive. To know more, visit here: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/data-from-externa-hard-drive-with-bad-sectors.html

How to Recover Lost Files on Media Card: What if your files have lost from Media Card? Are you thinking that how to recover lost files on Media Card? Stop thinking and make use of our Android Photo Recovery that can help you to get back lost files on media card. For more information, log on to: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/how-to-recover-lost-files-on-media-card.html

Retrieving Pictures from Motorola RAZR: If you have lost your pictures from Motorola RAZR then do not worry make use of Android Photo Recovery that can easily recover deleted or lost images from Android based phone within a fraction of seconds. If you would like to know more about it, then visit at: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/retrieving-pictures-from-motorola-razr.html

Recover Photos from CF Card after Format: Are you looking to recover pictures from formatted CF card on your Windows or Mac system?  Then, Android photo recovery app is upgraded with new features that helps you to get back your lost images from CF card after formatting it on Windows or Mac based computers. To know further about formatted CF card photo recovery, visit at: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/recover-photos-from-cf-card-after-format.html

How to Recover Lost Photos on iMac:Have you lost your beloved photos from your iMac computer? Do you want to recover it back? If so then try out Android Photo Recovery that is now upgraded with feature to support recovery from Mac OS X based computers and laptops. It can easily bring back lost photos from iMac. Have a look of this URL, for more details:

Photo Recovery App for Android: Now, with the help of this powerful application you can restore deleted or lost pictures from Android Smartphone and Tablet of different manufacturing brands like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Micromax, etc. To know more details, click here http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/app-for-android.html

Samsung Android Video Recovery: In case your memorable videos has been lost from your Android based Samsung phone then do make use of Android picture recovery tool. This tool is capable enough to recover videos with ease. To catch a complete glimpse of video recovery from Android Samsung phone visit at: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/samsung-video.html

How to Retrieve Deleted Music Files on Android: What if you have deleted your favorite music file on Android phone? If you have deleted your music files from Android, then do make use of this software to know how to recover music files on Android after accidental or intentional deletion with ease. To know more, hop over here: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/how-to-retrieve-deleted-music-files.html

Remove Duplicate Contacts in Samsung Galaxy S2: If you have collected a lot of duplicate contacts on your Galaxy S2 phone then here is the tool by name Remo MORE which will perfectly remove duplicate contacts from the Android phone. Visit for more details.

Restore Deleted Pictures from Micromax Funbook: If you are Micromax Funbook user who has deleted some of his important pictures from the Android phone then you just need to use this Android image recovery tool to get those deleted pictures back. Visit http://android-photo-recovery.net/restore-deleted-pictures-micromax-funbook.html to get more info about this.

Motorola Droid Photo Recovery: There is no need to be disturbed if your photos are lost from Droid Motorola. You can easily recover lost picture with the help of advance features of Android Photo Recovery. Have a look over this page to know how it recovers:  http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/motorola-droid.html

How to Find Missing Photos on Android: Find all your missing photos on Android device with Android photo recovery tool. The special scanning algorithm of this tool scans your Android device thoroughly and find all the missing files. Visit this webpage: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/find-missing-photos.html to investigate more about this tool.

How to Optimize Android Phone Memory: Remo MORE offers an efficient way to optimize memory in Android poweered devices. This application is capable enough to enhance your Android phone memory in a proficient manner. Learn more about this tool from given page:

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How to Delete Junk Files from Android: Lots of junk files on your Android mobile makes your mobile very slow. In order to get rid of these files and thereby to improve your Android performance you just need to make use of Remo MORE application. Simply log on to if you need additional info about this app.

Recover Recently Deleted Photos in Android: Do you want to recover all the photos from your Android device which you have recently deleted? Then make use of our most proficient recovery app that can perform deleted photo recovery on Android. For further info refer this page: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/recently-deleted.html

Undelete Photos from HTC Evo: Now you can use this software to get back deleted photos from your HTC Evo Android phone. Just check out http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/undelete-from-htc-evo.html and learn how to use this software.

Recover Photos from Galaxy Note 2: Here is a tool, which will assist you in recovering photos from Galaxy note 2 in an effective manner. Have a look over this page to know more about this utility: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/galaxy-note-2.html

Recover Photos from Nexus 4 Smartphone: If you lost your important photo file from your Nexus 4 Smartphone, then also you can make use of Android photo recovery tool to bring back your lost photos; For reading more refer this page url: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/nexus-4.html

Recover Deleted Photos from Galaxy: As being a Galaxy user if you find yourself in a situation where pictures from Galaxy has been deleted then do not panic. With the help of Android Photo Recovery, you can easily recover photos from Galaxy. To know about deleted photo recovery from Galaxy browse over this link: http://www.android-photo-recovery.net/deleted-from-galaxy.html

Steps to recover deleted photos on Android:

Step 1: Connect the Android device to your computer by external USB cable and let the phone get detected. Download and install free demo version of Android Photo Recovery Software. After the Android photo recovery app is launched, select either “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” from the main window to perform Android image recovery.

Android Photo Recovery - Main screen

Step 2: Soon after this software detects the connected device and setsup a connection. Select the Android device from where you want to recover photos and click on Next. Software starts scanning the selected device to locate and recover photos from Android.

Android Photo Recovery - select android device

Step 3: Once it is done, you can view recovered the recovered photo files in "File Type View / Data View".

Android Photo Recovery - View in file type view


  • Install an updated antivirus software program to combat deadly viruses and malwares
  • It is recommended to not use your Android phone after any photo deletion and loss scenario which leads to overwriting
  • Always copy your Android phones vital data and media files to an external storage device such as CDs or DVDs
  • Avoid accidental deletion or formatting your SD card by making use of "write protect" knob
  • Don’t remove your android smart phone abruptly during transfer process between your Android phone and computer