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Ryan Reynolds' See-through Underwear

By Bang Showbiz on

wore cellophane underwear in his latest movie.

The 32-year-old actor - who plays PA Andrew Paxton in 'The Proposal', about an assistant whose boss forces him to marry her to ensure she isn't deported - had no problem donning the transparent garment as he thinks he looked good in it.

Discussing whether a scene in which he and co-star appear naked was "sexy", he joked: "I don't know what was unsexy about it. I mean I was furnished with cellophane underwear that day. That's a beautiful sight. A nice see through, cellophane Speedo."

Sandra insists she only agreed to strip off for the movie as the scene - which sees the pair accidentally bump into each other while both are nude - was funny rather than romantic.

She explained to BANG Showbiz: "I've done those scenes that are supposed to be sexy and they're just not. The full naked body, especially the men, and I hate to say it, a full frontal is not that funny or sexy. But you hide a little something between us men and women and it becomes sexy, it's sexier.

"So the lack of sexiness in this scene made me happy to do it. I mean yeah, it's humiliating, it's embarrassing, people are going to poke fun at your body, but I do that already."

The 44-year-old actress added she was happy to laugh at her bare body as she isn't precious about her appearance.

She revealed: "I don't look at my body and go, 'This is such a machine, a beautiful specimen, I cannot show it in that funny light.' It's funny every day. I look at it everyday and there's something funny going on with my body so I saw that it could be used as a vessel, in a good way."