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Archival grade mylar polyester sleeves for collectibles, archives, exhibits, presentations, and conservation

For sheet protectors, page protectors, & mylar sleeves for documents, stamps, posters, maps, postcards, certificates, photos, artwork, scrapbooks, currency or any type of collectible.

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at competitive prices!!!

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The mission of Atlantic Protective Pouches is to provide the highest quality, archival grade polyester sleeves for hobbyists and archivists seeking to protect valuable collectibles, souvenirs, or historic materials. The advantage of Atlantic Protective Pouches, compared with catalog retailers, is that we are able to make custom size sleeves in any quantity or style, and for less cost. Our products are used by individuals, collectors, exhibitors, dealers, museums, libraries, universities, photo and art galleries, archives and government institutions worldwide.



Standard Styles:

Our sleeves can be sealed along one side, two sides, or three sides.

A "folder" can have a seal along one long edge, or along one short edge.

An "L-seal" (or "L-weld" or "L-sleeve") has two seals (seals on 2 adjacent sides).

Two long sides can be sealed, forming a "sleeve". The two short sides remain open.

The "U-seal" is the most common style which has seals on three sides.

An optional flap can be added to the opening.

Here are some other descriptive terms: Sheet protector, page protector, cover, envelope, exhibition page, enclosure, or protective sleeve.

Enclosures can be made with many features, including: an extended lip, flap, punched holes, or a "stop-strip" (to prevent a document from moving against the rings in a binder). We can also ship product in roll form, or in individual cut sheets.




Atlantic Protective Pouches is a trade name for W.H.E. Research, Inc., which started operation in July of 1996, after acquiring the Resale and Institutional divisions of Taylor Made Company. Then in January 1999, Atlantic Protective Pouches began supplying pouches to the Philatelic, Numismatic, and Stock Certificate customers formerly associated with Taylor Made Company. Our background includes almost 40 years of experience in heat sealing methods for materials such as DuPont Mylar & Melinex and SKC films.



Standard Materials:

We only use archival-grade polyester films approved by the Library of Congress.

Please find our Material Description page for detailed information.



Size range:

Dimensions can vary from very small (1" x 1"),

to large sizes (60” wide with unlimited lengths).




We generally use 3, or 4 mil polyester for our heat sealed products.

Additionally, we can provide individual polyester sheets in 2, 3, 4, and 5 mil with optional tissue inserts.



Atlantic Protective Pouches Guarantee:

We pride ourselves on quality work, and fully guarantee any product we provide.



Payment Terms:

We prefer payment by Credit Card, PayPal or prepayment by Check.


For payment by Credit Card please phone me with payment info.

(For your security, please do not send credit card information by email, voicemail, or fax.)


For payment by PayPal, use our account name .

If you prefer, we can also send you an Invoice through PayPal.


For prepayment by Check, mail to:

Atlantic Protective Pouches, PO Box 1191, Toms River, NJ 08754 USA.



For More Information...

Please email or phone your request to us and we will provide a prompt, detailed proposal. We are happy to discuss with you the special needs of your application. Thank you for considering Atlantic Protective Pouches.

Wally and Lorraine Haine.

Compliments From Our Customers:

Sean, from Tulsa, Oklahoma :
"I got the mylar a few days ago. Everything was perfect! I don't know if I have ever had an order from anywhere packaged with such care. I really appreciate the time you took to make sure my order got here in such good shape. Next time I need some mylar I will definitely be ordering from you guys."
Steve, from Sterling Heights, Michigan:
"I received the shipment from the order last week, thank you very much. My posters look great in the pouches. Thanks for the great packing and the 2 extra."
Jason, from British Columbia, Canada
"I'd like to personally thank you and your company for the discounts received. I've been extremely happy with my last two orders from APP and would certainly order again.
Adam, from Colonia, New Jersey :
"Got my order today,..I must say that is the best packing job I have seen in a long while. Thanks very much!"

Amy, from Boston, MA :
"Just wanted to let you know my sheet protectors came today! They're perfect! Exactly what I needed and what I had hoped they'd be! Thank you so much. Thank you too for the care you took in packaging them: they arrived in perfect condition."

Greg from Elizabethtown, PA::
" I can't believe these arrived already!! Absolutely amazing quality, perfect packaging, and excellent service. My only regret is that I don't have enough posters yet to place another order. But I will DEFINITELY be ordering more from you when I need them. And thanks so much for the extra! Wow, I can't tell you how impressed I am. There are an awful lot of companies out there that could learn a few things from you about service and quality. I feel like my order was priority number 1 around there.

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Updated January, 2018 Atlantic Protective Pouches is a trade name for W.H.E. Research, Inc.