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Corpsman Jacksonville Hospital Maternity Ward(left) Screenshot of Snapchat video where the baby was being used as a prop to dance. (right) Caption says, ‘How I currently feel about these mini Satans’

Military families are going to have to think twice before sending their newborn babies off with corpsman near Jacksonville, Florida.

The corpsman seen in the photos, Allyson Thompson, has reportedly been posting various pictures of newborn babies and making videos while holding the babies and treating them like puppets dancing to music. One of the pictures posted stated, “How I currently feel about these mini Satans.”

It has also been reported that another corpsman, Joanie Barrett, participated in the incidents.

The video that was uploaded to Snapchat (screenshot above) has since been removed and the profile of the corpsman accused of participating in the acts has been deactivated.

The military spouse who discovered the disturbing photos and videos has reported them to the Naval Hospital. According to update, it states:

“After me and my mom tried getting someone on the phone for like an hour, she finally got someone who was over her and it’s been reported.. all screenshots and video was sent to her phone via text and she has talked to her CO and they’re taking the next steps of investigating it and she is being punished.”

Posting pictures is a massive violation of HIPAA not to mention the possible shaking of a newborn baby.

The Naval Hospital has responded on Facebook after receiving the information.

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