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Mount Carmel needs to change their prescription blanks when they discharge patients. Most of their p...rescriptions only have the main hospital phone number and the emergency department number listed on them; nowhere on the prescription does it mention where a patient may have actually been seen. This becomes an issue when a pharmacist has to try and track down someone to correct a prescription. A specific example comes from a patient who was discharged today, and there was an issue with their prescription. Off a hunch, the main line was called, only to get transferred to 3 other departments with no help or answer from any of them. They didn’t even offer to look up where the patient my have been seen in the hospital. So after spending a good 10 minutes of valuable time that could have focused on other patients, the issue was never resolved. Nor did the patient receive the medication that was probably needed tonight (and for the record it wasn’t pain medication). Very frustrating for both patients and other health care professionals! And this is something that we see from all Mount Carmel hospitals.

I work for a courier service through Mt Carmel.I go to all the hospitals.Can say I run across some r...eally great people.Working in the hospital typically means you care about people.
My power was out the night before so I didn't get to wash laundry that evening.So had to wear the same work shorts two days in a row.But was in the women's clinic a 5675 east broad st today.Had some nurses,well I assume that were nurses.They made some comments that I wont put on here about me as I come out of the elevator.Normally I might defend myself but didn't want to risk my job.So I just let it go and went on about my day.But to say it bothered me would be an understatement.But my shorts weren't dirty at all.Probably could have used a haircut but dont get off til 6 during the week.Barbershops are typically closed so if I dont go Saturday morning I don't get a cut.
I love working for Mt Carmel kinda makes you appreciate life that much more.

Still waiting for someone to respond to referral for treatment from MCMG. Broke hand discharged from... hospital with broken hand. Contacted insurance and they state they'll give a authorization over the phone for ortho but no one has contacted them. After a week of calls and in person. Same answer from primary care office. We sent up and no way to check is the standard reply. Walking around with a broken hand in a temporary splint for a week MCMG couldn't care less

July 12