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2. Why is the iCloud button in the app settings grayed out?


I can’t access my photo album. How can I let Photo 365 access my album?

Go to your iPhone/iPad settings —> Privacy —> Photos —-> Photo 365 —–> turn ON

How do I enable iCloud in my device and in Photo 365?

Photo 365 iCloud

Why is the iCloud button in the app settings grayed out?

There can many reasons. Please make sure you are logged into iCloud.

Go to Settings —> iCloud and check that you are logged in. If you are not, you can log in with your Apple ID.

  • make sure that you are connected to internet
  • if you just came back to app settings from another task please give the application several seconds to detect the connection to iCloud
  • make sure “Documents & Data” option is set to “On” in Settings –>iCloud

Should I keep iCloud backup setting to “On” on my device?

Yes, we recommend this, especially at first install/update to the build containing iCloud feature. If you have large amounts of data saved within the app from previous versions it will be synced with your other devices and iCloud even if your device is locked or you are performing other tasks (outside the app).

My photos do not sync between all my devices.

  • Please make sure you are using the same iCloud account on all the device
  • check if all of your devices are connected to the internet
  • make sure you are using the version using iCloud feature on all of your devices(you can verify this by going to application Settings menu and check if “Sync data to iCloud” switch is present in menu)

Sometimes it takes longer for the pictures to sync between my devices.

Please take into consideration your internet connection speed and wi-fi signal strength.

If you have many photos to sync, it make take awhile depending on your connection.

iCloud servers may have also delays from time to time, frequently occurs during busy hours.

Will Photo365 iCloud sync work while I am offline?

Yes, the data is stored locally on the device and once you are connected to internet your photos will start to sync with iCloud. If you have your other device opened (ex. iPad) it will begin to sync to that device as well.

Will my data be deleted if I delete my iCloud account or/and sign in with another?

No, Photo 365 data will still be saved locally on your device.

How do I permanently delete my data from iCloud account and from device itself?

In order to do so you will need to delete your application and then delete the application data from iCloud.

To do that go to Settings–>iCloud–>Storage & Backup –> Manage Storage –> Photo 365.

Click EDIT and then DELETE ALL.

(Warning: Only do this if you want to delete your Photo 365 data in iCloud. You will not be able to recover it.)

Do I have a limit on how many pictures I can save and sync between my devices?

Yes, this is limited by iCloud. The first 5GB are free. If you exceed the limit, there are larger storage plans you can buy from Apple.

iCloud Sync does not work.

Check  and look for documents in the cloud. See if there are any reported issues

Will my data be sync also via Cellular mode?

Yes, but you must first go to Settings–>General–>Cellular—>Cellular data must be ON.

On the same page, scroll down and make sure “Use Cellular Data for: iCloud Documents” is turned ON.

How can I save more than one photo a day?

Open the app and go to the settings page. Look for “One Photo a Day” and make sure it is OFF

How can I save the photos to my computer?

Here is how to save your Photo 365 photos to your computer.

First connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync it. When you connect your iPhone to iTunes go to the Apps tab. Scroll to the bottom, below the list of apps, and you will see “File Sharing”. Look for Photo 365 there in the left box. Make sure you have synced your phone first so all current photos will save to iTunes.

Now in the right box, highlight all the files. They are individual files. One is a copy of the original photo and the other is a thumbnail (smaller) sized photo. The more photos you have saved the more files you will have here.

So you have to save all (Command+a to select all). The click on “Save to”. Save it to a folder on your computer. Make sure you copy all the files there.