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  • KathJuliane

    Well, we knew this was trailing not far behind the bizarrely surreal and sensationalized “Museum Incident” to re-energize the religious cult of victimization, the national religion of “the the left and “them Jews”, when perhaps Americans, too, are suffering from “holocaust fatigue” as BN elsewhere reported, just like the Germans.

    The IG watchdog barked at Obama’s crooked croney, and so Obama shot the watchdog.

    Eric Holder can’t seem to get his office together to do something, oh, just anything, for accountability, privacy, transparency or a plethora of other constitutional ills carried over from the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Cheney/Clinton II Administration misrule, but he is concerned that we need more ‘hate laws’.

    “Hate crimes” legislation is just another glittery bauble to distract the squabbling chorus of parakeets. How can Eric Holder recommend further hate crimes legislation when he refuses to investigate or prosecute illegal state sanctioned torture and criminal domestic spying and espionage by Jews and duo-citizen Israelis?

    It’s difficult to imagine how to put the law into further disrepute than hypocrisy and two-tiered “justice”. Say something that is proscribed by a “hate” law, whether because of foolishness, sincere belief, or just to vent a little, and they will come get you.

    In fact some places in the EU, you can just “deny” a particular belief, and the PC courts and the peoples’ tribunals destroy your life. Isn’t this a bit Medival - send the impoverished stealers of bread and candlesticks to the salt mines, poor houses, and slave galleys, but give noble landed estates to the king’s torturer or his Jewish and bankster friends?

    Attorney general urges new hate crimes law

    Holder [incidentally, a liberal black male] says nation must stop ‘violence masquerading as political activism’.

    WASHINGTON - Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday that recent killings show the need for a tougher U.S. hate crimes law to stop “violence masquerading as political activism.” [Uh huh, here’s the blurry, twisty, subjective, Jew-logic merging the two concepts of “violence” = political activism into PC thought-policing.]

    “Over the last several weeks, we have witnessed brazen acts of violence, committed in places that many would have considered unthinkable,” Holder told the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs. [All THREE of them that are politically useful.]

    He cited separate attacks over a two-week period that killed a young soldier, an abortion provider and a guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. [What about the drug dealer that deliberately ran over and killed a mother and three kids, or the minority gas-mart owner shot and killed by different minorities during a robbery, each at the very same time of the Museum incident?]

    The violence, he said, “reminds us of the potential threat posed by violent extremists and the tragedy that ensues when reasoned discourse is replaced by armed confrontation.”

    In order to stop that violence, he said, Congress should past an updated version of hate crimes legislation, in order to more effectively prosecute those who commit violent attacks based on gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

    The growing number of hate crimes against Hispanics also shows the need for tougher laws, Holder said. [Where is the data? What about the illegal immigrant crime waves? How about transparency in the statistics concerning aggregate minority violence against white people, for once.]

    “We will not tolerate murder, or the threat of violence, masquerading as political activism,” Holder said. “So let me be clear [Obama parrot-training school of hive-mind rhetoric], the Justice Department will use every tool at its disposal to protect the rights ensured under our Constitution.”

    [Yes, Holder, this demagoguery ought to have been in place before in order to really stop Tiller’s killer, the Arkansas recruiting center shooter and the Museum shooter. By the way, these suspects are constitutionally innocent until proven guilty, remember that principle?]

  • KathJuliane

    Earlier, a leading civil rights coalition says there has been an increase in white supremacist activity since the election of the first African-American president.

    Report: Gay bias killings highest since 1999 [Pay attention to the actual numbers, not the percentages.]

    Incidents increased by 28 percent in 2008 compared to 2007. [Gasp!]

    NEW YORK - The number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people killed in bias-motivated incidents increased by 28 percent in 2008 compared to a year ago, according to a national coalition of advocacy groups.

    Last year’s 29 [TWENTY-NINE] killings was the highest recorded by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs since 1999, when it documented the same number of slayings, according to a report released Tuesday by the coalition.

    “What we’re also seeing, more disturbingly, is the increase in the severity of violence,” said Sharon Stapel, executive director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project, which coordinates coalition.

    Overall, the number of victims who reported anti-LGBT violence in 2008 increased by 2 [TWO] percent compared to 2007, said the New York-based coalition of programs in 25 states.

    Coalition officials [who pad, spin, inflate and mutilate the figures any way they can in order to justify the foot-stomping tantrums of the feminized, sodomite sub-culture] say their figures are more accurate than those from law enforcement agencies. As an example, they say, the FBI doesn’t record bias crimes against transgender people because gender identity isn’t covered by federal hate-crime law.

    [Not all of the surgery, hormones, disfigurement and reconstruction in the world is going to change one’s natural X-X or X-Y sex gene pair (rare abnormal hormonal and/or genetic sex chromosome pairings aside) that is found in every single cell of the human body.]

    Also, victims sometimes are reluctant to report bias incidents to police because they don’t want to reveal their sexual orientation or gender identity and/or they fear bias from police, officials said. [So, in our “theorizing”, we just make stuff up out of thin air, after pressing the existing statistics to one’s forehead, then extrapolate them like reading tea-leaves. “We know they are out there, somewhere, somehow. There are more out there, there must be, there has to be.”]

    Reports of physical abuse by police increased to 25 [TWENTY-FIVE] incidents last year from 10 [TEN] in 2007, the report said. [Since the context of the article is not about police brutality, I think what they really meant is that 25 incidents of “bias” crimes were reported to the LBGT Coalition by the police agencies in terms of actual criminal statistics.]

    For the new report, programs in Milwaukee, Minnesota, Chicago, Los Angeles, Colorado, Columbus, Ohio, Houston, Pennsylvania, New York City, Kansas City, Missouri, Michigan and San Francisco submitted data. [These are all cities with high populations of men and women with homosexual and bisexual tendencies, and there are only 29 “hate killings” occurred in these great dens of iniquity and vice?]

    Programs in Vermont and the Boston area participated in the 2007 report but not the current one. The program in Rochester, N.Y., participated in 2008 for the first time.

    The largest increase — 64 percent — was in Milwaukee, where the number of reported incidents rose to 18 [EIGHTEEN] in 2008 from 11 [ELEVEN] in 2007, the report said.
    [If these “statistical trends” can be believed from our “progressive” feudalists, then it is quite apparent that at any moment now, that 60-70% of the 300 million sexually unconfused, mostly law-abiding American men and women are on the verge of erupting into a massive rampage of senseless “bias crimes” all across the nation, especially if they are white, Christian, patriotic and/or center-right or conservative, defend marriage and family, and pro-life.]

    Officials [law enforcement or the Coalition officials?] weren’t sure whether reported increases were attributable to more people reporting incidents or an actual rise.

  • Hoff

    USSR and the USA as the jews proxy war machine

    There are 190 states in the whole world. lf you want to control the whole world you need a blueprint, a masterplan and you must take control of 190 states, 190 countries.

    Communism is a jewish masterplan, a jewish blueprint for jewish world domination. A jewish communist coup, by the jews described in the romantic nonsense as ”revolution”. A ”revolution” is jewish code word for a state, a country where jews are in absolute control of the state.

    To control the state in a dictatorship you MUST control the secret police. This is not an option, you MUST control the secret police, and this the jews did in Sovjet. No jewish control of the secret police no jewish ”revolution”. When the jews describe in their propaganda that it’s a ”revolution”, this means that the jews are in total control of the secret police and by that the jews are total masters of that state, country.

    Go back a century, one hundred years, you are a jew and you have the blueprint, Communist Manifesto for jewish world conquest. What do you do? Go take over Idaho? Tibet? Congo? Yemen? Of course you don’t go for the small states, you go for the biggest states, countries there are.

    England is 40 million square kilometer. Russia is 20 million square kilometer, 12 time zones. America is 10 million square kilometer and six time zones. You can’t take England simply because your to few jews to fill the secret police rank and file. Communism just don’t work in the USA so what you got left is Russia. The jews tried to take over Russia in 1881, in 19o5 and 1917.

    What the jews did was that they killed of the Czar’s secret police and replaced the Russians with jews. This is how the jews took control of the Russian state. The “Lenin”, “Trotsky” etc., is just jewish mumbo-jumbo to distract the (m)asses from seeing what really happened. Lenin this and Stalin that blablablabla. Forget Lenin and Stalin and look at who controlled the secret police.

    ”Stalin’s Jews” by Sever Plocker in Ynet, both jewish.

    Jews took over Russia in 1917, renamed Russia with Sovjet and the ONLY reason the jews could do that was that the jews were in TOTAL control of the secret police. When the jews are in total control of the secret police, that is a ”revolution” in the jews propaganda.

    This is the same thing as ”democracy”, the more the jews tell you what a fantastic ” democracy” a country is, the more the jews are in control of the state. The more the jews rant about ”revolution” as a fantastic event the more the jews are in control of the state.

    This is really easy once you see the big picture. The more lyrical the jews are about a country, the more the jews are in control of that state. And, on the other side, the more the jews are whining about a state the less the jews are in power.

    Let’s make a list, there are 190 countries in the whole world. America is a very much ”democracy”, and on the other end lran is an endless whining from the jews. The lying jews whine all the time. Even if the jews are in total control of the state as in Sovjet, the jews whine about how ”persecuted” the jews are. The jews are lying to gain sympathies from gullible non-jews. When the jews are NOT in power the jews start by calling for an international boycott of the state, country.

    When the jews are totally out of control of the state, that is when the jews demands a war on that state. The jews had zero control of the lraq state and what did the jews demand and get? An all out slaughter of the lraq state. Who are calling for the destrucion of the lran state? The JEWS. Nobody else cares who controls the Iranian state - but the jews.

    We could buy oil from lran at 20 or even ten dollars a barrel, but ”thanks” to the American ”democracy” and the destruction of the lraq state, we must pay at least 70 dollar for a barrel of oil. The Global Jew Mafia don’t come cheap.

    Let us at RZN family make a list of all the 190 countries in the whole world and rank every county by the Jew-Factor. Once we have that list most of the events are soooooo predictable. First you spot the jew-factor and ask yourself: Are the jews in control of that state? Then we can understand what really happend.

    lt’s all about the jews controlling the state, the country. This is Judaism: How do we as a jewish minority take control of the state? We, the jews, have messed up the jewish control of the state many times. That is why “we the jews” have been expelled over 130 times during the last 2.000 years when the goyim had discovered that we jews was in total control of the state.

    Today, 2oo9, “we the jews” are in total control of the American state. What do we tell the stupid and gullible goyim? We tell the same lying crap we have been telling the stupid goyim for 2.000 years: - Jews?! What jews?! And what of it that jews controls the state and all the ”media”?!

    America is today, 2oo9, the jews proxy war machine. Why is America in lraq killing and maiming innocent Iraqis by the millions? Because the LYING jews made America go to war with the lraq state that the jews had no control of.

    Who are whining and LYING about lran? The jews. Kick out the jews from the American state and oil is ten dollar a barrel. lt’s that simple, kick out the jews from Washington DC and the oil is ten dollars a barrel. When the jews conrols the American state the oil is 70 dollars a barrel.

    Obama NoBody doesn’t have a clue, and so most Americans don’t. One easy question: Who controls the American state? My answer is: The jews.

    l’m wrong? Who made Obama NoBody? Who made the NoBody Rosa Parks? Who made the NoBody Nelson Mandela?

    What the jews do is that they turn some NoBody black into stupid white people’s ”heroes”, and by that the jews take control of the state.

    Jewish control of the state is a jewish gyp.

  • KathJuliane

    More graft and corruption to the Americorps Scandal and the firing of IG watchdog Gerald Walpin.

    This firing is not merely about Kevin Johnson, it’s about all the other Obama cronies and crooked community organizers (privateers) waiting to get their loot from the billion CNCS slush fund. Putting Michelle’s COS in there, installing a big donor as the agency director, and now firing the Inspector General. It isn’t a coverup, more like a preemptive strike to protect future corruption in the kleptocracy of croney “czars”.

    Side note to DHS re: “right-wing extremists”: Please add to your list the members of AARP and the Grey Panthers.

    Obama Fires Government Watchdog Critical of CUNY’s Teaching Fellows Program
    By Graham Rayman in
    Featured, Graham Rayman
    Wednesday, Jun. 17 2009 @ 2:52PM

    President Obama may have a big political controversy in the firing of an inspector general overseeing the federal government’s sprawling community service program — and there’s a New York angle. [And a Chicagoland angle, no doubt.]

    Federal watchdog Gerald Walpin…was fired last week, the White House said, for supposedly being “confused”, “disruptive” and “disoriented.” Walpin’s job was to keep an eye on the expenditures and operations of the huge Americorps program, along with all of the organizations that it funds. [Those that opposed the Communist government in the Soviet Union often ended up in the insane asylums. In other words you had to be crazy to disagree with the government. Looks like we have the beginnings of that here. Kj]

    Walpin had just issued damning audits of two high-profile programs, including the widely lauded Teaching Fellows program, run by the City University Research Foundation.…In all, Walpin questioned awards to the program of .1 million and 3,000, mostly on administrative grounds. He also says the government should stop the program and recover [a middling but respectable] million spent over the past six years. [But it gets better considering the rest of the billion slush fund.]

    CUNY pledged to make changes, according to the audit, but didn’t go all the way. It also refused to return any money, and defended its policy of accepting background checks supplied by the city Department of Education. The Corporation for National and Community Service — the official name of the agency Walpin oversees — refused to ask for any of the money back from CUNY.

    In a letter [pdf] to CUNY president Matthew Goldstein, Walpin in essence says that the money CUNY gets from Americorps is redundant. Basically, CUNY doesn’t need it:

    “The program doesn’t work because it adds no service to the community which is not already provided by the Fellows program,” Walpin writes. “Therefore, taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth. The [government] could accomplish its goals more effectively if the funds for these grants were used… in communities where the need exists.”

    Walpin cites a newspaper report which he says proves that educational awards are being used to deprive college graduates of teaching jobs because the money is going instead to taxpayer-financed teaching fellows.

    Goldstein, for his part, accused Walpin of acting outside the scope of his authority.

    What started as a bureaucratic flap got spicey last week when Walpin, a holdover from the Bush administration, was placed on 30 days suspension without pay by the White House.

    In a letter to Congress, White House lawyer Norman Eisen claimed that Walpin was “confused,” “disoriented” in a May board meeting, and “unduly disruptive”.

    But Walpin told Fox News today that the explanation for his firing was “baseless,” and “absolutely wild.”

    He claimed that the Obama administration was heated over flap with CUNY and Goldstein, and another spat over a negative audit of the Hope Academy, a school founded by former NBA star Kevin Johnson, now the mayor of Sacramento, California. [The FBI is reportedly probing into this one for an obstruction of justice case.]

    “The board at that meeting was clearly angry at my temerity,” he told Fox News.

  • KathJuliane

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus from No Cal in Talmudistan:

    Dear Sandra, Jim Kirwan himself at the beginning of his article on Rense explains that the AP source he originally used was found to be a hoax he had been taken in by.

    Besides Phil Berg, the US Justice Foundation was responsible for the legal demand for the Occidental transcripts and documents which were then blocked by the college with the backing of Obama’s legal counsel that filed a counter-motion. Below is a summary of USJF’s efforts so far.

    USJF in So. California was founded in 1979 as non-profit organization by conservative lawyers for civil rights, etc, and is very reputable. Of all the ongoing legal suits, USJF would have had posted the most information concerning Occidental.

    “It Comes Down to This!
    Jim Kirwan

    Apparently the article I quoted from below was a hoax; However the challenges I raised about the legalities and the legal profession are real; just as Obama’s fraud upon the public has always been the case.

    When I wrote the article I did not know that the “story” I based my comments on was false. This article will be removed - because of the designed HOAX in the original story - but the Actions of the Supreme Court, the White House and Obama himself constitute the real deception here - if I had known in advance of course I would not have written the article.”

    Then, my search came up with this very, very strange [Rove-like spoofery, psy-ops or disinfo] site, “Americans for Freedom of Information”, that appears to have started about May 6 ran until at least May 12 claiming responsibility for the extensive email/blogsite AP hoax, which was dated April 1, by the way.

    “We are the Americans for Freedom of Information. We are a fictitious group of individuals; i.e. we do not exist. And yet, for a nonexistent organization we wield great power and knowledge! O Yea, Verily. OK, actually, not verily at all. Anti-verily, as a matter of an utter lack of fact.

    Having not met in our non-existent office, we decided that the world needed to see the Occidental College transcripts and application materials that definitively prove Barack Obama registered as Barry Soetoro, foreign student of Indonesian citizenship! !! !!! And so, in the most hypothetical and not really actual sense, we drew up a press release that no one will ever find, called a press conference to which no journalists actually came, and somehow got the Associated Press to not write a news article that does not really exist, confirming it all.

    As our Executive Vice President for Paper Clips hypothetically put it, “Bwa. Bwa ha ha ha.”

    From our lofty perch in the Astral Plane we will enjoy, to the extent we exist, the fervent actual writings by right-wing websites ranging from Free Republic to a “nr joke” website, obsessing over the unreal, not-actual, never-happened activities of our organization and the amazingly made-up revelations that will forever not change our political landscape.”

  • Michael K.

    Dear Br. Nathanael and RZN Christians,

    Please let me recap the salient points in my hypothetical argument that the official story of the Von Brunn Shooting as we have been told it is a hoax, and then add an additional insight into the weapons used:

    1.) There is no security camera footage released to the public of the incident, although if such footage was supportive of the official story, we would no doubt have seen it;

    2.) The shooting took place, according to the story and evidence, just inside the transparent glass front door of the museum. The glass door with bullet holes in it was removed the very next day.

    3.) The holes in the door were possibly made by a sniper(s) shooting from the Dept. of Agriculture building across the street, a building with lax security where a rifle could easily be brought in or out.

    4.) The deceased security guard, God rest his soul, fell face down in a pool of his own blood first and was seen that way by the time an eyewitness arrived. The eyewitness then saw one security guard shoot down a third, who landed on his back wounded. No mention of a standing Von Brunn. Falling on one’s face happens when there is instantaneous loss of consciousness as in feinting or sudden death.

    5.) Von Brunn allegedly fatally shot security guard Johns at the entrance to the museum. Johns was said to be holding the door to let Von Brunn into the building. This is not intuitively sensible, since Von Brunn was said to be armed with “a rifle,” which is either carried openly, or if concealed is bulky requiring a trench coat.

    In either case the security guard would have had time and opportunity to struggle with and likely overpower the feeble octegenarian, who was within arm’s reach and would have been slow to pull a rifle out of deep concealment and level it with Johns. Also, footage of Von Brunn on a stretcher show a man lightly dressed, no outer coat.

    Additionally, when I found out that Von Brunn was allegedly armed with a .22 LR cal. Rifle, I was again intuitively alerted to something not being true. Indeed, a .22 rimfire is not much of a choice for a shooting rampage, when there are high capacity pistols, which previous rampaging shooters have successfully used to do some real damage. And we all know that ‘right wing kooks’ at least generally know their guns pretty well. Why then was a .22 rimfire hypothetically dropped on Von Brunn’s person as part of the hoax?

    After days of mulling it over in the back of my mind, this realization dawned on me: The hypothetical sniper(s) outside the building were using AR-15 / M-16 variants which shoot a .22 caliber projectile themselves! Only from a much more puissant center fire cartridge, with a lethal range out to 400 meters.

    One book claims that this ammunition is even easy to suppress the sound from with even a simple homebuilt silencer. By dropping a much smaller .22 LR gun on the body of the alleged shooter, the hoaxers thereby facially account for the .22 inch holes in the glass front door, and in the bodies! These would otherwise not be explicable as the result of pistol fire from the guards themselves, armed with either .38 caliber or .40 caliber pistols.

    Also forensic clues would determinably point to a .22 caliber bullet having killed Johns, according to the official story. However, it remains hypothetically possible that the weapon that killed Johns was the .223 caliber assault rifle, which causes “hydro-shock” in its living target due to hypersonic shock waves propagating through the viscous media inside the body literally shattering the tissues, causing instantaneous collapse. We see this in Johns lying face down in a pool of his own blood.

    Hypothetical conclusion: Johns was shot through the heart with .223 caliber rifle which killed him instantly. He would not have fallen flat on his face even from several shots from a small .22 rimfire. Just look at all the actual cases of people being shot by .22 rimfire several times, staying conscious and living.

    The patsy Von Brunn is only armed with this weak weapon to facially account for .22 caliber bullet holes at the crime scene, particularly through any of Johns hard tissues or bones, and in the transparent glass front door through which the snipers hit him, and likely the patsy as well. We can reasonably guess that they will say that .22 caliber holes in Von Brunn’s body are there because he ‘accidentally shot himself,’ too.

  • jgalindes

    Why Christianity Makes Jews Uncomfortable?

    Here are the “Ten Essential Differences” that make Jews uncomfortable about Christianity, according to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (see Judaism for Everyone, pages 403 through 412).

    In Judaism for Everyone, each point is followed by a short essay explaining the issue. The point headings are copied verbatim from the book and appear in italics.

    The supporting comments are summarized in the Come and Hear™ editor’s own words, or in a phrase excerpted from the essay.

    1-Judaism Conceives of God as an Absolute Unity. (No Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.)

    2-For Jews, the Belief That God Can Be Human Is the Ultimate Heresy. (No Jesus, no icons, no Crucifix.)

    3-Jews Do Not Believe in Original Sin and the Fall of Man, a Cornerstone of Christian Faith. (Judaism believes man is born innocent.)

    4-In Judaism, the Messiah Has a Political and Physical Role, Not a Spiritual One. (The real Messiah establishes Jewish political autonomy, restores the Jewish monarchy, gathers the Jewish exiles from the Diaspora, and rebuilds the Temple.)

    5-To Christians, Jesus Was the Messiah, or Christ, Predicted by the Prophets of the Bible and Awaited by the Jews. (The Messiah will not be the Son of God, but human.)

    6-Jews Believe the Covenant Between God and the People of Israel Embodied in the Hebrew Scriptures to Be Eternally Valid. (The land of Canaan belongs to the Jews. New Testament teachings are unacceptable.)

    7-Christianity is Oriented Toward the Next World, Judaism toward This World. (”Judaism is oriented towards this world and steadfastly promotes the idea that that man’s purpose is to perfect the world and bring Godliness to an otherwise un-Godly planet.”)

    8-In Contrast to Judaism, Christianity Advocates an Intermediary between God and Man. (Rabbi Boteach does not explain the role of the Talmudic Sages who reveal the very Word of God. See Critical Words More Critical Words. Nor does he explain the role of Moses, the prophets of the Old Testament, or the rabbis who interpret the Talmud/Torah. In Judaism, intermediaries happen.)

    9-Historically, Jews have Been the Objects of Christian Missionary Activities. (See The 613 Commandments, numbers 37 through 41, which command Jews “Not to love the missionary,” “Not to cease hating the missionary,” “Not to save the missionary,” “Not to say anything in his defense,” “Not to refrain from incriminating him.”)

    10-Judaism is based on God’s revelation to and Covenant with the People. (”Judaism is predicated on the belief of a collective divine revelation at the foot of Mount Sinai to the entire assembled House of Israel … Christianity, in contrast, is predicated on the teachings of a single man/deity as revealed to the apostles.” Of course, God spoke only to Moses on Mt. Sinai, and the conversations at the foot of Mount Sinai were between Moses and “the entire assembled House of Israel;” and Jesus spoke not just to the apostles, but to everyone who would listen …)

    Appendix to:

  • Nicolae

    Continuing on from your discussion of Jewish secret infiltration of Christian culture and spiritulity…

    I have collected these quotes from Maurice Pinays book, written (published) in 1962 “the Plot Against the Church.”

    One wonders in the light of the information below how the popes could have given over the control of Vatican finances to the Rothschilds; how Pope JPII could take a photo op with the leaders of B’nai Brit; and why the Vatican sees fit to have anything at all to do with Jews.

    If anyone has an answer to any of these questions I would love to hear it.


    “In order to attempt to overthrow the Christian religion and in particular the Catholic, the Jews took their refuge in work of agitation, by that they despatched others imperceptibly and they themselves hid behind, in order not to reveal their intentions, so greatly are they despised by all: to bring that fortress to collapse in the name of freedom. It was therefore necessary to undermine its granite foundation and to destroy the entire building of Christianity. And they set about the work of this enterprise and placed themselves at the head of this concealed world revolution by means of Freemasonry, which they had controlled..

    The learned scholar and Jesuit Monsignor Leon Meurin, S.J., Archbishop, Bishop of Port-Louis, shows us in his so very richly authenticated work, “Clarification of Freemasonry”, with crushing authority that the Jews are the founders, organisers and leaders of Freemasonry, which they use to attain world domination, in order to destroy the Holy Catholic Church and the remaining existing religions..

    “Who are the true leaders of Freemasonry? This is one of the secrets of the sect, which is very carefully kept; but one can assert that Freemasonry all over the world develops in agreement with one and the same plan; that its methods are always and in all parts identical, and that the aims pursued are permanently the same. This occasioned us to believe that a uniform middlepoint exists, which directs all movements of the Sect..

    “Even the purpose in itself of Freemasonry, namely the destruction of Christian civilisation, reveals to us the Jew, for only the Jew can draw advantage from it, and the Jew alone is inspired by a sufficiently violent hatred towards Christianity to create such an organisation.”..

    “Freemasonry”, continues de Poncins, “is a secret society and is directed by an international minority. It has sworn Christianity an irreconcilable hatred. These three characteristics are exactly the same as those that describe Jewry and represent the proof that the Jews are the leading element of the lodges.”..

    “Finally the facts, the rule of terror, the outbreak of Satanic hatred against the Church, against our Lord Jesus Christ, the terrible blasphemies against God that the revolutionary Freemasons perpetrated in France, are nothing more than the expression and the fulfilment of the Cabbalistic and secret sects, which already for several centuries have fought secretly against Christianity. What the Jewish Bolshevists to greatest part do in Russia against Christianity, is only another edition of the deeds of the Freemasons in the French revolution..

    In the text of the “Talmud” one can read the following:
    “To communicate anything of our law to a Gentile means the death of all Hebrews; for if the Goyim (Gentiles) knew what we teach about them, they would exterminate us without mercy.”12..

    But at the same time they pay very great attention to concealing from the world that their religion is in reality a secret sect, which pursues the purpose of destroying Christianity, which in addition hates Christ and his Church to the death, and which attempts at first to control the remaining peoples of the earth and then to enslave them..

    For frequently both Holy Church as well as the civil governments also discovered the authentic texts and the general indignation was often revealed in violent reactions against the religious sects of Jewry, whose authentic holy books already contained the plans for the conspiracy, which they have developed against the whole of mankind.

    The content of this document is something most horrible – monstrous blasphemies against our Lord Jesus Christ and the most Holy Virgin Mary, a Satanic hatred against Christianity, a hatred that has nothing to do with the law given to the real Moses by God on Mount Sinai, but which represents the nature of the secret religion of modern Jewry itself, a religion of hatred, of wild hatred, which calls for a bloodbath of the Christians and persecutions of Holy Church, and which has been unleashed as an unbridled and disastrous evil explosive in all places where the Jewish-Freemasonic and Jewish-Communist revolutions have been victorious..

    The Freemasonic-Jacobin revolution was successful in ruining the whole of Christianity, according to the same method that now triumphs in overwhelming form in the Jewish-Communist revolution: for the Holy Catholic Church and the whole of Christianity have only been able to fight against the arms of this octopus (the Communist party, revolutionary groups and in a few cases, as in Spain, Freemasonry), although its powerful head has remained untouched.

    For this reason the monster has been able to renew and restore the limbs which were occasionally cut off it, in order to use them anew and still more effectively, until gradually it has been successful in enslaving half the Christian world (Russia and the East-European states), and now has the plan of enslaving the rest of mankind..

    Then the power of the Jewish revolutionary movement became ever stronger, until, at the end of the eighteenth century, it took on the character of an irresistible avalanche..

    In the 20th century, when Jewish cunning had reached its uttermost limits of causing Catholics to forget the gigantic struggle of several centuries, which had taken place between Catholicism and Jewry, the latter attained its greatest progress in its plans for the control of the world. For it has already been successful in enslaving a third of mankind under the Jewish-Communist dictatorship.

  • This Comment Is From Joanne W. Who Is Having Trouble With The Anti-Spam:

    Some Christians know that Satan is forming a world government (New World Order) which he plans to rule from modern Israel through the coming false Jewish Messiah (the anti-Christ).

    What most Christians don’t know is that the apostate Church will not only be a partner in this New World Order, but is even now working toward its creation. Evangelical churches will be the chief instrument to bring the New World Order to birth.

    The church growth movement is mind control and magic cloaked as Christianity. Its purpose is to transform Christians and churches from serving God to serving Satan.

    The purpose of the church growth movement is to bring the entire church community under demonic control.

    The purpose for Obama’s church growth movement is to facilitate the transition of Christians and churches into the New World Order.

    The starting point for the New World Order is a political ideology known as Communitarianism.

    Communitarianism is a “Third Way” compromise between Capitalism and Communism. Communitarianism is not Fascism nor is it Communism, but a synthesis of these opposing ideologies which preceded it.

    It draws government-business partnerships from Fascism and employs group decision-making from Communism.

    Communitarianism will resemble a corporate state (Fascism) in which the elite will work under capitalist rules to continue generating wealth while the working class will be controlled by Communist model laws. The Communitarian synthesis incorporates not only elements of Fascism and Communism, but also Globalism.

    The impending economic collapse of the United States along with the financial markets of the world will create the conditions necessary for a global Communitarian society.

    U.S. President Barack Obama is a Communitarian whose Cabinet and staff will function as a Third Way governing board.

    Obama, his wife and advisory committee always make sure their support includes Zionist Christians or church change agents, and sincere Christians who are blind to Satan’s counterfeit agenda…

    It is significant that Barack Obama’s base as a “community organizer” was Chicago’s churches.

    President Obama began his career on the South Side of Chicago, working with a coalition of churches to improve living conditions in poor neighborhoods.

    During the election, people all across the country talked about feeling a new sense of civic engagement and got involved in politics for the first time.

    Now, President Obama and Vice President Biden are counting on Americans from all walks of life to serve the nation and help address the problems we face—and they’re committed to building the infrastructure and providing the resources that will make it possible.

    The truth of the matter is…

    Shortly after he took office, President Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the White House Office for Faith-Based and Community Partnerships. Churches who sign on with this faith-based initiative will be required to compromise in many ways, such as refraining from sharing the Gospel and employing non-believers in their programs.

    It appears there will be serious legal consequences for refusal to employ whomever may apply, even Occultists, homosexuals and pedophiles.

    On February 5, 2009, President Barack Obama signed an executive order establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (‘Faith-Based office’) which is intended to work on behalf of Americans committed to improving their communities, no matter their religious or political beliefs.

    President Obama, the White House Office for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will be a resource for nonprofits and community organizations, both secular and faith based: looking for ways to make a bigger impact in their communities, learn their obligations under the law, cut through red tape, and make the most of what the federal government has to offer.

    Obama’s overriding reason for establishing this office is because he believes that ‘our problems require an ‘all hands on deck’ approach, and that the federal government should enlist effective faith-based and community groups to help solve them.

    Of course, Obama’s strong support of faith-based and community partnership initiatives stems from his early years as a hands-on community organizer on Chicago’s South Side.

    The President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships…will be overseen by a 25-member advisory board of religious and secular leaders and scholars from different backgrounds appointed to one-year terms.

    The Faith-Based Advisory Council will be headed by Rev. Joshua DuBois, the 26-year-old Pentecostal pastor who served as director of religious affairs for Obama’s Presidential campaign.

    Included on the influential Council are [Evangelical and Baptist ministers including]… Rev. Jim Wallis, President & Executive Director, Sojourners…, Dr. Frank S. Page, President emeritus, Southern Baptist Convention.

    The following description of Communitarianism from the Rockefeller expose, Thy Will Be Done; The Conquest of the Amazon, shows how central the apostate church will be in the coming Communitarian global government, communitarianism, a system of church-centered community ownership of property that vaguely would include private ownership of homes and land.

    Authors Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett documented the tragic outcome of communitarianism in Latin America — a genocidal campaign conducted by death squads that were funded by Evangelical churches in the United States. (“Antipas: CIA Connections”)

    According to Niki Raapana, co-founder of the Anti-Communitarian League, “The leader of the unheralded transition to a communitarian system in the U.S. is the Israeli Zionist founder of the Communitarian Network, Dr. Amitai Etzioni.

    Amitai Etzioni, born a German Jew named Werner Falk, is a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the founder of American Communitarianism, the founder and director of the Communitarian Network, and possibly the most influential man in American politics today.

    According to Amitai Etzioni, “Nationalism must be ended. It is a creed that has come to burden the expansion of globalism.”

    “The communitarian agenda is to eliminate all nations and establish an all-powerful, central global government.”

    Amitai Etzioni was a student of Martin Buber at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Martin Buber was a German Zionist Jew and a Kabbalist who embraced the teachings of Hasidism.

    In addition to studying Kabbalah with Gershom Scholem, Etzioni worked with Buber himself. He [Amitai Etzioni] studied the Kabbalah and the Hegelian dialectic.

    The reason that Werner Falk changed his name to Amitai Etzioni…Niki Raapana explains: “The Kabbalah is often described as The Truth Tree or The Tree of Knowledge (Amitai Etzioni means Tree of Knowledge from Zion).” “Communitarian legal theory is based in part in the Kabbalah.”

    Etzioni’s new communitarian idea of ‘community spirit’ is based in the Talmud, Hegel, and the theosophical ideas expressed by Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley who are occultists.

    They, along with many other gurus, introduced Americans to the worship of Lucifer as the ultimate ‘light being.’

    One Thousand Points of Light is a whole program based on Satanic ‘community oriented’ principles.” The Talmud is the textbook of Jewish Rabbis and the basis of Judaism.

    The Kabbalah is the “blood and bone” of the Talmud. The Kabbalah is the “blood and bone” of Talmudic Judaism, which is Babylonian Pharisaism, and its Gentile front, Freemasonry.

    The chief Rabbi of Great Britain, J. H. Hertz, wrote in the Forward to the first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud.

    The beginnings of Talmudic literature date back to the time of the Babylonian exile in the Sixth pre-Christian Century.

    Rabbi Louis Finklestein, former head of Jewish Theological Seminary of America, wrote of the “The Pharisees”: “Pharasaism became Talmudism…But the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered.”

    Communitarians refer to the creation of a world government as the effort to create a “healthy society.” The goal of the church growth movement (CGM) is to manipulate Christians and churches into this healthy society.

    “Health-based” language is sometimes used in the CGM. Some church growth leaders desire “healthy churches” and “healthy congregations” made up of “healthy Christians.”

    A healthy church would be one in which all members are willing to compromise the Word of God for the common good.

    Communitarians believe that attaining a healthy society involves the successful merger of the 3 sectors of society. It requires a merger of the government sector, the private sector (business) and the social sector (which includes the churches).

    This merger is also known as “Drucker’s 3-legged stool,” named after its main proponent, Peter Drucker, who is considered to be the “father of modern management.” Peter Drucker, like Amitai Etzioni, was a Communitarian and was also a student of the Kabbalah.

    “But there were false apostles also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

    And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you; whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.” 2Pet 2:1-3

    “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” 2Cor 11:13-15

    May the Lord Jesus Bless all RZN readers.

    Sincerely in Christ,


  • KathJuliane

    Greetings in the Lord Jesus, Joanne. What a great find re: 3rd Way Progressives / Communitarianism, Hooray, more “czars” (”commissars”, someone else wrote):

    February 5, 2009 12:01PM
    Obama Signs Executive Order on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

    Sarah Pulliam
    President Obama signed an executive order establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    As expected, Obama named Joshua DuBois [homosexual] as the head of the office. The order says the office will look to “reduce the need for abortion.” The office’s top priority will be making community groups an important part of economic recovery and reducing poverty. The office will also encourage responsible fatherhood [not necessarily married fathers] and work with the National Security Council [!!] to allow interfaith dialogue around the world.

    Evangelicals on an advisory council include Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, Frank S. Page, President emeritus of the Southern Baptist Convention, Joel C. Hunter, Pastor of Northland, a Church Distributed, and Jim Wallis, President of Sojourners.
    The full press release is below:

    Washington (February 5, 2009) - President Barack Obama today signed an executive order establishing the new White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. The White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will work on behalf of Americans committed to improving their communities, no matter their religious or political beliefs.
    President Obama appointed Joshua DuBois, a former associate pastor and advisor to the President in his U.S. Senate office and campaign Director of Religious Affairs, to lead this office. “Joshua understands the issues at stake, knows the people involved, and will be able to bring everyone together, from both the secular and faith-based communities, from academia and politics, around our common goals,” said President Obama.

    The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will focus on four key priorities, to be carried out by working closely with the President’s Cabinet Secretaries and each of the eleven agency offices for faith-based and neighborhood partnerships:

    The Office’s top priority will be making community groups an integral part of our economic recovery and poverty a burden fewer have to bear when recovery is complete. [LOL]

    It will be one voice among several in the administration that will look at how we support women and children, address teenage pregnancy, and reduce the need for abortion [legalizing sodomite and lesbian pseudo-”marriages” and have or adopt children.]

    The Office will strive to support fathers who stand by their families [nothing about marriage], which involves working to get young men off the streets and into well-paying jobs, and encouraging responsible fatherhood.

    Finally, beyond American shores this Office will work with the National Security Council to foster interfaith dialogue with leaders and scholars around the world.

    […] The Executive Order President Obama will sign today strengthens this by adding a new mechanism for the Executive Director of the Office to work through the White House Counsel to seek the advice of the Attorney General on difficult legal and constitutional issues.

    The Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships will include a new President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, composed of religious and secular leaders and scholars from different backgrounds. There will be 25 members of the Council, appointed to 1-year terms.

    Members of the Council include:
    Judith N. Vredenburgh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Big Brothers / Big Sisters of America, Philadelphia, PA

    Rabbi David N. Saperstein, Director & Counsel, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and noted church/state expert, Washington, DC

    Dr. Frank S. Page, President emeritus, Southern Baptist Convention, Taylors, SC

    Father Larry J. Snyder, President, Catholic Charities USA, Alexandria, VA

    Rev. Otis Moss, Jr., Pastor emeritus, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH

    Eboo S. Patel, Founder & Executive Director, Interfaith Youth Corps, Chicago, IL

    Fred Davie, President, Public / Private Ventures, a secular non-profit intermediary, New York, NY

    Dr. William J. Shaw, President, National Baptist Convention, USA, Philadelphia, PA

    Melissa Rogers, Director, Wake Forest School of Divinity Center for Religion and Public Affairs and expert on church/state issues, Winston-Salem, NC

    Pastor Joel C. Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland, a Church Distributed, Lakeland, FL

    Dr. Arturo Chavez, Ph.D., President & CEO, Mexican American Cultural Center, San Antonio, TX

    Rev. Jim Wallis, President & Executive Director, Sojourners,Washington, DC

    Bishop Vashti M. McKenzie, Presiding Bishop, 13th Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Church, Knoxville, TN

    Diane Baillargeon, President & CEO, Seedco, a secular national operating intermediary, New York, NY

    Richard Stearns, President, World Vision, Bellevue, WA

  • KathJuliane

    More NWO light shedding on the reason why the word “communitarian” instead of “communal” or “community” is now promoted in versions of the Cathechism of the Catholic Church? Pay no attention to the bickering between “the left” and “the progressive Catholics”. It’s all still “Rothschild-Soros ‘Third Way’ globalization”.

    Americans don’t have a concept as to what this is, and as is usual in the liberal realm, there is a wide avenue of deliberate vagueness among “schools”, and shifting definitions, which are completely eroding the Constitution. In a nutshell Communitarianism is the utopian synthesis of free market finance capitalism run by the kleptocracy, old school Marxist Communism and Talmudic Zionism.

    June 7, 2009 | President Barack Obama’s appointment of Alexia Kelley, founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, as director of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives took the pro-choice movement by surprise.

    On Thursday, the day that news of the appointment leaked out, Marcia Greenberger [Jewish, you think?], co-president of the National Women’s Law Center and a quintessential Washington insider, told me that she “hadn’t heard anything about it till today, and we are trying to get to the bottom of it.”

    What Greenberger and others will want to know is why the post, which includes oversight of the department’s faith-based grant-making in family planning, HIV and AIDS and in small-scale research into the effect of religion and spirituality on early sexual behavior [in other words, the continued Freudian push to sexualize children in the LBGT agenda], has gone to someone who both believes abortion should be illegal and opposes contraception.

    [Don’t let this fool anyone…this is Soros-backed, as you will see. Kelley and the “progressive Catholics” have sold their soul to the devil, compromising with the leftists in their anger at Bush. Obama would not have won without these liberal, apostate Catholics]
    Kelley and other moderately progressive Catholic and evangelical groups owe their pull in the Democratic Party to the disappointment of 2004. They seized on the Democratic defeat in the 2004 elections as a means to push the party to the right on sex and reproduction. Democrats, stung by their near miss in Ohio, desperate to attract swing voters, eager to prove that they were “sensitive” to religion, took the bait.

    With support from George Soros and Michael Kieschnick, the founder of Working Assets and Credo Mobile, groups like Sojourners, Faith in Public Life and Catholics in Alliance entered the electoral arena. Catholics in Alliance and its sister organization, Catholics United, were active in voter registration and organizing Catholic voters in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2006 and 2008.

    Presenting themselves as more Catholic than the pope — faithful to church teachings on contraception, abortion and everything else the majority of Catholics have long rejected — the groups insisted in press release after press release that good Catholics could vote for pro-choice candidates, so long as those candidates were also working to reduce the number of abortions.

    After all, they admitted, it was simply not possible in the current environment to make abortion illegal, so the next best option was pushing the numbers down [compromising the faith and their own morals.].

    In part, Kelley’s appointment is the usual political payback. Catholics and evangelicals including Kelley provided abortion cover for the president and for candidates like Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius. A Democratic governor from a red state famous for the ferocity and electoral strength of its social conservatives, Sebelius won a second term in a landslide in 2006. Catholics in Alliance campaigned for her reelection. Though she faced heavy fire from the religious right when she was nominated, Sebelius is now the HHS secretary.

    Kelley is a distinguished advocate of healthcare reform and the rights of poor people. For almost a decade, she worked for the Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Campaign for Human Development, a grant-making program roundly condemned by conservatives as too progressive. She entered electoral politics in 2004 when she served as the DNC liaison to the religious community. In 2005, she founded Catholics in Alliance. […]

  • jgalindes

    Michel Laurigan

    Ecumenism is a phase in the battle between the Church and the Synagogue of Satan (Apoc.2:9).

    The plan revealed in 1884 by Elijah Benamozegh, the cabalist rabbi from Livorno, Italy , was a new assault on the Church - not to wipe Catholicism off the face of the earth - but to “transform” it and bring it into accordance with the Noaic Law.

    Noahide Law

    Noaic (or Noahide) Law: The law given by Noah after the Flood.

    The plan in question, revealed by Elijah Benamozegh in his work Israel and Humanity (1884), will be elaborated in the present article.

    Allow us simply to cite here what Jacob Kaplan, the great Parisian rabbi, declared on the subject in 1966: “According to our doctrine, the Jewish religion is not the only one that assures salvation.

    Non-Jews are also saved if they believe in a supreme God and have a moral code, thus obeying the so-called Noaic Laws, those that the Creator handed down to Noah….

    Consequently, our rabbis teach that the just of every nation have the right to eternal salvation. It is uniquely for the Jews that, in addition to the Noaic Laws, there exist the precepts of the Torah and the Law of Moses, which have their reason for being in the divine project of forming a people destined for religious action in the world.

    The hope of Israel is not therefore the conversion of the human race to Judaism but to monotheism. As for Biblical religions, they are, according to our greatest theologians, creeds whose role is to prepare alongside Israel the coming of the Messianic Age announced by the prophets.

    Thus we desire most ardently to work in common with them toward the realization of this essentially Biblical ideal… .In this way we may hasten the coming of the Messianic Era, which will be one of love, justice and peace.”

    Jacob Kaplan, Dialogue avec lepere Danielou, S.J., le lOfevrier 1966 au theatre des ambassadeurs a Paris [Conversation with Fr. Danielou, S.J., Feb. 10, 1966, at the Ambassador Theater in Paris] (Paris: 1966).

    Israel and Humanity by Rabbi Elijha Benamozegh


    Israel et l’Humanite (1914), R.Benamozegh’s posthumous summa of Jewish thought, is undoubtedly his book which speaks most directly to our own time, and is the principal source of his current, and apparently growing, reputation.

    It has a curious history. Its editor Palliere, who was in a position to know, tells us that R. Benamozegh worked on it for many years and left, when he died, some 1900 “large pages of compact writing, without paragraphing, editing, or division of any kind.” (Palliere in Israel and Humanity, 37.)

    Yet a very important part of the work, its Introduction, had been published as early as 1885, well before the author’s death in 1900, and sets out concisely the plan as well as the theme of the entire work as it ultimately appeared:

    ” We propose, then, to seek out the universal character of Judaism, in both the speculative and practical domains. Our scheme calls for three principal divisions: God, Man, and Law.” (Israel and Humanity, 59.)

    The title of this 1885 Introduction is equally revealing of R. Benamozegh’s perspective: “Israel and Humanity; Proof of the Cosmopolitanism in Judaism’s Principles, Laws, Worship, Vocation, History, and Ideals.” (Israel et l’Humanite; Demonstration du Cosmopolitanisme dans les Dogmes, les Lois, le Culte, la Vocation, l’Histoire, et l’Ideal de l’Hebraisme. Introduction, Leghorn, 1885.)

    In his epithets “universal” and “cosmopolitan,” R. Benamozegh adumbrates the central theme of the book. Judaism (or Hebraism, as he usually prefers to call it) often seems parochial and self-absorbed, and has been so perceived by others, but this is altogether misleading:

    “[Its particularism] has always deceived, and still deceives, so many persons of good faith, to the point that they are able to see in the religion of Israel only a purely national cult.

    But they can easily turn from their error if they will accept our invitation to inquire, with us, whether Judaism does not possess the elements of a universal religion.

    They will then recognize that it indeed contains at its heart, as the flower conceals the fruit, the religion intended for the entire human race, of which the Mosaic law, which seems on the surface so incompatible with that high destiny, is but the husk or outer cover.

    It is for the preservation and establishment of this universal religion that Judaism has endured, that it has struggled and suffered. It is with and through this universal religion that Judaism is destined to triumph.” (Israel and Humanity, 44.)

    The same idea appears near the end of the book, embodying a corollary metaphor: Israel serves a “priestly” function for “lay” Humanity: “Judaism is really two doctrines in one. There are two laws, two codes of discipline — in a word, two forms of religion: the lay law, summarized in the seven precepts of the sons of Noah, and the Mosaic or priestly law, whose code is the Torah. The first was destined for all the human race, the second for Israel alone. . . .

    It is one Eternal Law, apprehended from two perspectives.” “Priestly” Israel is regarded as fulfilling its mission, as justifying its very existence, by serving the spiritual needs of “lay” Humanity, even as its prototypes, the Kohanim, were essentially exalted functionaries, but functionaries nevertheless, who existed to serve their people.

    “Such is the Jewish conception of the world. In heaven a single God, father of all men alike; on earth a family of peoples, among whom Israel is the “first-born”, charged with teaching and administering the true religion of mankind, of which he is priest.

    This “true religion” is the Law of Noah: It is the one which the human race will embrace in the days of the Messiah, and which Israel’s mission is to preserve and propagate meanwhile.” (Israel and Humanity, 53-54.)

    This “priestly” function explains the elaborate cultic obligations of Mosaism: “But as the priestly people, dedicated to the purely religious life, Israel has special duties, peculiar obligations, which are like a kind of monastic law, an ecclesiastical constitution which is Israel’s alone by reason of its high duties.” (Israel and Humanity, 54.)”.

    ” We shall show that in Judaism, universality as ends and particularism as means have always coexisted, and that particularist Judaism has the very special function of serving as trustee and voice for the universal Judaism.” (Israel and Humanity, 58.)

    This service is, perhaps, Israel’s raison d’etre: “Far from feeling obliged to convert non-Jews to his practices, [Israel] confines himself to preaching to them that universal religion whose establishment on earth was, in a sense, the purpose of his own existence.” (Israel and Humanity, 327.)

    Rabbi Benamozegh rejects categorically the notion that Israel enjoys any intrinsic superiority over the rest of Humanity.

    “The image of divinity on earth, the partner of the Creative Spirit, is not the Jew: it is man.” (Israel and Humanity, 325.)

    This passionate perception of the unity (which implies the essential equality) of all mankind, including Israel, is at the heart of R. Benamozegh’s vision. To articulate this vision in traditional Jewish terms, he moved the Noahide doctrine of Israel’s relation with Humanity from the margin of Jewish thought to the center.

    What had been a self-flattering and, in practice, largely conceptual obligation for Jews became, in his powerful conception, the reason for Jewish existence.

    What had been a God-given but, in practice, largely theoretical obligation for ancient “heathens” became an urgent desideratum for modern “Gentiles”.

    Rabbi Benamozegh was certainly cognizant that his grand vision was far from universally understood (let alone embraced) by the Jews of his day, or perhaps of any other.

    He puts the matter with delicacy: “No doubt, the entire multitude of Israel were not able to grasp with equal understanding these truths which, even in our own day, remain inaccessible to so many.

    “In the comprehension of every religion, there is a natural gradation, corresponding to the intellectual and spiritual development of the believers. This must be particularly true with respect to Judaism, whose doctrines rise infinitely above the plane of mere intellect. . . .

    “It is enough for the eternal honor of Judaism that this ideal, incomparably superior to all that surrounded it, had been preserved at its heart, and that the voice of its Prophets and sages did not stop proclaiming it, despite all hostile circumstances.” (Israel and Humanity, 325.)

    Plato, too, acknowledged that his vision of the just city was an ideal that never was and might well never be.

    If Rabbi Elijah Benamozegh, the “Plato of Italian Judaism”, affirmed his ideal of the way that Israel and Humanity should relate to one another on an equally visionary level, the ideal is not less valuable for that reason.

    His influence today upon persons of both kinds would seem to justify the vision.

  • jgalindes

    Talmud and US Constitution, do you prefer the first or the second?

    Justice Scalia Cites The Talmud
    An Exegesis by Michael Hoffman

    Supreme Court Opinion: Caperton v. A. T. Massey Coal Co

    In a 5-4 decision released on June 8, 2009, the Supreme Court ruled for the first time that the Constitution can require an elected judge to step aside in a particular case based on campaign spending in state judicial races.

    The majority ruling in Caperton v. A. T. Massey Coal Co., No. 08-22, was written by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. Joining Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. in dissent were Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr.

    In his dissent Scalia wrote:

    “A Talmudic maxim instructs with respect to the Scripture: “Turn it over, and turn it over, for all is therein.” The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Aboth, Ch. V, Mishnah 22 (I. Epstein ed. 1935).

    “Divinely inspired text may contain the answers to all earthly questions, but the Due Process Clause most assuredly does not.

    “The Court today continues its quixotic quest to right all wrongs and repair all imperfections through the Constitution.

    “Alas, the quest cannot succeed-which is why some wrongs and imperfections have been called nonjusticiable. In the best of all possible worlds, should judges sometimes recuse even where the clear commands of our prior due process law do not require it? Undoubtedly.

    “The relevant question, however, is whether we do more good than harm by seeking to correct this imperfection through expansion of our constitutional mandate in a manner ungoverned by any discernable rule. The answer is obvious.”

    Michael Hoffman’s Analysis

    Rabbi Ben Bag Bag in the Mishnah passage cited by Scalia is allegedly referring to constant rabbinic analysis of the Torah.

    Scalia claims that the rabbi is saying it is necessary to analyze the Torah over and over; by doing so one will discover all truth and wisdom therein. Scalia seems to be stating one can’t say the same about a single clause of the Constitution.

    The majority of the justices from whom Scalia dissents have ruled that it is their understanding of the “Due Process Clause” that a judge who is obligated to a donor in some circumstances must recuse himself from a case involving the donor.

    Scalia “seems” to be saying (one can’t be absolutely certain because his writing, far from being “obvious,” suffers from the legalese that lawyer/priests routinely use to obscure their judgments), that certain judges treat the Constitution as if it were Scripture. They search a single clause in the Constitution for truth and wisdom like rabbis search a single verse from a “Divinely inspired text.”

    Scalia’s ruling seems to be a species of liberal anarchism: one can’t find truth and wisdom in too close a study of the Constitution. He appears to be stating that unlike the Bible, the Constitution is not so authoritative that it contains everything necessary to reach a correct legal decision, and unlike rabbis, who are right to “Turn it over, and turn it over, for all is therein,” Supreme Court justices are wrong to put this emphasis on the Constitution.

    There are other significant problems with Scalia’s employment of the Talmud text in this context, including but not limited to his abysmal ignorance of the Talmud, which probably is due to the fact that he is a goy who studies the Talmud with Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis who are not exactly paragons of integrity when it comes to parsing the mysteries of the Talmud for the sake of the goyim.

    1. Within the context of Scalia’s opinion we must ask, if the Constitution cannot be relied on to this degree, to what degree can it be relied on and what are the limits of its authority?

    2. Since the rabbis falsify the Bible with their Talmudic exegesis, and since their self-ordained mandate to “repair all imperfections” (tikkun olam) is based on the intervention of Judaic brain power to “improve” and “correct” God’s supposedly flawed creation, Scalia’s analogy fails as a model dichotomy of proper and improper attitudes toward enshrined texts.

    3. Based on Scalia’s past utterances and the prestige he lends to rabbinic gatherings by his uncritical presence at their meetings, we feel certain that Scalia does not understand how tikkun olam is actually perceived and implemented in the rabbinic universe. He has accepted the rabbinic cover story at face value.

    4. Scalia’s choice of the obsolete and opaque 1935 Epstein English translation of the Mishnah as his citation for the quote he uses, rather than Jacob Neusner’s vastly superior 1988 Mishnah translation (Yale University Press), tends to indicate how atrophied is his knowledge of the Talmud and its variant texts.

    5. In point of fact, the particular Mishnah passage cited by Justice Scalia is a description of the “traits of the disciples of Abraham” as compared unfavorably with the “traits of the disciples of Balaam” (cf. Mishnah Abot 5, III; Neusner pp. 688-689).

    In the Talmud, Balaam is a codeword for Jesus (see my book

    Judaism Discovered, pp. 392-395,

    though this is hotly denied by the ADL and similar Zionist and rabbinic thought police). Consequently, Justice Scalia is quoting what the Mishnah says are character traits which are the opposite of those of the wicked Jesus (”Balaam”).

    If one does not wish to join the Christians, i.e. the “disciples of Balaam” who “inherit Gehenna and go down to the Pit of Destruction” (Mishnah Abot 5:19), one must, declares Rabbi Ben Bag Bag: “Turn it over and over because everything is in it and reflect upon it and grow old and worn in it and do not leave it” (Mishnah Abot 5:22; this is a complete quotation of the fragment cited by Scalia).

    If we examine the verse that precedes Mishnah Abot 5:22 (Mishnah Abot 5:21) we discover that it contains an allusion to the primacy of the Mishnah and the Talmud. Hence, it is not at all clear that the text that Rabbi Bag Bag advises one to “turn over and over” is in fact “with respect to the Scripture,” i.e. the Bible, as Scalia implies.

    It is just as likely, and in this writer’s view, more likely, that the rabbi is referring to turning over and over the “Torah” (sic) derived from the oral traditions of the Pharisees (Torah SheBeal peh), such as the Mishnah itself.

    In which case, whether consciously or unconsciously, Supreme Court Justice Scalia is stating that the U.S. Constitution does not have the authority of the Talmud and does not merit the kind of intense study which the Talmud merits, and this in an anti-Christian context.

    Copyright 2009 by Michael Hoffman ·

  • jgalindes

    Dear Father Joseph

    Just as an exercise and for your info:

    you said:
    “…and South America always seemed to be ’struggling’ in poverty…”.

    I think Spanish and Portuguese “conquistadores” had a very clear and definite idea of what was the “Discovery business”.

    They found fairly advanced peoples in american soil,but those didn’t know fire weapons.

    Advancement for Aztecas,Mayas and Incas and a myriad of lesser tribes had a mistic/spiritual meaning,quite separeted from the false christianity shown by most of the “adelantados”.

    There exist a document,considered “of capital importance,luminous and decisive”
    for the objectibe and scientific study of the historical process of the Inquisition,in this case in Spanish America,is the “Memorial de Remédios para las Indias”,written in 1516 by an stelar figure of the american history,the illustrious defender of the natives,friar Bartolomé de las Casas.

    He asked the General Inquisitor Cardinal Cisneros an almost desperate petition,urging the installation of the “Santa Inquisición” in the Indias because of the vandalic situation imperant at that moment.

    “And I come suplicant to VS …that command the installation in those Islands of the “Santa Inquisición”,I believe there is great necessity,because again,in the lands where the Faith will be soon stablished,as in those other lands,may be there were not somebody to sow evil weeds of heresy,as there were already found and burnt two heretics,and indeed,still exist 14 more and those indians,been simple people easy to believe,it is highly possible that an evil and satanic person bring of their harmful doctrine and heretical depravity.”

    There is no doubt that friar Bartolomé de las Casas seeks to protect the american indians with the only efficient known institution at that time :The Inquisition.

    Friar Bartolomé de las Casas points with absolute precision to a CRYPTO-JEWISH “Burgois” that accumulates wealth using the three forms of native labor exploitation :

    “Encomienda,repartimiento and Peonaje”.

    Those economic procedures were so cruel,that there is a sudden decrease of native population.

    It produces such a demographic “gap” that promotes the introduction of African slaves from portuguese colonies in western Coast of Africa.

    Friar Bartolomé de las Casas ends his request to Cardinal Cisneros with this revealing words:

    “and the person to whom VS entitle,be sure to be very Christian and devoted of our Faith,TO WHOM THERE,WITH GOLD BARS COULD NOT BE BLINDED” .

    Later Friar Bartolomé de las Casas would say:”The all-embracing reign of this looters came to an end when Cardinal Cisneros undertook regency” (at least for a certain period of time…)

    A.Huerga:”La pre-inquisición en Hispanoamérica(1516-1568) in “Historia de la Inquisición en España y América”,pp662.

    This monumental opus (1500 pages)was directed by Joaquín Pérez Villanueva and Bartolomé Escandell Bonet ,participating 26 researchers from the “Centro de estudios inquisitoriales”,Madrid,1984.

    May be the chief reason (disregarding any eventual prejudice of race or low IQ,coming from certain quarters)for Latin America backwardness is perhaps,that the colonizers itself saw an opportunity of exploitation and nothing else.

    Christianity,as professed by the saintly Friar,was in reality,an obstacle to the Conquest,an enterprise that was eminently CRYPTOJEWISH.

    From 1500 up to 1850 you’ll discover certain labor intensive cycles,such as sugar cane and coffee,later rubber,not that much interest on artisan guilds or institutions of higher learning.

    Even with the incipient cryptojewish burgois among us, it grew a sentiment of love for our land and deep patriotism.

    In fact the struggles you have mentioned were mainly against those upper classes(called unitarians,in Argentina)composed of landowners,merchants,smugglers,and civil servants.

    We resisted,specially from 1800 onwards,
    first to free ourselves from the iberic yoke,then we found that we were inmersed in a deeply unjust “burgois” society protected ,first by British colonialism,later by American imperialism…

    and I guess we were defeated….

  • jgalindes

    Dear Father Joseph,

    Well, I’m not a miracles’ specialist, but Guadalupe is a very touchy subject for us, because of the ethnical characteristics of the people involved, essentially natives and the vast religious significance at such an early stage in the “new world history”.

    Several years ago,I came across a book by Fransisco Ansón whose theme was the three great miracles of our time, witnessed by crowds: Fátima ,The lame of Calanda (XVII century) and the image of Guadalupe Virgin.

    Do there exist” ignorant” sages? .Might we not call so all those miracle deniers?

    Everything is not a miracle; but that there exist is a fact of life. When we run into one, generally we become perplexed, unable to find a scientific answer not even of common sense.

    Well there is an answer, stemming from common sense, for us believers: God exists and nothing is impossible to Him.

    What were the miracles from Guadalupe apparition? .Contemporary :the apparition itself, spontaneous and miraculous healing of Juan Diego‘s uncle, Juan Bernardino when received the visit of Tapayec Virgin ,the apparition of fresh roses of Castilla at the top of Tapayec mountain and healings…

    And now what? Mysteries hidden at the apparitions’ time we discover through the use of modern scientific techniques. Guadalupe is literally full of miracles.

    The cloak with the Virgin image, made out of Maguey fiber, normally would have lasted 20 or 30 years ,well it is …incorruptible :Its in the same pristine state from the last 5 centuries.

    The image rests on thin air. According to NASA, pigment materials are unknown in this World .If you impinge a laser ray through the cloak, it is proved that the colors are not resting neither on the obverse nor in the rear side of the cloak, but seems to be floating at three tenths of a millimeter over the fabric, without touching it.

    At a distance of 10 centimeters of the image, we perceive the raw fabric. The mantle stays at human temperature (36.6 C°) and it is ornamented with the exact
    Constellations and stars positions, prevalent during the apparition’s day in Mexico.

    In 1971 one side of the cloak or mantle was damaged with muriatic acid, but it healed itself in 30 days. It is interesting to note, that is was not damaged by an explosion at it feet at the beginning of 20th century.

    And what about the Virgin eyes? According to ophthalmologic studies, it is evident in them a behavior similar to that of a living human being: it holds the three effects of image refraction, contracts when illuminated and dilate when in the dark; and reflects like in a film, the scene of whatever was present when Juan Diego displayed it with the roses before Zumárraga.

    Are the eyes that big?. Not really. Just between 7 to 8 millimeters and in the Bishop’s eyes,it’s perfectly distinguished Juan Diego displaying the cloak (the image is 0.00000025 mm!!!).

    The Virgin appears pregnant. If an stethoscope is placed over the cloak’s ribbon, it is possible to hear the characteristic baby’s heart beat (115 pulses per minute).

    Is it possible that Our Lady wanted to reflect her maternity over each and every American Indian ?

    Revelation, 12:”Now a great sign appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet”. Isn’t Virgin of Guadalupe apparition a calling out of Scripture?

    Te-coa-tla-xope was Virgin’s name pronounced by Juan Bernardino. It means “It will crush the stone serpent”. Spaniards pronounced it Guadalupe.

    Quetzalcoatl was the feathered serpent represented in stone, which remembered a great cometh that rode space in remote times (Moses’).The natives were frightened , worshiped and offered human sacrifices to it.

    After Virgin of Guadalupe apparition, American Indians abandoned those inhuman practices and embraced Catholic Faith.

    In just 7 years, 7 million Indians were converted.

    It is said that whomever does not believe is because does not want to believe. What is certain is that Faith compromises and requires a life change.

    Is this the reason that faith and honest life run altogether?

  • Will Satan occupy the throne of Peter?
    Is that what caused a great man like Pope Leo XIII to faint at the altar?
    Is that the Third Secret of Fatima?

    [Mathew 24-15] “When therefore ye see ‘the abominaton of desolation’, spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing ‘in a holy place’- let him that readeth understand, …”

    “I know my sheep, and my sheep know me. They will not follow another.”
    (Gospel of John.)

    What then is the message of Johns Apocalypse for the true fold?

    There are two consequences for them outlined there.

    Contextually they are

    1. The “church in Philadelphia’ will be spared the antichrist tribulation. [Quote: Apoc.3-10.] “Because thou hast kept fast the lesson of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of trial, which is about to come upon the whole world, to try those that dwell upon the earth.”

    2. Beheading.Quote. {Apoc13-15].” …… and should cause to be slain all who worship not the image of the beast”
    [Apoc.20-4} ” ….. and I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of the witness to Jesus and because of the word of God, and of those who had not worshipped the beast or its image and had not taken its mark upon their forehead and upon their hand. They came to life again and reigned with Christ for 1000 years.”

    Like I said about the parable of Jesus, when the master of a household decided to have a great feast and sent out his servants to invite his guests, and they returned with excuses that none of them could come for various reasons. Twice he invited them and twice they made up excuses.

    There were two popes, I believe, before the Vat II. Pius XI and Pius XII? “So the master of the house was furious and sent his troops and destoyed those murderers and burned their city.” (Matthew 22-7)…..Vatican II! Then he sent out his servants again, into ‘the crossroads’ to invite all and everyone to come to the feast, “and the bridal hall was filled with guests” (Mathew 22 1 -10).

    This wedding feast was for his son - the marriage of Christ to his Church.

    One was ‘not dressed in wedding gear’.(Mat 22: 12-14) Indeed there are many traitors within the church.

    I really believe, Fr Joseph, that this applies to the failure of the Popes to get a collegial consecration IN ROME (the invited guests- the bishops) which is what Our Lady specifically requested. This was to be the defining moment. The final assault on the Catholic Church was to be met with the final triumph of the faith.

    The wedding feast in the parable above alludes to none other than the wedding feast God the Father has prepared for his Son Jesus, in the mystical marriage to his Church at the consummation of the ages and of the Great Mystery the Ages, the Redemption through Jesus.

    But now that triumph must come through the suffering hinted at in Apocalypse. They would not come. Why would they? They supported Communism at the Second Vatican Council!

    Already after the Second Vatican council it was too late. The consecration was anathema to many of them and they deterred saying it would cause to be martyred many in the Communist countries. What vile poppycock. What more could they do! But that was their ‘excuse’.

    Therefore Pope John Paul II issued instruction for the consecration of the whole world (this includes Russia but it was not specified so as the Bishops would agree to doing it) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whoever they could find- us.

    All the Catholic world, standing, out loud, in unison at a special sunday Mass for the occasion.
    Communism fell unexpectedly within 2 years - no one save the Marian seers of the time - through them I knew 1 year in advance, although the world was blind to it… had predicted it!

    The whole world stood amazed at the bloodless revolution - which could only have come from the Sacred and Immaculate hearts of Jesus and Mary.

    The people of Eastern Europe rejoiced at their new found freedom of thought, of religion, of concience and of speech, of movement, of travel, of study and of vocation.

    It took some time but within a decade a leader emerged in Russia, chosen and faithful to God.

    However there are consequences for disobedience. One was Vatican II !! , again, (Quote:” and the king was angry and sent his troops and destoyed those murderers and burned their city.” (Mathew 22 -7) and not all the promises of the consecration can be met.

    Russia was converted, although this itself is a relatively slow process given the enormity of the problem inherited, but world peace has eluded us and so we must expect the Apocalypse.
    On both these counts “How terrible it is to fall into the hands of the living God” -says St Paul in another place.

    So to recap. How angry God is at this 20th -21st century that he has prepared for his very own Son who died for us, the invited guests, garbed in humanity on a wooden cross, a feast, the wedding feast, and those invited, for whom his Son died did not even bother to come.

    The nature of this feast, Fr Joseph, described very well in some of his posts. The kingdom of God on Earth. The consequence of this failure; one, Vatican II, two, the abomination on the throne of Peter and three, the rest of the Apocalypse. Thus Vatican II and its consequences was a direct result of the failure of the Collegial Consecration. Gods Kingdom will still come, but now through the suffering of the Apocalypse. And we must not stop praying and working for that suffering to be mitigated.

    There was a consecration of the USA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Washington a couple of years ago, and one can expect good things to come of it, but the USA canot be spared at this late hour devastation and untold suffering.

    No one prays.

    “And what things soever ye ask for in prayer with faith, ye shall receive,”( Matthew 21-22.)

    Anyway, thats my take on it. I’m not infallible.
    And if I can finish. I made a personal consecration and asked others to join, of Russia, all the Russian people, to the Imaculate Heart of Mary, in 1993.

    So basically Fr Joseph I am in total agreement with you in your above June 29 12.50pm

  • KathJuliane

    Dear Charlie, may our Lord Jesus Christ reward you for your love and prayers for the crucified Orthodox people in 1993. No good prayer ever goes to waste in God’s economy of salvation, and we all stand in need of repentence to God regardless of a number of differences, because Christ is the great knower of hearts.

    Dear Father Joseph, let’s examine this claim that Our Lady came to Fatima, to convert Russia to Russian Orthodoxy. The demand is utterly preposterous, and if you, Fr. Joseph wish to continue pontificate out of your own individual and personal “infallibility”, then by all means do so, banging your head, and taking as many aspirin as necessary. What I suggest is that you devote some entreaty to the Virgin Mary on behalf of Portugal, because that country is definitely in very, very deep trouble under the Anti-christ EU-NWO.

    Furthermore, you toss around names of Holy Orthodox saints, such as St. Seraphim Sarovski, entirely clueless as to what these saints are all about considering that Orthodox and Roman Catholic tradition is, despite a certain superficial resemblance and history, worlds apart. You certainly adopt the outward trappings of Byzantine Catholicism, but that will never, ever make you a Christian of the Orthodox Church.

    For one thing, Holy Seraphim, a Spirit-filled Elder, had reached a degree of humility and mastery over himself, in seeking to acquire more of the Holy Spirit through the practice of constant prayer, fasting, and charity coupled with amazing spiritual “athletics” by the grace of God that he was “passionless” and of incredible Christ-like patience and gentleness with all people and creatures.

    You know nothing of St. Seraphim’s life, or else you would also know that he, as a profoundly deep Orthodox, would entirely oppose this Fatima “Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Mary”, for the very same reasons that I, and other Orthodox readers have described to you in various ways, from Scripture and Patristics.

    And furthermore, since you seem to liken yourself to St. Seraphim, this tremendously humble, meek and patient man, who spent 1,000 days on his knees on a rock praying to God, was also badly beaten up by robbers who broke and crippled his back, and whom he also completely forgave. He out of amazing love and respect for others would also be, if in your shoes, perfectly willing to please the very people that have asked you on several occasions, not to bring up this very divisive issue, or rather the non-issue for Orthodox people.

    It is safe to say, that if St. Seraphim were commenting in your place, he would not be complaining about banging his head on the desk out of frustration and needing aspirin.

    And yes, at times you have been very derogatory towards the Orthodox, even slanderously calling us heretics as well as schismatics, displaying an attitude of overbearing rudeness, when in fact, spiritual pride and heresy is written large all through you posts. By definition, heresy means “to pick and choose”, which you do freely. In your last postings, you even used a “proof text” so far outside of the Scriptural context as to be absurd, which will be addressed in another post.

    Our dogmatic theology and doctrines of Holy Tradition have not changed in the past 2,000 years. Orthodoxy has impeccably maintained the apostolic deposit of Faith, “standing fast in the tradition we were given”.

    The Message of Fatima is all about the Immaculate Heart of Mary, about the worldwide confirmation and affirmation of probably the most specifically Catholic dogma of all: the Immaculate Conception.

    “Consider the events at Fatima and the doctrines they present … what is the meaning behind them? When one examines the events at Fatima in detail, it turns out that they presented or reaffirmed a number of distinctly Roman Catholic doctrines [that started arising in the 9-12th century in the West.].

    Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

    The primary purpose of the apparition was to encourage devotion to the so-called Immaculate Heart of Mary [which has not ever been in Orthodox tradition, hence “so-called”.] In the second appearance, the apparition said, “Jesus wishes to make use of you to make me known and love. He wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.”

    This devotional practice is related to the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the twelfth century a revolution occurred in the devotional practices of the Roman Catholic Church; this revolution was inspired by the preaching of Bernard of Clairveaux and spread widely by Francis of Assisi.

    As attention was shifted from our redemption by the Resurrection of the Lord to a focus on the Passion of the Lord, an erotic element was introduced in worship and private devotion. The Lord came to be viewed as a companion, friend, or even husband/lover, as is reflected in the marriage imagery which was introduced into Western monasticism (in taking their vows, nuns went through a sort of wedding ceremony, complete with bridal gowns, wedding rings, etc. with the Lord as the groom).

    This new devotion stressed the worshipper’s individual union with the Mystic Lover, concentrating on the pain of the Lord’s suffering and trying to arouse emotional feelings by focusing on His earthly life.

    Among the manifestations of this new approach to worship are the Feast of the Holy Name, special devotions to the Five Wounds of Christ, the Stations of the Cross, the meditations assigned to the decades of the Rosary, the Christmas “crib” and devotion to the “Baby Jesus” in general, and the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    This latter cult focuses on one part of our Lord’s physical body and effectively separates the worship of the human nature of Christ from His Divine Nature; for this reason it has never found any acceptance in the Orthodox Church, who teaches her children to worship the Lord in His Divine-human unity, not in each of the natures separately.”

  • KathJuliane

    Dear BN+ “I STILL uphold his valiant CHRISTIAN witness and Love for our Saviour, Jesus Christ.” This is quite true and I do love him for his zeal, and so God bless Fr. Joseph, I see that I was being too harsh and judgmental, and it is a fine reminder that our Holy Fathers had a sense of humor as well.

    Fr. Joseph, please forgive me for this reaction, and shall continue in a milder tone for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ and most Holy Theotokos.

    You have brought up the issue of the gift of “free will”. Orthodoxy everywhere has given the Fatima issues considerable study, and there are probably Orthodox who have made private pilgrimages on their own, for their own spiritual profit, but we in general must abide by Scripture and Sacred Tradition as we have preserved it.

    (Orthodox Christian Religious Foundation, Oklahoma)

    “Orthodoxy has also maintained a much more restrained and objective devotional approach to the Lord, avoiding sensuality, sentimentality, and emotionalism.

    Unfortunately, as the Roman Catholic doctrine of Mary has developed in recent centuries, it has tried to parallel every attribute of Christ with one in Mary, going even to the extreme of calling her the “Co-Redemptrix” of the world and suggesting that she shares in Christ’s [High] Priesthood in some way.

    Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is one more example of this tendency, paralleling the cult of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But if the cult of the Sacred Heart is too dangerously overloaded with emotion, sentimentality, and sensuality for it to be acceptable to Orthodoxy, what can we say about an extension of this cult to the Theotokos? The problem here is that Roman Catholicism has lost the [original Western] Orthodox concept of the deification of all of those who participate in God’s life-creating, sanctifying, and uncreated grace.

    The Church Militant and the Church Triumphant - all, in fact, who struggle in the life that is in Christ - participate in Christ’s redemptive work. They are “a chosen generation, a priestly kingdom, a holy nation.”

    When the Church’s Orthodox doctrine of grace, salvation, and deification is forsaken for one which is carnal, erroneous, and distorted, then, inevitably, theological dislocations and aberrations will appear also in regard to the doctrines of the priesthood and redemption.

    This is especially evident in regard to the position of the Theotokos in Roman Catholicism. It is even more objectionable when particular parts of Mary are singled out for particular devotion.

    In antiquity, there were two heretical sects, the Antidicomarianites and the Collyridians. The first refused to honor the Theotokos at all and denied her perpetual virginity, the second made her equal to God. Concerning the latter, St. Epiphanius of Cyprus writes that “certain women made small loaves and offered them in (Mary’s) name in religious rites performed by women…And in Sikima, the local villagers offered sacrifices in the name of the Maiden (Theotokos).”

    [And, this is still alive today. There is an actual “Mary is God” movement based on arguements from the Fatima prophecies, started by Catholics, in the Filipines, I believe, which has recently been denounced as heresy by the Catholic hierarchy.]

    The Orthodox Church strives ever to preserve the truth, deviating neither to the right nor to the left, but walking on the straight and narrow way which leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. St. Epiphanius writes that both of the extremes reflected in the doctrines and practices of these two aforementioned sects are “the teachings of demons. The harm,” he writes, “that comes from both of these heresies is equal.”

    We can see that, in regard to the Theotokos, the Protestants tend to reflect the views of the Antidicomarianites [as something of doctrinal reactions to Catholicism], whereas the modern Roman Catholics, who in extremes of pietism promulgate such ideas as that of “Co-Redemptrix,” clearly resemble the Collyridians.

    Orthodoxy adheres to the middle way, valuing “moderation in all things”, venerating the Theotokos as the holiest of God’s creatures and pouring out love for her, but not dishonoring her by falsely exalting her to an imagined equality with her Divine Son. By honoring her purity and holiness and by emulating in our own lives her total obedience to God, we show our true devotion to her.

  • KathJuliane

    Fr. Joseph, the following item should be of concern as a Catholic, because the real issue is not about the Most Holy Theotokos, its how easy in this sinful and fallen life we can, out of our own vain human imaginings, weaknesses and follies, take something beautiful, true and holy, and make a corrupted mess of it in this world, and Satan is eager to help us along.

    Nor is this an accusation against you, or any Catholic Christian about aspects of accepted Catholic traditions, and please know that I pray a lot for the RCC to withstand the major onslaught that she has suffered in this evil spirit of the age, and its tentacles are flying everywhere, latching on to everything, poisoning and corrupting.

    Is Collyridianism an antiquated, irrelevant heresy? Heresies spring to life at any chance the demons can grab hold, especially within popular movements. Someone has taken all of the Fatima Mariology very far, and made the ideological leap declaring that “Mary is God”.

    “A movement calling itself Mary-is-God Catholic Movement poisons the internet. One Dominic Sanchez Falar of Cebu City, Philippines, promotes the idea that “Mary is God - Mary is the soul of the Holy Spirit,” and prompts people to join in an effort to proclaim the “true message of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima better known as the Third Secret of Our Lady of Fatima.”

    The movement pursues three objectives:

    1. To declare Mary as God, soul of the Holy Spirit, and Co-Creator with God.

    Blatant as it may be, the message of the Mary-is-God-Movement is a dangerous ideological concoction. It takes advantage of the people’s genuine love for Mary, exploits a widespread craving for the supernatural and religious sensationalism, and entices our natural penchant for Da Vinci-type fabrications. Mixed into the blend are some anti-Roman sentiments and the not-so-faint echoes of a still fashionable Goddess-talk.
    by Fr. Johann G. Roten, S.M”.

    [The fairly sophisticated development in this heresy has moved from the accepted Catholic principles of “Co-Redemptress”, “Co-Mediatrix”, and now, an actual heretical elevation by a once accepted Marion cultus to “Co-Creator” or Deity, linked through the “Sacred Hearts” of both Jesus and Mary, based on the Fatima prophecies, and it was gaining considerable traction, and is barely suppressed in the Filipines.]

    (Orthodox Christian Religious Foundation, Oklahoma)

    “The Roman Catholic tendency to make Mary equal to the Lord is manifested in the second appearance at Fatima, when the apparition promised salvation to all who practice devotion to the Immaculate Heart. It said, “To all those who embrace (devotion to my Immaculate Heart), I promise salvation and their souls will be loved by God as flowers placed by the way that will lead you to God.”

    In the third appearance, the apparition showed the children a vision of hell, and then said, “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.”

    In this same appearance, the children were told that there would be peace if people did what the apparition commanded.

    One of the most striking statements attributed to the apparition is found in the first appearance.There is a disagreement in the sources about the wording of the statement, but some versions say that people must suffer as a means of repaying the Immaculate Heart of Mary for their sins and offenses. As presented in these sources, in the first appearance, the apparition said, “Will you suffer to obtain the conversion of sinners, to repair the blasphemies, as well as all the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary?”

    In the third appearance, the one in which the conversion of Russia is mentioned, the apparition tells the children, “Sacrifice yourselves for sinners, and say many times, especially when you make some sacrifice: O Jesus, it is for love of you, for the conversion of sinners, and in reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

    But our sins are not committed against the Theotokos, or her heart; they are committed against God, and it is from Him that we must ask forgiveness. It is before Him that we must repent. Certainly, the Theotokos sorrows when she contemplates our sin and disobedience.

    In reality, not only the Theotokos, but all the saints - indeed all creation “groans and travails” because of mankind’s sins. As the prodigal son said, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee.” But ultimately, God is the One Who has the authority to forgive our sins. For “who can forgive sins, save God alone?” (Mk. 2:7)

    To say, therefore, that we must make “reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary” literally puts her in the place of God [in our minds], which is to repeat the blasphemy of Satan who wants us to worship the creation, rather than the Creator.

    Further, in these instances, the apparition is speaking in the language of the late Medieval scholastics, not with the voice of the Scriptures and the Church Fathers. The forgiveness of sins and restoration to sonship which mankind received through the voluntary Passion, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ are not the fruit of a legalistic act demanded by some Divine justice; rather, they are a gift freely given as a result of the supreme act of love freely chosen by God to redeem us.

    There is no reparation, no satisfaction - there is nothing that we can do of ourselves to deserve them. This is why Our Lord Jesus Christ became man, suffered, died and rose again - to break down the wall between us and God. Nothing we do, no suffering of ours can replace what He did for us. This is precisely why in the Divine Liturgy, the Priest exclaims, “Thine own of Thine own we offer unto Thee, in behalf of all, and for all.”

  • jgalindes

    Looks like Vatican is not slow in condemning false apparitions and miracles, including, poor Dominic Sanchez Falar ,an electronics and software engineer working for NEC,Philipines. He has a blog and his code name is Dragon Slayer:

    A quick overview will tell us that the guy is ”slightly confused”.

    From The Times
    February 11, 2006
    Appearances can be downright deceptive
    A rash of dubious miracles and rival congregations is trying the Vatican’s patience

    By Simon Cadwell

    RELIGIOUS fervour swept southern California this winter when a statue of the Virgin Mary was claimed to be crying blood. A priest at the Church of the Vietnamese Martyrs in Sacramento tried to wipe away her tears but they reappeared, running down her face and on to her dress. While pilgrims dashed to the church, Bishop William Weigand of Sacramento was in no hurry to make a pronouncement. “I’m letting it sit for now,” he said.

    If the bishop was not as excited as everyone else, it is probably because this is not an isolated event. Last summer women visiting a church near Naples said that a plaster statue of the Virgin Mary had turned the “pinky” colour of human flesh and that it had moved. In May a statue of St Pìo of Pietrelcina wept blood in a church in Marsicovetere, southern Italy — although in this case the diocese excluded “supernatural intervention” when tests showed that the blood belonged to a woman.

    Indeed, such “private revelations” have proliferated. Around the Millennium there was an explosion in claims of heavenly visions, messages, stigmata and Eucharistic miracles. But of the 295 such episodes reported since 1905, the Vatican has affirmed the authenticity of just 11, among them the appearances of the Virgin Mary to three children at Fátima, Portugal, in 1917, and the visitation of Jesus to St Faustina Kowalska, a Polish nun, in the 1930s.

    While the faithful may accept or reject such revelations, most, according to the Vatican, involve false seers who are either deluded or on the make, and these are beginning to cause problems for the Church.

    First, they create tensions between the faithful who believe in them and bishops who do not. Secondly, unauthorised cults often congregate around charismatic seers who claim a direct line to God but who teach in opposition to the Church.

    In September, for instance, Dominic Sanchez Falar founded the “Mary is God Catholic Movement”, which claims that the third secret of Fátima revealed Mary’s divinity. This secret was covered up, he says, by Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI. Rantings of this kind would be risible were they not gaining so much currency, particularly in the US.

    Pope Benedict, for one, takes them seriously. Three years ago, while Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), he said that private revelations posed a threat to the unity of the Church and warranted an “exemplary pastoral response” from the Holy See.

    By that time the future Pope had already ruled against claims that Mary appeared at Garabandal, Spain; forbade Catholics to go on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where the Virgin Mary is also said to be appearing; warned the faithful against the apocalyptic murmurings of Vassula Ryden; and ordered Father Stefano Gobbi to stop using Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests as the title for books containing similar eschatological content.

    Benedict is now already moving against private revelations in a way his predecessor did not. Two cases signal his intent. Barely a month after his election, the CDF issued two documents. One was a decree removing Father Gino Burresi from active ministry, and the other was a letter to the Filipino bishops effectively declaring as false the claims of Ida Peerdeman, a Dutch seer, that the Virgin Mary had revealed new truths about her status.

    Burresi had founded the Congregation of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which now numbers 150 priests, including Father Angelo Tognoni, an official in the Vatican Secretariat of State who was often seen by John Paul’s side during the weekly General Audiences in Rome.

    He claimed to have received the stigmata and was compared by his followers to St Pìo, a 20th-century monk renowned for his piety. Burresi exuded the “odour of sanctity”, it was said, and had the ability to “read souls” and produce works of art miraculously.

    But Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger thought that Burresi was a fraud, was guilty of “pseudo-mysticism” and “asserted apparitions, visions and messages attributed to divine origins”.

    The CDF stripped Burresi of the right to hear confessions, preach, give interviews, publish or broadcast. The process had been initiated when Ratzinger was at the CDF, and he made the ruling his own as Pope by confirming it forma specifica and denying Burresi any right of appeal.

    Days later the CDF took the unusual step of overruling the decision of Bishop Joseph Maria Punt, of Haarlem in the Netherlands, to approve claims that the Virgin Mary had appeared in Amsterdam under the guise of “Lady of All Nations who once was Mary”, sounding the death knell for an international movement to redefine the Virgin as “coredemptrix, mediatrix and advocate”.

    Critics say such a status would have made Mary virtually the fourth person of the Holy Trinity, jeopardising not only the interior unity of the Catholic Church but also prospects of closer union with Orthodox and Protestant communions.

    The initiative to stamp it out, Vatican sources say, came from the top. Furthermore, they point out that “old cases of dubious apparitions” are likely to be reopened and dealt with in a similar way by Benedict and his like-minded officials in the CDF.

    But by far the biggest challenge to any efforts by the Pope to deal decisively with the phenomenon of private revelations are the claims of six seers from Medjugorje who say the Virgin Mary has been visiting them for more than 20 years.

    In that time the Madonna has allegedly dispatched 40,000 bland messages, given 57 secrets (none of which has been revealed), performed countless miracles (none of which has been confirmed), and has toured the world with the seers, appearing on demand even in the backs of vans.

    Between four and five million pilgrims have visited Medjugorje, including the Spanish tenor José Carreras, who performed there, and the American actor Jim Caviezel, who sought inspiration while filming The Passion of the Christ.

    Yet the only rulings to date on Medjugorje — made by the local bishops, the competent ecclesiastical authorities — are that the claims are false and that the seers are lying.

    There is a mounting expectation that Benedict will eventually move against this unauthorised Marian cult, some of whose supporters, like those of Father Burresi, hold high office in the Church and were rumoured to have persuaded John Paul not to intervene.

    But the Burresi affair has shown Benedict’s resolve to deal with factions who have their own agendas.

    The Pope is about to reform the Curia, and so far the signs are not very promising for those who prefer miracles and wonders to the simple darkness of faith.

  • KathJuliane

    (2005 info, but still relevant, especially for Catholic Christians. I know Fatima is precious to all of you, but you don’t read what is really going on in Portugal, and in four years it can only have become worse with the US economic planned melt-down. )

    Portugal is in Trouble
    By Richard Salbato

    In Portugal the President has almost King like power as he can override almost anything the government does and even the constitution. The only difference between the President and a King is that he can hold office for only 8 years. The actual government is run by the Prime Minister and elected by the people every four years.

    The latest Prime Minister was Santana Lopes. The President, Jorge Sampaio, ordered him to step down and called for new elections, claiming lack of confidence in his leadership. Although Santana Lopes was only Prime Minister for a short time, he is taking the blame for huge financial problems in Portugal which they may not be able to overcome no matter who is elected.

    The number of wealthy families in Portugal has dropped by 92 percent in just three years, from 26,802 four years ago to a mere 2,144 in 2003, suggesting tax evasion or just leaving the country. Just a few years ago, Portugal a founder member of the euro zone, had one of the fastest expanding economies in the European Union thanks to tumbling interest rates, a high level of infrastructure subsidies and the continued positive effects of inward investment.

    Then everything fell apart. The deficit was found to be larger than reported, and Portugal became the first EU member state to be threatened with European Commission fines. Portugal has some of the lowest gross domestic product (GDP) growth per capita in the 25-nation bloc.

    Did Portugal Sell Out for Money

    Last weekend in Athens, Portugal joined with 17 other European Union member states to thrash out what levels of EU subsidies each nation could expect to receive between 2007 and 2012 from the 25-nation bloc’s paymasters - Germany, Britain, France, Holland, Sweden and Austria.

    The Portuguese economy is largely dependent on EU subsidies having soaked up in excess of 180 billion euros since joining the Union in 1986, or 1.5 billion a year or 750 Euros per person per year for 19 years. Any cut back in donations would severely hamper any hope Portugal has of keeping the country’s public deficit within EU limits.

    Think about that! 750 Euros per person for almost 20 years given to Portugal by the richer countries of Europe! Consider an average family of 4 and that becomes 3000 Euros per family or about 6 months of the average salary of Portugal for almost 20 years, and then ask, “Where did the money go?” Or better still ask: “What would Portugal do without it?”

    Let us look at the concept. Consider a hypothetical area where there are a great many wild pigs in the mountains. Hard to just kill wild pigs because they hide in the brush and are very dangerous. But a thinking man knows how to just change the habits of animals and control them. He puts out food for them to eat, a great deal of food. He then does the same the next day and the next until the pigs no longer work for food but just wait for the handouts. Then he puts a great deal of food one day and as the pigs are eating he builds a fence around them and captures them all without a fight. This is what is happening in Portugal.

    The New European Constitution is being composed by Masons, who are anti-Catholic. There goal in 1914 was to wipe out the Catholic Church in Portugal and it is the same today. But today instead of trying to take the country by force they are trying to buy it and they are doing it by making the people depend on the other countries to survive.

    There is no planned referendum for the Portuguese people to vote yes or no to joining the European Constitution, The New European Rapid Deployment Force (this is outside of the UN or the US and will result in the break-up of NATO), will force Portuguese forces to be under Brussels control and not under Portuguese control and could be deployed anywhere. The European Government believes that it can by 2010 outstrip the US as the world’s largest trading block, but this will not happen.

    The EU government has made it quite clear that it sees China as a better trading partner for the future than that of the US.

    Is the US going to sit back and allow Europe with it’s over inflated money destroy US world markets? No! Because America has the fastest growing economy in the world except for China. America will form a United American Economic Block starting with Brazil and Mexico, and again outstrip Europe.

    Before, Portugal was a large exporter of wine and olives. But with the rise in the value of the Euro that has dropped in half. A large portion of Portugal’s wealth came from the Tourism industry, but again because of the value of the Euro that has dropped off by 40% and will drop even more.

    Portugal produced a lot of its own consumption but as part of the deal they made for the monies received from the other European countries, they agreed to stop production of things like milk and import all their milk from Spain. Think again of the wild pigs. Now just for something like milk they are dependent on Spain.

    Can the major counties of Europe keep blackmailing Portugal? I do not think so. The number of people out of work in Germany rose 227,000 to 4.71 million in seasonally adjusted terms, including 230,000 new jobless claimants, the Nuremberg-based Federal Labor Agency said today. The adjusted unemployment rate rose to 11.4 percent, a seven-year high, while the unadjusted jobless total passed 5 million for the first time since the war. New jobless are increasing at a rate of 1,200 a day.

    France and Spain are at 10% Only England is at a normal rate of 4-5% but the rest of Europe is having problems. To top that off they are making new trade deals with Communist China that will put more people out of work.

  • KathJuliane

    The Portuguese Government is Corrupt from Top to Bottom – Salbato

    …The entire Portuguese system is designed for corruption with no safe guards against it. Pilgrims come not realizing that their tour guides take kick backs from the hotels, stores and restaurants. If you want to find something of great value, you can always find someone to show you where to get it, and he will get a sizable kickback from the store for taking you there.

    There are always two prices, one for the Portuguese and one for the tourist. And if you would like to own something in Portugal or retire there, it gets worse.

    In order to buy almost anything in Portugal you need a lawyer. You have to give the lawyer Power of Attorney and then he handles everything but you never get copies of anything, and many lawyers end up with your property. Realtors are worse and will sell you anything at 30 to 50% more than it is worth, or even sell you something that is worth nothing because it cannot be built on or is condemned property. […]

    Elections on the Feast of Jacinta and Francisco

    On February 20 2005 (the present feast of Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima) Portugal will have the great pleasure of electing a new Prime Minister. But what choices do they have. All those running for office are part of the very fabric that corrupted the system.

    Most of the Portuguese are tired of this corruption and bad politics to the point of crying. Most say that before 25th of April of 1974 everything was better.

    This was when Salazar controlled the government. It has reached the point here now that nobody cares who wins this election or who is in the power because everything will be exactly the same. A 35% turnout in this election will be very optimistic because the people just do not care about this government anymore.

    If you have money anything is possible here, but if you do not have money, you are at the mercy of those with money, because justice is not just, justice is for sale.

    In a country were 95% of the people are Catholic, look who is president -

    Jorge Sampaio, whose party, PS,, is pro abortion, and pro homosexual. People murmur that he disposed of Prime Minister Lopes, to please his Liberal party, and supports his party’s candidate, Jose Socrates for Prime Minister.

    In a country were 95% of the people are Catholic, look who they have to pick from to run the government -

    Jose Socrates- this man belongs to PS( left), a man who changes of mind easily according to his own interests. He is known of having sexual affairs with men. PS is pro Abortion and pro homosexual even if it is quietly.

    Jeronimo de Sousa- (PCP) This is an old fashioned communist. His partners want a government in the same fashion as the old Russia. They even say that Cuba, North Korea and China are democracies They want abortion as the African children want food. They are atheist.

    Francisco Louça- belongs to Bloco de Esquerda and is a most cynical man. His answers are cruel and cold. He has insulted Catholics, as childish people who should never be against abortion. His party wants to make abortion, drugs and prostitution legal as it is in Holland. They hate all Catholics and the Pope and make no doubt about it.

    Santana Lopes- (PSD) This man was the actual Prime Minister, but no one let him do his job. The Left convinced President Jorge Sampaio to fire him for no strong reason. He was known for being a womanizer in the past, but now he seems different . He has five children and he is against abortion, drugs and homosexuals. He is a charming person, never gets angry.

    Paulo Portas-(CDS) This is the Catholic who was insulted by Francisco Louça. Most of this political party are devout Catholics. Portas was the man who forbade the entry of the infamous abortion ship. It was his strong will which put them out of this country. He’s highly hated by Left and by the Masons. He has strong convictions and he is a serious person.

    Five people are running for Prime Minister in Portugal, one of the most Catholic countries in the world and only one of them is a real Catholic. What is going on here? What is happening to the Church?

    One Portuguese said: “A new revolution would be the solution, since this democracy doesn’t work at all. Why? We are tired of lying people and corrupt politicians.”

  • KathJuliane

    Where is the Church in Portugal? - Salbato

    During the Masonic take-over of Mexico, the Christeros fighters put up more than a little resistance to the oppressive regime backed by the Masons. But the Christeros were told to put down their arms by the Bishops of Mexico and they (being good Catholics) obeyed their bishops even though it meant almost certain death under the hands of the revolutionaries.

    The resistance was betrayed by the Church and as a result Mexican Catholics were persecuted and martyred for 75 years. At the same time the Masons took over all Catholic Portugal. Where was the Bishops of Portugal? How did they let Masons take over a Catholic country?

    The people (mostly women) rose up in Portugal three times, twice to throw out the Masons, and again to stop the communists from taking over. Now the Masons are in almost every branch of government in Portugal. Somehow they are appeasing the bishops because the bishops say nothing and do nothing.

    Corruption in Portugal is everywhere, and the Church is doing nothing. “Not a Church problem.” That is what they are saying, but when injustice is done, is not that everyone’s problem including the Church.

    The Church has the power to correct the system in Portugal, but again it will let the Masons take over and turn Portugal into a Masonic European State, where abortions and homosexuals are not just legal but mandatory. […]

    The European Constitution (just like the United Nations) is being controlled by the richest people in the world in order to take over all governments and create a New World Order or a One World Government. Take the conference in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, Switzerland, where 1000 of richest and most powerful CEOs of the world, that create wealth and jobs, are now meeting to discover the “state of the world.”

    The World Economic Forum is a facilitator for the goals and objectives of the United Nations-which is world government. This year it will sponsor 200 workshops covering a wide variety of topics: China, Climate Change, Poverty, the Global Economy, Islam, US Leadership, Bubble Economies, the World Trade Organization, Terrorism, Private Equity, Oil Prices, Crises, etc.

    They are planning a global tax, a world military state in which the UN has a rapid deployment force (already set up), a Security Council enlarged with power to enforce sanctions, member states providing additional troops for disbursement to the UN at any time, a legal mechanism to enforce the International Criminal Court Statutes, a global police force, a new radical concept of “collective Security.”

  • July 1, 2009 @ 11:57 am

    With Brother Nathanael’s permission,

    I will continue, in order to help dispel the darkness, which hovers like a black cloud over the Catholic Church - not in my name, but in the name of God The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    God the Father does not call for a Consecration of SOVIET Russia, (not current Russia) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, then sit around in heaven for nigh on 100 years waiting for it to happen.

    There are consequences for disobedience.

    The Israelites were forced to wander the desert for 40 years for idolatry.

    The Catholic Church likewise for the idolatry (and make no mistake that is what it is) of disobedience, had been forced to wander the desert for 40 years.


    “Woe to ye blind guides…” (Mt 23-16) “Ye err, knowing nothing of the Scriptures, neither the power of God…..”(Mt 22-29)

    Here is the full text of the parable which fits perfectly with the consecration of SOVIET Russia, not (current or prior )Holy Russia, to the Immaculate Heart.

    “And Jesus answered, and spoke to them again in parables, saying; ‘The Kingdom of the Heavens is like to a king who made a marriage-feast for his son. and he sent forth his servants to summon to the wedding those invited; and they would not come. Again he sent forth other servants, saying, “Say ye to those invited, behold I have prepared my dinner: all beeves and fatlings are killed and all things are ready: come ye to the wedding”.

    But they heeded not and went their ways, one to his field, another to his business; while the rest laid hold of his servants and outraged and slew them. And the king was angry and sent his troops and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.

    Then he sayeth to his servants, ” go ye therefore to the crossings of the streets, and whomsoever ye find, summon to the wedding.” And those servants went foreward into the streets and gathered together all whom they found, both the bad and the good; and the bride-hall was filled with guests.

    And the king went in to see the guests, and saw there a man who wore no wedding garment; and he saith to him, “friend, how camest thou in hither without a wedding garment?” but he was dumbfounded……” “.

    I am going to assume that you have read my last post which is required for a full grasp of this explanation and will not go over it again. So lets continue,

    “but they heeded not and went their ways, one to the field, anoher to his business, while the rest laid hold of his servants and outraged and slew them.”

    Was not Cardinal Siri outraged after he was elected Pope in 1958 and the so called “liberals” took the floor, and refused to serve under him (just as they did at every opportunity at the council btw, totally destroying it!), resulting in the election of John XXIII?

    Was not John XXIII himself silenced when he tried to put the cattle back in the barn and call an end to the council?

    What of the rumors that Paul VI was held prisoner at the Vatican for years?

    What of the murder of John Paul I, the staunch anti-communist after just 33 days, and the attempt on JP II’s life resulting in the humiliating bullet-proof popemobile both he and we all had to endure? (a side point).

    “And the king went in to see the guests, and saw there was a man who wore no wedding garment, and he saith to him, “Friend, how camest thou here without a wedding garment?” But he was dubfounded ……. ”

    Who is this man who did not wear a wedding garment?

    It is a spiritual allegory, so surely spiritually speaking, it would mean a man who did not even admit whilst in its presence that a wedding was taking or had taken place….hence no “wedding garment.”

    The bells are ringing.

    Kath-Julianne. - Greetings in the Lord in whom we live and breath and are! I agree with what you say about eucharistic miracles. This is the purpose of them - to correct a deficiency of faith.

    So too the weeping statues throughout the world. We must ask ourselves why?

    Not ask what is wrong out there. but what is wrong with ourselves - us; It is a very personal call to correct our spiritual lives now; and to try to prevent as far as possible the Apocalypse for ourselves.

    The Apocalypse 2012-2017 is written in stone. The wake up call cannot be delayed for one second.