Закрыть ... [X]

[03/05/16]   We feel as thought we have been on a hiatus from posting on here. We always limit our sessions during the first of the year to our One Year Clients or special occasions. With it being a slow time of year anyways, we love the fact that it allows us not to miss any of our kids' sports or activities. We got lucky on this February day for sure, with 60 degree weather!
Harper's 9 month session, with big brother Hunter. He loves his little sister so much, and is so good with her. (And props to him taking so many pictures with us, he now has his smile and posing mastered) :)

[11/13/15]   For all of those with sessions on Sunday, we will be in contact tomorrow to let you know meeting places. After the wind storm, some of our good fall places aren't so great anymore, so we are checking things out tomorrow. :)