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Big Family

Black and White Portrait






Sample Shoots



Graduation Photography

Graduation Portrait Photography

Big Family · Black and White Portrait · Family · Graduation


Outdoor Big Family Photo Shoot

Generation Family Photography

Big Family · Family · Studio

Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

Family Portrait Photography

Children · Family · Sibling

Home Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photography

Newborn · Sibling

Simpl Newborn Photoshoot

Light & Simple Newborn Photoshoot


Black and White Portrait

Black and White Portrait · Children · Sibling

Maternity Photography


Outdoor Children Photo Shoot

Children Photography

Children · Sibling

Family Photography East Coast Park

Family Photography East Coast Park

East Coast Park · Locations

Big Family + Outdoor

Locations · Studio

Studio + Outdoor

Locations · Studio

Marina Bay Promenade

Locations · Marina Bay Promenade

Family Portrait Botanic Gardens

Botanic Garden · Locations

Garden By The Bay

Family Photo Shoot – Garden By The Bay

Garden By The Bay · Locations

Jacob Ballas Botanic Garden

Sample Photo Shoot

Sample Shoots


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What Our Clients Say...

Great with People

“There were about 20 of us. Ages spanned from 98 to 2, members of the family who wanted to play photographer, children who did not want to smile for the camera and tired members of the family from travelling. Yet, Hart took it all in his stride. He was easy going, warm and made everyone feel right at home. He took great natural shots of all of us and we absolutely love love love the photos.” – Ren Jong


Always Deliver

“Just completed our third family shoot with Hart. We’ll be back again next time. Hart is amazing with the kids – fun, patient and getting the best from them – and somehow manages to make the tense nervous adults relax too. The pictures are always beautiful, happy shots which capture our girls’ personalities. Service is always seamless and timely.” – Kate Laya


Fun & Fast

“We had a fun couple of hours posing for Hart, he was easy going and made us, a family of 5 including 3 teenagers. feel totally comfortable. Loved his location shots close to the studio! Tomato Photo is a very efficiently run studio and the turn around of the photos for selection was within 2 days! Thank you Hart for beautifully capturing this moment in time for my family.”- Heshani Nesfield


Professional & Easy

“The family photo session we had with Tomato Photo was fabulous! As a mum of an active toddler and a newborn, I was initially unsure whether I wanted to subject myself to stress for picture taking but having gone through what I had gone through with the studio, I would definitely recommend Tomato Photo to anyone who’s looking for a highly professional and a hassle-free experience. Hart is extremely good with the kids (think baby whisperer!) and my 2.5 year old son still remembers him fondly 2 months after the session. The pictures turned out really good too, capturing all the happiness within the family and the innocence of our children. Just like the quote “A picture is worth a thousand words but the memories are priceless.”

Exceptional service, perfect photographer, quality product, efficient delivery — what more could I have asked for?” – Lee Lee Campbell

Natural, Fun & Relax

Hart was a fantastic photographer, instantly putting our 2 small boys at ease. He created an environment where we could all relax and have fun whilst he snapped away, resulting in beautiful photographs reflecting the true nature of our sons. Highly recommend Hart for family sessions.” – Gavin & Sian Brown

Full of Value

“This is what every newborn photography experience should be like. Hart is very professional to parents and newborns alike. From the first email correspondence, Hart and his staff were very responsive. Hart takes the time to get to know the baby. He definitely knows how to calm my baby, fed him, changed his diaper, soothed him, to the point that my baby was susceptible for picture-taking. Hart was extremely patient; he didn’t mind the fact that my baby soiled his props a couple of times. The price is a bit steep but it’s worth every dollar.” – Jen S