Sanam Re….it happens to release while Valentine’s Day is nearing. Well, is it the perfect Valentine treat? Read more to find out.


Bollywood has its unique way of showing how destiny kindles romance between individuals who are friends since childhood. Well, Sanam Re also banks heavily on this time-tested concept.

Pulkit, who is employed in Mumbai, is so pre-occupied with proving his mettle in his office work that he doesn’t have time for thinking about love. And what a cruel manager is Manoj Joshi! 

Pulkit has come to the city, even forsaking his childhood love . And yes, his mother too is not given proper attention by him. But as though to give him the much-needed break, he is being asked to go to Tanakpur, his hometown, to do away with the dilapidated photo studio which was owned by his sick grandfather . Here he becomes nostalgic.

The director also takes us to Pulkit’s travel to Canada for the very purpose of sustaining his job which is under threat. Pulkit goes to a yoga camp there and involves in getting the attention of for his official requirement. And he bounces upon Yami there and ruthlessly prefers her over Urvashi, who has fallen for him. What happens later? How is unreciprocated love and love with the same person again dealt with? Watch the movie to know.

Star Performances

Pulkit Samrat has given a restrained performance. He is also seen showing off his body (inspired by ?). But his character sketch is so ruthless that that one wonders about the real meaning of love. Yami Gautham, who moves around the movie with her innocent expressions, has done a pretty good job. (Well, hope you haven't forgotten the alleged relationship between Pulkit and Yami in real life). Urvashi Rautela is sizzling, and she has nothing more to do in the film. Rishi Kapoor, though appears in a minimal role, impresses us. In fact, his cameo adds luster to the film. , who is quite a reputed comedian, disappoints us with her comedy.


Sanam Re is the second venture of director (the spouse of T-series manager ), after the 2014 Yaariyan, which was quite a hit.
And yes, this film is produced by her husband himself. There is no doubt that Sanam Re has a convincing premise; Divya Khosla Kumar has invested on a concept which has its own share of pain and happiness. However, while maturity should have been the very essence of the film, the film falls short in that aspect.

What’s there?

  • The movie shows potential initially.
  • Music by Mithoon, , and gives the melody that is so required for such films.
  • The locales are fantastic. Himachal is shown in its full glory by cinematographer .

What’s not there?

  • Some dialogues really embarrass us. 
  • The movie relies on glamor to a great extent. 
  • The movie is very much in the predictable lines. 
  • Sometimes the movie really tests our patience. 
  • The choreography is below average. 
  • The comedy only ends in irritating the audience. 
  • We are not able to emotionally connect with the characters.
  • The film has similarities to the likes of some hit Bollywood films. 
  • Certain important questions like why Yami goes to Canada are left unanswered. 



Nothing significant about the movie except the outstanding cinematography.