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Are your kids sharing spaces? It might be time to ditch the standard twin set. We found a whole crew of designers (and a few ingenious moms and dads) with the right frame of mind—they’ve elevated bunk beds to a whole new level of cool. Suspended from ropes, designed to look like things that go vroom, or decorated in vibrant hues, here are the best bunk beds for sleeping multiples in style.

photo: Jeff Wandasiewicz via Flickr

We love the modern look of this bunk bed. From the white on wood design to the circle cutouts and combined with the cool gray walls, it's the perfect way to give a small space a stylish upgrade. 


You love the sleek, modern look of your nursery furniture from P'kolina, so it's music to the ears to hear they've got a new range of bunk beds! Sold exclusively at , the bunk beds come in four colors, is made in pine wood and comes with a sturdy built-in ladder. 

We love what did this boys room. The bunk bed is built-in, which makes it sturdy and has the bold hardware for a modern feel. We also love the curtains that allow for privacy.  

This cool bunk bed comes with tents for enclosed play, and the Brazilian wood frame adds elegance to any room. Buy one for your kiddos over at . 

Your princess will feel like she just stepped out of the European countryside with this . The cottage features a staircase and slide for up and down access and real wood shingles for that authentic look and feel. Check out the other builds on for more jaw-dropping bed designs.

John Deere might not be a brand that your city slicker kids are familiar with, but we're pretty sure they'll once they climb into it. Every aspect of this awesome bunk bed pays tribute to the hard-working brand, including an exact color match and decals used.


The has designed a room and a bunk bed set that invites a master builder to cozy up in her very own LEGO bunk. We especially love the steps that are fashioned to look like building bricks!

photo: Barbara Egan of Reportage

This contemporary space from from isn’t just for the birds. It’s also for kiddos who love to be tucked into a cozy space every night. The built-in bunks come with a special space for each kid to keep their treasures, and the tree-inspired ladder adds total charm.

The metallic frame on this bunk bed in a room by design firm really stands out. Not white, not wood, it adds a pop of industrial without feeling cold. Throw in colorful bedding and a good night sleep for tired kiddos won’t be just a pipe dream. Take a peek at this Deer Valley retreat by .

If you’ve got triplets (we salute you!) or three kids sharing a room, this modern bunk bed set from could be the answer to your dreams. The frames are designed to be attached to the wall, there’s room to tuck in the bedding around the edges of the mattress, and the simple design makes for a sleek look. If you’ve got multiples sharing a space, anything you can do to minimize bulk is a total bonus. Each one is made to order, .

When it comes to kids, bedtime is always an adventure. took that concept to the next level with this adorable camping themed bedroom. The traditional wood bed frame and the custom canvas tent attached to the top bunk help to make outdoor dreams a reality for a city kid.

We especially like this bed for little royals who might not be totally ready for a big kid's bed. The castle bunk bed, wrapped in coordinating fabrics from IKEA, is a DIY masterpiece designed by the very crafty mom over at .

Five people, two bedrooms, 1000 square feet. This unique set up describes the pint-sized abode of the mom-of-three behind . In search of a solution to sleeping her growing brood, she created a makeshift bunk bed by building a loft above the existing bed. The clouds double as a guardrail and decorative distraction from an unmade bed.

Beep! Beep! It’s nothing but sweet dreams ahead. As his daughter’s third birthday approached, and her days in the crib were numbered, this handy dad raced to finish her adorable big kid bed. Adorned with real VW parts, painted in a spectacular palette of psychedelic colors, and finished just in time for the big celebration, watch this incredible bed come together from to at Treehouser.

These gorgeous built-in bunk beds were an ambitious undertaking for one very handy dad. Constructed under the artistic direction of mom, Mikael of , and with a little inspiration from Pinterest, the beds are completely DIY (using no existing frame), and took more than two months to finish. Each level even includes its own bookrack for late night reading.

Any budding builder would flip over this bunk bed. In search of the perfect theme for her sons’ shared bedroom, Joan of stumbled upon the solution after stepping on one of the Duplo blocks scattered around her home. Using an IKEA bed frame, large wooden dowels and paint in LEGO’s signature hues, the bed became the centerpiece of the boys’ LEGO-themed bedroom.

Just hanging around takes on a whole new meaning with these awesome . Like a modern hammock suspended from strong ropes, this twist on traditional bunk beds was an ingenious solution to creating a shared sleeping space. Create your own with instructions from .

photo: Scott and Glen Murphy

Row, row, row your...bed! Inspired by vintage ocean liners, the décor in this waterfront home is a maritime dream. Known to renters as the “Boathouse,” a highlight is the “row boat suite” featuring handcrafted bunk beds designed and built by the proprietors. Sleepy seafarers can climb up the custom ladder, stay at sea level or opt for sleeping on the adjacent “dock” platform bed. Check out (or rent) the entire nautical space .

Expecting a new addition to the family? Your toddler might be ready to abdicate their spot in the crib and move on up…to the top bunk! Customize your shared space with a lofted toddler bed/crib combo. This bunk bed from features easy staircase access to the top bunk, a built-in bookcase, sturdy safety railing and shelving. The crib is even outfitted with wheels for easy re-configuration in any room! Your big kid will love having a hidden space all their own.

Architecture-and-design studio dreamed up these whimsical beds for two NYC boys. The modern built-ins come complete with a climbing wall, chalkboard, individual reading lamps and two extra bunks for sleepovers. It’s an urban kid’s dream.

Your little birdies will love this adorable treehouse-inspired bunk bed from . This modular bunk bed comes in an assortment of vibrant colors and unique configurations.

Ultra-versatile, the Up and Down Bed by Thomas Durner is designed to grow with your child. Individual “bunks” allow for multiple configurations, as single or lofted beds with an integrated ladder, storage space and side table. Delivered directly from the Netherlands, be sure to keep international shipping fees in mind!

Your little owlets would love sleeping in the hollowed out cubby holes of this unique bunk bed. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the nature-inspired sleeping quarters are just a glimpse of the features inside this incredible created by designer Alexandre de Betak.

Designed by Danish company Mimondo, the doubles as a modern centerpiece for your child’s bedroom. Made of sturdy materials and handcrafted to withstand years of climbing, the built-in ladder blends into the curved frame like the trunk of a tree. The structure itself resembles a playful work of art that any kid would love to sleep (or climb) on. Just be sure to ask for the American model.

The perfect sleeping quarters for your little campers, this adorable cabin was handcrafted by the Belgian design company . The house-inspired bunk bed is great for a shared space that doubles as a playroom.

We love the details found throughout this handcrafted bunk bed by Mette of , from the charming pitched roof to the whimsical cloud mobile hanging from the ceiling. Opting for a rock wall in lieu of a traditional ladder helped transform the top bunk into a private clubhouse that's definitely worth the climb.


— Scott Wardell & Lauren Hill

25+ Incredible Bunk Beds You Might Want for Yourself