how to style ANKLE BOOTS! WHAT TO WEAR with booties this fall!

How to Wear Velvet Booties

Three Methods:

Velvet booties are the perfect focal point for your outfit, especially during those chilly fall months. If you're trying to put together a casual outfit, you can pair your velvet booties with jeans, simple T-shirts, or leggings. Wearing embellished jackets, fitted dresses, or patterned skirts with your booties will make your outfit dressier. Don't forget to accessorize by matching scarves, handbags, and jewelry to your velvet booties as well.


Creating a Casual Outfit

  1. Pair your velvet booties with skinny jeans and a top for a simple look.Skinny jeans will allow you to show off the booties while also keeping your legs warm. You can choose a simple top like a neutral-colored T-shirt or sweater, and add 1 piece of jewelry to complete the outfit.
    • For example, pair red velvet booties with blue skinny jeans, a gray top, and a simple gold necklace. You can also throw on a neutral-colored jacket if needed.
    • Try to choose a solid-colored T-shirt to keep the booties as the focal point.
  2. Wear a denim skirt with your booties in warmer weather.Denim skirts will keep your outfit casual while adding a bit of flair. Wear a vintage-style T-shirt with an oversized sweater. Or, throw on a solid-colored button down to wear with the skirt, tucking in only the very front of the shirt.
    • Make sure the denim skirt doesn’t go below your knee.
  3. Throw a jacket over a dress for a chic look.Wearing velvet booties with a dress gives you a sophisticated look, and you can make your outfit look more casual by wearing a simple jacket over the dress. Choose a jacket in a jean, leather, corduroy, or similarly laid-back fabric.
    • Wear green velvet booties, a black cotton dress, and a jean jacket.
    • Wear tights under the dress, if needed.
  4. Cuff your jeans to show off your booties.If your jeans cover up your shoes when you put them on, roll up the bottom of your jeans 2-3 times. Cuff them so that they bottom of your jeans lies right above the top of your booties, making sure everyone can see them.
    • You can wear a solid-colored sweater or T-shirt with your cuffed jeans and booties.
  5. Put on leggings and a top for a laid-back look.Leggings will provide you with a comfortable outfit while being able to easily show off your shoes. Pair the leggings with an oversized shirt or jacket that covers your bottom.
    • Wear purple velvet booties, black leggings, a long, flowy gray shirt, and a jean jacket.
    • If you’d like to wear patterned leggings, you’ll want to opt for black velvet booties and neutral-colored tops.

Dressing Up the Outfit

  1. Wear a fitted dress to show off the velvet booties.Pairing your shoes with an eye-catching dress, such as one with a bold pattern, full skirt, or unique fabric, will make for a great outfit. Wear a dress with sleeves by itself, or throw on a blazer or nice jacket over a dress without sleeves.
    • Put on a floral-patterned dress with black velvet booties, or wear a spaghetti strap black dress with blue velvet booties and an embellished jacket.
    • Carry a matching purse or clutch to complete the outfit.
  2. Pair a printed A-line skirt with a neutral-colored top for a classy look.If you have a skirt in a plaid, polka dot, floral, striped, or other patterned fabric, wear it with your velvet booties for a lively look. Pick out a shirt that matches the skirt, most likely in a neutral color such as cream, black, or gray.
    • Wear an abstract-patterned skirt that goes just above your knee with black velvet booties and a cream sweater.
  3. Throw on black leather pants and a blouse for a bold outfit.The blouse can be flowy and made of a material like chiffon, or more tight-fitting and made of a knit or spandex material. Wear bold-colored velvet booties and throw a jacket on over your shirt if needed.
    • Choose a blouse that’s the same color as your booties, or wear a neutral-colored top with your black pants and have your jacket or purse match the booties.
    • You could wear black leather pants, a black shirt, and blue velvet booties.
  4. Show off a little black dress with bold-colored booties.If you have velvet booties in purple, blue, green, red, or any other color, put on a black mini or knee-length dress to go with them. You can put on a couple statement pieces of jewelry to complete the outfit.
    • Wear a shawl over your dress, or a jacket made of velvet, silk, or another classy material.
    • Put on an oversized necklace to make your outfit pop, or wear another accessory such as a headband, choker, or scarf.
  5. Combine different fabrics to create textured outfits.Wearing your velvet booties with a piece of clothing made out of leather, fur, silk, corduroy, or some other interesting fabric will create a more unique look. Just make sure the colors in your outfit don’t clash too harshly.
    • For example, wear a navy blue corduroy jacket with purple velvet booties, or a silk shirt with black velvet booties.

Adding Accessories

  1. Choose jewelry depending on your outfit’s focal point.If you only want your shoes to stand out, pick out a thin necklace or small earrings. If you’d like the jewelry to make a statement as well, wear bold diamonds or a necklace, earrings, or bracelet that’s the same color as your velvet booties.
    • For example, wear a blue floral statement necklace to match your blue velvet booties, pairing these with black pants and a cream sweater.
    • Wear a colorful skirt with black booties and a thin gold or silver necklace.
  2. Pick out a choker to match your velvet booties.Chokers are commonly paired with velvet booties, as they add to the unique flair that both pieces create in an outfit. Choose a pastel or neutral-colored choker that matches your outfit.
    • Wear a black choker with your little black dress and velvet booties.
    • Choose a red choker to match your red velvet booties. These can be worn with skinny jeans and a T-shirt.
  3. Carry an embellished handbag to dress up your outfit.If you have a handbag or clutch made of a bold fabric or interesting print, carry it with you when you’re wearing a more subdued outfit. If you match your handbag to your velvet booties as well, this will make your outfit look put-together and unique.
    • If you’re wearing black leggings, a blouse, and green velvet booties, pick out an eye-catching handbag that has the same green as your shoes in it.
    • Handbags that have patches, sequins, or embroidery on them are also great options.
  4. Wear a scarf that matches your velvet booties in colder weather.You can choose to wear the scarf around your neck, as a belt, or in your hair as a headband. Choose a solid-colored scarf to wear if your outfit already has patterns in it, or wear a patterned scarf if your outfit is made of solid colors.
    • Wear a floral scarf as a belt when you’re wearing cuffed jeans and black velvet booties, or wear a red scarf around your neck while wearing a black dress and red velvet booties.

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How to Wear Velvet Booties
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