With technologies constantly evolving, it is critical to align business strategy with well-crafted application development and maintenance strategies. It is crucial to have applications up and running in time for carrying out business functions smoothly. To ensure continuous availability, the applications must be maintained and supported by domain experts. Experts ensure that applications are in good health and increase the overall reliability, accessibility, performance, and effectiveness with a view on long-term sustainability.

OIT has multi industry experience with robust, cutting-edge software development. As leaders, We specialize in providing high quality IT professionals to help clients meet the most challenging deadlines comfortably. We also offer our clients completely managed, end-to-end application development and ongoing maintenance solutions at both enterprise and entrepreneurial levels. We have a deep understanding of various domains and expertise in handling the entire range of life-cycle and in-life services.

Versed in up-to-date, current technologies with optimized development methodologies and life-cycles, our experienced and skilled professionals have helped clients take stock of the various legacy applications, consolidate IT programs, and re-evaluate maintenance programs to ensure optimal, efficient, and cost-effective release cycles. We offer scalable, end-to-end application development and management solutions from requirements analysis to deployment and rollout.

Our service delivery framework ensures stringent quality measures in our processes and allows us to provide predictable, low-risk, high-quality development and maintenance services.

Our services span the following application lifecycle stages:

Application Development: End-to-end development from requirement analysis to deployment and rollout.

Application Maintenance: Changing or enhancing software to meet new business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application.

Application Support: First, second, third line, and on-call support.

Application Integration, Migration, or Transformation: Replacing, migrating, and integrating legacy systems.

Application Management: The application management layer cuts across all software engineering activities listed above. We take complete ownership of the outsourced suite of applications as per the agreed scope and manage support. This typically involves transition management, project management, proactive risk and scope change management, quality management, service level agreement (SLA) management, etc.

Our ADMS include,

  • LifeCycle Services:

  • Software quality assurance
  • Configuration management
  • Build management
  • Development support
  • Implementation and migration
  • Environment management
  • Database and operating system administration
  • Integration management
  • Acceptance into service
  • Performance modeling
  • Security testing
  • In-Life Services:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Line Support
  • Service management
  • Performance and capacity monitoring
  • Post implementation testing
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Data migration and system closure
  • Deployment management
  • Performance modeling
  • Security testing

Our teams bring in business focus and ensure that all initiatives are well aligned to customer objectives, delivering operational and cost benefits.

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