How I Make Money Online (never thought I would lol)

How to Make Money As a Nerd

Three Methods:

According to popular culture, it’s a good time to be a nerd (which we’ll define here as a socially-awkward, unstylish, high-achieving type, usually with a particular cultural or intellectual obsession).While grown-up nerds tend to make more money than others,nerdy teens can find traditional jobs like flipping burgers far from intellectually stimulating. With a little creativity, though, young people can find many ways to make money without having to sacrifice their nerdy ways.


Monetizing Your Mind

  1. Tutor the non-nerds.Maybe they ignore you, or make fun of you, but when they need to get a “B” on the final to avoid failing the class, they’ll be willing to pay for your nerdy expertise. You may be able to work through official channels at your school, or spread the word with postings (paper or digital).
    • If you’re not necessarily interested in tutoring classmates, you can also look into working for one of the many large tutoring companies. If you can prove yourself an expert on an academic subject, someone out there will pay you for that knowledge.
  2. Assist others with projects.This kind of work is similar to tutoring, but focuses on helping others complete specific academic or other projects. If your nerd talents involve physics or short film editing, to name a couple of examples, you can probably find someone willing to pay for your assistance.
    • Act as guide, advisor, or sounding board — never do the project for the person, or help them substantially in completing it without prior approval from the project’s evaluator. Be up front from the start regarding what kind of assistance you can and will provide, and don’t risk your own standing for a few extra bucks.
  3. Get paid to sit.Babysitters, especially of young children, are lucky to get a few calm moments while working. Petsitters may or may not luck out and get some quiet time while “on the clock.” Housesitters generally get paid to sit, which means you can engage in your nerdy passions while making money for hanging around someone else’s house.
    • Your nerdiness may play to your advantage in this instance, as people seeking housesitters may see you as less likely to have wild parties in their absence. Don’t prove them wrong.
  4. Submit yourself to science.Researchers at universities and medical centers regularly seek out members of the public for various clinical trials. If you let them pick your brain (or perhaps prick your arm, depending on the type of trial), you will likely be compensated for your participation. Such trials usually don’t require all that much time or effort on your part, either.
    • Your nerd status may serve you well here also. Some trials may be looking specifically for high-achieving types, or those who excel in a particular intellectual pursuit.

Promoting Your Passion

  1. Do freelance work.Nerds can excel at a whole host of subjects and skills — creative writing, computer programming, graphic design, playing music, you name it. Somewhere out there, you can probably find someone willing to pay for “as-needed” access to that talent. Websites like (one of many examples) can help you connect your skill to that someone willing to pay.
    • Just a reminder: as a freelancer, you are technically an independent contractor (at least in the U.S.), and are therefore responsible for reporting and paying taxes on your income.

Taking Advantage of Your Tech Skills

  1. Repair or set up computers, or be a computer tutor.If you’re a nerd, the chances are pretty good that you know your way around a computer. The odds are also good that you know people who are fairly clueless about them, and are willing to pay for your help. With as quickly as computers and other technologies keep advancing, there are always going to be plenty of people looking for help in catching up or keeping up.
  2. Assist the technophobes.Computers are just the beginning, of course. The “smarter” our homes and lives become (tech-wise), the more people will seek out those with expertise for assistance. And when people need help with their technology, they tend to want someone who looks, sounds, and acts (and gets the job done) like a nerd.
    • A few of the many tech tasks people might pay your to do include: setting up wireless networks and devices; digitizing photos, videos, documents, etc.; providing smartphone tutorials; and setting up personal or business websites.
  3. Be a helpful hacker.You might not be in line to become a real-life version of the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” but having hacking skills does not need to drive you into hidden, illicit existence either. Companies, organizations, governments, and even individuals who fear being hacked are sometimes willing to pay expert hackers to protect them.
    • So-called “white hat” hackers use their hacking skills to identify and counteract possible vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. With all the fears about hacking out there (legitimate and otherwise), this is the kind of job that could become a career for a savvy nerd.
  4. Be creative and resourceful.Basically, if your nerd talents include computers or other technology, the opportunities for making money off them are nearly limitless. As a nerd, you live your life a bit “outside the box” — while you’re out there, think of creative ways to make some money.
    • How to Make Money As a Kid from Your Computer offers a range of suggestions for making a little money online or by otherwise utilizing modern technology. They include, for instance:
      • Doing product reviews for payment.
      • Streaming your gameplay, if you’re a video game ace.
      • Setting up advertising links on your blog or video channel.
      • Completing product reviews for cash (but watch for scams).

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Discussion on this topic: How to Make Money As a Nerd, how-to-make-money-as-a-nerd/
Discussion on this topic: How to Make Money As a Nerd, how-to-make-money-as-a-nerd/ , how-to-make-money-as-a-nerd/

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