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How to Be Kind to People Worldwide

Are you keen to spread kindness around the world? It might feel daunting until you realize that there are lots of genuine, realistic ways to spread kindness around the world from the place where you live! Adding your daily piece of kindness to the world increases the hope that humankind will continue to move toward creating a better future for everyone.


  1. Acknowledge that kindness is contagious.You may have heard that misery is contagious––it is. And fortunately, kindness and happiness are even more contagious because people would rather feel good than unhappy. By demonstrating kindness in your actions and words as often as possible, you help to feed the reality that kindness is a better way for humankind. You also show others how to be kind through your examples. Spread it by doing it.
  2. Donate to a charity with worldwide links.Wherever you live, your money can be making lives better somewhere else in the world when you channel it through reputable charities. Choose your charity based on what you value and what the charity is doing to make a positive difference.
  3. Volunteer to do charity work somewhere beyond your own neighborhood.If you have the time to donate your skills as a volunteer, you can spread a lot of kindness through your generosity of time and teaching or helping. Perhaps you have a block of time to travel overseas to a place in need of volunteer workers. Or maybe you would like to do some volunteer work through online means, such as writing reports, filling out grant applications or writing useful instructions for people. There are many online opportunities to volunteer in a way that makes a difference to the world.
  4. Spend time creating community good.The world is also your own backyard and local community. By finding ways to improve community spirit, sharing and support you can contribute much kindness to other people. Find out what community support systems exist in your area already and what is lacking. Can you assist with existing projects or do you have the energy and time for starting something new? Some examples might include homeless shelters, soup kitchens, community gardens, child-minding facilities, vacation activities for children, sharing skills such as cooking, DIY and living self-sufficiently, etc.
  5. Defend people who are the victims of online intimidation.As a tool, the internet itself is neutral when it comes to its use. Unfortunately, there are some users who choose the darker path when it comes to being online, using it as a soapbox for thuggery, intimidation and bullying, aiming to drown out the voices of everyone who disagrees with them. Cyberbullies, online thugs, and trolls do not define humanity. They are people whose own sense of reality is warped by whatever bad experiences they've had and have chosen to inflict on others. Whatever their motivation, don't let them win. Humankind is better than that and it is kindness that will show the way.
    • Where online contributors or leaders seek to harm others, stand up for those at the receiving end and show kindness as a strength. By being kind and refusing to back down from pointing out the mean-spirited nature of the attack, you avoid falling for the intimidation and refuse to join in or be swamped by it. And by refusing to allow online attacks, you spread more kindness around the world, demanding that kind words and reasoned thinking become the standard for online interactions everywhere. Do not give in!
  6. Align your work and business interests in ways that spread kindness and empathy.A globalized world means that much of what we do at work or in our businesses has an impact somewhere else. Seek to tap into your empathy to help you see the world through other people's eyes and to stop seeing everything as being all about your own problems.
    • Remember that real people are at the end of your actions, your supply chain, your decisions and your number-crunching. Envisioning real people will help to keep you kind and connected to others. If you don't know how people will be affected by your actions, make the effort to find out rather than block it out!
  7. Live kindly.Wherever you are in the world, your kindness has a ripple effect. If you live life caring for other people and beings, you care about the state of the world you and your family and friends live in, and you care about humankind as a whole, your example will light the way for others. And even though you won't be aware of it most of the time, every kind deed and action will impact someone positively, somewhere in the world.
    • This kindness can include paying attention to where your clothes were made and if people were paid fairly for their labor.
    • Kindness can also be expressed towards the natural environment. You can choose to live more sustainably.

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Peace is good to find kindness for all
  • Kindness includes being aware of the supply chain that brings products and comforts to your home and table. Think seriously about where your lifestyle is sourced from––are the things you use and care about ethically derived? Your kindness can mean better lives elsewhere, such as when you prefer Fair Trade products over those products that lack transparency in their employment and environmental practices.
  • When he smiled I realized, I'd passed it on to him.
  • You should remember that being kind to people can be something as simple as smiling at them to cheer up an unhappy day. You could make them happy, and they will think of "the kind person who smiled at me, even though I've never met them".
  • Smiling is contagious,you catch it like the flu,
  • When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.
  • I passed around the corner,and someone saw my grin
  • I thought about that smile,then I realized its worth,
  • A single smile, just like mine,could travel round the earth.
  • So, if you feel a smile begin,don't leave it undetected
  • Let's start an epidemic quick and get the world infected!

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