In this tutorial we will show you how to Create a watermark in Photoshop CS6, how to add it to a image and then how to set your Photoshop CS6 up so that you can apply this watermark to numerous images in one action saving you time. This tutorial is in 3 steps.

In the first step we will show you how to create an effective watermark for your images in Photoshop CS6. Next we will show you how to add them to an image. And lastly we will show you how to make use of Photoshop CS6’s batch processing capabilities to add this watermark to multiple images in one action.

Photoshop CS6: Creating an Effective Watermark

First step in creating your watermark you need to decide for yourself do you wish to use text or an image such as your logo as the water. The process for converting this to a watermark is the same but you  still need to have your resources ready to go. What size is your watermark?

Open a new file in Photoshop CS6 with a canvas size to suit your needs but make sure the background is set to transparent. Add your text and logo images to this file how you want it set out.

Here is my example:Now make sure everything is selected and change it to grey ( I chose #666 as my color) and change the opactiy of everything to 50%.Now we need to add a bevel and emboss effect to your images. Again ensuring that all the visible layers are selected go effects in the layers palette adjust a bevel and emboss to suit what you are after then hit OK and change the blend mode to hard light.

One tip to remember is to make sure your watermark is not to big. You do not want it to be too tall or wide for the images you commonly watermark.

You can use what ever visual effects you want on your watermark, just bare in mind that due to the transparency of the image you will lose some of the effect of many of these effects. Once you are happy with the final result save the image as your watermark and we are ready to head onto the next stage. How to add a water to an image.

Photoshop CS6: Adding a Watermark to an Image

To drop a watermark onto an image open the image you wish to watermark. Open your watermark file. Click on the image when it is open and hit ctr-a to select the entire image. Ctr-c to copy the image to your clipboard and head over to the image you wish to watermark. Once in your image hit ctr-v to paste it into the image. Depending on the size of your image you may need to adjust or move the image around to suit the image. Once ready save your file but remember not to save over your original.

Now how do we apply a watermark to an entire folder worth of images in one hit.

Photoshop CS6: Batch Processing Watermarks on Multiple Images

To watermark multiple images we are going to record an action to watermark an image and then all we need to do is play it as a batch process.

Recording the action:

  1. Open an image to watermark. We must have this open before we start recording an action or else it will keep opening this image and watermarking it over and over again.
  2. In Photoshop go to Windows >> Actions
  3. At the bottom of the Actions Palette you will see a little folder icon, click on it and create a new folder to hold you action in.
  4. Once you have a folder to hold your action we need to hit the Create New Action button (next to the new folder Icon we just used.)
  5. Give our new action a name and set a function key (if required.)
  6. If the record button is not already depressed which it should be by default, hit it now to start recording our action. (located near the folder icon again but this time to the left)
  7. Now that our action is recording go to File >> Place
  8. When the dialog box comes up navigate to your previously created watermark file.
  9. Hit the Place button
  10. Position the watermark as you would normally have it (default is dead center) and hit enter.
  11. Go to File >> Save as,navigate to where you want your watermarked images to finish up and hit save. DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME if you do when you play the batch it will name all the files it saves with this same file name so each image in the batch will over-write the previous image in the batch.
  12. Close the image we just watermarked.
  13. when a save dialog comes up do not save the image.
  14. On the Actions Palette hit stop recording.
  15. Our Action is now recorded.
  16. To process an entire folder of images we go to File >> Automate >> Batch
  17. Select the folder in which your images are currently
  18. Select the folder you wish to save the watermarked copies too.
  19. Hit OK
  20. Photoshop CS6 is now watermarking all the Images in the selected folder for you.

Hope you all enjoy and are able to make good use of this tutorial.