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How To Make Car in Jar Snow Globe. Easy Kids Craft for Christmas!

Car In Jar Snow Globe

I was so confident that this project would come together easily …


easily and peasily, if you will …


And, truth be told, once I had my supplies it was a breeze …


Hot To Make Car In Jar Snow Globe

car-with-tree-in-mason-jar-christmas-decoration-6 1


Ball Collection Elite Wide Mouth 16 oz Mason Jar

Small Bottle Brush Trees (mine measure about 2″ tall from base to tip; here are a few buying options from Amazon. and and )

1:64 (or 1/64) vintage car (; unfortunately, the car featured in this post is no longer available)

includes affiliate links


The biggest challenge was finding the vintage car.


I mistakenly thought I would find one among my son’s collection of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.  A collection he just can’t seem to part with.  Even though he’s now 16.  And even though the old car cases are shoved deep under the TV armoire …


And as I rummaged through the remnants of his childhood, I came to realize that he was always attracted to the raciest of cars.  Souped up with lots of flames …


nothing that inspired the homey, Norman Rockwell feel I was after.


I guess, when it comes down to it, what kid wants to push around mini vans and wood sided station wagons?


But I wasn’t deterred.  My great white hope was the thrift store.  Surely I’d find a giant box of vintage cars there …


Um. No.


It was at this point that I started to question my plan …


and questioning why I hadn’t even bothered to come up with a Plan B.


My next (and final) stop was Toys R Us.  And I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t looking good.  I was faced with an aisle filled with race cars in neon colors and monster trucks.


But then there … there at the very end of the aisle … tucked behind three other cars, I found it.


The perfect car.  The perfect vintage car to use in my snow globe scene …


car-with-tree-in-mason-jar-christmas-decoration-3 1


{The name of the company that makes this car is called GreenLight Collectibles.  Here’s a link to their website:  }


Now for the easy part.  I started by cutting off the base from my bottle brush tree …


car-with-tree-in-mason-jar-christmas-decoration-8 2


… and then tied to the tree to the top of the car using baker’s twine.




The final step: Put the car in the jar on a small bed of faux snow.


car-with-tree-in-mason-jar-christmas-decoration-2 2


And voila.


My picture perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas scene …



… captured as a car in jar snow globe. 🙂


Christmas Craft Idea: Car In Jar Snow Globe

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