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 From left, Seaman Daniel DelBianco, Seaman James “Derek” Lovelace and Petty Officer 2nd Class Caplen Weare. (Courtesy of DelBianco family, U.S. Navy and the Weare family)

CDR Jay Hennessey, US Navy SEALs Selecting character and competence
Commander Commanding Officer - Basic Training Command 
Biography:   As a , Jay has completed numerous overseas deployments in and outside theaters of war throughout the Western Pacific, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In addition to his operational tours, Jay has served in a variety of other assignments involving selecting, training and qualifying young men to become U.S. Navy SEALs and Special Warfare Combatant Crewman. 

CDR Commanding Officer - Basic Training Command
"SN James "Derek" Lovelace was aided to the edge of the pool by instructors where he then lost consciousness. Resuscitation efforts and first aid at the scene were unsuccessful," the Navy said. The pool exercise involves treading water and swimming in dive masks and camouflage uniform. Trainees take part in the exercise on their first week to determine their competency and confidence in the water, the Navy said. "Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of SN Lovelace," said Capt. Jay Hennessey, commanding officer of the Naval Special Warfare Center. "Though Derek was very new to our community, he selflessly answered his nation's call to defend freedom and protect this country." 

Apr 9, 2013 
Former Navy SEAL Jan Janos graduated BUD/S Class 49. His brother Jim Janos (AKA Jesse Ventura) graduated BUD/S Class 58. Don Shipley Navy SEAL BUD/S training Interview with a former Navy SEAL Jan Janos. 
Hell Week, Quitting and Training Tips for aspiring SEALs. http://www.extremesealexperience.com/ Extreme SEAL Experience SEAL and BUD/S Prep courses are conducted in Norfolk, Virginia (Chesapeake) home of the East Coast SEAL Teams BUD/S Special Forces Army Ranger Marine RECON MARSOC Air Force Para Rescue, Navy SEALs Prep Training. EXTREME SEAL EXPERIENCE.com. 

Hell Night, Platoon, Advanced, SEAL Sniper, and SEAL Advanced Operator Training. SEAL Training BUDS Prep. Helo Cast, Underwater Knot Tying, Drown Proofing Training Our Training Course "Hell Night" is an intense 24-hours designed to build confidence and show guys how to survive Navy SEAL Hell Week. This is accomplished by using all SEAL instructors who have survived BUDS themselves and teach guys how they did it. The day gets progressively harder and at midnight, we take off the gloves as Instructors and see if trainees have learned anything they were taught during the day.

  Not a mindless day of push-ups and wind sprints, this is a training course dedicated to helping guys survive the "number one" evolution in BUDS ( Hell Week) that trainees quit BUDS Training participating in. "You can't do that in just 24-hours!" THE FK I CAN'T! I have since 1992 and it works... The second hardest part of BUDS is staying motivated for six hard months. Most guys know a lot about BUDS, but little about the ultimate goal, which is SEAL Team. And each push-up and each day in BUDS becomes harder. 

We take care of that with Advanced and Sniper Training courses and show guys some of what they'll be doing as SEALs. Training with SEALs and asking questions, planning missions, shooting weapons and combat survival helps maintain focus for the "Toughest Military Training in the World." Kick Some Ass.

Gene Odom                                                                                   Marcus Lutreel & Doug Gallaher

Doc Andy Nelson here. Claude was basically SRB’d out of the navy due to his high number of years. 32 or 35 years. He drank himself to death after he retired. Good man and CMC at ST-1.

From: Greg Middleton       to: Doc Riojas
Word that we got at ST-1 was that Claude died of acute alcohol poisoning two years after his retirement. Needless to say -- all the young bucks that he taught 'snap shooting" to...took it extremely hard. Chambo, Gus, and Doc Johnson (and the others in the Goat Locker...reminded us that we all had a "Shelf-Life". 
Always seemed that we routinely lost a huge amount of "industrial knowledge" every time someone was Piped Ashore or left to whatever new challenge they found. With the latest nonsense that I've been hearing regarding the UBL takedown...just seems that we have some weird need to "eat our own". 
Sorry to have to be the one that brought up Claude's passing to you...he was truly one of the Best! 
All my best... 
Greg Middleton

Clay Sherman


Clay Sherman then and now


cws444 - graduating UDT Training,


cws754 - x wife and I in Coronado before kids


cws715 - Police Academy graduation, my mother and stepfather,


cws270 - my dad, me and my two sisters


My daughter and Me

"UDTRA Class 55 Officers and Chiefs 4/10/71"

Hi Doc, 

I did receive the coins. Thanks! I never really looked at your site. It is amazing and it would take a long time just to look at it all. I found my stuff in the Album.  My mistake sorry. I didn't realize what your intentions were because I had never looked at your site. I was just giving you an idea of what I had done. Putting it on the site is fine. I used UDTRA instead of BUD/S Training because I believe that that was what it was called at the time. Within two years the new training unit was completed and both coasts training were consolidated to the West Coast. 

Thank you,     Clay Sherman                   clay.sherman  [at]    gmail  DOT   com

Utah Static Full Combat Jump77 - Training in Utah


From: Clay Sherman
to: Hi Doc Riojas Date: 09Sep2014
Subj: Photos and history about my Navy Career as you requested I did receive the coins. They're pretty nice. I'm glad you got that check. I did cancel the other one. 
Attached are a few photos you asked about. I graduated in West Coast Class 55 on 4-10-1970. I did one tour of Vietnam from Jan to July of 1971. The de-escalation began then and no one replaced our platoon. Some of the other platoons may have had more combat but on one of our ops one of our guys was killed (Lester Moe). This had been his fourth trip back to back. He had a wife and daughter and one on the way. 

Once back in Coronado I did my time and got out (2-13-1973). I went back to New Jersey, worked for my Mother and Step-father in their towing business for a year and then I became a cop in 32 man PD. I had wanted to be a cop all my life. 

My Dad was one for 35 years. I quit the PD in August of 1976 and re-entered the Navy in September of '76. I went to Norfolk to be outfitted. While there I met Mike Naus. We both got orders to SEAL Team One. I was there until January of 1984. From there I headed to Dam Neck where I stayed until about April of 1992. 

I headed up to Washington D.C. to be the SEAL Detailer. In July of '95 I headed to the Dive Locker in Panama City, FL and after a year I became the Base Command Master Chief and on January 31, 2000 I retired with 29 years 4 months. I was already a Bay County, Florida Deputy at that time. I did about 5 years there and then came up here to assist my step-mother. 

 I have two fantastic kids. Jason is 30 married to an FBI Agent. He's a civil engineer working in the Dallas, TX area. Lynsey is 28, married and works for the State Attorney's office in Tallahassee. She has a Communications Degree. And I'm not a grandfather yet. So that's my life in a "nut shell". Life was great at times and not so good at other times just like everyone else. So you can see what I looked like a "few years ago and now.

 I don't know where the time has gone. I know you understand that. 

Take care, Clay

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LCDR Mc Nally




The Naked Warrior statue is a commemorative to the founding of the original U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Teams, and stands near the 1943 commissioning site of UDT ONE and UDT TWO .
The legendary actions of these early frogmen in WWII were essential to our eventual victory. Decades later, the UDT’s developed into the SEAL (“Sea Air Land”) Teams.

This site will perpetuate this remarkable history and provide a gathering place for SEALs and their families for generations to come. If you would like to attend the dedication, please rsvp by email to Brian Barbata at before October 31 , 2014 .
Bellows is a restricted military installation, and your name will be preleared on a list at the gate if you rsvp Present a copy of this invitation to the gate guard.
You should plan to arrive by about 3:45 and we will wrap it up by 5:00.

Pupus and refreshments will follow. For directions, type “Bellows Field Park” in your map or GPS application, or send us an email.
We look forward to seeing you on November 11th !





A Vietnam Sea Story by:   Richard Cyrus of SEAL Team TWO

From Doc Rio
To:  Larry Bailey 
Date: August 1, 2014 
Subj: Question by Dick Cyrus, can you answer it, please

Larry, below is the question he asked me, perhaps you may know the answers:

Rio my friend and teammate; 
Do you remember what Plt. relieved your Plt. the 7th in My Toe? I was in Ving Long from Jan. 68 for a couple of months before my Plt. the 9th was transfered to Can Toe. We were relieved by a West Coast Plt. I don't know who relieved you guy's. Lt. Anderson was our Plt. Officer in Ving Long, He got shot in the ass and went home. Gormly took over in Can Toe. Who was the Doc in the 7th Plt in Jan & Feb. 68 ? 
When you get up answer my e-mail; I think it's about 0725 at your house because it's 1925 here in the Pi. 
Best Regards Teammate;   Be careful over there. 
Richard Cyrus ,  "sperm depleted in the P.I."

From: "Erasmo \"Doc\" Riojas"
To:  Richard Cyrus
Date: August 1, 2014  
Subject: Re: Do you remember? 
I'll work on that. I thought you were in the platoon that relieved us? Didn't we break you in? I'll ask around. thanks you OK? 


 From:  Larry Bailey 
To:  Doc Riojas
Date Aug 1, 2014 
Subj:  Question by Dick Cyrus about  who relieved the 7th Platoon in MyTho 1968.

RIO  Capt Rieve may know but I do not have his email address. I am sending this email to about 25 guys that were in Team TWO that may remember. 
Larry Bailey


  From: richard cyrus 
Date: Aug 2  2014
Subj: My Visit to MyTho Vietnam in 1968 and what i remember about my First Combat Op in 'nam

Rio; My Plt (9th.) was getting set up in Ving Long; we had just got in country. Ed Bowen and I were the Plt. Engineers for the outboard motors on the Stabs. We found out that Jessie was in My Toe and ask Lt. Anderson if we could take the Boat to My Toe to get Jessie to Tune Up the Motors. He said yes and we went. When we got there we found out where you guys were and went to visit. 

After a few beers an a visit to see the local girls since Ving Long had none because the town was blown up(TET). Jessie tuned up the motors that day. The next day we were going to leave when some of the guys Harry Constance, Mike Boynton ask Bowen AND I if we wanted to go on a OP that it would be Fun. I told them we didn't bring our gear, only our weapons. Someone said don't worry about it we have gear both of you can use. 

Tell you the truth, I really didn't want to go. I had heard about the ops the 7th had been on and the fact that you guys always made contact when you went out. I was thinking that I would like to break in slowly. When we were getting dressed out someone loaded me with a full load of M-79's in my Vest plus I had a full load of 20 round Mags. in my jacket; and all the misc. other gear.

 Lt. Peterson split the Plt into 3 squads. We went in on PBR's at 3 different locations. I was in front of you since you were Rear Security, and I think Lt. Pete ask you to look out for me since it was my first op. I remember there was no Moon out and I could not see anything. The next thing I know was one of the groups made contact and was being chased by a large group of Bad guys. All squads were told to head for the River and extract by PBR's that would be waiting. 

On the way there, we had to swim a canal that seemed to me like a River. I tried to unload the M-79's and the vest but couldn't get them out or get the vest off. Trying my best to side stroke holding my Car/XM148 out of the water, well that didn't last very long. Anyway I could not see the bank or anyone else, so I started calling you as quietly as I could. 

You told me to get my Ass across that I was almost there; and I started thinking, "How does he know" After what seemed like forever, I swam into the Bank and you were right behind me. At that point we climbed up the bank onto a Dike and started half running and walking fast. Someone a couple of guys ahead of me fell over something, kicked it to the side and kept going. 

Then I remember it got Pitch Black for about 10 secs. I ask you what that was, You said A HOUSE. After a few more minutes we arrived at the river where the PBR was waiting. The next day Bowen and I got the Hell out of My Toe. I saw my life pass in front of my eyes many time in that canal that night. You saved my life by the quiet chats we had in the canal. 
To this day I don't know which squad made contact or what happened after that. There was a LRPP Army or Marine that was in one of the other squad's that Lost his M-16 in the canal; So I know that that had be be a WIDE CANAL. My first Op with my HERO Plt. 

Thank You Teammate for Chatting with me. Say Hi to the Family; and Be careful over there. 
PS: I think Bob Rieve my have been in Training during that time frame. 
Dickie Dickie 
RIO Note: You say that I saved your life on your fist OP?   LOL, you saved your own frogman life,     thank God ! 





         21MAR2012, Movie Benefit & Funeral photos ! 


  R.I.P.  Michael F. Parrish



CDR John T. Boyd  R.I. P.

CDR John T. Boyd, USN, Retired, passed away on 21 August 2013 after a hard-fought battle with cancer. John was born on 12 April 1938 at Benghamson, New York. He entered the Navy in 1962, and reported to UDT Training and graduated with Class 29 on 10 December 1962. John reported for Duty to Underwater Demolition Team ELEVEN at USNAB, Coronado, California. During his time in UDT-11, He was assigned many varied task and deployments. John demonstrated his ability and was an Outstanding Officer and highly respected by his men. In March 1964 he met Linda Jackson at a Sorority Dance, and deployed to Viet Nam in June 1964. Upon preparing to leave for his second tour in Viet Nam, May 1965, they were engaged: partially at Linda's insistence that she was not necessarily going to wait for him through another deployment without a more deployment without a more 
serious commitment. It would be another year before both John, and Linda's father, CDR James R. Jackson, Jr., a Navy Pilot, were both home from Viet Nam. John & Linda were married on 29 May 1966. Also, in 1965, John was selected to work with an RDT&E project for the recovery of downed pilots. He was assigned for the DASH HELICOPTER Project. It was designed to use remotely controlled Drone Helicopters to rescue downed airmen in hostile territory. John successfully accomplished the mission and made many notable comments -- However, the Drone crashed the next day and the program was scuttled. 

John had been performing his duties in an outstanding manner and was selected for Duty with SEAL Team ONE. Thus beginning his long and proud service as a US NAVY SEAL, including service in Viet Nam, the CO of UDT- 22 at USNAB, Little Creek, VA, and special selection to go to Poole, England to assist in the review and rewrite of NWP's and NWIP's for Special Warfare. John made a career with Naval Special Warfare and had Duties including; Chief Staff Officer, COMNAVSPECWARGRU TWO, Staff Operations & Plans, and Commander, Special Boat Squadron TWO. 

He was awarded the following Awards and Citations; The Defense Meritorious Service Medal, 2 Joint Service Commendation Medals, 2 Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals (1 with Combat V), the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, 1 Presidential Unit Citation (SEAL Team ONE), 1 Meritorious Unit Citation, , 1 Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation w/Gallantry Cross, 1 Vietnam Campaign Medal, and 6 Vietnam Service Medals. He retired from the Navy on 1 June 1983 and spent the last 30 years working in every handy way imaginable, enjoying his time with Linda, their neighbors, and his woodworking,






                                             Bo Reichenbach  W.I.A. Aug2013


L.E. Warnick  R.I.P.



                                                                     Matthew Jacob DUNN  08Jul1974 - 18Aug2012

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Matthew J. Dunn, 39, near his home in Pacific Beach, CA on 18 August 2013, from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.



   recently released, great pictures



Kiet Nguyen 
to  Doc Rio, 
Subj:  There were NO LDNN captured and held as POW !

  Hi Doc,            
Many thanks to you. Ken Conboy wrote this article is interested, but it has some errors. Example: 
1) The LDNN had training in Cam Ranh bay was in May 1970 for class # 4 then there after 4, 5 and 6. Of course you were there too. And I was amongst of first group came to Cam Ranh to clean up and set up the camp before class # 4 begun. 
2) There is no LDNN member have captured by Chinese navy. Indeed three KIA and few guys had wounded. 
Ken wrote: 
When the Vietnam ceasefire went into effect in 1973 the SEALs returned to LDNN Headquarters in Saigon. At the same time the CSS was dissolved, with the Navy contingent given the option of transferring to the LDNN. 
In late December 1973 the government reiterated its territorial claim to the Paracel Island chain off its coast and dispatched a small garrison of militia to occupy the islands. By early January 1974 the Chinese, who also claimed the islands, had sent a naval task force to retake.the Paracels. On 17 January 30 LDNN SEALs were infiltrated on to the western shores of one of the major islands to confront a Chinese landing party. The Chinese had already departed; but two days later, after SEALs landed on a nearby island, Chinese forces attacked with gunboats and naval infantry. Two SEALs members died and the rest were taken prisoner and later repatriated. 

LDNN CDR,    Larry Bailey CAPT (SEAL) and Kiet Nuyen at 1st LDNN reunion Houston TX


In 1960 the South Vietnamese Navy proposed the creation of an Underwater Demolitions Team to improve protection of ships, piers and bridges. Later in the year a navy contingent was sent to Taiwan for UDT training; the one officer and seven men who completed the course became the cadre for a Lien Doi Nguoi Nhai (LDNN), or Frogman Unit, formally established in July 1961. The LDNN, with a proposed strength of 48 officers and men, was given the mission of salvage, obstacle removal, pier protection and special amphibious operations. 
Soon after the creation of the LDNN a second unit was formed: Biet Hai,or 'Special Sea Force', paramilitary commandos under the operational control of Diem's Presidential Liaison Office and given responsibility for amphibious operations against North Vietnam. US Navy SEAL (Sea, Air and Land) commando teams began deploying to South Vietnam in February 1962 and initiated in March a six month course for the first Biet Hai cadre in airborne, reconnaissance and guerrilla warfare training. By October, 62 men had graduated from the firstcycle. A planned second contingent was denied funding. 
In early 1964 the LDNN, numbering only one officer and 41 men, began special operations against VC seabome infiltration attempts. Six Communist junks were destroyed by the LDNN at Ilo Ilo Island in January during Operation 'Sea Dog'. During the following month the LDNN began to be used against North Vietnamese targets as part of Operation Plan 34A, a covert action program designed to pressure the Ha Noi regime. 
In February a team unsuccessfully attempted to sabotage a North Vietnamese ferry on Cape Ron and Swatow patrol craft at Quang Khe. Missions to destroy the Route I bridges below the 18th Parallel were twice aborted. In March most of the LDNN was transferred to Da Nang and colocated with the remaining Biet Hai commandos. During May North Vietnam operations resumed by LDNN teams working with newly trained Biet Hai boat crews. On 27 May they scored their first success with the capture of a North Vietnamese junk. On 30 June a team landed on the North Vietnamese coast near a reservoir pump house. Ile team was discovered and a hand to hand fight ensued; two LDNN commandos lost their lives and three 57mm recoiless rifles were abandoned, but 22 North Vietnamese were killed and the pump house was destroyed. 
In July a second class of 60 LDNN candidates was selected and began training in Nha Trang during September. Training lasted 16 weeks, and included a 'Hell Week' in which students were required to paddle a boat 115 miles, run 75 miles, carry a boat for 21 miles and swim 10 miles. During the training cycle team members salvaged a sunken landing craft at Nha Trang and a downed aircraft in Binh Duong Province. Thirty-three men completed the course in January 1965 and were based at Vung Tau under the direct control of the Vietnamese Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Operations). 
In 1965 the LDNN was given responsibility for amphibious special operations in South Vietnam. Maritime operations against North Vietnam were given exclusively to the Da Nang based Biet Haicommandos and Hai Tuanboat crews, both incorporated into the new seaborne component of the STD, the So Phong Ve Duyen Hai (Coastal Security Service or CSS). The CSS, a joint services unit, was headed by an Army lieutenant colonel until 1966, then by a Navy commander. CSS missions focused almost entirely on short duration sabotage operations lasting one night, and had a high success rate. The CSS relied heavily on special operations teams temporarily seconded from other services. Teams on loan from the Vietnamese Navy considered most effective, were codenamed 'Vega'. Other teams came from the Vietnamese Marine Corps ('Romulus') and Army ('Nimbus'). The CSS also controlled 40 civilian agents ('Cumulus') until the mid 1960s. Unofficialy, the term Biet Hai was used for all CSS forces, regardless of original service affiliation. CSS training was conducted at Da Nang under the auspices of US Navy SEAL, US Marine, and Vietnamese advisors. Further support was provided by the CSS's Da Nang based US counterpart, the Naval Advisory Detachment, a component of MACVSOG. 
By the mid 1960s US Navy SEAL teams were being rotated regularly through South Vietnam on combat tours. Specialists in raids, amphibious reconnaissance and neutralization operations against the VC infrastructure, the SEALs worked closely with the LDNN and began qualifying Vietnamese personnel in basic SEAL tactics. In November 1966 a small cadre of LDNN were brought to Subic Bay in the Philippines for more intensive SEAL training. 
In 1967 a third LDNN class numbering over 400 were selected for SEAL training at Vung Tau. Only 27 students finished the one year course and were kept as a separate Hai Kich ('Special Sea Unit,' the Vietnamese term for SEAL) unit within the LDNN. Shortly after their graduation the Communists launched the Tet Offensive most of the LDNN SEALs were moved to Cam Ranh Bay, where a fourth LDNN class began training during 1968. During the year the Vietnamese SEALs operated closely with the US Navy SEALS. The LDNN SEAL Team maintained its focus on operations within South Vietnam, although some missions did extend into Cambodia. Some missions used parachute infiltration. 
LDNN after Tet 
In 1971, in accordance with increased operational responsibilities under the Vietnamization program, the LDNN was expanded to the Lien Doan Nguoi Nhai (LDNN), or Frogman Group, comprising a SEAL Team, Underwater Demolitions Team, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team and Boat Support Team. Headquarters remained in Saigon. For the remainder of 1971 the SEALs operated in 12 18-man detachments on neutralization operations and raids inside South Vietnam. SEAL launch sites included Ho Anh, north of Da Nang, Hue and Tinh An. 
During the 1972 Easter Offensive the SEALs were transferred to Hue to conduct operations against NVA forces holding Quang Tri; after Quang Tri was retaken some of the SEALs went to Quang Ngai to resume VC neutralization operations. After US Navy SEAL advisors were withdrawn in late 1972 the LDNN SEAL Team, now 200 strong, took over training facilities at Cam Ranh Bay; training, however, was cut in half, with only one fifth given airborne training. The SEALs had been augmented by ten graduates out of 21 LDNN officer candidates sent to the US for SEAL training in 1971. 
When the Vietnam ceasefire went into effect in 1973 the SEALs returned to LDNN Headquarters in Saigon. At the same time the CSS was dissolved, with the Navy contingent given the option of transferring to the LDNN. 
In late December 1973 the government reiterated its territorial claim to the Paracel Island chain off its coast and dispatched a small garrison of militia to occupy the islands. By early January 1974 the Chinese, who also claimed the islands, had sent a naval task force to retake.the Paracels. On 17 January 30 LDNN SEALs were infiltrated on to the western shores of one of the major islands to confront a Chinese landing party. The Chinese had already departed; but two days later, after SEALs landed on a nearby island, Chinese forces attacked with gunboats and naval infantry. Two SEALs died and the rest were taken prisoner and later repatriated. 
During the final days of South Vietnam a 50 man SEAL detachment was sent to Long An; the remainder were kept at LDNN Headquarters in Saigon along with 200 new SEAL trainees. During the early evening of 29 April all SEAL dependents boarded LDNN UDT boats and left Saigon; a few hours later the SEALs departed the capital, linked up with the UDT boats, and were picked up by the US 7th Fleet in international waters. 
By Ken Conboy Reference: http://ngothelinh.tripod.com/History.html 
Vi?t Nam C?ng Hòa Muôn Nam Ever the Republic of Vietnam
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     Michael F. Parrish    R.I.P.


                                        A Skydiver  






12MAR2012, Movie Benefit & Funeral photos



It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Dan who was killed in a   on Saturday, 03 March. Dan graduated with BUD/S Class 55 in Coronado on 10 April 1970 and served in UDT-13 and UDT-12.  Dan is a Vietnam War Veteran.  For information regarding Dan's funeral services, please click on the Dan Potts Funeral Information below.  here will be Movie Night fund raiser held by the Gulf Coast Chapter of the UDT-SEAL Association with proceeds donated to Memorial Benefit for Dan Potts Family.     Movie:  

May Dan Rest in Peace

submitted by Ken Abasolo





The Gulfcoast SEALs and friends


                                        DAN J. POTTS  R.I.P.

Daniel J. Potts, 61, of Houston, Texas died March 3, 2012 in a skydiving accident in San Marcos, Texas. 

He was born January 4, 1951, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to Jerry and Alma (Tittle) Potts. Dan enlisted in the US Navy in March 1969 during the Viet Nam war and volunteered for duty to serve in combat with the UDT-SEAL Teams. Dan qualified for and completed training in BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training) Class 55 and served in Vietnam with UDT 12 and UDT 13 until July 1972.

 Dan moved to Houston in 1980 and became a self-employed master plumber and spent his entire career as a self employed independent businessman and had an excellent reputation for quality work and dedication to his work. Dan was an active member of the national UDT-SEAL Association and served as the founding President of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the UDT-SEAL Association from  2000-2006. 

He was an active member of the Republican Party, the Holley Terrace Civic Association, the National Rifle Association and the United States Parachute Association. It has been recently said of Dan that he “Lived Out Loud!” Yes, Dan knew how to “live” and he invested his time in the things in life that he valued most. Dan was a man of deep moral conviction. Every person that knew Dan, even casually, knew the level of his faith. Dan was a devoted man of God and he tailored his life around that conviction. Dan’s life was a public demonstration of service.

 Dan loved God and determined early on, to live a life of service to the Lord. That service not only included an unfailing dedication to the family that he so deeply loved and committed to his care but, Dan’s level of service went well beyond. Dan loved his country and was deeply committed to serving this great nation, not only in words and deeds right up to the day of his death but, going back to his military days fighting for our freedoms on the battlefields of Viet Nam, with the US Navy UDT-SEALs; an organization he dedicated his entire adult life to supporting. 

In short; Dan Potts was a man of immense moral conviction that was liberally demonstrated through a life without compromise. He did not compromise his faith in God, his love for his country, his love and dedication to his family, nor his love and dedication to his friends. To be a friend of Dan Potts was a special bond, for Dan knew how to be a friend, and just like everything else he did, he demonstrated his friendship as “action.” Yes, Dan did “Live Out Loud,” and for those that had the privilege of knowing him deeply, know just exactly how loud his love and devotion were. 

Dan is survived by his wife, Janet Potts; sons, Aaron Potts and Wesley Dees, wife, Monica; daughters, Samantha Meli, Sarah Potts and Vanessa Potts; grandchildren, Brady and Carter McIntyre, Parker and Grayson Dees, and David Meli; his mother, Alma Potts; brothers, Thomas Potts, Matthew Potts and Andrew Potts; and numerous nieces and nephews. Dan was preceded in death by his father, Jerry Potts and brothers, David Potts, John Potts and Timothy Potts. 

Dan will be brought home by his fellow Navy SEALs to St. Jerome Catholic Church, 8825 Kempwood, Houston, Texas for the funeral service at 11:00 a.m., Friday, March 16. Rev. Msgr. Dan Scheel and Father George Henninger will celebrate the funeral mass with a reception following in the Father Raye Center.

 A memorial fund has been established for the family. Please send donations to: Amegy Bank Janet E. Potts, Trustee Dan Potts Memorial Fund
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Houston man killed in skydiving incident near San Marcos By Ciara O'Rourke | Thursday, March 8, 2012, 03:12 PM 
— A former Navy SEAL died several miles outside of San Marcos this weekend after a skydiving formation went awry. 

Daniel Potts, 61, was trying to form a mid-air circle with friends he was skydiving at Skydive San Marcos in Fentress on Saturday when a less-experienced jumper collided into the Houston resident, Texas Department of Public Safety information specialist Aidee Trottier said. Footage of the incident indicates that the jumper accidentally pushed Potts, who was knocked unconscious and didn’t open his parachute, Trottier said. 

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating, Trottier said. No charges have been filed, she said


From: Larry Lyons ljlyons  [at]  texoma  DOT  net
To: Rev Lyons email List
Date: Mon, Mar 12, 2012 
Subject: Dan Potts

Hello all, Most of you know that we lost a good Christian, Father and Team Mate.  I was Dan's Leading Petty Officer at different times, different Platoons in both UDT-13 and UDT-12 and have staying in touch with him all these years.  I will miss him dearly.  








Vanessa     Monica & Jan Potts       and  Vanessa Potts




someone please ID these SEALs for this picture. email me at docrio45 [at] gmail DOT com


From:  Janet Potts;   jepotts7  [at]  excite  DOT com 
To:      Doc Riojas
Date:  04SEP2012
Subj:  Hey, Doc;  This is Janet Potts. 
I hope you, Lourdes and all of the family are doing great. I truly appreciate you keeping in touch with me. 
I just wanted to let you know that Dan's ashes were released at his memorial skydive at Skydive San Marcos on April 21. All 5 of our kids were there and 4 made their 1st jump at his memorial with Vanessa (our youngest) releasing Dan's ashes. It was absolutely beautiful! Vanessa had just turned 18 in December and Dan was going to take her for her first jump over spring break in March. As Vanessa said, she got her first jump with her dad...and his last jump. 
A Memorial Marker for Dan was placed at the VA Cemetary the week of Fathers Day. I have attached a photo of the marker. 
Also, at Dan's Funeral Mass, I was told there was a piece of wood that the guys put their tridents on and the SEAL banner that everyone signed. Dan's brother and sister-in-law came from Florida last week to visit and asked to see the banner and the wood with the tridents. I told them they have not been given to me yet.   I do appreciate everything you, Chris Nicola,  and the SEALS have done for Dan, me and my family. The shock and disbelief is really hard to deal with. I still have trouble believing Dan is gone and will not allow myself to sit and think about it. 
Doc, thank you so much for staying in touch. You are truly a great friend. Dan always told me that you guys were family and would always be there for one another.....He was right. THANKS! 
janet Potts
281-850-8372 cell 
"Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near. Still loved, still missed."
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                 Homer C              

                         Homer "Doc" Marshall and Clara Marshall







Can somebody ID all these SEAL?    email me with their names:     docrio45  [at]  gmail  DOT  com




Mundt's MadCats


John Bisaillon UDT-3



Dale A. Calabrese, age 63, and Audrey A. Calabrese, age 57, both of Orwell passed away Dec. 6, 2011, in Trumbull Township as a result of an automobile accident.
Dale was born March 23, 1948, in Cleveland. Audrey was born Sept. 10, 1954, in Nanticoke, Pa., and both had been longtime area residents.
Dale married Audrey (Laskowski) July 7, 1973, in Coronado, Calif.
Dale retired from Sheet Metal Local 33 in Cleveland. Dale served with the Navy UDT Team 11/Seal Team 1 during Vietnam as well as the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Grand River.
Audrey was an RN at Hillcrest Hospital for many years.
Dale and Audrey had a love of life. They enjoyed doing everything together including going to wineries, gardening, photography, fishing and boating. Dale enjoyed hunting while Audrey would cook and bake for her family. They enjoyed traveling and going for walks together with their dog, Burly. Their greatest love was spending time with their friends and family, especially their grandchildren.
Survivors are Dale's mother, Lucy Calabrese of Chardon; their daughters, Jessica (Aaron) Bable of Montville Township and Rebecca (Nathan) Johnston of Hartsgrove Township; their son, Eric (Jeni) Calabrese of Shapleigh, Maine.



              Timothy G. Szymanski                                            Robert "Eagle" Gallagher & Ken GLess


Frank Moncrief & Jim Tipton              Wally Schwalenberg and Silver SEAL K-9






      ;        Class 15 East Coast                                                                 Chuck Pfarrer 

  Jim Wood


Tom Keith


Barry Enoch    Eagle Gallagaher     SeaWolf,     STAB    Wally Schwalenborg


                                                                                Adam Brown







Here's a picture at beginning of training. All pumped up. Ha-Ha:

I'm on the left! Dennis K. McCormack

Doc Rio,                                                                            16 Oct 2010
I have the picture that was taken for articles I have written in The BLAST and the SEAL Ethos magazines. I have some older pictures I can draw from as well. I was a plankowner for SEAL Team ONE, and almost immediately was sent TAD to SEAL Team TWO for a European grip to France, Norway, Greece, and then back to France, before returning CONUS.

I Was called back to SEAL Team TWO for Cuban Missile Crisis while on leave in Pittsburgh, PA. Stayed there for several months till mission was called off by JFK. Roy Bohem informed me that he was going to transfer me to Team TWO, as he had heard I was a good operator. Kind of a funny story, as I told him I was stationed in Coronado, and my family was there, but he insisted and at one point picked up the phone (I think he was playing games with me) as I think he pretended to call DC detailer and requested me to be transferred to Team TWO. 

I called my CO and was informed that he could not do that, and not to worry, as things were already set in motion for an upcoming op and he would see me soon. Whole issue became a moot point, as Team ONE was soon on board and we joined forces with Team TWO for the Cuban Missile crisis. Nick Benzschwel was in my group with an assignment to blowup a dam and some bridges in Cuba. More of an diversionary effort as I think we were expendable. Fun training for the op though. 

When I went to Europe, we were with Special Forces in Paris, and then jumped into Norway and operated with Norwegian frogman, and then jumped into Greece with an op with Greek commandos. Ah, for the good old days!!! Some people on board for that op included, Jim Tipton (now there was a real character. 

Jim and I  met recently in San Diego and had a good laugh about some of the things we did on that op), Stan Janeka, Pete Peterson, Mel Pearson, Lloyd Cobb, Roy Gray, Rusty Campbell, Graverson, Andy D'Errico, Ron Fox, John Callahan, Doc Stone, Nick Benzschawel and others. 

Here's a picture of the entire group with Norwegian counterparts. You might be able to name a few more. Let me know what kind of picture you might want, and I'll send that separately.
Dennis K. McCormack


1st row kneeling: Rusty Campbell, Mel Pearson, Andy D'Errico, Nick Benzschawel. Other two in this row I do not recall names.
2nd Row standing: Graverson, Lloyd Cobb, Dennis McCormack, Jim Tipton, Ron Fox, a few more I do not recall, and John Callahan. 
Back Row standing: Roy Gray, Doc Stone, and others I can't recall.


Oh yeah, came across some other names from the Bergen, Norway trip.

Swede Thornblom, McLean, Stan Janecka.  There was another person named Awalzachuck (sp!!!!) and we called  him alphabet.  Do you know any of these guys?  You might be able to pick them out from picture.


On next leg of our journey we jumped into Greece and met up with commandos.  Went to a lake in Greece and worked on physical conditioning, swimming, diving medicine and physics, demolition training, inland penetration, maritime sabotage techniques, nomenclature and assembly of closed circuit diving system, compass lecture and practical work with diving compass board, IBS usage, diving closed circuit (Emerson), familiarization with AR-15 (became M-16), inland penetration techniques, and joint operation with Greek commandos for sneak attack on British rail yard.  Stormy night, perfect for what we wanted to do, but not too popular with our Greek counterparts.  


Dennis Mc Cormack 

Here's a picture of me in Vietnam 1964.

Here's the picture I use for articles:

Dennis Mc Cormack 

Passport Photo 1962:

Boxing picture where I had my nose broken; won by TKO though. HOOYAH!

Dennis Mc Cormack 

Publicity photo (I'm wearing wet suit).

Dennis Mc Cormack 

Did you know Vince Olivera(wetsuit)?    Here we are together in Vietnam.
Olivera and McCormack

Graduation from Class 23, 1959. Started with 44, and graduated 9. HOOYAH! I'm 2nd from the left standing: 


Left to right standing: Jim Ritter, Dennis McCormack, Tom McDonald, Gerry Harmon, Jack Ratliff. Kneeling: Harry Monahan, Ed fisher, Carl Mariott, Frank Watton.


Standing in my Backyard  Dennis Mc Cormack 



Teaching knife fighting DaNang circa 1964:

Dennis Mc Cormack 

Getting ready to hit the surf DaNang 1964:

With a few of the Nungs circa 1964 Danang:
Dennis Mc Cormack 

With team of Nungs circa 1964, DaNang, Vietnam OP34A:   Dennis Mc Cormack 


D.K. McCormack SEAL  Da Nang Vietnam
Rio,  Here's another picture from DaNang Circa 1964 as I was teaching demolition work with Nungs.

Briefing Nungs by Marble Mountain circa 1964.   Dennis Mc Cormack 

Showing how it is done on an obstacle course we built circa 1964.  Dennis Mc Cormack 



DaNang 1964 getting ready for prima cord demonstration   Dennis Mc Cormack 

DaNang OP34A circa 1964:   Dennis Mc Cormack 

Vince Olivera and me circa 1964, OP34A  Dennis Mc Cormack 

Here's one taken at My Khe, our base camp in DaNang circa 1964  Dennis Mc Cormack 

Here's another at base camp:   Dennis Mc Cormack 

Base camp at My Khe, DaNang, Vietnam. 

Did you ever meet Doc Williams? Here he is, along with Abe George and Bob Henry egging him on, as they give a dose of something to pep up my truck!

ST-1 Quarterdec k Ceremony 


Here are some pictures from SEAL Team ONE Quarterdeck Ceremony.  

You might recognize a few of us: 

Irish Flynn (Our 1st Admiral) & Dennis McCormack

Plankowners Art Abbett, Rusty Campbell, Dennis McCormack & John Swider

Plankowners Gary Fraser & Dennis McCormack

  XO ST-1 Leif Babin & Dennis McCormack

Gary Fraser & Moki Martin

I'll get some pictures of quarterdeck next time I am on base. Take care, Dennis


email:     DKMSEAL   [at]   aol    DOT   com



  John B MClaren                   Patrick Mulderrig


SEAL Team TWO CPO Initiations, 1960's Some of these SEALs are still Alive!  


Cornelius J. Leyden (MDV), Master Diver 


Cornelius J. Leyden (DV)
Cornelius "Corny" J. Leyden, 72, a retired Master Chief in the U.S. Navy and a charter member of the UDT-SEAL Association, passed away September 22, 2001. Corny served with UDT 21 and 22 from the mid 1960s until he retired. He was an expert in diving and was responsible for the development and fielding of the diving rigs that the SEALs use today. Corny was also instrumental in the introduction of the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle to the Teams and the operational SEAL Delivery Vehicle of today.
He is survived by his loving wife, Dorothy E. Leyden; five daughters; two sons; 15 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; one sister; and two brothers. Cornelius "Corny" J. Leyden, 72, a retired Master Chief in the U.S. Navy and a charter member of the UDT-SEAL Association, passed away September 22, 2001. Corny served with UDT 21 and 22 from the mid 1960s until he retired. He was an expert in diving and was responsible for the development and fielding of the diving rigs that the SEALs use today. Corny was also instrumental in the introduction of the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle to the Teams and the operational SEAL Delivery Vehicle of today.
He is survived by his loving wife, Dorothy E. Leyden; five daughters; two sons; 15 grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; one sister; and two brothers.


  their review. click on sign.    You Gotta read this one !


The Largest Photo Album in WWW
by Erasmo "Doc" Riojas         docrio45 [a] gmail.com


NSW is a maritime component of U.S. Special Operations Command and the Navy's special operations force. 

The community is composed of more than 6,700 personnel including 2,300 SEALs, 600 SWCC, along with military support personnel, Reserve components and civilian staff.

 SEALs and SWCC focus on missions involving unconventional warfare, direct action, combating terrorism, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, information warfare, security assistance, counter-drug operations, personnel recovery and hydrographic reconnaissance.




        MCPO "Hoot" Andrews  ST-2  & Click on photo for more photos



Bill Goines Kidnapped by SEALs at his wedding

                                     Marie and Bill Goines

From: Larry Bailey  <larrywb  AT  suddenlink  DOT  net>
Date: Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Thought y'all might like this...
To: "Erasmo \"Doc\" Riojas" <docrio45  AT gmail  DOT  com> 

We messed up Bill Goines the night of his bachelor's party.  He made the wedding okay, though.
Shaved his balls and the usual stuff.
Bill, as you know, was African-American.  That night we got a bunch of LP album covers, placed them on our heads, and put bedsheets on top of us like the KKK.  Then we formed a procession with each one of us holding a burning cross made of clothes hangers and wrapped in toilet paper.  We kidnapped him at his wedding.   It was really authentic-looking.  

Even Bill later commented that he was concerned! 
L Bailey

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Photo ALbum,  The best looking diver in the U.S. Navy !



 NOV 2009 

  Vietnam Photos NOV 2009  Roy Dean 


               F.R.O.G. =  Fully Rely On God !                                    




                                            N O T I C E !                                               also   click on   REFRESH !

Right mouse any photo that does not download to your computer.  from the drop down menu select "SHOW PICTURE."
I am 99% sure all the photos are there.  Email me at docrio45 [at] gmail  DOT com  if you find any problems.       Rio






Colleen and Robert J. Thomas at their wedding 1977. 
 Notice first medal: Navy Cross which most of us know
it should have been the MOH.


BackRow Stand L.toR.:  Mark "The Cat" Morris/ Huey/ Freel/ R.J. Thomas/ P.C. "Big Foot" Welborn/ Frank "Pig" Wagner/ Dave Littrel/ Rocky Dumais / Jim Barron/  Al Becker/  Joe Colamarla/ Dusty Taylor  Bottom Row Kneeling, L to R.:  A>L. "Chip" Fielding/ R.L. "Nick" BenzschAwel/ Dave Bantone/ Don Graclo/ Mathias Mayer  / K. G. Martin/ Mark Lile  MISSING from Potos:  D.D. West/ Arty Ruiz / Ralph Barron/ Ross Huddleston/  W.R. "Doc" Clark.
                          out here,  R.J. Thomas Platoon Officer   05AUG2011      

07AUG2011:The kid in the pic I couldn't remember is Mathias Mayer.


                        Collen & Bob Thomas


  Bob's Citation:


The U.S. Army recommended R.J. Thomas for the M.O.H., but the U.S.Navy Saigon Desk Commandoes downgraded it to a Navy Cross.  None of us SEALs are too happy about that.  Bob deserves it and some of the men that were on that Helicopter shotdown crash have tried to reverse that decision without success.   "Bob" deserves the MOH !   HooYah!        FYI about the military's fairness in awarding the MOH: Naval Special War Group awarded a congressional medal of honor to an officer in SEAL Team ONE that in most combat experienced SEALs have privately voiced against such award.  One of the most adamant objectors was a SEAL that wrote the book "FIRST SEAL."  He is long dead, so this information will not harm his reputation.  From all that I have heard from SEAL Team ONE men on that award, and from what has been printed in the TIMEs Magazine about that officer, it is probably true.

                                                                           R.J. Thomas &   Hunter F. Grimes III in   Vietnam and he was the heavy (7.62MM M-60) machine gunner in my squad. I am carrying a Stoner 63A which was a linked (5.56MM) system with a hundred round drum magazine. SEAL Teams were the only military forces to be issued this weapon and it ultimately evolved into the Squad Automatic Weapon System (SAWS). I lost that Stoner when I was shot down in a Seawolf Helo while conducting a sniper recon.   The third dude in the slouch hat is non other than  Dick Moran. Ron Yeaw  was our squad officer normally.             Best Regards,                   RJ Thomas



TO:   Doc Rio45  [at] gmail  DOT com

 My friend Doc Salts just passed and I feel bad on that' he saved my sorry ass in Guam when I was pretty messed up w/ undiagnosed Hepatitis A and was totally out of it w/ fever.  I got medavac'd out of there a month later thankfully that was July 1970 coming back from RVN.  

BTW:    CDR Bob Thomas and I  went to the same OCS class, matter of fact.  we finished in Feb '77.  He forgot where the North Star was in the nasty Celestial Final, so he got commissioned 2 days after me.  So I was always senior to him. ha  ha 
Of course, I cannot shoot quite as well as he does. 

 Hey, hey he (RJ) was lucky his (now) beloved wife Colleen basically tutored us thru OCS else wise we might not have made it.  Thomas did not go for the CORFAMS either even though he got lambasted for the stuck with his full out leather shoes.

 Got to love RJ ...he stuck w/ his essentials yes, we patrolled our way to the dark side but have never forsaken our roots, as it were I still have my original issue cracker jacks jumper ....... even Popeye would be proud of me.   it was my last shot over the bow since they seemed to work hard to find ways to give me also humongous (relatively) responsibility even as an E5. same RJ his Navy Cross and all

when they outlawed beards when the Zumwalt era ended, I thought  that he was going to have to go into permanent counseling.   RJ's  is out there in Fallon with his massive weapon collection. 

I stayed overnight with he and Colleen a few yrs back after I did some work at Hawthorne where we train some of the G-2 folks with the mobility vehicles.   Almost my entire adult life has been with NSW. I am still here running ranges including this monster M one that is now  the centerpiece of training and containment here at the Creek for many of our combat skills.   

3 more yrs and I am out of here to go sailing and stuff in Coronado and then spend summers in the San Juan Islands in WA State. That is the basic plan at least.  

Steve Frisk, CDR USN Ret.
No spill check,
not politically correct


Yes Steve was already in the SEAL TEAM ONE when I arrived. He was a great guy. He later became an officer and went to SEAL TEAM TWO. He was an incredible athlete.


here you go from the wayback machine Mike Thornton on the right and I as BUD/S First Phase Instructors at yet another party at trainee Ens Randy Albrecht's (Class 81) house with his then wee son. Circa late 1974/early 1975. 

                    Lt to Rt:Steve frisk and Mike Thornton

Note the sideburns going on......we drank a lot of jug wine in those halcyon days.........i can assure and Mike and I were on the Mike Douglas Show out on the "O" Course when it came to town doing all the Navy and one day reserved for NSW. 

  We had Cliff Robertson out there, the Lennon sisters,Larry Czonka, the Monkees Singing Group......I personnally had to, of course, help (physically assist)one of the Lennon Sisters over one of the obstacles....a lower rung of the "Dirty Name".....  :-) This was sent to me as: "Child Molestors"  

 Steve Frisk, I was ET1 at the time. 


                     Bob Thomas  behind him is  Chuck Fellers


From: Robert Muzslay

 To: BUDS81 [at] aol.com ; Carl Yuill ; Eugenio Crescini ; Erasmo "Doc"Riojas ; Fred Schempp ; Gary Powel ; Jeff Moran ; John Edson ; John Schmidt ; Markley H. Boyer ; PAUL D WNEK ; Ray Fritz ; Rich Black ; Robinson, Joseph G. ; Sgtsteprt [at] aol.com ; TERRA FLYNN ; Tip Ammen ; Tom Blais ; Tony Rossi ; Udt21frogman [at] aol.com ; WMyers6694 [at} aol.com Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 7:39 AM
Subject:  Bob Thomas MOH
From: fmilcusguns [at] aol.com [mailto:fmilcusguns [at] aol.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 13,
To: rmuzslay [at] sterlingcreditcorp.com 

Subject: Bob Thoms MOH
The following is the account of the Battle in which PO 2 R.J. Thomas saved many wounded people and killed at least 35 enemy combat troops. Using only a 45 with 85 rounds at his disposal. He was put in for the Medal of Honor by the US Army. More later. 

Note from Bob to Rio:


You know better than that...I may have scratched out 7 or 8 with the ol clunker gun, but when we got up in the air with the slick, I was ground sluicing them with the 60. They didn't have anywhere to run and I let the air out of quite a few...I don't know about 35, I'd like to talk to the guy who counted. 

Quien Sabe, 

Tu Amigo, Bob

Seawolf Detachment Three Seawolf Door Gunner Bill Rutledge 
Battle at Ha Tien 23 March 1969, Da Dung Mountain Area 
Other articles with limited information have been written about these two difficult days in the lives of these brave pilots and gunners from Detachment Three. As other articles I have written, I write this to add to our history and to pay tribute to those that fought these horrific battles, those killed in action and the survivors. In other articles, details and participants were left out that need to be recognized for their heroism and participation in these missions. I have collected much of20this missing history and using o fficial documents, written first hand accounts, citations and phone conversations wi th individuals on scene, have for the most part been able to reconstruct part, if not most of what occurred on these missions. I have not been able to contact everyone involved and apologize if some details are missing and personnel not noted but I have done the best I could with limited information. Maybe the whole story will never be known. 
Until May 1970 when President Nixon legalized incursions into Cambodia, there were to be no crossing of the border. Although there had been several large operations along and over the border, one being operation SEALORDS, many other covert missions had been executed in which the Seawolves were involved with no after action report or one reflecting the action being flown this side of the border. It was hard at times to distinguish which side of the border you were on. The Cambodians 20 would let enemy unit s openly operate and stage from the Cambodian side. They would make raids into Vietnam and escape back 20 across the border, knowing we would not follow and attack. On many occasions they were in for a SURPRISE! 
Ha Tien 23 March 1969, Approximately 10 AM. I don’t have all the details on this mission, but it went as follows. The Navy light fire team of two heavily armed Gunships from HA(L)3, Detachment Three, staging from Ha Tien on the Northwest coast of Vietnam near the Cambodian border. They went on a scouting/strike mission to locate a local Warlord in the Da Dung Mountains area. The Warlord had been coming off the Mountains, pillaging, plundering and killing residents of the local villages, and having his troops attack military outposts. He would then retreat back into the mountains, and using his 4 inch Mortar, rain down havoc on the villages and any pursuing troops. With this intel the Det 3 Gunships went out. =2 0 =2 0 
The situation on Det 3 with three FTLs20(Fire Team Leader) at the time was 48 hrs on 24 off and alternating the FTL after each strike. On the first mission the lead bird was manned by: 
LTJG Randy Miller, Fire team Leader (FTL). LCDR Keyes (Copilot), Petty Officer Mike Schafernocker (Gunner/Crew Chief) Petty Officer Dan Riordon (Gunner) 
The trail gunship was manned by: LTJG Dick Barr, Attack Helicopter Aircraft Commander (AHAC), LTJG Pawlowski (Copilot), Petty Officer Rick Abbott (50 Cal.Gunner/ Crew Chief) Petty Officer Howard Meute (Gunner) Navy SEAL, Petty Officer Seco nd Class Robert Thomas (Recon/Observer). 
The area where the strike was to be put in was very near Ha Tien=2 0and consisted of rice paddies leading up to two mountains, the Nui Sa Ti and Nui Di Yung. Nui Dai Yung was the target where the Warlord operated from. As LTJG Miller rolled his fire team in, he started taking heavy fire from both mountains and the surrounding area. LCDR Keyes and both gunners commenced firing on the enemy positions. Miller’s Gunship was armed with 14 rockets with proximity fuses. The enemy fire was so heavy that when the fourth rocket was launched it was exploded by the intense enemy fire just in front of his aircraft. Not being able to fire any more rockets for fear of one being exploded immediately after launching, he broke off the attack to save the bird and his crew and returned the fire team to Ha Tien. There they fixed a problem with a rocket pod, rearmed with PD rockets, refueled and went out again. 
On this strike LTJG Barr became FTL with his crew and LTJG Miller the cover bird. Arriving back on target and rolling in again under the heaviest fire every seen by the fire team, LTJG Barr launched several rockets with all other weapons firing. 

His gunship took a disabling enemy hit and Barr called to Miller he was hit and going down. Miller followed the lead bird around and again Barr radioed he was hit, meaning he personally had taken a hit in the foot. Autorotating to the ground from around 500 feet, his bird hit hard within firing range of both mountains. The trail bird saw Petty Officer Thomas, the Navy SEAL, thrown a distance from the crashed lead bird. Smoke was seen coming from the wreck and no one was seen moving. 

Miller made a decision to land and let Petty Officer Riordan out of the gunship to help the crew of the downed bird. Then, Miller went airborne again, positioning his bird between the mountains and the downed crew to take the fire off of them. Now, with Schaf e rnocker as his lone Gunner and LCDR Keyes using the four M-60 external flex guns, he made pass after pass, radioing May Day for assistance. 

Immediately after exiting the20aircraft, Petty Officer Riordan was wounded in the leg, but continued on and pulled Petty Officer Rick Abbott and LTJG Barr from the wreck. Navy SEAL Thomas worked his way back to Barr who was lying on the ground. To protect the injured Barr from the enemy fire, Thomas layed across Barr’s body and grabbed the only weapon available, Barr’s 45 pistol. He then took under fire the enemy, who were coming across a dike. LTJG Barr relates that Petty Officer Thomas was hitting an enemy with virtually every round.

 During this ground action, LTJG Miller made contact with two Army helos from the 175th Assault Helicopter Company who were inbound. Miller saw the advancing enemy and made a pass from behind the wreck, shooting rockets over the downed bird into them, as Shafernocker and Keyes continue firing. Miller continued makin g more rocket runs. The first Army helo on scene was 20immediately shot up trying to make the rescue. 

The pilot was hit, and left the area trailing fuel. The SEAL Team from Ha Tien had made their way on the ground to the battle zone, and along with LTJG Miller and his only gunner Schafernocker, they placed fire on the advancing enemy. This allowed the second Army helo with Copilot Kent Graham aboard to make an attempt at the rescue.

 This rescue slick was also hit numerous times, with the pilot being hit in the face and hand. With the wounded pilot, the Army bird went in again, landed and made the evacuation of the surviving downed Seawolves and Navy SEAL. As they were loaded up, Petty Officer Thomas’s injured back gave out. He saw an enemy soldier as he fell to the ground, turned over and in one motion, blew him away with one shot at 15 yards. 

During the rescue LTJG Miller kept his gunship positioned between the rescue bird and the enemy, taking the fire off of them. Dust Off arrived and took the wounded to Third S urg Hospital in Binh Thuy. The SEALS remained on the=2 0gr ound to recover the Seawolf KIAs. LTJG Miller returned to Ha Tien with his shot up bird. 

The enemy fire around the downed Seawolf was described as the same as a hard20rain hitting a dusty field leaving thousands of marks in the dust. A short time later, fast movers (Jets) arrived and unloaded rockets and napalm on the area. The downed Seawolf gunship was destroyed in place. 
Army rescue Copilot Kent Graham commented, “The most striking part of the rescue was the way the Seawolf cover bird (LTJG Miller and his crew) stayed with his downed comrades.

 What we did was SOP, anyone would have done the same thing. The Seawolf Wingman (LTJG Miller) was the real hero. I have no doubt that he would have continued making attacks until he ran out of fuel. 

This is one of the most important lessons of my life, no matter what happens, NEVER let your comrades down. Thanks, Seawolves” . 
Results of this battle: 
One Seawolf gunship shot down/destroyed 
One Seawolf gunship shot up, destroyed in place 
=2 0 
Two Army Slicks from the 175th AHC shot up 
LTJG Pawloski KIA 
AN Meute 
Navy SEAL Roberts WIA 
PO Riordan WIA 
PO Abbott WIA 
2 Army Pilots WIA 

Webmasters NOTE:         Bob Thomas RD2 (SEAL) was recommended for the MOH biy the U.S. Army, but the "desk-jockey" politicians downgraded it to a Navy Cross.  There is hope that this can be reversed in the year 2009.




                   Vice Admiral Albert M. (Bert) Calland III 

  this July 2007      

2nd ZHSZanesville, OH 43701 ,Quarterback Club luncheon to have patriotic theme By DAVE WEIDIG
Sports EditorZANESVILLE 

Ron Apperson pulled off a major coup last year, getting both Mark Dantonio and Jim Tressel here for the >  Zanesville High School Quarterback Club's first Past Presidents luncheon.He feels this year's program is just as important: appreciation of service in the armed forces, for those with and without football  ties. It will be held at noon on Friday, May 6, at North Terrace Church of We're not trying to duplicate last year, but we're still looking for equal success," Apperson said. 

It will honor U.S. Naval Academy Vice Admiral Albert M. (Bert) Calland III, a former football star at ZHS and Navy, who went on  to become a Navy SEAL platoon commander and is now Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support for the  CIA. Following the terrorist attacks of Sept 11, 2001, he transitioned his headquarters war fighting functions from MacDill Air Force  to the forward-deployed Joint Forces Special Operations Component Command. There he directed more than  and Coalition Special Operations Forces in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and eventually was appointed  Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command.  The event will also feature Calland's position coach at Navy, Gary Tranquill, now offensive coordinator at North Carolina FONT-FAMILY: Arial"> former assistant at Michigan State with Mark Dantonio when the Spartans upset then No. 1 ranked in Ohio  Stadium. Calland still holds the Navy record for pass receptions in a season (61 in 1972) and was the Silver Helmet Award  winner in 1973 as team MVP in his senior year. "Bert doesn't have the name recognition of a Dantonio or Tressel, but he's such a role model for all our area youth with his  achievements," said Apperson, who coached Calland in 1969 after he had been coached by Mel Adams in 1967 and 1968.

  "Here's a guy who commanded a 3,000-man Navy SEAL force, and was the first officer to set foot on the ground in Afghanistan ." Calland was appointed to the Naval Academy by Congressman Clarence Miller. >Also on hand for the Past Presidents Dinner will be another former ZHS football player, Willett Sawyer of , a Navy SEAL Vietnam era of the 1960's and 70's. Former ZHS football players who graduated from the military academies have  also been invited: Jim Queen (Navy), Dennis Lunghofer (Navy), Keith Farmer (Air Force), Tony Tabler (Army), Col. Jack Faires  (Army) and John Politis (Army). 

Jordan Young from ZHS is currently playing football at Navy, while Blue Devil Drake Aronhalt is playing basketball at the Navy  "Other veterans who didn't play football are still welcome to attend this and be honored," Apperson said. "Now is the time people  need to show appreciation for our military, what with them taking the National Guard right out of our communities. 

This gives our  community the opportunity to show that appreciation, and to show our kids what role models 

these people are."The Navy Honor Guard is also expected to attend.   March 17, 2005  
Adm. Bert CallandThe Calland File Vice Admiral Albert M. (Bert) Calland III, 52 Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support, CIA 1970 graduate, Zanesville High School , where he starred in football and also played baseball and basketball. 

1974 graduate, U.S. Naval Academy, where he holds the record for most pass receptions in a season (61 in 1972) 10pt; COLOR: black;   Class of 1982, Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUDS) training.   Platoon commander for SEAL Delivery Vehicle and SEAL Platoon and most recently, Commander,  Personal decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, the Defense Superior Service Medal (two awards),  the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the Defense Meritorious Service Award (two awards), the Meritorious Service Medal   (five awards) and the Navy Commendation Medal. 

Mother Nancy Calland, of Zanesville ; brothers Dick and Joe Calland.



Vice Adm. Albert 'Bert' M. Calland III, National Counterterrorism Center's Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning, to Retire

WASHINGTON, April 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) Director retired Vice Adm. John "Scott" Redd today announced that Vice Adm. Albert M. "Bert" Calland III, Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning, will retire on July 1, 2007, culminating a distinguished naval career spanning more than 33 years. Calland served in this key position since Sept. 2006, and was principally responsible for the U.S. government's strategic operational planning effort to combat terrorism by integrating all elements of national power across multiple departments and agencies. "In every position Bert's served, -- a SEAL team leader in the Arabian Gulf, a combat leader in Afghanistan, the CIA's Deputy Director, and finally, as my deputy for strategic operational planning - his contributions to our nation's security have had an enormous and enduring significance," said Redd. "Bert's strong leadership, unquestionable integrity, and total dedication to the mission and those with whom he served, exemplify the highest qualities of naval service. I am honored and blessed to call him 'shipmate.'" In June 2006, President Bush approved the National Implementation Plan for the War on Terror. As the NCTC's Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning, Calland's responsibilities encompassed the planning and integration of existing U.S. government counterterrorism activities, developing a common strategic direction for future operations and an assessment of their effectiveness. "As an experienced operator whose career focused on counterterrorism activities and special operations missions, Bert's credentials for this important national planning effort were impeccable," Redd said. Throughout his career, Calland commanded Naval Special Warfare units and Special Operations Forces at all levels, beginning as platoon commander of a SEAL Delivery Vehicle and culminating as Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command from August 2002 until March 2004, responsible for all Navy SEALS and Combatant Craft Crewmen. In July 2000, Calland assumed command of Special Operations Command Central (SOCCENT). Immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the U. S., he transitioned his headquarters' war fighting functions to the forward- deployed Joint Forces Special Operations Component Command, directing more than 3,000 U.S. and Coalition Special Operations Forces in support of OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM. As commander of all special operations forces for U.S. Central Command, during this operation, Calland was the first U.S. military flag officer to set foot in Afghanistan. In March 2004 he received his third star and was assigned to the CIA as Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support. In July 2005, Calland was appointed Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency, the number two position in the CIA, where he was responsible for CIA operations and activities around the world. Born in Columbus, Ohio, Calland moved to Zanesville, Ohio where he graduated from Zanesville High School. He entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1970 and graduated in 1974 with a B.S. degree in Oceanography. He received a Master of Science degree in National Resource Strategy in 1996 from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C. "On behalf of his many intelligence community colleagues and shipmates around the globe, I want to thank Bert, Cindy and his entire family for their many sacrifices," Redd said. "As he embarks on this next chapter of his life, we all wish him 'fair winds and following seas.'"

SOURCE National Counterterrorism Center



The UDT/SEAL Association (Wash Chapter) is arranging a retirement party honoring VADM Bert Calland and his wife Cindy. It will be held on 28 Jun from 1800 to 2100 on the top deck of the Crystal City Sports Pub. Location: 529 S. 23rd St., Arlington, VA 22202.

If you wish to attend, pls respond to me by e-mail indicating your attendance and the number of any other people you will be bringing. We need to get a good number for the purposes of arranging for the food (hors d'oeuvres) and non-alcoholic drinks.  To defray costs, we will be collecting per person at the door. A bar will be available and alcoholic drinks will be at each individual's expense.

E-mail address:

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UDT-SEAL Association | P.O. Box 5965 | Virginia Beach | Va

                                      Bert Calland hometown Zanesville OH               

      Per-Erik"Swede" Tornblom  was a Swedish National                                             Mc Cabe
       when in ST-2. Roy Boehm told him, "
       Swede if you don't become an American Citizen,
       you are outta here!"
       The Swede asked why? Roy said, "because I am tired of having
       to write the State Department every time I have
       to send you somewhere!"   20+ years later, the Swede was out!

                                                               &nb sp;                 ;                       click to enlarge 

ST-2 7thPlt 1969, enroute to RVN:Lt to Rt Stand: Ty Zellers, Doc O’Brien, Mike Nause, Mike Mc Carthy, John Jaunzems,  Fred Keener, CPO Mike Spencer, LT. Tom Hawkins
Kneeling: Bob Rieve, Joe Silva, Bill Day, Ed McQueen, Dennis Johnson, Jim Finley (not in photo) from:TyZellers Photo collection


7th Plt. ST-2 1969 RVN:                                      ;                    & nbsp;              "The Point Man" Jim Watson
  click on photos to enlarge  

                                                             email webmaster at:   docrio45 [@] gmail  DOT com                                  


  from magazine "Small Arms Review"        Mike Thornton (SEAL)  of the GulfCoast SEALs             Thomas Norris (SEAL)
  Vol.30 #3    "Patches" Watson


Mike Thornton SEAL MOH receipient            Funerals at sea for SEALs


Radm. Garry J. Bonelli 


                                                          About Rear Admiral Bonelli

Enlisting in the U.S. Navy in 1968, Rear Admiral (Select) Garry Bonelli graduated from the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center, where he was a member of the first-ever Underwater Demolition Team (UDT)/SEAL boot camp company. Following graduation, Rear Adm. (Sel) Bonelli made two ground combat deployments in Vietnam as a Navy Frogman with UDT-12. Then, in 1974, he became a member of the first Reserve Component unit of Naval Special Warfare.
In 1976, as a drilling Reservist, he completed his master of science degree in Mass Communications and received a direct commission in the Navy Reserve. He has served as the commanding officer of eight Navy Reserve units.
Rear Adm. (Sel) Bonelli was mobilized in 1990 in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, and served as the commanding officer of SEAL Team 5. He has the distinction of being the first and only Reservist to command an active duty SEAL Team.
In 2001, Radm. Bonelli was selected to serve as the Deputy Commander at Navy Reserve Readiness Command Southwest. In 2005, he completed a three-year collateral assignment as a member of the Secretary of the Navy’s National Navy Reserve Policy Board. Recalled to active duty again in 2006, Bonelli served as the Chief of Staff for Naval Special Warfare Command. This headquarters command has cognizance for seven major subordinate commands comprising a total Force of 6,500 personnel. The command develops strategy, doctrine, and tactics for Naval Special Warfare forces supporting Fleet and Joint Special Operations worldwide. Recalled again in 2007, he now serves as the Deputy Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command.


When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
I summon up remembrance of things past,
I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought,
And with old woes new wail my dear time's waste:
Then can I drown an eye, unused to flow,
For precious friends hid in death's dateless night,
And weep afresh love's long since cancell'd woe,
And moan the expense of many a vanish'd sight:
Then can I grieve at grievances foregone,
And heavily from woe to woe tell o'er
The sad account of fore-bemoaned moan,
Which I new pay as if not paid before.
But if the while I think on thee, dear friend,
All losses are restored and sorrows end. 

  sonnet XXX



                                    Thomas E. Blais

       Michael Martin McGreevy             Marcus "Doc" Luttrell, &   Murphy's parents


                                                Doc Worthington


                               UDTs WWII


                                                         Don Young UDT


Wannabe caught by lt.tort: RD Russell, Higby, Larry Bailey             Harry Constance "Good to Go"

                     Don (Des) Pierce 1945                                        Monsoor,  SEAL, MOH recipient


          Roland                                                                                              UDT Swimmer
         UDT WWII                                                                                                

         UDT                                                                                 Suh KIA                                                              Steve Waterman Navy Photographer


      Lt.to Rt: Tyrie Clements, Chuck Newell, Hammond, "Doc" Painter and TWO UDT Students


                                                                         UDTs WWII                             


                                                          UDT in Korean War


                                                                      Korean War UDT's                                                         


Astroworld Houston TX : GulfCoast SEALs:  lt to rt.standing: "Doc" Moreno, Bond, Potts, Holmes, Thornton, Bateman, Casale, I forgot, Kappus      SITTING:  Doc Riojas, Yanez, I forgot(BSU), Kibby, Hunter.


House J Sings Jim Watson at Lil Jim's Bait             Bob L. Nissley 


         Fred Miller &  Linda &  Jim Watson            S.W.A.T. (SEAL wives against Terror) on boat tour                                         

      Point Man Watson above                      Leap Frogs in Plane


ST-2 SEALs: lt to rt: McQuillis, F.Thornton,
??,??,  ??, Fellers, Watson          


  Jim Watson,  Mike McQuillis and  ? ?          Linda, Jim Watson                               Jerry Clark                        


Thomas Hartzell SEAL                     " Mac", Roy Boehm, Mike                            Winford H. Watts
 Sailor of the Year 2002                     Tornton, Doc Riojas                               


 Jerry Sweesy and Erasmo Riojas                     Mike Thornton                            Mike Thornton MOH                                                                                                                                                                                  

                           Class 29 E.C                     UDTs  communicating Equipment


GulfCoast SEALs at TGIF Houston.                      Rudy and   Bob Holmes for more photos      Smith, Bateman, ??, Riojas,Clark, Gibby                                                                             taken at boatshow


    Ev Barrett  "Rogue Warrior's" Sea Daddy          USS SEALION   ST-2 plt, trip to So. America Lt-Rt:
                                                                               COofBoat,Muckly, Yeaw,     , Toothman,      ,    
                                                                               , Silva, Rogers, Dr. Lee, SIT: Riojas,
                                                                                           McQuillis, Blackiston, Jerry Waters


GMGCM Everett Barrett SEAL USN-Ret. Class 6    R.I.P.


  It is with great sadness that the UDT-SEAL Association informs the membership on the passing of GMGCM Everett Barrett - Class 6.  

GMGCM Everett Barrett passed away early on 01/14/2010 following a long battle with cancer.

Everett is survived by his wife Blondel (Del) and son Frank.  He is preceded in death by his daughter Debbie

Master Chief Barrett served in UDT 22, Seal Team 2 and EOD.  He mentored many a young sailor and pushed them to be more then they dreamed they could be.  Master Chief had the voice of a man that learned to whisper in a sawmill. 

There will not be any service or memorial at Everett request.    At this time, there may be a gathering at the Lake Wales Florida Moose Lodge on Saturday 23 January to toast and roast his life. If the Association receives details on the gathering, we forward to the membership.  



USS Burrfish at Pelilu WWII L-R: CPO Howard “Red” Roeder                                                                         Clements ST2
(KIA), Emmet L. Carpenter , Bob Black (KIA), John                                                                     
MacMahon (KIA) and CPO Ball                         
UDT men on messdecks of USS Burrfish after Pelilu,
                                                                               WWIIL-R: Leonard Barnhill, John MacMahon (KIA),
                                                                               LT M.R. Massey, Bill Moore and Warren Christensen

David PaAaina (SEAL)    retired on the island of HILO HA.                                  Rex Johnson SEAL Team TWO


Morning Doc,

                 I spent a few minutes reliving the past by viewing your SEAL site. First, I'd like to thank you for your efforts. Gathering and posting all those pictures must be a tremendous effort. Hope you have someone designated to take over after you've gone to your just rewards.....(Hah! Hell for sure!)

 Anyway, there is a small picture of a young PaAAina and immediately underneath is a picture, apparently from some magazine, of a SEAL armed with a Stoner. That guy is Rex Johnson. More commonly known as "No-Neck." Hammond tagged him with that nickname and it stayed. I can't remember the circumstances, but Rex was transferred to the fleet .

 Years later, a nursing home somewhere contacted the Team with information that a resident had died and in his shoe box of valuables was a trident. They wondered if he might have been a SEAL....it was ole No-Neck.  May he Rest in Eternal Peace.

 Chuck Newell  ST-2   Retired


           Rudy Bosesch,                            Sam Ciechon                       Rudy Boesch, Bull Frog             Jesse Ventura                Gaspar


       Rabbitt          Johnny Rabbitt & Viola     Durwood H. White        Lt-Rt:White, Riojas, Fred Miller ST- 2  1967                                                                                                                                               Fred Miller came close to losing one
                                                                                                                                leg due to WIA GSW to his Femur.  Fred also
                                                                                                                                 got medically retired from the Team,
                                                                                                                                 as did D. Hunter White, but he did lose a leg in 'nam..


        "Ace" John Sarich    


Adm. Flynn,  Di Croce,   Campoli  standing right outside the gate to the Diving Compound  USNBase San Diego CA.   My LIL SEASTORY:  The Admiral stopped his little sports car almost where they are standing.  I saw Lou trying to get out of the car and the Admiral was getting out to go assist Lou.  

I walked over to help, and the Admiral said, do you think it will be alright to park over there, a spot reserved for the diving staff.  I looked at his auto's windshild and there was a big number "8" sticker.  I said, sir, if you are an E-8, you can park there.  

He responded, "no, that is an 0-8 sticker."  I said in that case Admiral, you can park anywhere your heart desires !     Stupid Riojas:  I did not know the admiral and only seen his younger face in photos.   We all had a good laugh.  

 Oh, and then I added, LCDR Steve Elson sends his regards !     But that is another story.



Durwood H. White, SEAL Team TWO, WIA in 'nam:  Lost a Leg to Booby Trap

From: Doc Rio
To:Bill Langley,
I am going to ask Durwood H. White for the details of his WIA and losing his leg. also the names of the guys in the platoon.

In a message dated 8/20/2009 
Bill Langley  langleychfs [at] knology.net writes: 
Doc Rio; 
Time, I was in Durwood's first platoon in VN (ST 2-2), with Trani, Bishop, and crew. He injured his leg his second or third time over, so I can't help you with the names in that platoon. Maybe Joe Silva or Mike McQuillis can help. Nice photo. 

On Aug 20, 2009, Bill Langley <langleychfs [at] knology.net> wrote: 
Doc Rio,
Here is Bo Burwell's memory of what happened. Hope it helps. 

----- Original Message -----
From: BOBURWELL [at] aol.com
To: langleychfs [at] knology.net
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 
Subject: Re: You were in Durwood's platoon? 
Durwood was injured at Nha Be in early 69, I think Bruce Williamson was the PltCdr. I was in the 3rd Plt and they relieved us in Dec 68. It was a booby trap on a dike, Durwood was injured, the LDNN was killed. Durwood was still in hospital later in the fall, I was in there with my back broke in the same ward with him. Bob Gallagher was there at same time following his wounding from a claymore on his PRU tour. Bo 

----- Original Message -----
To: docrio45 [at] gmail.com
Sent: Saturday, August 22, 2009 
Subject:  How did Durwood White lose his leg in Vietnam?
It was about March or April when I stepped on the booby trap(1969) and it was Williamson's Platoon. Patches Watson was injured while with Williamson's Platoon. I went over to take his place. I do remember Silva and McQuillis and the one they called Chief. 
I was there in that Platoon only a few months when I stepped on the booby trap so my memory is short. It was one morning about 4 am when I stepped on it. Most things after that is fuzzy memory. I do remember one of the guys pulling me through the paddy back to the extraction boat and I also remember going into shock. They had placed me on the front of the boat thinking I was dead I guess) and I think I got their attention by throwing a battle helmet over the wind shield. 
We were working off a naval ship that was sunk in the Mekong river. I also remember the helo that picked me up and the Corpsman cutting my pants legs to get to the wounds.. I remember passing out at the field hospital on the X-ray table. I don't remember anything after that for about a week. I do remember some of the guys in the platoon coming to visit me. Next was the naval hospital in Japan for about 2 months then to Camp Lejuene for 3 or 4 months then the naval hospital in Portsmouth, Va. Next was the VA hospital in Durham, N.C. 
1 year and 1 month, 5 hospitals and 14 operations I finally got out and was retired with disability. I don't know if this is the info you are looking for or not. Hope it helps. 
Take care old buddy.
D. Hunter 
P.S. Don't know if I have told you the latest news about my cancer or not, but the last CT scan showed no cancer. I'm cancer free now and I hope it last. 

Webmaster's NOTE:
Thank you Hunter for allowing me to post you history of how you got WIA. Rio

It is with great sadness that the UDT-SEAL Association informs the membership on the passing of Durwood Hunter White, USN (Ret.) Class 26.         

  Durwood Hunter White USN (Ret.) Class 26  


Durwood Hunter White, 71, of 3655 N.C. Hwy 41 W, died Dec. 28, 2009 at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

    Durwood is preceded in death by his wife, Barbara White; brother, R.W. White; sisters, Louise Ricks and Vivian Brittingham. Durwood Hunter White was a US Navy Seal (Retired).

  He is survived by son, Sean Hunter White and wife Shannon of Washington; stepdaughters, Charlene Taylor and husband R.V. of Seven Springs and Nikki Barker and husband Eric of California; sister, Elizabeth Quinn and husband Thurston of Seven Springs; and six grandchildren, Jordan Taylor, Kyle White, Braxton Barker, Kevin White, Bradley Barker and Hannah Barker. 

    Durwood was a member of CLASS-26, Little Creek, VA. and served with UDT-21 and SEAL Team 2.  

  Funeral Services:  will be held at today at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 at Gospel Light Church, 153 Houston Road, Comfort with the Rev. Ruffin Hill officiating.   Visitation: will be held today, Wednesday, Dec. 30, following the funeral service.    

Burial Services:  with military rites will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009 at the Philyaw Thomas Cemetery.  Hannah Barker.

  In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to Gospel Light Church Att: Gene Green, P. O. Box 153, Comfort, N.C. 28522. Arrangements by Pink Hill Funeral Home. Sign the guestbook at


  UDT-SEAL Association | POB 5965 | Virginia Beach | VA | 23471



     Alex                               ST-2 7th PLt Nam 1967: Standing: Ashton, Keener,    Lt.toRt: Kenner,Gallagher, Ashton
                                                  Tuure,Constance, Rowell  SITTING:                    Roy Dean Matthews, Doc Riojas
                                                             doc Riojas  Eagle Gallagher    


       Archie Grayson                                       Bill  Brumuller                     "BlackJack" Macione  & Erasmo Doc Riojas


          Bob Shouse          Bob Thomas & Erasmo Riojas  ST-2  "shooter M-1911 pistols"              Dow Byers

                       Roy Boehm                     Butch Ashton, Roberto Ramos ,Jerry           Homer "Doc" Marshall
                                                        WatersYoung Lions of ST-2  , "Butch" & Ramos                  SEAL ONE
                                                  were KIA in 'nam.  Jerry died in a Parachute training
                            accident in Virginia.  Ty Zellers was his roomate and knows all the details of that accident.                                                


To:  Doc Riojas,           email: Aug 8, 2006

Sorry to hear about the discovery of your prostate cancer . Take care of yourself, I am running out of wet back friends. Your predecessor and a one of a kind was Smarty Marti (Martinez.)  Damn how he could keep me in trouble; He was an artist and could screw up any plan of the day.  His take was most regulations were a (systematic procedure based on a sound plan, created by geniuses for the execution of us idiots) therefore we had every right to modify it, and make it as embarrassing as possible to the geniuses.

Take care and Tu Amigo;          Roy Boehm  said that  

 Homer "Doc" Marshall, center. Doc is also a 1st class diver.                      Clements


               John Dearmon    and  Jake Rhinebolt                               Richard Marcinko  and wife Susie


 Chuck Detmer, Doc RIojas, Red COyle,                                  Clarence  T. Rischer III KIA 'nam         Robert "Eagle"  Gallagher CWO   ST-2
                    John Dearmon , AD Clark                                                   


 Bob  "Eagle" Gallagher  Lourdes Tolentino,   Jerry "Indian" Sweesy &  Doc Riojas     Adm Richards      Ryan Brandt Young
            Doc Riojas wife


Lt: Eagle Gallagher, Price, LouLou Tolentino                                                 "Hook" Tuure  and Doc Riojas Hook Turre's wallet photo
                                                                                                                                                   of him and a VietCong  named: Rio


                  Ike Rodriguez  KIA Panama        


                     SEAL Team TWO, the origional 7th Platoon

             ST-2, 7th Plt 1967 'nam: STAND: Lt-Rt: Hook Tuure,  Jack Rowell, Curtis Ashton, Mike Boynton,
                            Fred Keener, Roy Dean Matthews  SIT: Bob "Eagle" Gallagher, Erasmo"Doc"Riojas, Rinny Dog,
                  Harry Constance, Bob "Pete" Peterson, Chuck Jessie (film developed in 1968)                     
 SEAL Team TWO, 7th Platoon in MyTho RVN 1967: missing are Gene Fraley  and  Charlie Watson,  Got Sick and went home.  Billy Burbank trained with the 7th, but he went to the PRUs. 
click  web  site.

From: Jon Fischman 
To: Erasmo "Doc" Riojas Date: 9Dec2013
Subj: Picture of 7th SEAL platoon MyTho RVN Doc The picture.
Notice the new Ray Dome and the patch on the bow of the PBR? Also the shirtless sailor with his back to the camera is GMG3 Terry Tackett (RIP 2008).  The sailor in the dungaree's is one of the CB's that worked in the "Barn" I don't remember his name. PO2 if memory services me correctly. Also, If I remember correctly who ever took the picture has his back to the Magazine, and the pier is to his left. There should be one of those CB Combat Forklifts close by. also that is not the way we normally covered the fwd .50's. They must have done it to keep crap from dropping down into the gun tub. Like I said, this picture had to have been taken between Feb 12 and Feb 15 1968
Thank you,
Jon; Fischman  PBR sailor




LDNN CDR,    Larry Bailey CAPT (SEAL) and Kiet Nuyen at 1st                      Bob "Eagle" Gallagher                 Bob "Eagle" Gallagher 
LDNN reunnion Houston TX.
                                                                                         &  Ken Gless                            Swanson


Viola and John F. Rabbitt get married!         Bob  Marshall                            Charles Jessie & Mike Howard            


Pres.Bush presenting PUC to SEALs Task Force KBar                    Phil Koehler & Ginny


"Ozzie" Grant & Frank Fauth                       Bob Richardson       Doc Riojas  Louis "Hoss" Kucinski  and A.Dee Clark


Taken from Fire in the Hole Mag 2009, UDT SEAL Museum                               Darby  Avant


The Person that labeled the names of these SEALs made a BIG mistake, read the notes below photo

1962 photo by Gary Fraser;  ST-1;  by Bldg 111:   Front Row:  lt to rt:  John Swider SF1, Andrew DeRico  BMCA,  James Parks, BM1, Jack Perkins BM1, Ronald Gauthier SM3, James Perkins PH1        BACK ROW: lt to rt:Gary Fraser;  SKCC ? ? ? , Clarence Yuill YN2, LTjg  Alan Routh, Clarence Betz QM1, Thomas Spence  BMCS,  Floyd Adams SFM2,  William Raschick  EAS3 .      

  The above photograph does not include my old friend Bob Wagner.  

In 1962, I was an Ensign.  Bob Wagner, who wasn't in the photograph, was a SK2.  Also, I didn't take the picture - I donated it.  I served with Bob in Vietnam in 1964 and thought he was excellent operator.  Thanks, Gary Fraser in San Diego CA.

From: garfras [at] aol  DOT com Date: Jan 25
Subject:     Photo 'Plankowners' SEAL Team ONE 1962 web site 
To: docrio45  [at] gmail  DOT com 

Doc Rio;
The above photograph does not include my old friend Bob Wagner. The individual at the left, second row is me, Gary Fraser. The reason that I looked so tall was that I was standing on the same curb that the people, in the front row, were sitting on. Also note the officer insignia. The full photo which I have an original copy of shows the curb, and, the most important part, the inscription: 'Seal Team one, Restricted Area, Authorized Personnel Only'. 

Love your old photographs, keep up the good work.     Gary Fraser, San Diego, CA.
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      ROBERT K. WAGNER  (SEAL)      

8/15/1968                       ROBERT KAY WAGNER (SEAL)

SK1 - E6 - Navy - Regular
Length of service 12 years
His tour began on Nov 15, 1967
Casualty was on Aug 15, 1968
Body was recovered
Panel 48W - Line 20


ROBERTRobert Kay Wagner (SEAL) KAY WAGNER  Navy - SK1 - E6

Age:  35

Race:  Caucasian

Sex:  Male

Date of Birth  May 5, 1933



Marital Status:  Married


Email:    The tall SEAL  with arms folded in left rear, wearing a marine fatgue hat is SKCC Bob Wagner, KIA Vietnam as a PRU advisor. He came through my training class 28 west coast      /s/    Carl Swepston

Doc Riojas NOTE:    Carl,  Bob Wagner was a PO2, that SEAL is a SKCC name was labeled incorrectly?





                                                                     Steve Robinson class 59

  my note:     I emailed Steve regarding his forthcoming visit to R.D. and Pam Russell's home in CO.  We were b/s'n back and forth and I told him I had seen Doug Bateman at Walmart.  Capt. Bateman was in Steve's BUD/S class.  I wrote steve that Doug had related to me a seastory about a boat crew in class 59 that filled their boat with HELIUM.   Steve remembered that and told me how the guys got caught by the instructors and their punishment.  He also related other stories about his class.

I asked steve to publish them here but here is what he wrote back:      "I think it’s only proper to let my classmates recount their own experiences, both BUD/S adventures and after, as they wish.   If you have not read my book, please send me your mailing address it will be my personal pleasure to send you a PRIVATE COPY of my book for your collection… as a personal gift from one old frogman to another!"

 From: Steve Robinson