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UPDATE: Also read my latest smoothening experience from 2017 here->

Hey everyone!

If you have been following my social media channels, you must be knowing already that I got my hair smoothened at Geetanjali Salon last month. It’s been already more than a month now, and I was waiting for all this time to be able to fully review the after-effects of smoothening on my hair, and here is my detailed review, before and after pictures, and current hair condition. This will give you all the info about hair smoothening in one place. I hope you will like this post 🙂

To give you an idea, for hair as long as mine (upto mid-back), smoothening at Geetanjali Salon would cost approx. Rs. 8500.

I’ll carry forward this post in a QnA format to answer your queries. Also, I got rebonding done some 4 years back, so at the end of the post, I will also give you comparative details on both.

hair smoothening

What is hair smoothening? How is it different from/ similar to hair straightening/ rebonding?

In layman’s terms, you can say that hair smoothening is a milder version of straightening/rebonding. Smoothening helps eliminate frizz, restores shine in the hair and makes the hair relatively straight or almost straight. The hair still remains bouncy and has natural movement. Less damage or minimal damage to the hair.

On the other hand, rebonding/ permanent straightening is a more aggressive treatment, wherein the hair becomes pin-straight, shiny and frizz free. There is no natural movement in the hair. Can be quite damaging.

Who should get smoothening done?

Anybody who has frizzy hair. Wavy and slightly curly hair will love this treatment. If you have very curly hair, this may not give you the best results in terms of straightening.

What products were used?

Geetanjali Salon hairstylists used L’Oreal products on my hair. Shampoo and serum were from Kerastase (from the house of L’Oreal again!).

The cons of smoothening?

In the last 1 month since I got smoothening done, I haven’t noticed any ill effects on my hair and health. The hair looks perfect, and I haven’t noticed any side effects that could have occurred, like dry scalp, dandruff, hairfall, split ends, thinning of hair, etc. That however, may vary from person to person. I must add here that the side effects can be minimised if you get the treatment done by an expert.

What is the smoothening procedure like?

Well, a lot of steps are involved. Multiple rounds of smapooing, applying neutraliser, straightening cream, ironing, conditioning, blow drying were involved.

Here I must warn you about a possible ‘immediate side effect’ which I faced. Because of sitting in one place for around 3-4 hours (at one point, I had to keep my neck fixed in one position for 7 minutes- longest 7 minutes of my life), by the time the procedure was finished, I was a little dizzy. I do have some cervical spine pains, so that added to the dizziness. Took me a few minutes to get back to normal.

You may also start feeling very hungry and want to pee really bad! #RealGirlProblems

Immediately after…

You are supposed to go back to the salon for the first wash and blow-dry after 2 days… All this while you are NOT to touch your hair, bend it, tie it, get it wet (water/ sweat), or basically anything that will add a kink in the hair, or your hair ‘sits’ in that position forever!

Lessons learnt:

  • Get smoothening done in winters ideally. You’ll need to wash your face less number of times as compared to summers. Plus no sweat!
  • Whatever the season, don’t get front bangs/ fringes done along with the smoothening. I got that done, and had a really difficult time for two days. The hair was all over my face. I couldn’t move it back. Had to see through the hair-curtain. Eating, sleeping, driving… Oh well… You may check all the pics that I Instagrammed during that period below 😛
  • Don’t wear shirts/ pullovers with stiff collars since that can lead to a bend in the hair.

hair smoothening pros and consOnce the first wash was done at the salon, I felt a lot relieved from the 3 days of ‘hair all over the face’. The hair was almost the same as you saw in the first pic above, but in the one month till now, the ‘straightness‘ has slightly come down. However, there’s no frizz at all. I only used the flat iron once for a , and was done with the ironing in 2-3 minutes. Basically just touched up the hair. All other days, I let my hair air-dry and can just walk out of the house without caring about frizz and waves. Happy

As of today, my hair looks like this:

hair smoothening before and after


This is one very important aspect of getting any chemical treatment done on the hair. Since my hair is now ‘sensitized’ and prone to dryness (I wish!), I was recommended the Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin shampoo and conditioner, but that would have been a very expensive regime, so I opted for the L’Oreal Mythic Oil masque for a conditioner. Will review these products shortly.

hair smoothening best products

How long does the effect stay?

Well, theoretically, about 7-8 months easily. Practically, that totally depends on how fast your hair grows back, and how curly/ wavy/ frizzy your natural hair is. The treated hair will stay as is.. It is the re-growth which kills! (More on that below).

Smoothening vs Rebonding: My experience

Now, about my experience with both rebonding (got that done 4 years back) and hair smoothening… I’d say, if you have hair like mine (see first pic), it is better to get hair smoothening done for the below reasons:

  • The effect is more natural.. Let’s admit it.. Rebonded hair DOES look fake 😐
  • It is less damaging for the hair. With rebonding, I faced severe hairfall, and lost most of my hair volume forever!
  • Re-growth: Once the hair starts growing back, the difference between smoothened hair and natural hair won’t be so stark (if you have hair like mine). You can see in the pic above that the hair growth of first month isn’t separately noticeable on me yet… With rebonding, since the treated hair is poker straight, it contrasts with the natural hair that grows from within. Believe me, half-half hair is very frustrating. When I got rebonding done, it was very frustrating for me when half the hair was straight and half of it wavy. You can either iron daily, get touch-ups done or chop them off. I did the latter. 😐

Final word:

In the end, it is still a chemical treatment. And one should tread this was with caution. If you have any underlying medical issues, consult with your Doctor first. If you are trying to conceive/ are pregnant, avoid chemical treatments by all means. Also, only get chemical treatments done at good salons– an expert knows this job best. Perfect chemical treatments are all about the timing (of product application).

Geetanjali Salon:

I was very happy with my service at Geetanjali Salon (I went to the one in Select Citywalk, Saket). Their staff is very experienced, and they know how to take care of your hair best. Best part was that they did not try to ‘sell’ things to me, something I really appreciate, coz this is one thing that puts me off at salons. They also maintain very high standards of hygiene. Highly recommended!

If you have any further questions on hair smoothening/ rebonding, let me know in the comments below 🙂

Have you got any permanent hair treatments done? Your experiences? Do share 🙂

UPDATE: Also read my latest smoothening experience from 2017 here->