Закрыть ... [X]

E.J. is... alive?

In Nicole's apartment in Nashville, Eric assured Nicole that he would free her from Xander. Nicole worried aloud that they would not be able to locate the recording of her confession. Eric detailed his plan to tail Xander the next time he left the apartment and follow him to work. Eric kissed Nicole. The lovers sat on the couch and cuddled up. Nicole talked about the cabin and lamented that they had not been able to start their lives together then.

"Before today, all we had was that one night to hold onto," Nicole said. "Now that I have you, I'm not letting go," Eric said. Nicole worried aloud about Xander's return home, but Eric reminded Nicole that Xander was a coward. "Nothing can break us apart. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives together," Eric stressed. Nicole was reluctant to agree. To convince Nicole, Eric kissed her passionately, and they made love.

Afterward, Nicole talked about life after she had left town with Holly. "It got really lonely," Nicole admitted. Nicole said she had continued to hope that Eric would find her but had given up after Xander had reentered her life. "I hate that you thought that I didn't love you anymore. The last thing that I wanted was to leave you. That you didn't know that you had my heart. Always," Nicole whispered.

"Even though I don't want to let you go and I just want to stay here with you all day and night...you have to leave," Nicole said. Eric refused. Nicole begged Eric to leave so that Xander would not catch them together before they could recover the confession. Eric worried aloud that Xander would find a way to get Nicole to sleep with him. With a shake of her head, Nicole said that Xander only wanted her because he knew he could not have her. Eric agreed to leave, but he promised he would stay close by in case Nicole needed him.

"This really is the beginning of our new life together," Eric said. Someone knocked on the door. Nicole said she hoped the person at the door was diaper delivery, but she urged Eric to hide in case it was Xander. Nicole opened the door and was maced in the face. It was Sami. Surprised by who was the victim, Sami grimaced over her mistake.

At Doug's Place, Lucas and Chloe cooed over baby Bonnie. Lucas confessed that he was overjoyed by baby Bonnie because it helped him heal from his disappointment over losing custody of Allie. Lucas called Kate and asked her to meet him at Doug's Place because he had news. When Kate arrived at Doug's Place, she was annoyed to see Chloe. Lucas interrupted Kate's rant to introduce Kate to his daughter.

"Baby Bonnie is a hideous name for such a beautiful child," Kate complained. Lucas explained the situation with Bonnie. Kate expressed her belief that the child was a scam, but Chloe informed Kate about the DNA test. Kate was angry that Lucas had not told her about the child sooner. Lucas explained that he had not wanted to deal with Kate's judgment.

"Sometimes really good things come out of really bad mistakes, and this baby is definitely one of them," Lucas said. Kate commented that the baby looked like Philip. With a sigh, Lucas said that Bonnie was on her way to pick up the baby. When Kate asked about the custody arrangement, Lucas said he had not discussed it with Bonnie yet. Kate and Chloe agreed that Lucas needed to push for an agreement with Bonnie.

"Are you going to be thrilled to have Bonnie in your life?" Kate asked Chloe. Chloe said she stood by Lucas and his decision. Kate offered to talk to an attorney for Lucas. With a nod, Chloe offered to take the baby for a walk so that the baby would not be there when Bonnie arrived.

In her hotel room, Mimi yelled at Bonnie for handing over her daughter to Lucas. Bonnie assured Mimi that she would return Mimi's baby. "Lucas Horton is never getting his hands on my daughter again. I already missed out on raising one baby. No way I'm spending another minute without my little girl," Mimi said. Bonnie begged Mimi not to expose her ruse to Lucas. Mimi screamed in frustration. Mimi complained that Chloe was spending time with her daughter.

"I'm putting a stop to this. Now," Mimi said. Bonnie reminded Mimi that Bonnie had taken the fall for David Lockhart's murder on Mimi's behalf. When Bonnie asked about the baby's father, Mimi refused to talk about him. Mimi confirmed that Lucas was not the baby's father but that she was related to Lucas. Mimi added that once the baby was home, Mimi would leave town separately from Bonnie. Mimi suggested that she and Bonnie should head in separate directions so that Lucas would not be able to find the baby.

"Are you saying I'm never going to see my grandbaby again?" Bonnie asked. "That's exactly what I'm saying," Mimi confirmed. "We love each other best from afar," Mimi added. Bonnie nodded in agreement. Mimi asked Bonnie to fetch the baby and meet her in the square. As Bonnie stopped at the door, she thanked Mimi for her help, and she said that she loved Mimi.

At the Horton House, Jennifer called Kayla and asked her for help with Abigail. Kayla offered to secure a referral for Abigail, since Marlena was not available. As Jennifer ended her call, Maggie stopped by for a visit. Maggie asked Jennifer if they could discuss Eric. Maggie told Jennifer she was sorry that her engagement had been called off. Jennifer blamed herself for not telling Eric the truth about Nicole.

"I don't blame you for trying to hold onto the man you love," Maggie said. Maggie confessed that she had lied to Eric about Nicole, too, but she had told him the truth after she had learned what Brady had done to separate Eric and Nicole. Maggie explained to Jennifer that Eric had gone to Nashville to find Nicole. "So, they are together again," Jennifer said softly.

"I couldn't live with the guilt, so I had to tell him this secret I had been keeping," Jennifer said. Jennifer said she had moved on with Eric because she had believed that Eric had been over Nicole, but she had realized that she had known on some level that Eric would always love Nicole. Jennifer added that she did not have time for romance when she needed to concentrate on Abigail's health.

"I keep holding out hope that [Chad and Abigail] will be able to get through this," Maggie said. Maggie asked Jennifer if she had talked to Lucas. Jennifer shook her head no. Maggie filled Jennifer in about baby Bonnie. Jennifer was shocked by the news. "He is determined to be a part of his daughter's life," Maggie said. Jennifer vowed to help her brother with his new baby. With a smile, Jennifer thanked Maggie for her counsel.

When Bonnie arrived at Doug's Place, she found Lucas without the baby. "I changed my mind," Lucas said. "I'm the mother. I have rights!" Bonnie barked. "Not for long," Lucas retorted. In the park, Chloe fussed over baby Bonnie. "Hush, little baby, don't you cry, mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird," Chloe sang. "Except you're not her mama," Mimi growled as she entered the clearing in the park.

In Kristen's secret hideout in Nashville, Xander opened the door to a locked room labeled "E.D." Xander removed a person in a wheelchair and took the person to Kristen. "You look well. Did you miss me?" Kristen asked the man in the wheelchair. "I know you are not able to talk right now, but maybe you are able to understand what I am saying. You've come a long way in the last few years," Kristen said to the figure.

"He's a turnip," Xander complained. Kristen argued that she had not been able to administer the drug to E.J. early enough and that he had sustained some brain damage. When Kristen mentioned Sami's name, the man in the wheelchair twitched his hand. Kristen yelped with excitement at the man's movements. Kristen yelled Sami's name over and over until the man reached out a hand and grabbed Kristen's wrist. Thrilled, Kristen eased the man's hand off of her wrist and celebrated his improvement.

"I guess that's the power of true love," Kristen said. Distracted by her own comment, Kristen wondered aloud why Brady had not called her back. Xander encouraged Kristen to remain wary of Brady. "Have you forgotten who works for whom?" Kristen asked.

Outside the hideout, Brady lay unconscious on the ground after accidentally electrocuting himself on the security panel. Brady stirred awake. Brady saw his phone nearby and listened to a voicemail from Kristen. After listening to the message, Brady grumbled that he would see Kristen soon enough. Brady stared at the keypad. Brady rummaged through the nearby trash until he found a crowbar. With a nod, Brady wedged the crowbar into the door to pry it open. When the door gave, Brady rushed into the facility.

Brady crept down the hallway and saw Kristen and Xander talking in a room in front of a man in a wheelchair. Kristen asked Xander to take their friend back to his room. "I'll see you soon," Kristen whispered. Brady remembered his discussion with Kristen about E.J. and how she had avoided answering his question about whether E.J. was alive. As Xander turned the wheelchair around, Brady watched. Brady accidentally knocked something over in the hallway.

"Who's there?" Kristen called out. Kristen investigated, but she did not see Brady. Brady crept down the hallway and avoided Xander as Xander left the room labeled "E.D." Once the coast was clear, Brady opened the door to the room, and his eyes went wide. "E.J.," Brady whispered.

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