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Fast, easy and professional!
For MS Windows and Mac OS X!

Mosaic is an image assembled from small pieces of some material. In a photo mosaic these pieces are small images by itself.

When you look at a photo mosaic from a distance, you see one big image, but as you move close, you understand that it's not just a single, large picture but rather a collection of small, separate images.

If you have ever seen these photo mosaics on magazine covers, posters, billboards or at art galleries then you probably already have seen images that were made with Mazaika software. Our software is used by number of professional and amateur artists and designers all around the world. Mazaika helps them to create eye-catching images. A tiny part of their creations is displayed at our . And don't forget to see with photo mosaics made by Mazaika.com team.

Many companies that sell custom designed photo mosaic posters use Mazaika software. Our programs guarantee a highest possible quality of result. Artist and designers select Mazaika because of it's stability, speed and complete control over mosaic process.

Mazaika is the ONLY photo mosaic program that allows manual changes to every single tile in the finished mosaic. If you don't like an image, substitute it with another matching candidate image! And even more! You might insert custom images as a sort of personal signature, or as a hidden picture riddle (as in a "Where are they?" puzzle book). Or you might need to make sure that a particularly well-liked image is not passed over as a tile; for example that Uncle Ernie appears somewhere in your final mosaic.

Try our and see how great your photos looks when assembled in photo mosaic of your own design!

Using Mazaika you can make professional looking mosaic pictures from almost any kind and type of image files. You can use even simple icon files (at size 32x32 pixels) to create very impressive mosaic pictures. If you have a digital camera, you can use your own pictures as tiles. Note that even in trial version of Mazaika you have no limit on the image database size and you could use as many of your own custom picture tiles as you want - or rather, as you have :-).

If you're short on image files - you can some of our image collections (for instance, about 3500 lp/cd covers or windows icon collection). Also we have placed a part of our postcard collection that we have used for mosaic creation. There are .

Mazaika is Try-Before-Buy Software. You can see its and download . Also make images like this pin-up girl face with a free trial version of Mazaika.

Some user comments:

"Boris, I'm amazed!!! I downloaded the new Mazaika and I can't believe the speed of it! It's great and works perfectly"

...Dion Geaney, New Zealand

"I've shown photo mosaics created with Mazaika to all my friends in the computer graphics and art communities and they were so amazed"

...Marcus Hobbs, Computer Graphics Supervisor, USA

"Mazaika is an excellent piece of software! Easy to use, and it produces outstanding results. I'm going to produce a couple of posters to hang on my wall - what seemed like an impossible task has been made easy... Thank you for a truly brilliant program!"

...Tomas, England

"Mazaika is one of the best investments in software I have ever made!!"

...Mike, USA

"I purchased Mazaika a couple of weeks ago and am very pleased with it. This was after trying to produce a mosaic of my mother-in-law through a commercial service. We just could not get it to look suitable – there was always shading problems or cells incorrectly placed. Mazaika came through and we ended up with a nice end result. Thanks for your efforts!"

...Bill, USA

"The Mazaika software works great and has done great things for our facility."

...David, Visual Information Manager, USA

"Thank you so much for the attentive customer service. I really love Mazaika and will be making photo's for friends and family!"

...Eric, USA

"Boris, I am proud to be one of your earliest users since 2002. Your software is excellent and I tell many people about it. I hope your business has been good because you have offered very excellent service and you have continued to improve your product over the years."

...Martin, USA,

See also the photographic mosaics which were .


- the easy photo editor.

If you have ever used a conventional photo editing program for the simple tasks like resizing, rotating, cropping or adding border to your pictures, you must have realized it's like using a cannon to shoot a fly. makes your life easier, as it is designed to let you browse your photo collection fast and let you edit your photographs easily. Whether it’s the family gathering photographs or the photographs from your last vacation, handles them all. You can edit any photograph fast and easy using the simple, easy to understand and intuitive interface of .

Click 2 Crop was developed as a help utility for image mosaic program Mazaika. This is a very handy utility when you need a mosaic but do not have enough pictures. Click 2 Crop can help you create much more tiles from your existing photos and save you lot of time.

Some user comments:

"I bought your Click 2 Crop when I needed to crop and resize a whole mess of pictures for an LCD photo frame. It worked great for that. It was a real time saver."

...Jim, USA

"I recently purchased your Click2Crop program and downloaded it to my desktop PC. I absolutely LOVE it! It completely smokes the previous program I was using when it comes to formating pictures!"

...Jennifer, USA

"Click2Crop outshines EVERYTHING I have tested in terms of ease-of-use. I can't believe how quick and easy it makes cropping thumbnails. Purely Brilliant!"

...Jason Palmgren, USA

"Click2Corp is really excellent for press photographer or journalist. It is quick to handle thousand files a day."

...LIN ChunYao, Taiwan

"This slick program is far more useful than many other bloated digital editing programs I have tried....and a real steal at the price."

...Bruce Burton, USA

"I have discovered your small but very handy program Click2Crop. Very usefull for increasing the number of tiles!"

...Hein Schouwenaars, Netherlands


Photo Jumble Screenshot.

An easy way to assemble multiple photos on one page.

Photo Jumble uses a different approach to making collages. In Photo Jumble you can create collages with non regular, randomly placed and rotated layers with different aspect ratios.

Photo Jumble allows you to create magnificent collages that look like an unordered pile of photos viewed close up. It can also be used to easy create scrapbook type collages, index photo pages and so on...

Some user comments:

Photo Jumble by Emil Cost "I am having a great time with your software! It's so cool! Thanks for making something so amazing and affordable! This is by far the best image processing I've seen for the mass market. The speed in which the rendering is done is incredible. I am a software engineer. I know how difficult it is to design an good GUI application. Your software is excellent and you deserve every penny you make on your projects!"

...Emil, USA

Photo Jumble Magazine Cover "The ability to do picture placement along a spiral was absolutely revolutionary for us in laying out . That feature alone completely solved our primary challenge. If I was stuck with only the option of a simple grid, I'd think long and hard before deciding to use mosaic software for . Next thing, the layers.... ..it's a cinch to replace any picture through drag and drop. One can to increase a cell's size, turn it conveniently or even improbably.This offers endless new possibilities, which I have just begun tapping with ..."

...Vladimir Kapustin, Russia

"Boris your new program works great on new killer Vista computer. All I can say is DAMN I love it !!!!"

...Mike, USA


TexToPic Screenshot

or Text-o-Pics are pictures made from text. This is also one piece of software that can create image effects that can not be made with conventional image editors.

Unlike most of existing ASCII-Art image programs you are not limited with fixed width font faces. Your Text Images can be drawn with any font installed on your system. You may create black and white, grayscale and even color images.

Please see for more information, and .


is interactive ascii graphic tool.

It can create pictures made of ascii characters and save it as black and white plain text files or color html pages.

It can also do a gradient color text as this.

Here is a of V1.3
A program has been reviewed and awarded by some freeware .

See section for more details and latest version


Mazaika.com history:

Get Mazaika + Photo Jumble + Click 2 Crop and save $ 35!
Buy Mazaika Imaging Suite for $ 84.95 only!

31 may 2018 - was updated to v.3.1
29 may 2018 - updated to v.5.1. Add your own Custom Presets!
24 may 2018 - MAZAIKA for Windows updated to v 4.2.1 .
11 may 2018 - Updated to version 2.3. .
28 apr 2018 - MAZAIKA for Windows v 4.2 has been released! .
23 apr 2018 - v 2.0 has been released! .
21 feb 2018 - has been released! .
07 feb 2018 - updated to version 5.0.3.
25 aug 2017 - Updated to version 2.2. Re-designed .
02 aug 2017 - updated to v 1.2. .
19 jul 2017 - has been released! .
28 apr 2017 - MAZAIKA for Windows v 4.1 has been released! .
29 mar 2017 - Animated photographic mosaic for UMSL at .
23 dec 2016 - 32 or 64 bit application with new interface!
08 aug 2016 - See MAZAIKA v 4.0 for MS Windows .
29 jul 2016 - 32 or 64 bit application with new interface!
28 apr 2016 - is released! Now both for 32 and 64 bit!
02 dec 2015 - Merry Christmas .
16 nov 2015 - updated to v 2.0 .
11 oct 2015 - Mazaika-Video Updated to v1.1 .
11 oct 2015 - Updated for OS X El Capitan (10.11) compatibility.
11 aug 2015 - .
05 aug 2015 - Support for Apple Photos app.
02 jun 2015 - Click 2 Crop for Mac OS X updated to v.2.1. Run "Check for updates..."
28 apr 2015 - New 3D animation mosaic example at .
31 dec 2014 - released!.
14 oct 2014 - Few more were made with .
09 sep 2014 - How to on your web site.
31 aug 2014 - exports to !
17 jul 2014 - Fritz Lang's Metropolis .
14 jul 2014 - Click 2 Crop for Mac OS X updated to version 2.0 .
23 may 2014 - Export to !
28 apr 2014 - Photo Jumble for Mac was updated to v.2.0 .
27 apr 2014 - Searchable online photo mosaic !
20 mar 2014 - Photo mosaic animation video !
28 nov 2013 - - make mosaic from your movie clips!
28 mar 2013 - was updated to v.1.6 !
26 feb 2013 - Photo Jumble for Mac OS X is released! .
24 oct 2012 - Largest Photo Mosaic In The World: .
28 may 2012 - MAZAIKA for Windows v 3.7 has been released! .
06 may 2012 - : Fast, efficient and .
19 apr 2012 - 32 mosaics made by Mazaika.com .
12 mar 2012 - to view on iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices.
12 mar 2012 - Roy Lichtenstein .
07 nov 2011 - saves to Photoshop Large Document file format.
07 oct 2011 - supports images with transparency.
26 may 2011 - New super high detailed version of .
28 apr 2011 - supports both iPhoto and Aperture for tile images.
20 dec 2010 - MAZAIKA v 3.5 has been released! .
22 nov 2010 - v 1.2 has been released! .
12 oct 2010 - Click 2 Crop for Mac OS X updated to version 1.4 .
27 aug 2010 - v 1.0 has been released! .
17 may 2010 - Photo Jumble v 2.6 has been released! .
17 may 2010 - We have added a short video tutorial for .
16 may 2010 - We started a new site for our Photo Jumble program.
28 apr 2010 - has been released!
02 apr 2010 - v 1.1 has been released.
09 feb 2010 - New Image Collection: .
09 feb 2010 - Zoom and Pan Photo Mosaic.
02 feb 2010 - is released! .
19 oct 2009 - Click 2 Crop v 4.8 is released! .
12 oct 2009 - Click 2 Crop for Mac OS X is released! .
08 sep 2009 - Mazaika was featured at .
31 jul 2009 - The has been featured in Funny People movie.
14 may 2009 - We added a few short video lessons at our .
28 apr 2009 - Photo Jumble v 2.5 has been released! .
02 apr 2009 - MAZAIKA v 3.3 has been released! .
30 mar 2009 - page was added.
24 dec 2008 - Steve Grillo: mosaic.
17 nov 2008 - Photo Jumble: .
05 nov 2008 - Click 2 Crop v 4.7 is released! .
12 sep 2008 - v 1.0 has been released! .
23 jul 2008 - MAZAIKA v 3.2 has been released! .
18 jul 2008 - Click 2 Crop v 4.6 is released!
05 jun 2008 - Photo Jumble v 2.1 has been released! .
28 apr 2008 - Photo Jumble v 2.0 has been released.
12 nov 2007 - View Online .
12 nov 2007 - We started a new site for our Click 2 Crop program.
09 nov 2007 - Click 2 Crop v 4.5 is released! .
09 sep 2007 - Photo Jumble was used for .
27 jun 2007 - Mazaika was used to create .
28 may 2007 - We are pleased to present a new web site design!
04 may 2007 - View Online .
04 may 2007 - Photo Jumble v 1.0 has been released! .
28 apr 2007 - MAZAIKA v 3.1 has been released! .
27 apr 2007 - View Online .
07 dec 2006 - Photo Jumble in Mazaika line.
27 nov 2006 - Added more vintage .
06 oct 2006 - MAZAIKA v 3.0 , .
28 apr 2006 - New ready to use .
21 apr 2006 - for a photo trade show in Sweden.
07 apr 2006 - MAZAIKA v 2.7 is released! .
05 apr 2006 - MAZAIKA v 2.7 .
15 feb 2006 - See .
08 nov 2005 - 200 cards added to the .
19 jul 2005 - Click 2 Crop v 3.3 is released! .
12 jul 2005 - Huge 3.84 Gb .
27 dec 2004 - See photo of   at the Airport of Pisa, in Italy.
21 sep 2004 - Mazaika was used to create .
17 sep 2004 - Mazaika v 2.4 is released!   .
21 jun 2004 - Example of High Quality .
28 apr 2004 - Mazaika v 2.3 is released!   .
14 jan 2004 - Mazaika v 2.1 is released!   .
27 nov 2003 - of Xmas - New Year postcards.
24 jul 2003 - World movie actors to use with Mazaika.
09 jun 2003 - New site section is open: .
06 dec 2002 - 150+  original old .
27 aug 2002 - Mosaic poster of in gallery.
15 jul 2002 - 1000+ tile image collection part 2 for Mazaika.
23 feb 2002 - Amateur collection (3000+ photos) to use with Mazaika.
06 dec 2001 - Mosaic picture of in gallery.
15 nov 2001 - New wallpaper made from postcards.
15 nov 2001 - New tile image collection for Mazaika.
19 oct 2001 - Free with Halloween ascii picture.
16 aug 2001 - Free tile image collection for use with Mazaika.
28 jun 2001 - Video cassete cover collection for to use with Mazaika.
28 apr 2001 - Picture of made of old WWI posters in gallery.
09 apr 2001 - (some errors fixed)