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Cara Delevingne beauty secrets

By  | August 12, 2014

Today, August 12, one of the main stars of the British fashion, the top model Kara Delevingne celebrates her 22nd anniversary.While the star is celebrating, we will find out what are the beauty secrets that helped her to succeed.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne’s fame in the fashion world is due to her long association with Burberry (although as you know, the girl is just a little more than 20 years old), her regular appearance on the podium and funny backstage behavior, and in the world of beauty, as you’ve probably guessed – for her broad, thick eyebrows. It was Cara who introduced the trend to rather not pluck the eyebrows, then to make a neat line. Her own beauty brands have to thank for the fact that the demand for cosmetic eyebrows care products are growing steadily – in UK only, for the current year, it is estimated that buyers will spend on these products a total of 25 million dollars.

In other matters, this is only “the Cara effect,” and she is not just the girl with a luxurious “sable” eyebrows. When Delevingne Jr. (Cara also has an older sister Poppy, and she is also a famous model) only broke into the model business, she was already called the sexiest model in the UK since Kate Moss time. Cara was discovered by the same scout, Sarah Doukas, who also discovered Kate. And after only three years after Cara took part in the London Fashion Week, the girl was chosen as the model of the year according to the British Fashion Awards, and this is a great recognition.

In addition to the above and according to model standards, Cara is not so tall – 176 cm. They say that in her agency’s documents, Storm Model Management, they even have to ascribe to the star couple of inches more. Cara prefers a boyish style, and with her parameters 80-59-87, she could even be an androgynous model, such as Agyness Deyn. But standards do not solve everything, and if speaking about Cara this is true. She “impresses” with her charm and energy. “She knows how to breathe energy in a room with most boring people, and she is doing that in a manner that one would definitively ask: Who is this girl?”- said Sara Doukas.

Cara Delevingne

In real life she’s “just a girl” who wears jeans, sweatshirts and colored hats, in Pepe Jeans campaign she is a crazy fan of the grungy style, in Burberry advertising she is the embodiment of refined British aesthetics, in Mulberry advertising she becomes a pretty princess at a English tea party, and then she easily slays all with her sexuality in a photography session for La Perla or on the catwalk in Victoria’s Secret show. Despite the fact that Cara has a bright and not a neutral appearance, which could be easily transformed, she successfully manages to adapt different transformations.

Cara Delevingne

So, no matter how many times she was doing faces for a selfie in her Instagram account, when appearing on the red carpet, she will always shine brighter than many other stars. For festive way outs, Cara chooses elegant waves in Hollywood style, making emphasis on expressive eyes with smoky eyes, and sometimes instead that, she puts an accent on her seductive lips by using the red lipstick. In all cases, her looks are just stunning.


Cara DelevingneCara DelevingneCara Delevingne

3 beauty secretes of Carla Delevingne

– Since Cara’s eyebrows are so popular, all are asking her what the secret is. And she has only one answer: “People are asking me: “What my secret is?” and my answer is: “Simply don’t pluck the eyebrows. It’s very simple.” I mean of course I am correcting them, no matter how much, otherwise I would have unibrows. But you should leave them natural and puffy.” As for eyebrow care products, Cara gives preference to Brow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills

– The impeccable skin is another particularity of Cara’s appearance. She uses skin care products and as she says, she always tries to test different skin products so as to not get used to the same products. A mandatory habit she has is to apply a cream on the face and always tries to wash the make up. (“I can’t manage to do that all the time!” confesses Cara).

– You will ask how Cara manages to keep her in good shape. Maybe you’ll be disappointed to hear that she goes to the gym occasionally. She is not training very often due to a very tight schedule, because, as you know, Cara is busy not only in the modeling industry, but also on the set of movies and TV shows. Stress that Delevingne is experiencing daily, does not allow her to gain those extra pounds.

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Cara Delevingne beauty secrets
Cara Delevingne beauty secrets images

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Cara Delevingne beauty secrets pictures
Cara Delevingne beauty secrets picture

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Cara Delevingne beauty secrets new photo

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Watch Cara Delevingne beauty secrets video
Watch Cara Delevingne beauty secrets video

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