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I save my photos as slideshows, and burn them onto DVDs so that I can see them on TV. I also use my photos to make Mpg-4 movies for my ipod. Or sometimes I choose a selection of photos and exhibit a photo album on my website. The software I use for all of the above is DVD Photo Slideshow.

Answer . Tin Type photos were first made in 1856 and by 1860 were widely begin use throughout the Untied States. Hamilton L.Smith from Ohio developed the tin type. This process had a long life up until the 1920's,at this time you could still get a tin type photo at the fair. So that's about a 75 year span there. Some tin types were hand tinted.

A photo taken with a laser light is called a hologram. A hologramis a special kind of photograph that is produced by a laser andappears three-dimensional.

Orkut, one of the best social networking sites has become more concerned about the security issues on its website. Because of this, it brought many restrictions in viewing the albums and scrapbooks. Now, it has even restricted the users to save photos from their friend's albums. I was really fed up with this move by orkut as I was unable to save few of my childhood snaps from my friend's album. Orkut gave me no other choice than to follow this procedure. This trick is done using Firefox. Go to your friend's album and view the snap which you want to save to your computer. Then in the menu bar, click Tools and then click Page Info. In the newly opened window, select the Media tab and there you will be see a list of URL's of the images available on the page you are viewing. In that select the URL of the photo you want to download and then click Save as to save the snap to your computer. That's it. You have successfully saved the photo to your computer.. P.S :This trick is only for those who are desperate to get the snaps from their buddy's album. Am not responsible if this trick was used for bad cause..

All the rides including:. Oblivion,Spinball whizzer,Nemesis,Air, Log flume,Congo river rapids, rita queen of speed and Duel. All the main rides really.. The rides that do not have them are:. Runaway mine train. Hex. charlie and the chocolate factory. Blade. If there is anymore sorry, I forgot them!

In France , in 1826, by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. He produced the first known chemical photograph, on bitumen, using a camera obscura, from his window at Le Gras. The picture isn't much to look at because the exposure lasted eight hours so the buildings are lit from both sides. You can see it at the Related Link below.

this is my 3rd request to find my order which I was told was shipped on 6-19-09, but. never received. I was told to wait until 7-1-09 to ask again and if not received by then. that you will send the photos again. The order #51297831-02P was in the amount of. .88. Please reply.

Photographs are taken in a lot of places, but often professionalphotos are taken in a photography studio.

They were in part, absorbed into the Spanish population, and were referred to as Moros by the Spanish. Some were forcibly re-settled in Spanish colonies such as the Philippines- where they caused trouble- for the Spanish and later US officials. Tghere are plenty of Spanish-Speaking people of Moorish descent- as was the Navigator on one of Columbus" ships.

\nThe first president to be photographed while in office was James Polk, the 11th president. The photograph was taken on February 14, 1849 by Mathew B. Brady. \nFormer president John Quincy Adams had been photographed at his home in 1843 by the Southworth and Hawes Studio. Andrew Johnson was photographed in 1845 before he was president. The photographer was Mathew B. Brady.

What happened to the Moors? After being forced out of Spain, most were driven back into West Africa, but many would later be recaptured and sold into America and the Caribbean as slaves. Some of these slaves (multilingual and erudite scholars) came on ships of Christopher Columbus who was commissioned by Queen Isabella to discover the "New World" round 1492. What is not known is that the Moors were a global people. They were also native, indigenous, autochthon, aboriginals of North, Central, South America and the Caribbean islands before the times of slavery and Christopher Columbus. After slavery they were labeled and tagged as Blackamoors, free negros, free blacks, free colored people, blacks, colored, West Indian, Afro/African American(s), second class citizens.

The first known chemical photograph was a view of buildings from a window at a place called Le Gras, in France. The picture was made by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 (some sources say 1827), using a camera obscura to make an eight hour exposure on a polished pewter plate sensitized with bitumen. You can see the photograph at the Related Link below. It's not much to look at because of the long exposure. The buildings are lit from both sides.

OKAY SO its really simple, go to your ipod and click settings .. it should say airplane mode, wifi , notifications, location services , sounds , brightness etc. scroll down all the way to iCloud now it should say mail , contacts, calendars and usually these are all but once you see photo stream click off and youll be okay ;) hope i helped OH follow me on twitter.. jackiebomps13 for quotes LOOL :D just do it -.-

You shouldn't take pictures at the actual ceremonial, but it is definitely alright to take pictures with family members after the burial at the gathering.

make a scrapbook! its lots of fun! or if you don't have time or whatever you can put them in a plain photo album. but i suggest putting a small caption about the photo so that you don't forget who or what it is about.

Allied forces took photos because mass genocide on a industrial scale was unheard of. many people could not fathom such existence of "death camps" so evidence was needed. In this case photographs weres the most easy to produce and viable to spread the 'word' of the death camps. Even a mojor percentage of Germans had no idea that such camps were operating within their own country.

The name of the man is not known. He stopped on a street corner to have his shoes shined, and was the only one stationary long enough to be captured in the street scene.

Dose turn your Photos into album then upload it to your MySpace works for you? If so, there is a easy way. Make the album with your photos with Photo Flash Maker, After the album is created, you can upload to your website. Or you can embed the codes of your photos to your webpage.

The first aerial photograph was taken in 1858 over the Bievre Valley in France (from a balloon) by French author and artist Felix Tournachon.

The commecial photo concessions at most large chain drug stores take pictures that are satisfactory for passport purposes, and I'm sure they would suffice for naturalization photos as well.

To delete a photo, you have to click on the photo you want to delete, and then you touch the bottom left corner and its there. OR When you go on camera roll touch the bottom left corner and tick the ones you want to delete and press delete. Read more at the Related Link.

Firsty it is like a normal rollercoaster if you dont like drops this is not the rollercoaster for you well you go up a conveyor belt then drop then curve around (you dont go upside down) then you go into a dark cave and you arr trapped then you suddenly drop then go backwards really fast (in thr dark)

August 8 1969, at about 11:30 AM. They took four photographs, two of them walking across the street from each direction.

somthing like "for steive Wonders eyes only." orr a title of a song, or a good quote.

From left to right in the photo: Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Gregory Reeves (bass), Graham Nash, David Crosby, and Dallas Taylor (percussion).

to move a picture to another album: click on the album in which the photo is in. click on "edit album". Move cursor to right hand corner of the particular photo. An arrow will appear with three options below it: choose "move to other album". The other two options are: "make album cover", "remove this photo". A box will appear from which you can choose the Album you want to move the picture to. Click on "move photo".

You click your profile picture and a option will come up to change your profile picture, then you can choose either take one now or browse. Browse means to take a picture off of your computer. Good Luck!!

DigitalGlobe (DG) is the company with the largest contract to provide satellite photography to Google Earth and Maps. In recent years, DG had launched two satellites in Earth orbit, called WorldView I and II, with better technologies to provide resolution up to 50 cm / pixel, enhanced data speeds, and better quality data. Because the photos are taken from space, the satellite is still dependent on having the right weather conditions before getting a good photo (no clouds, haze, smoke, dust, right angle of the sun) worth putting into Google Earth. Aerial imagery on the other hand are taken from aircraft that can fly under the clouds.

Kangaroo - Go to outback, go right and jump over cliff with kangaroo suit. Keep going right until you are as far right as possible. Cheetah - Go to Savannah, and run right with your suit until you cannot go any further. Draco Lizard - Go to rainforest and climb last climbable tree. stand on end of branch and glide onto the other branch. Go right into the clump of leaves. Squirrel - Go to North American Forest, climb the first climbable tree with your squirrel suit up to the top. Remora - Put on your remora suit and swim into the bottom-right cave. Caracal - Go to Savannah, and run to the tall grass. Use your suit to jump over it, and go right. Firefly - Go to North American Rainforest, and run right until you enter a cave. You should find a tunnel somewhere near the upper-middle portion of the cave. Jump into it.

Open the album and click the gear near the top right corner. It should give option to delete album. It will ask for confirmation on whether your really sure or not. Click "yes"

If you go to iTunes it will say 3 Justin Moore Outlaws like me And four letter blues but on it none are of him singing and it says it is rock do I'ma say 2

Well you go on photos and then albums there should be a plus in the top right corner click that and then there will be the option new album

"Donde sacaste esta foto?" Where did you take this photo (informal "you") "Donde saco esta foto?" Where did someone take this photo? (formal "you", or third person)

To get out of albums you hit a magical button called the off button! Tee hee!

Near Abbey Road recording studio located at 3 Abbey Road, St John's Wood, City of Westminster, London, England

A ride photo at alton towers 2011 is £10.00 for 1 or £14.00 for 2 :D

ArchivalUSA sells them. Pioneer makes these photo albums. Pioneer is the manufacturer of their particular photo albums. They also sell memory scrapbooks.

The exact method to move a video into a photo album variesdepending on the type of program. With some programs you can simplyclick and drag. With other programs, you may need to actually savean actual copy of the file.

If you are in the states you will probably find many options in the yellow pages of your telephone directory.

It depends on what ride :) On most it is just 2 people, but on other rides it can go up to around 8.

The famous photo was taken by graduate student Raymond Gosling under the supervision of Rosalind Franklin in 1952. It was published in 1953. It was later given to Watson and Crick, for whom it was crucial in their development of the shape of the DNA molecule.

Toronto broke up after their Girls Night Out lp. Their record label " Solid Gold Records " was in financial trouble& even though Holly Woods & Scott Kreyer went on to makeand other lp entitled " Toronto & Holly Woods, Assault &Flattery, they ended up in more troubles when the label went intoreceivership. Sheron Alton whom was married to Brian Allen of Toronto ended updivorcing him and I believe she is re-married and lives in Ajax,Ontario, Canada with her family. Holly Woods & Barry Connors of Toronto have formed a newversion of Toronto & still tour Canada. Search to net for infoon tour dates & find them on Facebook as well. Bruce. Hale. Toronto. Canada.

Umm I Only Know 1 Of Them And Its Called "Outlaws Like Me" Hope i Helped!

The planet Venus has been photographed by astronomers. Due to the heavy cloud cover, it appears to be a featureless orb.

Go to your photo album, on the right most column of the page (Beside Photo album name) you will see a symbol like pencil. Click on it and you are there for the edit. After editing the album check the save button.

A "Google photo" may refer to different things. First possibility: You are referring to Google Streetview. In Google Streetview, one can view (where available) 360 degrees panoramic pictures taken of a street at different positions in that street. The pictures were taken by 9 directional cameras, covering a view of 360 degrees, which are mounted on a car along with a GPS unit.If you are refering to Google images, these images were indexed by the Google crawlers.

Shutterfly is the leading online seller in discounted photo albums, including digital.Walgreens would also be a good alternative for in store purchases.

The first photograph, or more specifically, the world's first permanent photograph from nature, was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827. The image depicts the view from an upstairs window at Niépce's estate, Le Gras, in the Burgundy region of France.

Photographs may be taken from any location. However, many peoplewill visit a "photographers studio" for a portrait shot or a "photobooth" for a passport photo.

One common term for such photos is a "satellite photograph" butthis usually refers to photos of earth taken from satellites. Therecan be other terms depending on what or who is taking the photo andwhat the photo is of.