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6 Steps To Banish Blotchy Skin


No matter the time of year, blotchy skin happens–and we hate it. And because there are so many potential causes, how can you possibly know how to fix it? Well, worry no more! We’ve put together six tried-and-true ways to fight blotchy skin and restore your complexion to its full glory. Consider these tips your skin saviors.

1. A dermatologist’s visit.
Often blotchy or unevenly-toned skin is caused by something simple, like inclement weather. But it can be a sign of something more serious–like rosacea, keratosis pilaris or even lupus–and the sooner you’re diagnosed, the better your treatment results are going to be. If your skin is unusually blotchy, red, dry or bumpy and it’s not improving over time (or it’s getting worse), ALWAYS consider the doctor’s office your number one stop.

2. Eliminate fragrances.
Contact dermatitis–the blotchy spots on your face caused by skin irritation–is basically the worst, and the fact that it can take WEEKS to clear up really makes us crazy. The most common blotching culprit is fragrance, so make sure that all products that comes directly into contact with your skin–like your cleanser–are fragrance free.CeraVe Hydrating Cleanseris one of our ultimate lifesavers: not only does it remove all our makeup WITHOUT drying our skin, but it has zero skin irritating fragrances.

3. Moisturize + SPF!
Is it possible to say this too much? We didn’t think so. Moisturizing regularly is crucial for maintaining the overall health and radiance of your complexion, while sunscreen helps prevent the blotchiness associated with sun damage. Make sure you pick something that’s at least SPF 30, especially if you’re also using a retinoid. We love  because it’s super gentle, forms a gorgeous base under our makeup (no peeling or melting off here!) and–bonus–because it doesn’t contain zinc, you won’t have any unfortunate flashback effects in photos. Your selfies are safe!

4. Add a serum.
If your blotchy skin is minor, consider adding a good serum to your skincare routine. has twenty amazing plant extracts to help even out your skintone and prevent new blotches or redness from appearing. It’s also gentle enough for the most sensitive complexions. It may take up to four weeks of consistent use to see results, but this serum is a classic for a reason.

5. Suck on an ice cube (yes, really).
We admit–this sounded crazy to us, too. But we tried it, and it really works! The nerve endings on the roof of your mouth are in charge of how the blood vessels in your face behave; pressing a freezing cold ice cube against your hard palate tells these vessels to constrict, thus reducing skin’s redness and blotchiness!

6. Conceal.
While we wait for blotchy skin turn back into the radiant complexion it’s clearly meant to be, there’s always makeup. We LOVE for its buildable coverage, natural-looking finish and insane wear–we put this on first thing in the morning and still look flawless ten hours later. Uneven skin tones don’t stand a chance.

If you’re looking for even MORE blotch-hiding power, you can’t go pastMake Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. This tube of pure magic has never met a skin issue that it couldn’t conceal–redness, dryness, acne, under eye circles, scarring, you name it. Coming in a range of twelve shades, you’re bound to find a perfect match for your skin. And because you only need the tiniest amount, it will last you practically forever.

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6 Steps To Banish BlotchySkin
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